Understanding Emotions

Sakura dropped her chopsticks, the ramen fell from Naruto's mouth and back into his steaming bowl. "I've started dating Ino and would like advice." [Sai/Sakura

Author: Skipping.Alice

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.


Ino stared across the table at her in open-mouthed shock, Sakura nodded and Ino's mouth fell open wider. Sighing Sakura stirred her little pink straw around the empty glass. "Sai is so weird," Sakura whined slammed her head into the table. "I never know what to expect from him. One second he's calling me ugly, the next asking me out on a date."

"Are you sure it's a date?"

"Hmm?" Sakura looked up at Ino.

"Well," she said, averting her eyes. "It could just be his way of trying to make friends and he doesn't like you at all...Or, he's always liked you and has been stupidly trying to hide it."

Sakura groaned loudly, banging her head into the table a few more times (for good measure). "This helps me how?"

"Forehead-girl, it seems you've a large problem."


Ino inclined her head to the street. "Sai's coming."

Sakura choked and leapt to her feet, nearly knocking Ino and the table over in the process. "What?!" She hissed and looked as though she was about ready to sink into the floor.

"You moron!" Ino snapped grabbing her arm and roughly pulling her back down into her seat. "Don't attract attention to yourself!" Sakura bit back an angry retort and did as she was bid, pushing herself low into her seat. Sai, looking confused and lost, walked aimlessly around the street. Sakura hid under the table, feeling like a naughty child caught at her own game. "Oh no, Sakura, he's coming in."

Sakura crawled behind Ino's chair, feeling the inquisitive stare of the mother at the next table on her. She was practically under Ino's chair, and, while Sai wouldn't be able to see her that didn't mean anyone else couldn't. Ino stepped lightly on her hand and Sakura stopped wiggling, holding her breath as she waited to hear the conversation above her.

"Yamanaka-san, if you have a moment?" That was Sai, Sakura's grip tightened around Ino's leg and she worried her lower lip.

"Oh--yeah sure, what's up?"

Sai paused. "The sky?"

Ino laughed, "we have a winner." Sakura nearly groaned, knowing that Sai didn't understand what Ino had meant and his answer had been completely serious. "Now, what do you want?"

"May I sit down? Well, I checked some books out from the library--"

"Go figure," Sakura whispered from under the table, only to receive a sound kick from Ino.

"--And they mentioned that when taking a lady on a date, that it was proper to bring flowers."

"Sakura isn't a lady," Ino said, covering a yelp with her hand as Sakura bit her. "She's a rabid biter!" She kicked the girl again and looked up to see Sai giving her a strange look. "Heh, heh, just kidding! So, you wanted to talk flowers, eh?"

Sai seemed reluctant now, but finally he said: "Yes, something that suits Sakura-san."

Ino pursed her lips and tiled her head. "Well, lets start with this; what kind of mood do you want to set?"

"Mood?" the boy questioned, looking confused.

Ino sighed heavily, clinking her long nails against her glass. "Yeah, mood, every date needs a mood."

Sai flushed lightly, drawing on the table with a finger. Sakura felt the eyes on her increase in number, as most of the restaurant behind her could see her rump sticking high from behind Ino's chair. She shifted, feeling her shoulders ache from the strange pose she held herself up with. Hurry up, Ino, she urged silently, clenching her teeth together.

"What?" Ino asked, "is it not a date, then?"

"N-Not exactly, in 'A Mans Guide to Courting a Lady'" - Ino snorted with laughter - "it states that a man must make the first move when there is a girl that he likes. And I like Sakura-san, so shouldn't I--"

"Ok, Ok, that's enough." Ino pointed at him. "First off, if you really like Sakura and want to court her, you have to pick a better nickname, none of this 'ugly' nonsense, that won't make a girl like you, not at all. Now, you need to find something cute, I suggest Blossom,"

Sakura savagely pinched Ino's calf, she hated being called blossom.

Ino carried on with only a slight pause and grimace of pain. "Now, do you see? Give it a try."

Sai pursed his lips, his finger tapping on the table increased in movement. "Dog?"

Ino's elbow slipped and her head nearly hit the table below, Sakura growled under the table. "No!" Ino pinched the bridge of her nose. "Not mean; it has to be something sweet, idiot!"

Unused to being called an idiot, Sai regarded the girl before him thoughtfully. "Koi?" Sakura squealed loudly, sitting up and crashing her head into Ino's chair. Ino coughed loudly, trying to cover Sakura's squealing.

"Perfect! Now you're getting it! Though ... you might want to wait off a little before calling her that. Let's start with something simple, call her 'Sakura-chan'. Ok? That's a step forward."

"Sakura-chan," Sai said it slowly, as if tasting a new dish and trying to savor it. "Alright, thank you, Yamanaka-san, I have to leave now though; I'm seeing Tsunade-sama with a mission briefing."

"Oh, Sai, come by our store later, I'll help you choose some flowers."

The pale boy gave a small bow and turned to leave, pausing once. "Goodbye Sakura-chan."


"That bastard knew I was there all along!" Sakura grumbled, walking along side Ino in the street. "I wish he would have said something earlier, it was so uncomfortable down there."

Ino smirked over at her, "maybe he wanted his koi to hear how much he liked her." Ino waggled her eyebrows dramatically.

"Get bent, Ino," Sakura growled, glaring at the blonde. "Or I'll suggest Sasuke take you out for fried gizzard."

"Ooh, sick!" Ino elbowed Sakura in the side, bumping their hips together. "Don't be mean, Sakura, or I'll tell Sai to bring you poison ivy."

"Touché," Sakura muttered.


I'm sorry for the wait; I'm moving and everything's been pretty hectic. Hopefully I'll be able to write more when everything cools down.


Koi: love; tender passion