Title: Leave My Dragon Alone

Author: Vix ( )

Category: D/G, B/C, and maybe some R/H - Slash is imminent

Rating: R (for now)

Author's note: I've been toying with this idea and don't know if it's worth carrying on.

Disclaimers: I own nothing.

It was dark and seedy. The cliché was so heavy that Draco couldn't help but smirk as he downed another whiskey. So this is what life has come to?

Some how, after spending the whole summer of his sixth year adjusting to the fact, he still had yet to really cope with it. He was either going to have to submit or to try it on his own with constant attempts on his life. Glaring ruefully at his glass he wondered why he had never been a following type. Bad knees maybe? Didn't like the taste of ass as he kissed it? Who knew?

All he knew was that drowning in a cup of Irish Whiskey was the best idea.

After wallowing in his 'splendor' for an hour or so a person sat beside him. A familiar person . . . Zabini.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Draco glowered impenitently.

Blaise slowly turned his head to look down at him, "I could ask you the same thing Malfoy."

"Well Blaise, I always thought you were an intelligent one, and quite observant." Draco sneered at him, "I guess not. Since you can not tell, I'm getting piss drunk."

"Really?" Blaise motioned to the bar tender.

Draco glanced over at Blaise ignoring the sarcasm that laced his statement, "What are you doing in a muggle bar?"

Blaise's calculating look was lost on Draco, "Apparently talking to a house mate wondering what he's doing in a gay bar, muggle or otherwise."

Draco's eyebrows shot up on his forehead, and those gray eyes narrowed, "Gay bar?"

Blaise smirked at his confusion, "I figured as much."

Draco downed his drink and slammed the glass on the counter, a signal for a refill. Perhaps, he thought, I should make it a double.

Blaise watched as Draco rested his head on the bar, his normal impeccable posture shot straight to hell, "Be careful Malfoy, with posture like that you're insulting the family name."

Draco scowled at his drink, "Fuck the family name."

Blaise looked sharply at Draco, "So, I take it you're not going to be following that Darker than Thou wanker about?"

Draco's head shot up as he looked at Blaise, "Are you? Are you here to spy on me?"

Blaise looked at him as if he were being ridiculous, "Do I look like someone's minion to you?"

Draco considered it for a minute, "Then what are you doing in a gay bar full of muggles?"

"Muggles don't exactly run to the head of Slytherin screaming 'Zabini's a pouf! Zabini's a pouf!'" Blaise said raising his glass to his mouth, "And you?"

"Besides the piss drunkenness?" Draco asked with a cynical laugh, "It'd be the last place my father put his spies."

"Do you know anyone else who escaped?" Blaise asked solemnly.

Draco thought back to their house, and all the people who had crossed over in the past years. It was traditional that the new death eaters would be inducted the summer before their final year. He had thought that he was the only one to make it out unmarked. "As far as I know it's you and me."

Blaise watched Draco drown another drink, "That comforting."

"Tell me about it, "Draco said with a mocking smile, "I'm stuck with a bloody poof."

Zabini did smile, "I'm stuck with a bastard."

Draco nodded, "We make quite a pair."

Blaise looked over at him and Draco amended himself quickly, "I didn't mean it that way, don't get your hopes up."

Blaise snorted, "You're not my type Malfoy. I don't like blondes."

Malfoy looked at the bar before letting his lips twitch, "You know I'm sexy."

Blaise cut his eyes at him, "Oh yeah baby."

Draco laughed at the sardonic tone. This was going to be interesting.


Ok, this was a shot in the dark here- I have a vague skeleton of a plan, but I'm not quite sure whether it's worth carrying on. Let me know what you guys think J