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Twisted Ouran

Chapter 1

It was a regular day at the host club Haruhi was serving tea, Tamaki was hosting, Kyouya was typing away on his computer, Honey was eating cakes with Mori not far away as for Hikaru and Kaoru they were having fun playing the "which one is Hikaru-kun game".

The day seemed so peaceful no one would ever have expected what was about to happen. The day went on peaceful for awhile until all the customers had left. "Well that was another great day my followers" Tamaki exclaimed. "Boring!" Kaoru and Hikaru both said at the same time. "Today went too well." Kyouya said while walking away from his computer lifting his glasses.

It was then that they heard many loud noises approaching the room. "I almost too well" Kyouya says as he turns from his computer pushing up his wonder what that was?" Honey says curiously. "Yeah" says Mori.

Two men burst through the door fighting as if it was a war. Both boys appeared to be around 17. One had short black hair, green eyes and wore the boys' uniform. The other boy had long brown hair, blue eyes and wore a blue t-shirt with white jeans. "You won't get away from me this time" said the boy with black hair. "Humph" the other boy said as he jumped back. When the black haired boy swung the next punch the other boy jumped back but accidentally bumped into an expensive looking vase on one of the tables. A loud crash was heard as it hit the floor. "Heh I'm outta here" the black haired boy mocked while leaving.

All was quiet… no one knew what to do. "Well I'll be leaving now too" the boy left standing said. Just as he approached the door Kyouya spoke. "The price of this vase was 8 million yen can you pay it?". The boy gulped. "Do you take IOU's" the boy asked nervously. "You can't pay it can you?" the Hitachiin twins ask. "…" the boy stood there hoping something…anything would save him. Tamaki sat in his chair threw one leg over the other and pointed. "To make up for this you too shall join the host club". "Me? A host? I can't! I won't!" "Let me just say one thing the Ootori family has many private police officers…do you have a passport?".

The boy sighs. "Fine I'll do it". Haruhi approaches the boy "why were you two fighting?" "I don't know he just ticks me off". "What's your name?" Haruhi asks. "I'm Yuki". Before Yuki could do anything else he was being pushed into a change room with a uniform. "Alright alright I'll change just get out!"

He came out dressed fancy in the school uniform. Everyone stared in awe. "Starting tomorrow you will become a host to pay off your debt of 8 million yen" Kyouya states. The next day. Yuki was sitting at a table surrounded by pretty girls. "So what do you like to do?" one girl asked. "I like to spend time with my family at my fathers grave…it's always nice to visit him" The girls burst into tears. Then the black haired boy from yesterday walked in. "I heard Yuki's here, where is sh-"

Yuki covered his mouth in a hurry. Not long after they were in a fist fight once again. The customers were quite frightened that they all left. "Heh I have no time for you". The black haired boy quickly found a teapot that was still full and poured it on the other boy. "Ah! Rin! I'll get you!". "Heh" and with that he left. "Sigh" Tamaki handed him some clothes. He went into the change room to change. Haruhi walks in to give him some towels. Yuki whips around quickly.

"Don't worry this happened to me too" Haruhi says. As the boy walks out wearing the females' uniform he also drops his student card. "Oooh…Yuki-chans a girl!" Honey yells out. They all stop what they're doing at that moment and stare. "Well I thought it was pretty obvious" chuckled Yuki. "I suppose I could stay and be a host…besides you guys need lots of help with the ladies." "Hmm she still needs to pay her debt so I suppose it'd be ok if no one found out" Kyouya states" "I'm going to get that bastard Rin".

End of chapter 1

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