Megaman Zero: Rebirth of the Command Team


Sigma stared out at the city, preparing for his final assault. "This is it, Vile. The moment where the humans finally realize that they are obsolete. Is everything in order?"

"All maverick forces are armed and ready to attack, sir. Your airship is standing by."

"Very good. By the end of the day, we will rule the planet."

Chapter 1

Chris sat in class, falling asleep while trying to listen to the teacher lecture about what technology could bring in the future. "If only you knew." He whispered to himself.

The Reploid project had been going on for 3 years now, and Chris was right at the forefront of it. Known in the reploid world as Commander Zero of the maverick hunters, He had spent the last few years developing reploid technology for the greater good of humanity. The project had started when a good friend of Chris's had been savagely beaten by muggers. At the time doctors could do nothing to revive him, and he decided to ask his good friend and Mentor, Dr. Thomas Light to help. Dr. Light had been secretly developing reploid technology at the time, and decided to use Chris's friend as his first human experiment.

By taking memory cells from Chris's friend, he was able to return the boy back into some state of living. This was how the first reploid, known now as Megaman X came to be. And it was from that day that mass production of reploids began.

Fearing what it might mean to the world, knowing that artificial humans had been developed, Dr. Light hid the reploids throughout the world, hoping that one day he could reveal them without destroying their safety.

But of course that could not be. There was one reploid-Sigma-that began to realize how much more superior reploids were to humans. He became what is now known as Maverick, and proceeded to recruit others to his cause.

Megaman X, knowing that this could jeopardize the secrecy of the reploids, formed the maverick hunters-an elite forcing of reploids and humans devoted to keeping reploid life a secret. Human forces in the maverick hunters began wearing specially-equipped power suits. Led by Commander X, the maverick hunters racked up countless victories over the legions of sigma's forces.

Then one day Sigma attacked and took control of an entire city. The maverick hunters, the majority of them wiped out in the conflict, began to lose hope. Upon seeing this, Chris brought the fabled Zero Project-a power suit designed in order to wipe out the mavericks-out of the experimental stages and into full Duty. Zero and X left for the waylaid city. There, they fought Sigma. And while they did win, Chris took major damage from Sigma, and as a result was required to receive multiple reploid artificial organs to stay alive.

18 months have passed since that fateful day. A new face, Axl, has appeared on the command team. Having come over from when the vigilante force red alert was dissolved, he has become a master of stealth.

Class finally ended, and Chris took his leave as fast as he could. He found Mitch sitting in the courtyard with Troy. "What's up, guys?" Chris said as he walked up to them.