New story! I finally got it together. It's not finished though, but I have the chapters sort of outlined and I think I know where I'm going with this. Then again, I always think I know where I'm going.

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About the story: The idea is not new, I'ts been done before, this is just my take on it. Still, I think gave it a twist of my own. I'm using a lot of flashbacks and changing third person point of views. That may be confusing. If that's so, please tell me. On the other hand, the story is meant to be confusing in the beginning. So if you're a little confused, that's good. If you're very confused, that's not good. Um, yeah. Also be advised: I do not rate this thing T for nothing..

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Vlad Masters was sitting in his extensive library, reading the newspaper. He felt content. Things were starting to work out as he had planned, finally his goal was in reach. He had struck a bargain, took a gamble and he had won. He looked briefly at the ring on his left hand. Things had turned out even better than he had hoped. He had shared a quiet dinner with his son and they had conversed pleasantly. Afterwards, Daniel had excused himself politely, saying he needed to do some work for his tutor.

He had come a long way, Vlad mused. But in the end, he had come around, seen it his way. His place was here, with his father. It had been a combination of sternness and kindness that did it. Soon, Maddie would follow. He was certain he could convince her to be with him and his son, instead of that oaf Jack Fenton. Their son. Daniel would be their son.

His contemplations were disturbed by a tiny blinking red light on the device he always kept close to him. He stared at it. It wasn't possible, there was no way he could... He jumped up and started running, out of the library, through the hall. His son was in danger, he needed to... He ran through the long hallways, up the stairs. Finally, he reached his son's room and slammed the door open.

"Daniel," he yelled and stopped at the sight of his son.

A darkness seemed to emanate from him, absorbing the light in the room. The room seemed to waver a bit, as if he were looking through a lens somehow. Fear washed over him and he stepped back, looking into the hateful red eyes. He grabbed the remote and pressed the red button, but the boy... that thing... didn't seem to feel it. Then he saw a red flash and he flung out of the room and hit the wall across the hall.

Pain spread over his body, he could smell his burnt flesh. He tried to transform but he couldn't, he felt his powers leaving him quickly. Daniel approached him, smiling evilly. He held his hands before him and blasted his left wristband. In a flash he transformed into his ghost form.

"Vlad," he said darkly and came very close, grabbing his singed, blood soaked shirt.

Then he moved back somewhat and smirked at Vlad. He took a deep breath and the ground started to shake.