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Chapter 5- Extras!

I wrote this because I'm bored, and also when my friend read this he said he didn't get some of the jokes and said I should explain them… so whatever then.


1. This was originally meant to be a one shot. Basically, the whole rain theme was just to fit the title, A Rainy Day at Balfonheim, which came to me and I liked it. Then as the story started to develop, the rain more became a symbol of how I can never finish a story. Then the sun symbolized the ending of the story, which was a small accomplishment for me as a writer.

2. The sandwich described by Balthier at the very beginning is the sandwich my brother gets whenever we go to Subway.

3. In case you're a dumb ass, you might not have yet noticed that the Basch signal is, yes, a play of the bat signal. Also I like to have a recurring joke in my stories that show up in each chapter (i.e., I wrote a FF7 fic where Aeris died horribly in every chapter because for me just killing her once in the game, didn't really cut it for me)

4. Quite obviously, in chapter 2 there is a shout out to Grindhouse the movie. I was originally going to give it a different name but I couldn't think of one so… yeah.

5. In this story, my depiction of Cid borrows a lot from Jack Spicer, from the cartoon show Xiaolin Showdown, i.e. he has the same backpack-propeller contraption and his Cid-bots borrow from Jack-bots. In relation, the title of Chapter 3- Dr. Cid, Evil Boy Genius is a play of Jack Spicer's self-acclaimed title, Jack Spicer evil boy genius.

6. The name of the movie theatre Ashe and Fran went to is called the Regal Theatre. That's the same name as the place where a friend of mine works. I guess you could say it's also because Ashe is regal.

7. When Ashe calls the theatre, a voice says 'Frank the goat appreciates your call'. Sometimes when you call livejournal, a voice says the same thing, because that's their mascot. Weird, eh?

8. In case you didn't notice the bombardment of clues practically hitting you in the face, the seven strangers are the characters from Final Fantasy X. The blonde-haired man is Tidus, the guy with the ball is Wakka, the mild-mannered brunette is Yuna, the samurai in red is Auron, and the woman in black is Lulu. Rikku and Kimahri stayed quiet throughout the story. And on a similar note, although I still think that Reddas isn't a direct rip-off of FFX like a certain nameless person (Vaan), in the stand-off, he is paired with Kimahri.

9. Wakka, referred to as 'orange-haired man with the blue and white ball', said "We're gonna bend you chumps! Bite my shiny metal ass!" This is a reference to Bender from the cartoon Futurama, who is actually voiced by the same guy who voiced Wakka. Ain't that interesting?

10. When Reddas says he lost his nethicite in horse racing, he implies that he bet on Seabiscuit, who is indeed a race horse that they made a book and a movie on.

And, here's some jokes that came up in the thought process, but never really got worked into the story…

1. Teddy Bear Steve, the rough Bangaa space pirate, actually shows up to help Vaan and the others defeat the Destructor. However, I thought it would be a cute little joke, and a hell of a lot easier, if I just put (footage missing) at the would-be climax of the story, so he never actually appears.

2. Similar to the Wakka-Bender joke, I was going to make Tidus (a.k.a. blonde-haired man) say something that Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank would say, since one person does the voice for both. But I don't know any of his sayings off the top of my head so I just left it out.

3. I don't know why, but at one point in chapter 3 I imagined everyone wearing sombreros. So I actually added that in after the 'footage missing' part, like just now.

And a special thanks to everyone who read and/or reviewed my story. Thanks a bunch! Glad to know y'all liked it. As for future projects, I'm thinking maybe some stupid humor fic for FF8, or something about Gilgamesh from this game, since I just fought him today and I was like… WTF that's weird. Well anyway, thanks for reading and bye!