Author's Note: Well here we are in the last chapter. I've had great fun and enjoyment writing this story for your fun and enjoyment. This chapter will be the last, and it will likely feature death, destruction and violence. The sixth Autobot will be revealed too. I hope you have enjoyed my story and I hope you shall enjoy this final chapter. I have appreciated your reviews and I hope to hear from you when I complete this and do the next story.

Chapter 5: One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall

Manhattan, New York

Bumblebee burst out the space bridge at top speed, nearly losing control as he appeared on Brooklyn Bridge, on the wrong side of the road. Sam and Mikaela felt incredibly dizzy and dazed. Travelling at an inhuman speed for who knows how long through a teleportation warp drive thing had really knocked the energy out of them. Even Bumblebee seemed to have trouble returning to reality, as his speed kept altering. Eyes blinking back into focus, Sam managed to turn his head to look out the back window. Jazz was driving about uncontrollably, attempting to dodge cars. Ratchet had managed to keep himself stable as had Ironhide, although the soldiers looked as though they had been thrown into a giant blender. Dodging their way through the traffic, the Autobots and convoy of trucks drove into the streets of Manhattan. Thankfully, there weren't many people around. Lennox leapt out of the leading truck and ran towards Bumblebee with Epps, Fig and Tanaka, Koji deciding to stay in the truck.

"Has the airforce here yet?" asked Lennox impatiently.

"Not yet," said Sam, looking about at the skies as he nearly stumbled out of Camaro. "What a ride."

"Now I know how Marty McFly feels…" said Epps, walking about to stay strong. "Hey, wait…what's that?"

All eyes looked up to see what resembled an F-22 Raptor fighter jet. It shot overhead, flying away, circling the Empire State Building and flew back again like a giant metallic bird. There were cheers from several of the soldiers, although Sam and Mikaela looked on with distrust. Ironhide, who had a bigger inkling than anyone; big enough to transform into robot mode right in the middle of a street full of people and traffic. At first glance of the giant robot, everyone who had a brain with fear as their number one emotion ran like hell, screaming erupting as the citizens ran for cover. Several were brave enough to stand their ground, or were just too frightened to move, as Jazz, Bumblebee and Ratchet transformed too.

"That's Starscream!" cried Ironhide. "Bumblebee, Jazz: Flanking positions!"

Jazz pulled a long sword-like weapon and a shield from his body and held them in a battle position. Ratchet escorted Sam and Mikaela to a safe point and then morphed his right arm into a double-edged battle axe. Bumblebee and Ironhide ran over to an abandoned truck full of Furbies and pulled it over to the soldiers who were ready to open fire on Starscream. Ironhide and Bumblebee flipped the truck over, a pile of Furbies tumbling out of the unlocked backdoors.

A guy on a motorcycle zoomed by, but upon seeing the robots; he flew off his motorcycle and ran away. His motorcycle skidded along the road, colliding with a lamppost. Lennox looked at it with interest. It could be used possibly. Lennox didn't have time to think of a purpose as Starscream launched a missile from his underbelly. It streaked through the air and collided with the overturned truck, blowing it into two pieces. The impact sent Ironhide flying into Ratchet, the two tumbling over. Bumblebee was thrown backwards as one part of the truck followed; smashing through one of his legs and tearing it clean off. Bumblebee tumbled across the road, ripping up concrete as he went. Sam, who had secretly snagged the piece of the Allspark from Sector Seven, rushed towards Bumblebee in horror. As he ran, he stumbled and the Allspark fragment fell from his pocket and bounced onto the street. As it bounced, a shockwave of energy erupted from its core, the air rippling as the wave spread over a one-mile radius.

Traffic lights morphed into small black robots with spider-like appendages and they attempted to wrench themselves free of their lampposts. A steering wheel developed claws and latched itself onto the face of a driver. In a nearby superstore full of entertainment devices, shoppers were oblivious to the rampaging robots outside. The shockwave shattered the windows, glass flying everywhere. Many of the customers fell to the floor and watched in horror as every television, stereo, video game console, and even the digital watches transformed into deadly robots. A metal cassette player morphed and started shooting cassette tapes at fleeing customers. Across the street in a Starbucks café, a pair of coffee machines went crazy and started launching blasts of coffee and coffee beans at customers. People began to escape through the rotating doors, but the doors themselves started spinning about frantically, becoming deadly spinning mincers. One businessman was unfortunate enough to be pulled into the spinning doors by the tie and was shredded to pieces in a flash of gore, blood splattering all over a female worker.

Sam attempted to drag the remains of Bumblebee's leg over by himself, but due to its weight, it was a tough job to do. Thankfully, Mikaela ran over to give him a hand. After several minutes of pulling, Bumblebee's leg was beside him again. Nanogenes began working to connect Bumblebee's limb to his torso, but it would take some time. The ground seemed to start shaking violently, and all heads turned to see Brawl, the giant tank come lumbering down the road. Epps charged up his sabot missile launcher. Ironhide's arms morphed in a pair of powerful energy cannons, with added gun turrets too, both made out more than 10,000 pieces. Ratchet, although not much of a fighter, braced himself for the predicted onslaught.

Brawl was a heavyhitter in the Decepticon ranks, mindlessly controlled by anger and the core desire to wreak havoc and destroy everything insight. Like Bonecrusher, he was once part of a team of Decepticon brawlers named the Combaticons, although all apparently were destroyed during the Great War on Cybertron, with Brawl apparently the soul survivor. Brawl rumbled down the road, crushing cars that were parked in his way. Two armoured army trucks drove on recklessly, firing sabot rounds at the oncoming tank. Brawl fired pulse blasts from his primary cannon, blowing the trucks to pieces, the soldiers inside either leaping to safety at the last moment or burning to death. Behind Brawl, came Wildfire, who transformed and began setting cars on fire and then tossing them at the Autobots. Ironhide, Jazz, Bumblebee and Ratchet fired their own laser cannons and blew up the cars in midair.

Brawl then transformed. His large bulky vehicle mode began to flip up, the whole tanking seemingly flipping backwards and breaking down into smaller pieces. The tanks tracks and armoured pieces moved onto the back of bulky arms and legs. The main cannon shrank back like a telescope and attached itself to the right arm. Brawl body was huge, armoured with a stump of a head on top, a pair of red eyes glowing, full of anger and the urge to just blow something up. Equipped with not only the tank cannon, Brawl also had a primary gatling gun system on his right arm, two missile launcher weapons built into his shoulders, small cannons on his back, and a razor sharp claw-like weapon on his left arm. Brawl was certainly armed to the teeth. The soldiers surrounded Sam and Mikaela, Lennox sweating at the thought of taking on this big brute. Brawl aimed his primary cannon at the humans. This was the end so it seemed.

That was until Jazz rushed by, skidding across the road, then backflipped up onto Brawl's back, diverting the cannon to fire at the air. Jazz pulled out a long, silver blade and easily slashed the cannon off, the metal pipe plopping onto the ground. Brawl roared with rage and tossed Jazz off him. Jazz fell, but placed a hand on the ground and spun on his head to get back up, Sam's mouth hanging open in amazement.

Jazz, Ironhide and Ratchet dashed forward, their cannons ready. On Ratchet's count, they all fired at the same time. The three energy blasts fired hit Brawl clear in his chest, pieces of his armour tumbling off his body. Undaunted, Brawl moved in for the kill, firing every weapon he possessed. Most of the attacks missed, but one blast hit Ratchet, demolishing his cannon. Another struck Jazz, his sword flying out of his hand. Jazz chased and grabbed it. Determined to beat down Brawl, Jazz smirked and raced by his comrades towards Brawl and raced behind him.

"Hey, Mary Sue!" cried Jazz to Brawl, Brawl slowly turning to face him. "Yeah, I'm talking you big boy!"

"Brawl crush Autobot scum!" cried Brawl angrily, his intelligence obviously not so good.

"Yeah, you claim you will," said Jazz tauntingly. "But you still haven't, have ya?! You want to know why?"

Brawl stood there, awaiting answer, although what intelligence he had was just telling him to squash Jazz then and there. Jazz knew Brawl was dumb, and incredibly quick to anger.

"It's because you are weak, a coward and the most unintelligent thing on this planet…possibly except Homer Simpson!" said Jazz mockingly, dancing about in amusement.

"What?!" roared Brawl outraged.

"You heard you big walking trashcan!" said Jazz. "You're weak and stupid. In fact you're not even that! No, you're a two-bit, no-account, second-rate, sewer-breathed baboon with the brain of a pigeon, the face of an eel and the strength of a mouse, so why don't stop this nonsensical blasting and go play a honky tonk piano!"

"Autobot shut his mouth! Brawl smash! BRAWL SMASH!" roared Brawl, firing his weapons upon, Jazz, who somersaulted through the air and slashed more of Brawl's armour off before running back around to fire a blast of energy in Brawl's face.

Suddenly, a loud whooshing was heard as a weird jet flew overhead and transformed. There stood Megatron, towering over both the Autobots and humans. Many civilians watched from shops and houses but soon spilled onto the streets, screaming and tripping over eachother, trying to desperately get away from Megatron. The Autobots stared in horror, each one filled with hatred. Their arch enemy stood before them, his monstrous face grinning with evil. Jazz was soon off towards Megatron.

"Glad of you to join this party, Megatron!" cried Jazz angrily, leaping at Megatron only to be sent flying into the sky by a swinging kick from Megatron.

Ratchet came next, a buzzsaw appearing out of his left arm. Swinging his axe, he slashed at Megatron's leg. Megatron simply laughed again and punched Ratchet in the face. The medic stumbled backwards but came again. Megatron suddenly ran at Ratchet ripping off his saw and tossing it at Ratchet. Ratchet managed to dodge the saw as it flew by, imbedding itself in Ironhide's shoulder. Ironhide fired upon Megatron. As the bullets hit Megatron, the titan seized Ratchet and threw him in front using him as a shield. He then practically tossed Ratchet at Ironhide; the two falling to the ground.

"This isn't going to well…" said Lennox, then he heard a familiar sound of blaring rotors.

He turned around and saw Blackout landing on top of the Chrysler Building nearby. Lennox nudged Epps, who turned and saw Blackout too.

"Things just turned from bad to worse," said Epps.

Unbeknownst to the rally of soldiers who protected Sam, Mikaela and the wounded Bumblebee, Scorponok was climbing down the back side of the Chrysler Building, shattering windows and making large holes in the wall as he scuttled down, before digging his way into the tarmac road and disappearing underground.

At the same time, all heads turned as Optimus Prime hurtled out of an alleyway, garbage cans flying everywhere. Behind him came a battered and bruised Bonecrusher, who soon collapsed out of exhaustion. Prime raced down the streets, passing the humans, Bumblebee and Ratchet and Ironhide. He transformed in mid skid, standing face-to-face with Megatron.

"Prime!" cried Megatron, a combo of anger and glee to see his old nemesis. "So you survived after all."

"Indeed, Megatron. But you shall not gain the Allspark!" cried Optimus.

"You speak the human language. Disgusting!" said Megatron.

"As do you," said Optimus. "You will not harm the humans in your mindless quest for domination!"

"The human race is weak. They do not deserve to exist in my future empire!" said Megatron, each word full of seeming malice and hatred. Megatron obviously hated organic life. "And if you and your fellow Autobots stand in my way, then I shall wipe you out too."

"You may have nearly wiped out all of my friends, but there are still some alive," said Optimus. "I can sense their sparks scattered across the galaxy."

"Then once I have crushed you, I shall hunt down them and crush them as well!" said Megatron.

"Stop wasting time and destroy Prime!" shrieked Starscream from above, who transformed and landed on a nearby building.

"Starscream, shut up and locate the Allspark! It is located somewhere in this city!" commanded Megatron.

"Why should I follow orders from a pathetic excuse for a leader?" asked Starscream.

"Either you do or face oblivion!" said Megatron.

Jazz ran in suddenly, skidded by between Optimus and the distracted Megatron, firing energy blasts from a pair of large shotguns. The blasts hit Megatron hard. So hard in fact, it was enough to knock him over. Starscream, having a ridiculously overinflated ego, took off in a flash, screaming to the world with joy as if Megatron had just died.

"Megatron has fallen! Decepticons, follow me as your new leader!" he shrieked.

Brawl, not really understanding what was going on, opened fire on the soldiers. Lennox, Epps, Fig, Tanaka and the Sector 7 soldiers opened fire too, a shoot-out occurring. Brawl's superior weapons were soon taking lives. Megatron was up quickly and transformed his arms into a scary-looking energy cannon. He fired at Jazz, hitting him point-blank in the chest. Jazz was sent flying, part of his chest plate falling off.

"DIE, AUTOBOTS!!!" screamed Megatron, pulling out a long lethal flail weapon with a spiked hammer on the end.

Jazz was not going down that easily and ran back again, ignoring Prime's yells to retreat. Jazz fired more lasers blasts at Megatron, mouthing off every word he knew, even in other languages.

"You wanna peace of me?!" asked Jazz.

"Delighted," said Megatron and swung his flail.

In two seconds flat, the flail struck Jazz and sawed his body in two. His legs became scrap, while his torso was sent somersaulting through the air, blowing out windows of a small officer building as it smashed its way through the bricked walls.

"Jazz! NO!" cried Optimus is horror.

"Muhahahahaha! I will leave you to grieve, Prime, while I fulfil my destiny!" cackled Megatron, transforming into jet mode.

"Not…while…I…am still drawing breathe!" roared Optimus with indescribable rage.

Optimus leapt up like a kangaroo and grabbed onto the back of Megatron's jet form. Megatron flew wildly out-of-control, dodging his way through tall skyscrapers to avoid damage. Optimus managed to clamber on top of Megatron and sent him crashing down into the streets below, passing by Sam, Mikaela and Bumblebee. As the two enemies crashlanded, Optimus turned to Sam.

"Sam, use the glasses to locate the Allspark!" cried Optimus, taking Captain Witwicky's glasses from a hidden compartment in his arm and tossing them to Sam.

Sam caught the glasses and nodded silently. He soon turned to Mikaela and Bumblebee, the yellow-armoured guardian managing to pull himself up and now standing back on both legs as the broken one had fused itself back to him, although with many pieces damaged or missing, it might be difficult.

"Bumblebee, can you transform?" asked Sam.

Bumblebee nodded and slowly transformed into his Camaro form. His doors opened, allowing Sam and Mikaela to jump in. Bumblebee sped off down the road. Starscream, perched on top of the Empire State Building, viewed Bumblebee racing off and a sinister smile appeared on his face. Transforming into jet mode, he flew off into the sky and began circling Manhattan until Sam located the Allspark.

With Jazz wounded with Ratchet looking after him, and only Ironhide and Prime to take on six Decepticons, the Autobots were quite outnumbered.

"We need a little Energon, and a whole lot of luck!" cried Optimus who was busy firing at a charging Megatron.

"We're gonna be scrap metal by the time this battle is over!" cried Ironhide, leaping through the air and firing missiles at Brawl, which blew away the tank robot. "We need a miracle!"

As if on cue, the Cadillac CTS drove around the bend, spilling trashcans everywhere. The Cadillac charged at Wildfire, who was busy setting things on fire with his twin flamethrowers for the fun of it. The Cadillac collided with Wildfire, causing him to be knocked off his feet and bang his head on the ground. The Cadillac then raced for Optimus, accidentally driving up a ramp and flying through the air. As it turned over for a collision course with the ground, it transformed into the sixth Autobot. It was a silvery blue in colour, tall and compacted with armour. Its head was highlighted by two large electronic lights on either side of its face and free horns protruded out of its head. The Autobot's arms transformed into ion cannons and blasted two large energy balls. They struck Megatron in the back, the Decepticon stumbling forward. Optimus turned with a surprised look.

"Hey, Optimus, sorry I'm late!" cried the Autobot, charging forward and firing more shots at Megatron.

"Good to see, Wheeljack," said Optimus. "I'm guessing your trajectory was a little off course during landing."

"Afraid so," said Wheeljack with an exasperated sigh. "But it looks like I arrived just in time."

Meanwhile Bumblebee was driving as fast as his tires could carry him away from Megatron and the other Decepticons who were all closing in on Prime and the other Autobots, with all the buildings being a blur Mikaela had trouble trying to look out for Starscream who they knew was tailing them. After a few failed attempts at knowing where exactly they were, she turned to face Sam who was looking through the glasses although he wasn't making much sense from them as he was not familiar with ancient hieroglyphics. He muttered something under his breath and then Mikaela asked Sam "What do you see?"

Sam, who didn't quiet get what she said was still trying to figure out what the patterns meant, but then after remembering Ratchet once using a complicated grid map to display Cybertron he noticed that Megatron had done the same for the co-ordinates to the Allspark. He continued to stare at the map and then muttered "Manhattan"

Mikaela looked at him in confusement and said to him "Yes we are in Manhattan, but why point that out?"

Sam while still wearing the glasses faced her and in a faster tone "That's not what I meant, the Allspark its here…"

The moment he said that, Bumblebee immediately hit the brakes which caused Sam to hit face first into the windshield as he had no seat belt on. Mikaela then helped peal Sam's face off the glass. Sam quickly recovered and turned to her to say "Thanks for that…but the Allspark it's here in the Statue!"

It took a few moments for Mikaela to stop looking completely baffled and she then said "The Statue of Liberty?"

They both stared at eachother as if they did not know what was happening until they both simultaneously yelled out which made Bumblebee do a jolt in surprise "Bumblebee! To the STATUE!"

Bumblebee did not need to yelled at twice and he immediately accelerated down the road towards the south and the Statue of Liberty. At that point Starscream, who was watching and listening on their conversation while hiding on top of the Chrysler Building. After they vanished down the street, he grinned to himself. "Excellent, those humans and the Autobot will lead me right to the Allspark…and my victory!"

He jumped into the air and somersaulted while transforming into his F-22 Raptor mode and flew after Bumblebee at high speed, weaving between the buildings.

Sam, Mikaela and Bumblebee finally made it to the south end of Manhattan after avoiding crowds of panicking humans. Sam noticed that Bumblebee was not slowing down when he was charging towards the water. Realising what the spunky Autobot was about to try to pull off. They screamed for him to stop.

But too late. Bumblebee leapt into the air and hit the water and a large splash, Sam and Mikaela both sat there with their eyes clamped shut, not daring to look to find how deep they were going. But then they heard the motor running and the feeling of bumping up and down. They slowly opened their eyes to see that Bumblebee had exchanged his wheels for large pair of jet skies and after hearing the surprise gasp from Mikaela, Bumblebee said through his radio, "Thank you Madame for not freaking out and if you would notice to the left of the seat we have a barf bag. And for our next stop on the tour, the tower of Doomsday"

It didn't take them long for Bumblebee to reach the Statue, Bumblee driving under the water and driving up onto the side of the island. Sam put back on the glasses and noticed the map had now changed to resemble a 3-D radar screen. After a few moments of silence, the small circle on the glasses settled at the torch.

"The torch!"

Bumblebee immediately used a grapple claw towards the higher area of the statue and started to climb. Sam and Mikaela nod at each other and they ran inside and started to climb as fast as they could. While they climbed, Sam noticed a lost toad running away from a fan which was blowing at high speed and sparks flew from it. That's how Sam felt at the moment, like being attacked on all sides. They got to the head and looked out of the window and waited to see Bumblebee arrive. Sam asked Mikaela "How are you faring? No broken ankle? No malfunctions?"

Mikaela who was still panting replied in a serious tone "We are competing against a race of super-advanced robots that will destroy the planet, turn all machines into massive armies of incredible destructive power and enslave all of humanity and you are worried about my ankles? And why are you talking like a machine for?"

Sam gives a look of embarrassment and turns away to avoid answering, then Bumblebee smashes the glass, holds out one off his hands and says to them "It is a long way up!"

Mikaela who quickly understood ran to Bumblebee and clambered into his hand. Sam took one looked down and backed away in fright. "No way am I doing it, I aren't gonna to do it"

Bumblebee and Mikaela gave eachother a look of embarrassment. Bumblebee seized Sam in his other hand, placed him in with Mikaela and continued climbing towards the statue's torch.

With some problems ascending with two passengers proved tricky, but Bumblebee managed to reach the torch and with one well aimed shot with his cannon, blew the torch's door wide open. Sam quickly jumped off with Mikaela not far behind. Both humans walked into the torch while Bumblebee who couldn't fit just looked on as Sam and Mikaela reached the centre of the room and see a small crate which was barred up with chains and iron bars. Sam looked back at Bumblebee who knew what to do. Bumblebee nodded back and readied his gatling gun in his right arm and shot at the locks. Afterwards, Sam and Mikaela both walked to each end of the lid and with all their might lifted it and placed it on the floor. They looked inside to see a T.V sized bronze cube with all kinds of strange blue, glowing hieroglyphics on all sides. Sam and Mikaela stared at it in awe at the object before them. The Allspark.

Sam picked up the cube which immediately started to shrink to fit less than one of his arms. He noticed the eagerness in Bumblebee so he held it out for him to hold, what he and thousands others battled and died for. They then hear a high-toned voice boom at then which said "Pardon me if I drop in to crash this happy little scene?"

All three looked behind them quick enough to see a large metal claw-like hand grasp Bumblebee's head and pulls him away and tosses him down the statue, and the face of Starscream appeared with a menacing twisted smile on his face. He then proceeded to extend his right arm in an attempt to grasp the Allspark, but Sam and Mikaela backed off to the other side of the room. Starscream glared at them.

"Hand over the Allspark, and I will ease your passing," said Starscream.

"Not on your life!" cried Sam.

Starscream grinned and replied "Cocky for a weak human who is at gun point"

Starscream readied his arm cannon and was about to shoot inside the small room until Bumblebee snuck up behind Starscream and proceeded to strangle him while pulling him away from the humans. The Air Commander was tossed towards the ground.

Starscream transformed after managing to get a foot hold on the front side of the statue and jumped off backwards. Starscream flew away until he performed a u-turn back to the statue, he then yelled "Prepare to be turned to scrap Autobot!"

Bumblebee who knew what was coming, quickly aimed his right arm at the base of the torch with a grapple claw, he then signalled Sam and Mikaela to climb onto him as soon as they could. The two did, looking about nervously.

Bumblebee jumped off the Statue and at a high speed fell to the ground, while holding onto his right built in grapple cable and with his left arm cannon shot hopelessly at Starscream who laughed hysterically and shrieked out "Your attacks are pitiful! Now it is my turn!"

Starscream released a series of missiles at the base of the Statue's right arm and blew it off. Bumblebee saw rubble crashing towards them, and safely deposited his cargo onto the ground, before blasting apart the incoming rubble. He fired his grappling into the tallest section of the statue.

Bumblebee was hoisted up into the sky and warned Mikaela through his radio, "Now's the time to make a brake for it"

Starscream charged at Bumblebee and screamed at him "Prepare to eat laser Autobot!"

Bumblebee stood carefully on top of the torch of the statue and bravely performed a "bring it on" sign. Starscream smirked and dived at Bumblebee. Going at the Autobot like a bullet, Starscream was not ready for the sudden transformation of Bumblebee's right arm into a fusion cannon. Starscream only had mere seconds to spin sideways into jet mode as Bumblebee opened fire. He missed and demolished the right-hand side of the statue's face. Bumblebee leapt off the torch and soared through the air, landing right on top of Starscream who nearly lost altitude. Starscream spun about in midair, trying to shake the Autobot off. He then transformed into robot mode and kicked Bumblebee off him.

"Take that!" he cried, only to see Bumblebee launch a grappling hook around his leg and shot up, landing on his back. With a quick aiming of his fusion cannon, Bumblebee blew apart Starscream's jet boosters. With a robotic smile, Bumblebee sprung off Starscream with a backflip and sailed back down to the solid ground. As for Starscream, he screamed in terror as he crashlanded into the ocean with a large splash.

Bumblebee stumbled as he crashlanded onto the statue. He looked about for Sam and Mikaela, and saw them heading back to Manhattan in a borrowed speed boat, Sam waving a fist in triumph at Bumblebee's victory.

Back in the city, Ironhide crashed into the underbelly of an upturned truck after being thrown by an enraged Brawl. Brawl fired round after round of missiles after Ironhide.

Ironhide avoided the missiles by using a bus as a shield and then threw it at Brawl who easily destroyed it with his cannon and then fired his weapon at Ironhide. Wheeljack emerged from behind Brawl in vehicle mode and drove into the back of his right leg although this did nothing but amuse Brawl who began to laugh hysterically. Wheeljack didn't look worried but actually was grinning and then transformed. He ran in front of Brawl and started to laugh said out loud so Brawl could here him, "You're so dangerously malfunctioning that your own missiles will hit you in shame"

Brawl started to get ticked of and roared in rage. "Brawl will rip out Wheelie's circuits…Brawl will show you malfunctioning!"

Brawl readied all his missiles and fired on Wheeljack, but as Wheeljack predicted, all the missiles suddenly turned around and aimed for their user who muttered "Uh-oh!"

All the missiles hit at once and Brawl collapsed under the sheer force of the explosions. Wheeljack strolled to Ironhide in triumph; a surprised Ironhide asked the cocky scientist "What did you do to him?"

Wheeljack, who was still grinning broadly, replied in a cheery tone "When I tackled him I injected into him a target override program and after some old fashioned taunting on the mindless dome…"

He stopped abruptly as Brawl rose back into action and roared with. His rage was as clear as crystal, his eyes glowing red and his entire frame shaking with unbelievable rage.

"Brawl will destroy the Autobots!" he screamed.

He ran forwards at them with his large hands ready to strangle them, but both easily avoided him and Ironhide got the perfect opportunity to ram his cannons into the side of Brawl's chest and fired. Brawl let out a scream of pain as the blast tore through his armour and exposed his circuitry and Spark. Brawl quickly turned to face Ironhide to punch him, only to have a face full of laser which was shot at zero range. His face demolished, Brawl fell down backwards hard. His screams eventually died out as Ironhide unleashed hell upon him.

Ironhide continued his siege upon Brawl, until the Decepticon's chest burst into flames. Wheeljack seized Ironhide's arms and held them into the air. Brawl lay dead on the ground, a final expression of his endless rage planted on his face, his body scattered across half of the street.

"He's dead, Ironhide!" cried Wheeljack.

Ironhide stroked his cannons with pride and asked "Your point is?"

Wheeljack sighed with displeasure as Ironhide shot a few more rounds on the corpse of Brawl who lies motionless on the ground. Ironhide fired once more and then got the shock of his life when a missile fired from one of Brawl's remaining cannon and nearly blew a hole in Wheeljack's chest. The Autobots looked on in shock as Brawl rose again. Despite the fact his face was now disfigured, his red eyes lived on, and were burning with enough heated rage to melt the entire continent of Antarctica. Brawl breathed heavily and then screamed in anger at the top of his robotic lungs.


Ironhide raised his cannons, targeting Brawl's exposed chest and glowing Spark. As Brawl charged for one ferocious assault, screaming all the way, Ironhide was getting a headache.

"Brawl reduce Ironhide's cannons to scrap!" cried Brawl as he ran. This struck a sensor in Ironhide. That was the last straw.

"That's the last straw! I've had with you, Decepticon!" roared Ironhide. "Nobody disrespects my cannons and get's away with it!"

Brawl kept on coming, just barely inches from the Autobots. Ironhide charged his cannons up to full power.


And with that, Ironhide fired all the firepower he could muster. Time seemed to slow down as Brawl leapt through the air to kill Ironhide, but the energy blasts fired from Ironhide's cannons met him first. They ploughed through his chest, ripping apart the remains of his bulky torso, blowing apart his spark and then striking his core processor. In two seconds flat, Brawl froze and exploded in midair, his entire structure collapsing in on itself, his spark bursting into flames. The giant Decepticon's form crumpled away, splintering into tiny pieces that flew by the Autobots. The bulky body fell to pieces, collapsing onto the charred battle-worn street. A wind blew through the Autobots, as if Brawl's rage escaped into the sky. The giant Decepticon was now officially dead, his charred remains sprinkled across the next block or two; his head lay a few feet from Ironhide, his red eyes now black and offline. Ironhide blew smoke from his cannons and then kicked the head away. Wheeljack whistled lightly.

"Hah! Up yours!" cried Ironhide, turning away. Wheeljack followed, glancing back at the remains of Brawl, wondering if the fallen warrior would suddenly leap up again.

"I ain't inviting you to the next Autobot Festival," said Wheeljack to Ironhide.

With Brawl now dead, and Starscream at the bottom of the Hudson River, the Decepticons were starting to lose the fight. However, Megatron wasn't going to go down that easily, and neither was loyal Blackout. Blackout was initially a coward but was willing enough to bring destruction to all who rose up against Lord Megatron, including the humans. Optimus and Megatron were brawling for all they were worth, and Blackout decided it was time to help his leader to eliminate Prime once and for all. He didn't take into account the soldiers sneaking up behind him from an alley way.

Lennox, Epps, Fig, Tanaka, Koji and the other troops peered out of the alley way, armed with heat-seeking missile launchers. Blackout drew the blades from his back, and spun them like a buzzsaw. Lennox was waiting for the right moment. He suddenly heard a sound behind him and turned, the rest of the soldiers turning as well, all looking down the alley way. Something was coming towards them underground, ripping up the alleyway. Lennox realised what is was and rushed out of the alley.

"Move!" he cried as he led the troops out of the alley, which exploded into pieces as Scorponok burst out of the ground. Scorponok looked terrible, his tail stinger missing and a couple of his mandibles were in pieces. Scorponok moved towards the troops, Blackout turning to see what was going on. Lennox was done hiding; he was through with these two. He had a wife and child to see and no stupid robots were going to stop him.

Lennox rushed out, avoiding Scorponok and mounted the abandoned motorcycle. Lennox looked over to Blackout, then back to Scorponok and got an idea.

"Epps, try and contact the air force!" cried Lennox as he raced off towards Blackout.

Scorponok was instantly hot on Lennox's heels, scrambling to catch up to the fleeing soldier. Blackout watched as Lennox sped under his legs. Blackout's eyes widened, realising what was going on and looked up to see Scorponok shoot under him too. Scorponok's stinger collided with Blackout's right leg, hooking into it and tripped Blackout up. The giant Decepticon was dragged down the street by his own minion, who chased Lennox like some extremely angry dog. Blackout's blades went flying away, breaking to pieces. Optimus and Megatron stopped their fight and leapt aside as Lennox, Scorponok and poor Blackout rushed by, Blackout shouting angrily.

Megatron aimed his cannon and fired, blowing apart Scorponok's stinger. Scorponok screeched and collided with a parked lorry which exploded. Blackout slid to a halt and slowly stood, angered and humiliated. He turned back to Megatron who was already back to brawling Prime. Blackout turned back to see Lennox, only to see him charging at him full speed on the motorcycle, shouting loudly. Large noises echoed over the air, and a trio of jet fighters soared across the sky. Lennox skidded underneath Blackout, flying off the motorcycle and fired his missile launcher. A missile exploded out of it and blew a gaping hole in Blackout's chest. The chest exploded to pieces, exposing his spark chamber. Blackout stumbled backwards in complete shock. He looked upwards with horrified eyes as the jets rocketed towards him and fired missiles towards him.

Megatron who was taking a beating from Optimus, stumbled backwards to see Blackout being bombarded by missiles. In a final explosion, Blackout's body exploded, his spark set on fire. Megatron let out a sudden gasp. Blackout was one of his best warriors and he watched as his loyal soldier was blown backwards, flying past him and smashing into the side of a building. Optimus seized Megatron and tossed him through the air. Megatron smashed to the ground and stood up, looking at Blackout's burning body. Blackout stared feebly at his lord and master.

"Lord Megatron…forgive me…" whispered Blackout, before a final missile struck his torso and extinguished his spark. Blackout let out a shout of pain and went offline, his head going limb. Megatron stood there for a few seconds, possibly mourning the loss of a comrade. Scorponok crawled over to Blackout's body and prodded it with a pincer, causing Blackout's head to suddenly fall off. Scorponok let out a screech of sadness. Lennox let out a triumphant cheer from the next street.

Megatron turned to face Optimus Prime and charged head-on. He seized Prime's head and slammed the Autobot leader into the ground. Optimus quickly got up and delivered a heavy blow to Megatron's face. The jets came around, targeting Megatron and blasting him with missiles. Megatron stumbled backwards. His red eyes suddenly picked out something in the distance behind Optimus: Sam and Mikaela clutching the Allspark!

"The Allspark!" cried Megatron, causing Optimus to turn sharply.

"Sam! Run!" cried Optimus as Megatron made a dash towards them.

Sam skidded to a halt in mid stride and ran back in the opposite direction, pulling Mikaela with him. As they ran into a new street, Wildfire appeared and aimed his flamethrowers at them.

"Hand over the Allspark or burn!" threatened Wildfire, small flames flashing out of his weapons.

"Not while I'm here!" cried a voice from nearby.

As Optimus and Megatron ran in, they looked down towards the river where a familiar face stood: Bumblebee. The brave Autobot marched towards Wildfire and with a clean shot from his cannon, blew Wildfire away. He then turned towards Megatron.

"Long time, no see, Megatron!" Bumblebee cried with not his radio, but his very own voice.

"Bumblebee! You speak!" cried Sam in amazement. "How?"

"The Allspark restored my vocal processor," said Bumblebee.

"How touching, but I have no time for games! Destiny is at hand!" declared Megatron and made another grab for the Allspark, but was punched by Optimus. Bumblebee ran forward to help his commander.

"It is payback time Megatron!" cried Bumblebee, morphing his arm into his fusion cannon and fired it at Megatron. The blast ripped through Megatron's body, burning parts of it away. Optimus leapt it and delivered a sharp kick to Megatron. Megatron stumbled away again.

"No, the Allspark will be mine!" roared Megatron and punched both Autobots. Bumblebee fell while Optimus chased Megatron. Sam grabbed Mikaela by the arm and dragged her through an alley way, out into a main street where Ratchet was watching over Jazz.

Jazz saw Megatron coming and tried to draw his sword, but sparks flew and his arm instead fell off. Megatron blew apart building as he towered over Sam and Mikaela.

"Give me the Allspark and I may spare your life!" cried Megatron.

"Fine…" said Sam, causing Mikaela to gasp out loud. As Megatron reached down to take the Allspark, Sam suddenly sprang up like a cat and shoved the Allspark into Megatron's chest, the cube glowing a fiery red. Megatron flinched and spasmed all over.

"The power is mine!" cried Megatron triumphantly. "This world will fall!"

"Not today, Megatron!" cried Optimus who walked slowly towards his enemy.

"What?!" cried Megatron.

"This war had gone on for far too long and now it shall end!" said Optimus. "I know very well darkness and evil will linger on forever, but one day, a new light will appear and bring peace to the universe once and for all…"

Optimus slowly transformed his arm into a silver sleek cannon and aimed it directly at Megatron's chest. Sam, Mikaela, Ratchet, Jazz and the approaching other fighters froze as Prime aimed at Megatron and the Allspark. Megatron was stunned and was about to attack when Optimus fired.

"Until that day when all are one!" cried Optimus as he fired.

"DIE AUTOBOT!" roared Megatron as he charged, but he was too late.

The blast fired from Optimus' cannon hit Megatron's body with the force of two hundred charging bulls. Megatron was blown backwards, smashing his way through a building. His spark exploded inwards and then exploded, fire ripping out through every hole in Megatron's body, erupting from his mouth. Megatron stumbled about and then keeled over backwards, a clawed hand reaching for Optimus as it lost power. Megatron collided with the ground and went offline, a burning hole in his chest where the Allspark too had died.

The surviving Decepticons watched from the shadows. Dazed Wildfire, hardly damaged from battle but with a shattered flamethrower, and bulky Bonecrusher, opted to flee into the unknown. They transformed into vehicle modes and raced off out of New York City. Scorponok remained at the side of his dead master, until human police officers began to approach. The mechanical scorpion dug underground with what strength it had left. As the Autobots gathered, they heard the sound of a jet booster and Starscream soared overhead and out of sight.

Optimus knelt down before Megatron's burning corpse and extracted a single piece of the Allspark from Megatron's chest. He held it in his palm, closing his fingers around it in a tight grip.

"You left me no choice, Megatron," said Optimus sadly, turning away from the body.

Ironhide and Wheeljack had arrived on the scene, Ironhide being rather astonished at the presence of a dead Megatron. Lennox and his team arrived as well. Optimus approached Jazz who was barely moving, with half of his body missing. Jazz's visor was gone and his proper robotic eyes met Prime's.

"Hey, Optimus," said Jazz. "We won!"

"We did Jazz, but at the cost of your life!" said Optimus sadly. "The Allspark has been destroyed."

"Wow…that's a bummer…" said Jazz. "But like you said, light will come from darkness and bring peace to the universe. Or in other words, we'll still groove!"

"Yes, old friend, you have fought gallantly," said Optimus. "May your spark rest in peace."

"Give me some slack, Optimus," cried Jazz weakly. "You don't expect me to go down that easily?!"

"You're body has been damaged beyond repair," said Ratchet. "There's nothing we can do except possibly save your spark."

"Really, well that's a bummer…" said Jazz, sparks flying from his chest. "And least my Spark can be saved."

"Now, let the Matrix take you into its endless realm of peace, and live on in a new light," said Optimus.

With one last grin Jazz's eyes turned black, his body stopped moving and the rest of his systems shut down. The Autobots continued to do nothing as if trying to acknowledge that their comrade had just died. In respect to them, the solders, Mikaela and Sam, after being nudged by the latter, walked away to leave the Autobots alone but not before Lennox and the rest of the troops saluted Jazz. Prime stood with Jazz's corpse in his arms and turned to face the humans.

"We lost a great comrade today, but his fighting spirit will live on forever. Thank you Jazz," said Optimus. "But as a result, we gained new comrades today. We thank you, all of you, for your help in defending this planet."

"Permission to speak, Optimus," said Bumblebee.

"Permission granted, for the first time in a long time," said Optimus with a smile.

"I want to stay as Sam's guardian," said Bumblebee.

"You have my allowance," said Optimus.

"And mine," said Sam from below, Bumblebee smiling at his friend gratefully.

Two weeks on, New York had been totally rebuilt as if no robots had ever dueled there. The dead Decepticons, including Megatron's corpse, were loaded onto special Sector Seven trucks and taken to a secret warehouse somewhere in the middle of Oklahoma for later destruction. Maggie and Glen were removed of all their "crimes", something of which Glen was overjoyed about. They both became advisors to Keller. Keller himself, addressed the Washington Brass in a brief meeting.

"Very few people properly acknowledge the presence of our alien friends, and hopefully it will stay that way," said Keller. "But I suggest from now on that Sector Seven be strictly observed by government officials and all their knowledge of extraterrestrial intelligence be passed on to the Pentagon. This action has already been approved by the President himself."

"It will be deeply considered," said a military general. "But what of the corpses of the robots?"

"They are already being disposed of," continued Keller. "The airforce is dumping the corpses into the Laurentian Abyss, one of the deepest parts of our planet. We hope the decompressing air and great weight of the ocean floor will destroy what is left of the corpses. But for the body of NBE-One, we are dropping that into the crater of a volcano somewhere in the Himalayas, hoping it will melt and dissolve. We doing this just in case the aliens come with advanced ocean technology."

What Keller said was true. The corpses of the fallen Decepticons were dumped into the middle of the ocean and Megatron's form was cast away into a hidden volcano, hopefully lost for all eternity.

The US military tracked Bonecrusher and Wildfire for several days across the states but lost them when the crossed the border into Mexico. Frenzy's corpse was kept in Sector Seven for further development of Earth's technology. Interestingly, it is possible Barricade might still be alive, due to the examination of his corpse by Sector Seven officials claiming his alloy is too easily shattered. Captain Lennox returned at long last to his home in a small town called Tranquility, where he was reunited with his wife and new child, Ironhide watching over him as a guard.

Jazz was buried late at night in Central Park with the Autobots and those who helped defend the Allspark at his funeral. Mikaela split up with jerk Trent as soon as she got to school and began dating Sam, much to his and Miles' surprise. Sam also had the pleasure of introducing his parents to the Autobots, although his mother was on the floor unconscious for about two hours, but Ratchet managed to bring her around to accept the robots.

And as for Optimus Prime, he spent several nights standing out-of-sight on a lookout point, staring up at the stars.

"With the Allspark destroyed, it seems our chances for restoring Cybertron are lost…but that may not be the case. The Decepticons are vanquished for now, but I know that some still exist both on this planet and somewhere in space. We have given up much to get here, but fate seems to have given us an unexpected reward: A new world to call home until we can find a way to save our planet. And so we live among its people, hiding in plain sight. I have witnessed their courage and desire to protect their home, and much like us, there is more to them than meets the eye. I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any Transformers taking refuge among the stars: We are here…we are waiting."

It is finished. Apologies if the ending seemed rushed, but I think it nicely wraps up the conclusion. I intend on writing two sequels to match the film trilogy being produced. The whole second one is mostly planned out and I shall begin writing immediately. For Barricade fans, he will return in the sequel as I still have a role for him. Part of this chapter was written and edited by my friend, best known as Behellmorph! I thank him immensely.

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