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Little Kitsune
By Ka shing

I sorta thought'd be there...

Iruka found him first.

It was raining, hard. Icy rain was pummeling down mercilessly on the dark forest canopy, the sound of heavy pattering hitting against the soaked forest floor. A flash of lightening briefly lit the gleaming forest, as the sound of a large crack echoed in the sky.

As the white light flashed ones more, two silhouettes could be seen hurrying down the forest path. A distant thunder rolled by, accompanying by the faint giggles which were drowned out by the deafening rain.

"Kakashi-san…." Another faint bubble of giggles.

The two lover's footsteps could be heard splashing in the puddles down the pathway.

There was a loud splash and the silhouettes came to a halt, one of them squealing.

"Naughty Iruka-kun…" Kakashi playfully wrapped a strong arm around Iruka's waist to stop him from escaping, after having just jumped into a massive puddle and effectively drenching his trousers in muddy water.

"Sorry," Iruka giggled, still smiling.

Kakashi shifted the umbrella a little bit to cover the two of them properly, not that it was any use anyway. He was already half soaked, though, he didn't mind when Iruka jumped onto him every time a lightening struck.

"Come on, it's raining heavier," they began to walk again; Kakashi making sure that Iruka didn't have a chance to divert them into another puddle.

Iruka stopped suddenly, almost causing Kakashi to slip.

Kakashi opened his mouth until Iruka hushed him, standing still as if listening hard to the rain.


"Shh..!" Iruka whispered. "Don't you hear that?"

Kakashi listened to the rain pounding away, before shaking his head. Then he heard it. A soft, squeaking noise.

Kyuu...! Kyuu...!

He shrugged, deciding to ignore whatever it was that was stranded out in the dark forest in the middle of a storm. He started turning away before he felt Iruka's hand slip away from his grip. "Iruka…!" He yelled after his lover, worried.

Iruka stumbled into the bushes in the direction of the faint sound of squeals, ignoring Kakashi.

Kakashi immediately followed Iruka into the bushes, scrambling after his lover. "Iruka be careful!" He called out, unsure if his lover could hear him.

Finally, he managed to catch up with Iruka, finding him kneeling over something.

A soaking wet, mangled lump of brown fur, tangled in the bushes.

Kakashi stood, partially horrified as Iruka picked up the mangled looking creature and tucked it into his arms. The little bundle of sopping wet fur pawed at Iruka's jacket, making little whimpering, mewing noises. It started trying to bite at Iruka's jacket.

"Let's keep him! Please, Kakashi-kun, oh pleeease!" He begged, turning to face the now drenched Kakashi.

Kakashi opened his mouth to yell no, before Iruka ran off back to the pathway, eager to get home.

"W-wait! Iruka…! We can't keep it!!" He shouted, running after him.

Another thunderous lightening cracked in the sky as he chased Iruka all the way back to their apartment in the dark.


Iruka ran into the apartment, not even bothering to take off his shoes as he hurried in, flicking on the light. He cradled the brown creature in his arm which was now squeaking loudly at the strange and new surroundings, clawing into Iruka's arm.

"Sshhh, it's ok..." Iruka cooed, flopping onto the sofa.

Kakashi, who had followed Iruka into the apartment ran a hand through his sopping wet hair. He tossed his useless umbrella aside, kicking off his shoes.

"No, it is NOT ok!" He protested. "Off the sofa!"

Iruka pouted as he got off the sofa, shivering slightly, still clutching the little brown thing.

"Oh god, Iruka... don't give me that look..." Kakashi sighed. "It's a wild animal! For gods sakes, it's probably infected with rabies!"

"Kakashii...! It was all alone, tangled in a bush, no parents, in a storm...!"

"That's nature, live with it!" Kakashi retorted, before sighing again. "You should get changed, you're sopping wet."

Iruka bit his lip.

"Can we keep it?" After all, this was Kakashi's apartment.

"I don't think so. It's probably a stray cat... we can't..." He faltered as Iruka began to look torn. "I'll think about it..." He finally muttered.

Iruka perked up, yelling a quick thanks as he ran back to their"I room and shut the door.

Kakashi groaned. One second he was walking Iruka back to his house after a pleasant dinner, now he was sopping wet and he had just acquired a new pet. A filthy wild creature which Iruka had insisted on bringing back home.

He went to fetch a towel and started wiping the floors which were already splattered with mud.

...the things he did for love, he sighed to himself.

A few minutes later, Iruka opened the door and came bouncing back out.

"I-Iruka..." Kakashi dropped the towel on the table, wiping his silver hair back looking disappointed. "You... You took a shower already?"

"Yep! I cleaned this little fox up as well," Iruka grinned.

Kakashi's lower lip wobbled slightly. He had been sooo looking forward to having a shower with his little Iruka... wait... did he just say fox?!

"Iruka!" Kakashi followed Iruka into the kitchen. "NO FOXES!"





"But it's so kawaiieee!" Iruka squealed, lifting the fox up and thrusting it into Kakashi's face.

Kakashi stood back quickly, looking pale as he stared at the wild fox.

Before, it had been a muddy brown wet lump of fur. Now that it had been cleaned up... well, it was better. Bright orange fur stuck up all over the fox, who shook himself dry a bit and gave a cute little whimper. It blinked it's large blue eyes up at Kakashi, flicking it's tail.


"We can give it a name!"


"It can be our little baby," Iruka continued, snuggling the fox. He opened the fridge to get milk.

"Iruka...!" Kakashi stepped forward and closed the fridge, making Iruka turn to face him. "Listen. It's wild. It... can't stay here. No one is going to have time to look after him! Who's going to play with him, or make sure he's ok when we're at work, huh?"

Iruka looked down feebly, biting his lip and clutching onto the fox.

"If anyone found out we kept a fox like this, we'd be fined for animal cruelty."

"But Kakashi..." Iruka lifted the fox up to his face and snuggled noses with it. "I love it...!"

Kakashi melted. Great. Now he had someone to compete with for Iruka's love. This was what he had been dreading...

"Fine," Iruka suddenly said, putting the fox down onto the table. It looked so tiny and baby that it flopped about helplessly, staring at the two strange humans. "Fine. I'll put it back where I found it tomorrow. Happy now?" He huffed.

Kakashi hesitated. "Yes..."

Iruka folded his arms.

The baby little fox rolled onto it's back, stretching out its dark paws before scratching his blackened ears. It yawned, showing it's little pink tongue, yipping a bit as silence filled the kitchen. It's fluffy tail waved around a bit, curiously.

"So..." Kakashi scratched his head, trying to ignore the cute little fox. God, think of all the germs it's leaving on the kitchen table...!

No. Just ignore it... it'll soon be gone...

"Want to go to bed?" Behind his head, he secretly crossed his fingers. Forget the fox. Please, please, please, this has been our tenth date and we still haven't tried anything from Icha Icha paradise yet!

"No thanks, I think I'll stay on the couch," Iruka paused somewhat coldly, turning to the fox. "Who's a cutie cutie!" He cooed, wrapping his arms around the orange fox affectionately.

Kakashi's eye widened as he stared at Iruka who had somehow, somewhere alongst the lines, transferred all his love to the fox.


"Alright! Alright, we'll keep the damn thing..." He finally said, breaking in.

"YES! Thank you Kakashi-kun!" Iruka flung his arms around the taller, silver haired man and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, smiling.

Kakashi inwardly groaned. No Icha Icha...

"We could always ask Sasuke to look after it," Iruka suddenly said, picking the fox up. The little fox suddenly hissed as it heard Sasuke's name, reacting to the sharp 'S' noise it made. "Do you think he'd mind?" Iruka wondered out loud.

Suddenly, the sound of jangling keys could be heard at the front door.

"Sasuke's home," Kakashi mumbled, still upset over the fox issue. "...we can ask him now I suppose," He sighed.

The fox's bright orange hair stood up on end as it heard Sasuke's sharp name again, giving a little yip.

The door opened and Sasuke strode in, kicking the door shut behind him moodily. The fox jumped in Iruka's arms, startled.

"Hello Sasuke!" Iruka said cheerfully, as the fox buried himself into his arms shivering slightly.

Sasuke used his heels to remove his shoes, glaring quietly at Iruka. His black eyes flickered down to the orange bundle of fur in Iruka's arms.

Slowly, two blue eyes peeked up meekly at Sasuke, and whimpered.


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