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A year flew by faster then anyone could imagine on Earth and Junior had let to arrive on Earth. The namics had return to their new planet that was made all expect Kami who stay to remain as Guardian of the Earth and Piccolo who knew that one day Junior would return and he wanted to be here.

Vegeta had moved in with Bulma and was hard at work preparing to become a super sayain like his son and also see him again. Vegeta was amazed to learn that his son was none other then the legendary super sayain he had always heard about and although he wish in some part of his mind he was the one to do it, he was still very proud and honor to have Junior as a son.

Chi-Chi and Goku had gone back home and were spending the time mostly with each other. Chi-Chi had taken to fighting once again since she no longer had a son to look after and to ensure he was getting educations instead of becoming a muscle head like his father. However Chi-Chi also knew that Junior would probley go to Vegeta then return here and although the thought made her sad since Vegeta had said he would leave Earth soon after Junior's return.

Yamcha, and the others were back and filled in on everything and they too went back to a normal routine. Even Krillin back to his usual routine. However all of them would find time to train and wonder about Gohan. Then one cold night in the middle of the arctic a ship landed.

Junior pulled himself from the ship and looked around. He then looked at the ship and took to placing it in a near by cave in case he ever needed it. The year in space had change Junior. He had learned to master the transformation from his usual self into his super sayain self. He had also stopped by some planets on the way to train and get some needed rest or training. However for the longest time he felt out of place. He didn't know what to expect or what he was going to do first.

Junior looked around and felt his father's power level. He then raised two fingers to his forehead and focus on Vegeta's energy level and vanished.

Vegeta was taking a much needed break and was heading into Capsale Corp. when he felt a power level appear behind him. Vegeta turn to see Junior standing there.

"Junior?" asked Vegeta.

"Hey dad," said Junior walking over.

"It seems with power, you have increase your speed. I didn't even see you coming."

"That's because I was nowhere near here. My ship landed in the arctic religion."

"Then how did you get here so fast?"

"A new technique I picked up while in space. It's call the instant translocation. It a good way of teleporting yourself over great distances in a few seconds."

Vegeta nodded and him and Junior took a seat on the steps.

"So you're living with Bulma," said Junior.

"Yeah, it has some advantages," said Vegeta guesturing towards his ship.

"Yeah I can see that. So you heard that I'm a super sayain huh," said Junior.

"Yeah. Kakkarot and the namic told me. So you also took out Frieza," said Vegeta.

"Yeah, he's dead. I couldn't allow him to live. It wasn't like he had any intension of changing into a better person. At least you did."

"What makes you think that?"

Junior looked at Vegeta and Vegeta lightly chuckle. It seem Junior knew him better then he thought he did.

"So have you master the transformation?" asked Vegeta.

"Yes. I can now become a super sayain whenever I wish. I can assume you are trying to reach the same goal right?" asked Junior.

"Yeah. I've haven't gotten it yet."

"That's because it's not just training alone. You have to really have a need for the transformation. Like I did with Frieza. After you died, all I wanted more then anything was to make him pay for killing you and I did. If you want I can give you a hand."


Vegeta watched as Goku, Chi-Chi who had now learned how to fly and Piccolo arrive and Chi-Chi capture Junior into a very strong hug. Junior just stood there and soon Chi-Chi let go.

"Junior," said Goku.

"Hello Ka... Goku," said Junior. "Hello mom, Piccolo."

"Hey kid," said Piccolo.

"Oh Junior... I fear we would never see you again," said Chi-Chi capturing Junior into another hug but only this time Junior did pull away.

"Sorry about that. I needed time to think," explain Junior.

"About what?" asked Vegeta standing up.

"About what I was going to do once I got back on Earth again and I have decided I am going to remain your son as long as you wish it," said Junior to Vegeta. "However I would like to remain on Earth. There is a lot here father we can live by and be happy. Besides I have a life here as well."

Vegeta nodded and headed inside. Goku and Chi-Chi chatted with Junior and finally Chi-Chi made him promise to at least do some studying in between his training sessions and also to visit as often as he would like. They headed home and Junior turned to Piccolo.

"I never got to say this on namic but thanks," said Junior. "If it wasn't for you I would have been completely lost."

"Don't mention it kid. Hey I am doing some training tomorrow. Care to join me?" asked Piccolo.

"Sure, sounds like fun."

So Junior watched as Piccolo left and he headed inside and was greated by Bulma and Mr. And Mrs. Brief. That night there was a celebration at Capsale Corp, but for Junior he ended up sneaking out half way though it and flew off into the night until he reach the very spot where Piccolo had fallen due to Nappa and looked around.

"This is where it all started and this is where it will begin again," said Junior as he glanced into the night sky.

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