1A/N: I am sorry for those who are waiting for updates to my stories and I am taking so long to do it but my computer has crash and I have lost much of my files. However this story is new and I wrote it due to a request from a friend of mine. I hope you enjoy it and the story takes place after Piccolo dies and before Goku could get there to help Gohan and Krillin fight Vegeta and Nappa.

Vegeta sat there and couldn't believe his eyes. The kid was pretty powerful. He looked to Nappa and saw that he was about to attack the kid.

"Nappa!" yelled Vegeta.

"Yes Vegeta," asked Nappa.

"Bring the kid to me."

"Um... sure."

Nappa walked over and picked the kid up. Gohan tried with all of his might but he couldn't get Nappa to let go of him. Soon Nappa dropped him in front of Vegeta who got up and took a hold of the kid.

"I think this kid could be of use to us Nappa," said Vegeta.

"Him?" asked Nappa. "But he is only a son of a low-life sayain. He isn't even full sayain."

"I know that Nappa but the kid does have impressive powers and he might be able to be of some help."

"But he will never listen to you."

"You and I both know there is a new machine on planet Frieza that can cause the person to have their mind wipe. He won't even remember his name when I am done with him."

Vegeta knocked Gohan out and took out a remote control. He pushed a few buttons and soon a ship landed near by.

"Let's get going Nappa," said Vegeta.

Just than Goku landed and looked at Vegeta who was holding onto Gohan. Vegeta also looked at him and smile as he toss Gohan into his ship and looked too Nappa.

"Get rid of Kakkarot. He is of no use to us. You know where to meet me when you are finished," said Vegeta also getting in the ship.

"Sure Vegeta," said Nappa.

With that Vegeta took off into the air and disappear. Goku and Krillin looked on with terror written on their faces. They than turned to Nappa who was standing there.

"Where has he taken my son?" yelled Goku.

"You should feel honor Kakkarot. Your son is going to be trained by none other than the prince of our race. He is going to live while you won't," said Nappa laughing.

Goku and Nappa soon began fighting and Goku and Krillin manage to kill Nappa due mostly to a deep rage deep inside.

"If I have to search the whole universe, I will fine you Gohan I promise," said Goku.

"And I will help you any way I can Goku," said Krillin. "I'm sorry that I couldn't stop them. I couldn't move at all."

"It's not your fault Krillin. I know that you would have done something if you were able too."

"So what are you going to tell Chi-chi?"

"I don't know. Personally I have a feeling she is really going to lose it this time."

"Well this is after all the third time."


"Yeah. After you died Piccolo took him to train him."

"Chi-chi is going to kill me."

So Goku headed off, meanwhile deep in space Gohan was going to be lost from the world forever.

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