He had half the mind to storm into Kakashi's office.

And personally punish the silver haired bastard.

Currently, he was halfway deciding which murder weapon to use. A dough roller? Or better yet, a pen to stab millions of holes into him; a favourite of his fantasy torturing the idiot of a man Iruka.

The fact that he was storming around the house angrily, scowling and throwing things about, only seemed to confuse the blonde fox boy who frowned at him with curious blue eyes.

Despite having thrown a pillow out the window, the fox boy followed Sasuke around the house.

As if it was somewhat amused, and fascinated with the raven haired boy.

Sasuke spun around, holding his bag in his hand, halfway shoving books into his bag.

He glared heatedly at the fox boy.

"Stop following me!"

Turning around and stomping down the staircase, he could still feel the fox boy follow his footsteps.

Even when he was tying his shoe laces, he could feel the curious fox boy bend down a bit to sniff his hair, blink his large blue eyes, and swish his orange tail side to side.

Sasuke gritted his teeth, as the fox boy plopped himself next to him and picked up a shoe.

He imitated Sasuke by putting the shoe on, although couldn't figure out the shoelaces.

Sighing with frustration, Sasuke got up and opened the door. Fortunately, he didn't try to slam the door, but it shut so quickly that by the time the fox stumbled to his feet, it locked.

Sasuke made a face when he heard immediate whimpering and clawing at the door.

The fox was obviously scrabbling at the door handle.

Then it stopped.

Frowning a bit, Sasuke reached forward to open the door before...

...the blonde fox boy collided into him, glomping his arms promptly around his waist and nuzzling his shirt.

It blinked up at him with blue eyes, smiling proudly.

It had gotten out the window.

Sasuke pushed the boy off as best as he could and set off down the road. He knew he couldn't possibly storm into Kakashi's office at the Anbu headquarters (no matter how attractive the idea was to him at the moment).

He sighed.

He supposed he would have to take the fox boy to the academy with him.

It would probably have to sit by the side, hopefully causing no harm, whilst he trained with his team mates.

"Now, you stay here."

Fox blinked.

Sasuke turned and began to walk into the training grounds, but heard the fox padding after him. He spun around.

"Stop. Wait. SIT!" He almost yelled in frustration, pointing at the tree trunk. "You. Stay. Here."

The fox's ears twitched, then drooped slightly, his orange tail lingering between those legs. Blue eyes looked confused, and longingly at him. It backed up against the tree trunk again reluctantly.

Sasuke turned again and began to walk.

The fox followed, yet again.

"Damn it!" Sasuke cursed, mostly to himself.

Those blue eyes wobbled slightly before the fox boy threw himself at Sasuke, holding onto his dark shirt, licking and nipping gently at everything it could reach, including his hand.

Sasuke was about to throw the boy off before his team mate came into view.

"Sasuke, you alrigh--..."

Kiba's eyes widened and stared, then snorted, trying to hold back a giggle.

"It's not what you think," Sasuke growled, pulling himself away from the fox boy. "Let go of me!"

The blue eyes wobbled again, and the fox whimpered, letting go and dropping to the floor disappointed. It's tail flumped on the ground, his ears drooping as he stared after Sasuke.

"Kakashi dumped me with a fox last night," Sasuke muttered, brushing his shirt. "Turned into a bloody boy,"

Kiba almost giggled again, then frowned.

"You turned it human? I didn't know you could do that," Kiba smacked him on the back, grinning.

"I didn't!" Sasuke shot, crossing his arms. The fox cowered. "It just turned over night. Why, know anything about this?"

Kiba twitched his nose thoughtfully.

"Well... I've used jutsu's to transform Akamaru but you need to do handseals..." He glanced at the fox. "Although even then... Akamaru never keeps his tail or his ears."

Fascinated, Kiba bounced next to the fox boy and crouched down next to him.

"You know, he could be something special! Like a mutate jutsu, maybe it's permanant, who knows... This fox thing could be a really powerful sidekick if you trained him good!"

Kiba reached out and touched the tail to see if it was real.

"Don't be stupid Kiba," Sasuke muttered.

At first, the fox boy scowled, flattening his ears and lowering his tail. It sniffed at Kiba's face, twitching undecidedly. Then, glancing back and forth between Sasuke and Kiba, he bit the boy's arm touching his tail.

"Fack!" Kiba yelped, jerking his arm away. "He bloody bit me!"

Now it was Sasuke's turn to smirk a bit.

Kiba was jumping around crying over the bite marks whilst the blonde fox boy had wrapped around Sasuke's leg, looking quite smug and satisfied, tail swishing happily around his feet.

Maybe it wasn't that bad to keep him after all, he contemplated.

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