Dream's Mistake

Disclaimer: I don't own LWD. Stop me if you've heard this one before…

Summary: Derek starts having dreams about Casey in more than a brotherly manner. I promise the rating will not get higher than T. Derek POV. It's Dendra at first, but quickly turns into Dasey.

Mistake 1:

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife."

That's as far as I got before getting completely lost. Our English teacher assigned us Pride and Prejudice. It is a truth universally acknowledged that it is the most boring and pointless book ever. We were given the whole hour to read the first two chapters, which we were told would be easy. All I'm getting so far is there's a Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, someone named Bingley, and someone is rich.

I glanced around the room. There were a few people actually reading it, and then most—like me—were just staring at the first page. John Tyler was sleeping on his book. The room was way too quiet. It was one of those silenced when not even the air conditioner makes any noise and you want to scream just to make sure you haven't gone deaf.

When the bell finally rang I ran out so quick you would have thought I was on fire. I 'accidentally' left the book on my desk. I can't read it over spring break if I don't have the book with me.

I heard someone call my name through the throng of people. It sounded like a teacher so I didn't even slow down. It was time to get out of school for a week and no one was going to keep me longer than necessary. I was meeting Kendra by her car and that was my destination.

Kendra was thankfully there when I got to her car. I opened the door and slid inside, watching my feet as I stepped on some fast food trash on the floor.

"Sorry about that," she said, grabbing some and throwing it in back, "I let my cousin take my car last night and—" but I cut her off with a kiss.

"Have you seen my room?" I asked and gave her one of my smirks. She smiled brightly at me and turned on the car.

"So I was thinking we could stop at Theresa's house really fast. She left her purse in my car and I have to return it to her."

She also wanted to chat with her friend. Last time I said we could we stayed for half an hour. I was bored out of my mind as Kendra gossiped. When they started saying something about Casey I decided I just wanted to get out of there.

"I'd rather not," I said, "Why don't you just stop there after you drop me off?"

"Because, Derry," she said in her sweet girlfriend voice. "I would really like to show you off to Theresa."

She has a good point there.


To this, she put on the sweetest face she could and scooted closer to me. "Please," she whispered. A shiver ran down my back as her breath tickled my ear and she kissed me on my sensitive spot. I let my eyes fall close. "Alright," I said after a few moments. I felt her smirk and she pulled back.


When I finally walked into the house almost an hour later I was met with the usual noise. Television, Marti yelling about how she's rather watch cartoons than soccer, Nora trying to calm Marti down, Edwin making his usual observations, and Dad asking for the whereabouts of something or other. And as usual, I made my way into the kitchen for a snack.

The first thing I noticed was Casey standing at the island listening to music and swaying her hips a little as she mixed something in a bowl. When she saw me she immediately stopped and, just to embarrass her, I laughed a little, making her cheeks turn a slight shade of pink.

"Shut up," she told me, opening a bag of chocolate chips and starting to measure out how much to put in the cookie dough. I snatched the bag out of her hands and poured its entire contents into the bowl. I knew it would piss her off. She never put that many chocolate chips in the cookies. She thought that was too many, but I disagreed. "Der-rek!"

"You know you've always wanted to do that."

"That's way too much," she said, looking into the bowl at the giant pile of chocolate chips.

"I guess I could just eat it," I offered reaching for the bowl. She smacked my hand and pushed me. "Don't touch it," she said, pushing me back, "Walk away." Of course I didn't. I grabbed her wrists in one hand, forcing her to take two steps out of the way and reached over to the bowl with my free hand, scooping some out on my finger. Casey quickly made protests and let me know how disgusting it was while fighting me, trying to get away. One hand slipped free and she shoved me as hard as she could. I took two steps back to keep my balance.

"Alright," I said, laughing, "I'm going." She looked like steam could be coming out of her ears as she looked at the giant dip in the cookie dough I made.

Once in my room, I plopped down on my bed and closed my eyes for some sleep. The previous night I had stayed up late on the computer. What can I say, I'm an internet addict.

So within minutes I was asleep…

I had just gotten home from hockey practice. I threw my stuff down by door. The house was completely silent: The first sign that nobody else was home. I made my way upstairs, but instead of going to my room, I headed to Casey's and knocked. She answered and did not look too happy to see me. "What do you want, Derek?" she snapped, leaning against the doorframe. I didn't answer at first. I just scanned her body with my eyes, taking in her slim frame and great shape before taking a step closer and kissing her.

She seemed surprised at first, but soon got into it. I kissed her fervently, then serenely; short kisses, then long kisses. It seemed to frustrate her that I couldn't make up my mind, which made me smirk into her lips.

I pushed her over to her bed, making her fall onto it. I tried to make sure not to squish her by holding myself up on my arms, but she just pulled me closer by the collar of my shirt. My hands slid down her waist, feeling her every curve. Casey pulled away, breathing hard, so I moved down to kiss her neck.

"Derek," she moaned and I tried to get closer to her by pushing her deeper into the bed.

"Derek." She was driving me crazy.

"Derek." She started playing with the zipper on my jeans.


I sat up in bed suddenly from the loud banging coming from my door. It took me a few seconds to process what had just happened. But when it did, shock went through me and my eyes widened. "Oh, no."