Chapter Seven:

They arrived at the apartment, and after making their way up, closed the door, quietly and everyone looked in wonder at the bright welcoming atmosphere.

As they settled with their drinks, they began to discuss anything under the son including their love lives or lack there of.

As they began to get in detail about after hours work, Elliot suddenly got down on one knee and grasped Olivia's hand tightly.

"Olivia, you have through so much in the past year. Yet you have overcome your fears fought back. You're stronger than anyone I have known and your courage and strength is only one of the many aspects of you that I love. Your kindness, compassion and warmth are facts that just make you more beautiful. Olivia Serena Benson, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Eliot asked, pulling out a black box, which opened lighting the room with many beautiful shadow patterns.

Olivia nodded her head, tears rolling unchecked down her cheeks. "Yes," she whispered, "Yes, I will!"

Elliot placed the diamond ring on her finger before picking her up and placing a long, gentle but passionate kiss on her lips. As he let go, she looked down at the ring and gasped at the beauty of it.

It as made of yellow gold with three stones. The middle stone, a diamond, represented eternity. The stoned on either side of the diamond were their birth stones. Engraved was a simple message, 'My heart, my soul, my life'.

All present in the room, quickly stood and hugged the newly-engaged couple, while congratulating them.

Time passed quickly for the couple, but not nearly as fast as they would have wished. Arrangements for catering, dresses, tuxes, tables, locations, vows and such needed to be made and it was easily driving the couple insane. A few times they considered eloping, but realized the rest of the family wouldn't be present, so the idea was quickly quashed.

Throughout the frantic arrangements for the wedding, no one remembered the disaster that had caused these events to unfold. Nick Ganzner was not given a second thought by anyone and no one thought he would again disrupt their precious peace.

Every Tuesday, Olivia saw Huang as a patient, in order to recover from the traumatic event that had previously occurred.

"How are you doing this week?" Huang asked.

"Still having nightmares. Not so often anymore. With planning the wedding and looking after the kids, I'm so exhausted I don't dream. I hope it'll be that way when I go back to work."

"Are you sure you want to go back to work?" he asked, following her subject change.

"I want to. I need to get back to normal." She paused, "Going back to work is part of that."

"Are you sure that it won't be too much for you?"

"No," she said, but then continued firmly, "The subject matter will affect me more, but I'm sure I can live with that. Anyway, I have Elliot that I can talk to. I used to keep everything so bottled inside, but now I can let it out."

"When do you think you'll go back?" he asked, accepting her thoughts.

"After the honeymoon. Kathleen will be in college then, and Lizzie and Dickie will be starting back at school."

Huang nodded before changing the subject. The therapy session finished a half hour later and Olivia left, heading home once more.

The last week before the wedding, Olivia made outstanding progress in her recovery. Her desire for wanting to make love to Elliot on their honeymoon inspired the magnificent change and recovery that everyone saw.

On Thursday, two days after the therapy session with Huang, Olivia walked into the station, no longer fearing the place. As she arrived, John walked up to her and stuck out his hand, for a handshake, as per usual. Olivia brushed his hand aside and pulled him into a tight embrace. John returned the embrace, stunned, and just as tightly.

Fin laughed at the expression on John's face and Cragen wandered out of his office, wondering what the sudden laughter was about. When Olivia pulled back, she embraced Fin tightly also before turning to Cragen, which she embraced tightly also, and remained in his embrace, leaning against his chest.

"Where's Elliot?" Olivia asked, still leaning against Cragen's chest.

"He's interviewing a vic." Cragen stated, looking down at the woman still leaning against him, "Do you want us to get him for you?"

"Nah. It's okay. I'll hang out with you guys if that's okay."

The group nodded and looked once again stunned at Olivia's change. It was almost as if they had the old Olivia back. They sat and talked for close to an hour, before Elliot made an appearance.

"Liv, honey. Have you been waiting long?"

"Oh," Olivia said walking over to him and giving him a deep kiss, "About an hour."

"And you didn't mind?" he asked incredulously, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Nope. I'm getting better." She said happily.

They discussed her recovery more before talking about when she would start working again. The wedding was in two weeks, and for once everything was going to be just fine.