I took an episode of Charmed season six and redid it from Chris' Point of View. One of the readers asked me to do more. A second one suggested that I rewrite Imaginary Fiends and add Chris. So that is what this is. I am following the original storyline as close as I can, but Chris is going to be there, too.

This first scene pretty much is what you see in the episode, but the next one . . . that's entirely new. I hope you enjoy this.

Disclaimer: I'm sure it's pretty obvious I don't own Charmed. I don't own the story line either as the storyline itself is a rewrite of an episode. I do own Kali.

Imaginary Fiends

(and Real Friends)

Present Day - 2005

It was a nice day outside, but Paige Matthews was busy indoors. She had two cordless phones sitting on the table next to the cauldron she was using to mix ingredients. She tossed in another ingredient to her potion and the mixture gave off a small explosion followed by a puff of white smoke rising into the air.

The result not what she wanted, Paige swore at it, "Ah, damn it!"

Piper walked into the room in search of a phone. "Shh! Keep it down. I just got Chris to sleep."

"Well, if you were here to help me, you know, that would maybe help," Paige told her indicating toward the potion.

"Yes, and I will do that," Piper told her nodding, "but first I need to make sure Wyatt's okay at preschool. Have you seen the phone?"

Paige frowned and gave her a confused look. "Preschool? Don't you mean magic school?"

Piper took on her "we've had this conversation" face and answered, "No, I mean preschool. We enrolled him last week, remember?"

Paige's face took on an even more confused look as she said, "You didn't tell me that. Did you?" The last part said as if she was trying to remember.

"Yes," Piper reminded her, "and you said you were worried about him using magic in public."

Still not remembering, Paige said, "Oh. And what'd you say?"

Piper's voice sounded like she wanted to roll her eyes as she said, "I said I was worried about him having a normal life."

Paige thought about that a moment and nodded, "Huh. All right. Cool. I'm all up to speed now. It's just with these charges and these demons attacking, eh, I'm a little scattered." Paige adds a pinch of something into the mixture.

In a monotone Piper asked, "And that's different how exactly?"

Paige throws some of the ingredient at Piper. "I just don't know why the Elders couldn't see fit to give me a local witch instead of a New Zealand witch."

"I don't know, but I need the phone." Piper sees the phones and walks around Paige to get one of them.

Paige sees her and stops Piper from grabbing the phone. "No!"

Piper stops and looks at her.

"No. No using the phone," Paige tells her.

Piper looks at the two phones on the table. "Why are all the handsets up here?"

As if it's the most natural thing in the world, Paige responds with, "Because I am trying to prevent a demon attack."

And maybe in their house it was, but Piper wasn't seeing it. "What?"

With a serious expression on her face Paige goes on to explain her theory. "Look, all the attacks have been different, right? And all the demons have had different powers. The one thing I've noticed is that every time a phone rings, a demon attacks."

Piper frowns shaking her head. "No, they don't. Phoebe called earlier and nothing happened."

Paige looks at her surprised and seems a little disappointed to have her theory debunked so quickly. "Really?" Paige hears the Elders jingle and glares at the ceiling. Still looking up she shouts, "Ugh! Stop the jingling, already. I'll be there as soon as I can." Turning to Piper she adds, "Charges."

It is then that the phone rang. Piper turned to look at the handsets on the table, while Paige's look past the headsets at a corner of the attic where a demon in sunglasses, a black leather jacket and jeans appeared. He powered up an energy ball and threw it at them. Paige and Piper both jumped out of the way. The energy ball hit the wall behind them. Piper looked up from the floor and waved her hand at the demon, grazing him in the knee. The demon fell to the floor.

Paige picked up a potions bottle from the table and threw it at the demon. "Unh!"

The vial hit him in the shoulder, but nothing happened. The demon looked at his shoulder while Paige looked at him stunned. The demon powered up another energy ball in the palm of his hand.

Paige called for help, "Piper!"

Piper waved her hands and blasted the demon before he can throw it. He exploded. Piper and Paige both looked at the space where the demon used to be.

Piper turned and looked at Paige. "You might be right about that phone thing.

Paige gave her a smug look.