Just trying out a Xenosaga fan fiction. This is an AU EpIII in case you were wondering. As usual, I love OC insertions, so beware, but at least he's not white-haired this time lol. Review if you like, don't if you don't.

Disclaimer: I don't own Namco, Bandai, Xenosaga or any of the characters except for my OC and his A.M.W.S.. However I do wish that someday advanced cloning and genetic engineering will let me have my own Shion for nefarious bondage deeds!

This story is rated M, as my usual. It will probably involve swearing, violence, blood, maybe some gore (but I doubt it) and sexual situations, but no lemons. I plan to have it end around 15 chapters or less, since I enjoy writing short stories. The main characters are as follow:

Shion Uzuki: The main heroine of the series, she's spent the last 6 months working with Scientia to find out more about Vector and her father's involvement. She's got brown hair in a unique hairstyle, bright green eyes and the cutest face this author has ever seen. Not to mention a body to die for. And who cares if it's all polygons?! She's about 21-22 years of age.

Cerberos: The mysterious young man who fell out of the sky and into Shion's lap. Not much is known about him in the beginning, but he harbors a dark past, and an even darker past-past life. He has amnesia about his past-past and doesn't remember a thing. He gains Shion's affection with his sweet nature and often doting attitude towards her. He has black hair that falls to his neck and is swept backwards with unique crimson eyes with a black halo ring between the iris and pupil. He appears to be in his very early 20's at least.

KOS-MOS: An android built to combat Gnosis, she was Kevin Winnicot and Shion's brainchild, so to speak. She has an unknown purpose in this saga, which will be revealed further on. Incredibly enough, she and Cerberos share a much deeper connection than she and chaos do. She had straight blue hair that reaches down to her ankles and the same crimson eyes that Cerberos has. She has the appearance of an 18 year old woman.

The other characters from Xenosaga are of course involved as well, but those three are the most important.


The Forgotten

Unexpected drop-in

Shion sighed as she turned her comm device off and placed it back into its sheath that was clipped onto the waist of her swimsuit. Hopefully Miyuki would study hard and understand the concepts concerning the U.M.N. and Vector. Stretching out, she laced her delicate fingers together and cracked her knuckles nicely, eliciting a small moan of pleasure from her action. No doubt her katana-wielding brother Jin would dissaprove of such an unlady-like action, but she never listened to him much anyways.

Shion walked away from her little alcove where her E.S. Dinah was parked in front of her make-shift base camp. She headed down the pathway to the beach, where white sands and blue water awaited her. There was a beach chair and umbrella off in the distance to her right, and some rock formations in the shallow waters ahead. This island she was on, on this completely empty planet was very pretty. She looked up to the clear sunny skies and smiled as the sun's rays warmed her face. A glint in the sky caught her attention.

"Oh?" she wondered, squinting at the glint, which was sparkling off in the distance above her. "What's that?"

It got bigger and bigger until Shion could make out an egg-shaped object, that was a gleaming silverish-white color, and it was descending from space rapidly. Could it be an escape pod of some sort? If so, it didn't look like anything from Vector, the Immigrant Fleet or Ormus. She watched in horror as whatever it was slammed into the water a few miles out, kicking up a wickedly tall tidal wave, which fortunately receded into harsh waves once it reached the shoreline. Breaking out into a run, Shion began to splash through the clear blue waters in an effort to see if there was anyone inside that thing.

It took her nearly half an hour, and a lot of swimming, but luckily for her the waters were shallow for quite a distance, so the most she had to do was drift and paddle a bit. She reached the large object that fell from the sky and stopped in the water, completely confounded by what she saw.

It was a cocoon of some sort. She could make out a delicate pattern of angular shapes that made up the cocoon's egg-like shape. Even though she called it 'egg-like' it was in fact different, more like 'elongated egg-like'. The bottom part (at least that's what Shion thought it was) had it's point buried into the sand under the water, and it stood up straight at least 40 or 50 feet. She reached out to touch the surface.

"What is this?" she gasped, palming her hand on the cocoon. It had been diamond hard when she touched it, but as soon as her full hand made contact, it suddenly softened to the point of a bird's tuft, or feathers. A loud noise startled Shion, and she stumbled back to land on her butt, as the cocoon made a long series of loud clicking noises. Suddenly, the cocoon exploded outwards, causing Shion to cover her body as a large gust of wind erupted around her, making her fall flat on her back.

When the wind and noise finally stopped, Shion lowered her arms to look at the cocoon, and gasped.

The cocoon had been transformed. It was now spread out both sides in what appeared to be... angel wings? Shion gaped at the sight before her. Inside the cocoon wasn't an escape pod, but in fact an A.M.W.S.!

It was unlike any design she had ever seen in her life before. The head itself was sinister-looking, but at the same time beautiful as it featured four silver 'pupils' that were aligned like a vehicle's headlights. They even had a clear dome covering them, making them appear even more like headlights. The domes could be called the eyeballs, since they were angular like a wide-set but narrow pair of eyes. The head itself was the same silvery-white color of the wings and was also sharp and angular, with what looked like swept-back elf ears, but were most likely the communications and sensor arrays. The head's 'chin' jutted out slightly, making for a rakish look that decidedly made the mobile suit 'male-like' in appearance, as did it's swept back forehead, which featured three swept back prongs, that resembled spiky hair. The center prong was larger than the two on each side of it. Underneath the head unit was a semi-clear neck section, which most definitely housed the pilot and maybe a navigator/co-pilot.

The A.M.W.S.' torso was sleek and sharply angled, with some curves, but it was mostly angular to show an aggressive look to it, which worked. It's arms were comparable to E.S. Dinah's, and each shoulder had what looked like projectile weapons mounted on them. It didn't hold anything in its hands, so it was unarmed, for now. Shion knew that there was a possibility that this suit could teleport weapons like her Dinah could.

The legs were long and shaped similarly to the wings, meaning they were long and a little flat, ending in a point like Dinah's. However, instead of the single point 'toe' that Dinah had, this A.M.W.S.' legs also had a heel point as well. The knees had little wings on them as well, probably to help it stablize or steer in flight. The overall color scheme of the A.M.W.S. was the peculiar silvery-white, with some spots of gold in the joints and minor extremities (such as the finger joints, and some very interesting tribal designs on the body). It was very aggressive and deadly-looking, but decidedly very beautiful in Shion's opinion.

Since opening its impressive 100-foot wingspan (here Shion was totally guessing, but these wings dwarfed even E.S. Dinah's massive wingpsan, which was 80 feet in total) the A.M.W.S. hadn't moved at all. Instead it just stood there, its pointy heeled feet impaled into the ground deeply as it stood there, unmoving.

"Hello?" Shion called nervously. "Is anyone in there?"

No sound or movement. She frowned and knelt to her knees. With a powerful jump, she used a little Ether power to leap up to the suit's shoulder, right next to the glass canopy. She tried to peer inside, but the semi-transparent gold glass showed her nothing but a vague figure inside. She pressed her hands on the canopy and rapped her knuckles on it.

"Helloooo?" she called again, banging on the glass. "Are you okay? Do you need help?"

She screeched as the neck suddenly opened, the entire gold canopy folding downwards as she hopped back onto the shoulder, narrowly avoiding being knocked down. Pressurized oxygen flowed out of the cockpit in a cloud, blocking her vision of the inside as it billowed around her. Waving her hand to clear it up a bit, she moved to the cockpit to see if the person was okay, but a body fell out, knocking her off the suit.

Both people splashed into the water with Shion on the bottom unfortunately, but the soft sand underneath cushioned her fall. Yelping, she sat up, spitting water out of her mouth as she pushed whoever landed her off herself and onto her lap. Shaking the wet brown hair from her face, she blinked a few times to get the water out of her eyes. Feeling movement, Shion looked down.

It was a man, she could tell from the muscular body that was shown off from the somewhat tight-looking clothes. His face was hidden by a wall of black hair that was naturally hanging down to his neck, and slightly swept backwards. He was currently face-down in her lap, in a rather compromising position. Luckily, he seemed to be unconscious, so Shion's virtue was saved, for now. Still, with a red face she grabbed the man's shoulders and hoisted him off her lap, to get a good look at his face.

Shion felt her cheeks warm up. He was incredibly handsome. He had a heart-shaped face with soft, almost effeminate features, but it made him look more rogueishly handsome than 'pretty-boy'. His eyes were closed, but even Shion could tell that they would be large, round and wide when he opened them. He was quite pale, which contrasted nicely with his dark hair, which hung around his face in thick chunky spikes, and they waved in the wind.

"Oh!" Shion said as the man scrunched his eyebrows, looking like he was waking up. "Are you okay?"

His eyelids barely opened, but Shion could make out the color of his irises in that sliver of opening. She gasped.

"Your eyes!" she breathed, as the man's eyelids fluttered some more. "They're like... KOS-MOS!"

His eyes finally opened all the way and he squinted at Shion intently. Or, rather, squinted intently at a certain part of Shion. She felt her cheeks get even hotter as he stared at her chest, which was level with his head at the moment.

"Nice outfit," he said in a soft voice before passing out again.


Shion sighed as she turned the message from Allen off. It had been six months since she had left Vector Industries in her effort to find out the truth about the organization and her late father, and yet she had an aching hole in her heart about it. She missed her friends, and more importantly, KOS-MOS. Speaking of KOS-MOS...

She looked at the sleeping figure on her bed. With some difficulty, she had dragged the unconscious young man into the co-pilot seat of his (at least she hoped it was his) A.M.W.S. and piloted the mobile suit back to her little camp, where she set it beside E.S. Dinah and put the man in her bed. The mobile suit seemed almost... reluctant to let Shion pilot it, but it was impossible for a machine like an A.M.W.S. (from now on, will be called 'Ams") to have feelings like an E.S. which used Vessels of Anima. Right?

So anyways, Shion put the man to bed and then listened to Allen's message, which caused her to have a flashback of the day she left the team. She leaned back in her chair, still wearing her 'sexy' swimsuit, as Miyuki called it. Her large emerald orbs fixed themselves on the man on her bed. He looked about the same age as her. But still... those eyes. Those eyes were so similar to KOS-MOS', and they were staring back at her.

Staring back at her?!

With a squeak, Shion fell backwards out of her chair and landed on her back, banging her head off the floor. "Ouch!" she cried.

"Are you always this clumsy?" the man asked, in his strange, soft voice. It was so gentle, but strong at the same time, if she could even say that. It gave her pleasurable chills for some reason.

She stared at him in a huff as she got back up, puttin her chair to rights at her desk. "You just surprised me, that's all!" she answered haughtily, marching over to the bedside, where he lay. She frowned worriedly at him. "Are you okay?"

She noticed that his eyes were in fact, nothing like KOS-MOS'. While they shared the same glowing crimson color, that is where the similarities ended. Inside those red irises was a black pupil in the dead middle, like all normal eyes, but then, floating inbetween both the pupil and the iris was a black ring! Shion kept staring at his eyes.

"That's unnerving, you know."

She "Eeeep!"ed and leapt back, having discovered that her nose was inches from his as she gawked at his eyes. "I'm so sorry!" she apologized, burying her face in her hands. Why was she acting so wierd around this guy?!

"It's okay, I used to get those same looks all the time," he said, patting her on her bare shoulder. "If you were wondering, the black rings in my eyes are secondary pupils."

Shions hands fell form her face as she cocked her head at the man. "Secondary... pupils?" she repeated in question.

He nodded, sitting up. She hadn't noticed it, but he somehow removed his tight fitting white vest and shirt while she was on the computer, and she tried to fight the growing blush that she just knew was coming onto her cheeks. He was topless... Bad thoughts! she scolded herself. Remember... remember Kevin!

"I was part of an experiment," he sighed, running his fingers through his wavy hair. Shion broke out of her thoughts and gaped at him.

"Experiment?" she asked. "What do you mean?"

He shrugged. "Well, to see if non-transgenic Realian organs could be transplanted into humans," he explained. "This... company... engineered these special eyes using the same materials used for 100-series Observational Realian eyes and put them into me."

"And you survived?!" Shion asked in horror. Normal humans who ate the flesh of Realians or recieved transplants from non-transgenic ones went mad because of the narcotic-like feelings they got from it. If what this guy said was true, then he would be the second man in history to have survived this surgery while staying sane.

He nodded. "Absolutely no physical problems," he said. He then frowned. "But I lost all my memory after the operation."

Shion placed her hand on his arm. "Oh, I'm so sorry," she said sympathetically.

He gave her a small smile. "Thanks," he said. "You're pretty nice. "So after I got these special eyes, I lost my memory and had to be retrained. Apparently I was a combat soldier for this... company."

Shion noticed that he visibly winced everytime he mentioned this mysterious company. She wanted to ask him about it, but didn't want to estrange the strange man she had just met. She just nodded along.

"So I retrained and got even better than before, they said," the guy continued. "These eyes have two pupils, one is a normal one, like all humans while the ring has the same sensory technology in Observational Realians."

Shion's eyes widened. "So you can detect Gnosis?" she asked excitedly.

He nodded. "And also any other living organism, as well as see through walls, use telescopic vision, blah blah blah," he said. "It's pretty nifty."

He looked around. "Where are we?" he asked suddenly.

Shion stood up, trying to ignore the man's chiseled stomach as he followed her movement. "We're on Pedea Beach, on a planet near Second Miltia," she explained. "It's sort of my private getaway."

"I wish I had my own beach planet," the man said as he stretched, his arm muscles flexing fluidly as Shion struggled to ignore it. "My name is Cerberos by the way."

"Cerberos?" Shion asked.

"Based off of Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to the Underworld," Cerberos explained. "What's yours?"

"It's Shion Uzuki," she said, shaking his hand. "Is that A.M.W.S. yours?" She pointed to the somewhat arch-angelic mobile suit.

"Yes it is," he responded.

"What happened?" Shion demanded. "You just fell out of the sky like that!"

He rubbed his neck. "I don't remember," he answered quietly, gazing at the still-clear blue sky. "I never remember much."

Shion bit her lip as she looked at Cerberos sadly. He looked so lost at that moment. His crimson eyes showed a lot of suffering and pain, for just a slight moment that she almost imagined it. But no one could imagine that much pain, it wasn't possible. Could it be that this mysterious young man felt a pain similar to hers? Who was he really?

Shion stepped up behind Cerberos and wrapped her arms around his waist to comfort him, but she couldn't deny that she enjoyed pressing up behind him. "It's okay," she whispered, and they both stood there, watching the sky.