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With a flourish of his wand, Snape produced a large stone basin full of mysterious swirling pearly water.

"Professor," Bree began, but was abrubtly cut off by the Professor across from her. She sat back in her chair with a slight huff, but remained silent otherwise.

Finally, the Professor was finished with prodding the strange liquid with the tip of his wand.

"Now, Breanna. Stick your face into this basin. I'll be right in after you."

"But Professor. What about a story of my mother?" Bree inquired.

"This is much easier then telling a story to you. This way, you get to experience the story first-hand. It's better then any muggle story."

Bree nodded and leaned her face towards the basin's liquid, took a deep breath and plunged her face into the liquid. Instead of not being able to breathe, she felt herself being sucked into the basin before she could stop it.

When she landed she was at a small playground, standing next to a young greasy-haired boy in too-baggy clothes.

She held out a hand to the young boy. "Hello," she announced to the boy cheerily.

He ignored her completely, acting as if he hadn't heard her at all. He was looking past her to another red-haired little girl on the swings. Bree's breath caught in her throat. That girl looked like a younger Bree with green eyes.

"Yes, that's your mother," Snape said from behind Bree, causing her to start with surprise.

"She looks like me," Bree murmered while still watching breathlessly.

"Yes, you have her looks, but you were born with your . . ."

"Father's eyes."

"Yes. Your father's eyes." The Professor repeated in an almost pained voice.

Finally the young greasy haired boy whispered something to himself. "You can do this, Severus. You know she's a witch. I need to tell her. Maybe we could end up in the same Hogwarts house - maybe we can be friends for the rest of our lives. Maybe more." The young Professor Snape then came out from behind the small shrubbery.

The young Aunt Petunia looked over at him in plain disgust. "Lily, that thing you call a friend is here again. Tell him to go away forever, would you?"

At that remark, both the young and old Professors narrowed their eyes at Petunia. Before Severus could say anything in reply, however, Bree's mother intervened.

"Hello, Severus! How're you?"

The young Professor blushed deeply and scuffed his worn-shoes in the dirt. "Well, I sort of wanted to tell you something," then glancing towards Petunia he added, "alone."

Lily looked towards the angry Petunia, then back towards the embarressed Severus and nodded. "I'll be home by dinner time, 'Tuny."

Petunia just huffed loudly, turning her back on the two younger children and stalked across the playground to mope on the round-a-bout ride.

"So, Severus. What did you want to tell me?"

"Well . . . you won't believe me, probably."

"Try me, Sev," Lily encouraged with a small smile.

"Alright. You're a . . . a witch."

Lily's eyes widened with believing dis-belief. "Really?"

"Yes, really. And I'm a wizard. When we turn 11 we'll go to Hogwarts. It's a school for the magic."

"It sounds cool. Tell me more."

And with that, the young Severus began to tell Bree's mother all about Hogwarts and the magical world. Then the Professor yanked on Bree's elbow gently, and brought her out of the strange non-liquid liquid.

When they had both sat down once again Bree was speechless.

"Th - thank you, Professor."

"Oh it was just fine. Now, go back to your commonroom before it gets too late to be roaming the halls."

"Good night, Professor."

"Good night, Breanna," Snape nearly whispered back.

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