Summary: Unfortunatley for Sasuke, When you've been drinking with your homies (ha ha) Inner Sakura just seems so much WISER!

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'But Kakashi-senseiii, Im not even -hic- tired yeeet!' Sakura whined.

The low rumble of naruto's stomach could be heard. But was ignored.

'Hey, any of you guys fancy getting some ramen?'

'MEEE!' Sakura sang.

'Sakura?? You want Ramen?!' Naruto stared in disbelief.

'..oh… no.' She said Lazily.

Sasuke rolled his eyes.

'Sasuke, walk Sakura home she can't go on her own.' Kakashi spoke up from his perverted book of wonders. (A/n Icha Icha paradise if you didn't get that. :)

'Yea man, she's pissed out of her head!' Naruto yelled tactlessly.

Sakura stared at him cluelessly.


'Yes. You.' Sasuke said dryly.

Inner Sakura: Couldn't have been.

Then who stoled the cookie from the cookie jar!' Sakura Sang proudly.


Inner Sakura: Drunk .. me..?

'Pfft... AM NOT!'

Sakura sat down on her stool and crossed her arms against her chest defiantly.

Before slowly toppling off it again.

Sweat dropped as the three stared at the girl giggling stupidly to herself on the floor.

'Sakura get up. Sasuke is going to walk you home.'

Sasuke glared at Kakashi.

Who conveniently became very interested in the next page of his Icha Icha paradise book. (A/n: Like he hasn't read it all a million times before.)

'Be a MAN Uchiha!' taunted Naruto slapping him hard on the back.

Sasuke groaned.

'Sasuke is walking me home?' (A/n and cue chibi!) Sakura said with watery hopeful eyes and biting her bottom lip like a child.

Inner Sakura: Alright!!! Sasuke's gonna walk us home!!

'Yea he is. Right Sasuke?' Kakashi said carefully avoiding eye contact.


Freakin' Great. he thought to himself.

Inner Sakura: hell yea! Sasuke's our bitch!

Sakura happily pulled herself to her feet.

'WEEEE! Lets go Sasuke-kuuuuun!'

She started towards Sasuke before promptly tripping over her own feet.

She landed straight in Sasuke's arms.

She giggled childishly, and looked up into his eyes, dazed a little.

A faint blush rose to Sasuke's cheeks as he stared down at her.

Her lips were tainted red from all the cocktails she had drank.

Shit. This is gonna be a long night.

'Er, you ok?' he asked.

She regained her balanced and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

He looked at her quizically.

She sighed looking at him sympathetically.

'Sasuke...' She whispered.glancing around to check no one was eaves dropping. 'I think you're a bit drunk.'

He rolled his eyes.

'Don't worry! I really don't think the others have noticed.' She rambled on. 'If you leave now. You may be able to get away with it.'

Before he realized what was happening he was being dragged towards the door.

He shot a desperate look towards Naruto and Kakashi.

Kakashi simply Smirked and went back to looking at his Icha Icha paradise book.

Shame I'm gonna miss all the action.

'Good luck temeeee!' Naruto yelled at the couple.



When they were out of veiw from Kakashi and Naruto Sakura turned to Sasuke whacking him playfully on the arm.

Ok that's gonna bruise.

'You're IT!' She yelled before running off into a nearby pub.

Sasuke followed her reluctantly.

This girl is hard work.

Once inside Sasuke became increasingly uneasy at the amount of strong and wrestler-like men he saw inside.

He glanced around in search for Sakura and immediatley spotted her brght pink hair harassing a butch man at the bar.

This girl's gonna get herself killed.

'.. I like clay. It's Mushy. but I'll tell you want i don't like, STARFISH! PAH! STARFISH! they don't even have BRAINS!'

The butch man unsure of what to say to her, simply offered to by her a beer.

At that Sakura beamed.

That's my cue. Thought Sasuke as he swooped in.

'I think you've had enough.' He said as he slid his arms round her waist and lifted her from her stool.

'Noooooooooo!' she yelped as she clung onto the bar counter, clawing at it desperatley.

'Sakura like beer. Beer foamy!' She yelled as he dragged her out the bar.

Sasuke set her down outside and the drunken kunoichi seemed to forget all about her need for alcohol.

He watched her as she spun around in the moonlight. He let his thoughts wander to how pretty she looked.

Keep your mind on the task man.

He watched as her skirt rose up a little in the wind. A faint blush tinged his cheeks.

realising this was going to be more of a challenge than first anticipated. He was fighting the temptation to just let her go it alone. (Tsk Tsk. BAD SASUKE-KUN)

'Hey, errrr, You know your way?' He asked.

'I surely do!' She said wandering of in a vague direction.

Obviously not.

He aimed her down a path in the right direction, but Sakura appeared to want to take her time.

Sasuke stood impatiently as Sakura danced around smelling all the flowers. (A/n: Do flowers come out at night? Any florists in here? SPEAK UP PEOPLE!)

'Sakura. Lets. Go' He said anxious to get this over with.

'LOOK SASUKE!' She waved a flower in his face.

Her eyes followed the flower as she waved it back and forwards in front of his eyes.

Her vision became dizzy and she stumbled forward.

Sasuke immediately steadied her.

'Smell it Sasuke kun!'

'Hn. I don't like flowers.'

'No of course you don't Mr grumpy kins!' She said pinching his cheeks.

He grabbed her wrist tightly.

'Don't ever. Do. that. Again.' He said warningly. The Uchiha death glare threatening to pierce a whole in her head.

She beamed.

'OH SASUKE-KUN! If you WANTED to hold hands you should have SAID so!!!'

She grabbed his hand and stomped off dragging him behind her with that monsterous strength of hers.

Sasuke groaned.

Hn. At least we're moving now.

Sakura continued skipping along the path singing rather loudly. (and out of tune)

'Sasuke- kun's my boyfriend, he likes it when we hold HAAAANDS!' She screeched and Sasuke winced.

Oh good god.

She slurred the next few lines unable to get the words out. (A/n: Due to her current state of drunkeness. oh the fun i can have! -evil grin-)

'Shut up Sakura.'

'Oh riiiight, Sorry Sasuke kun! Does holding my hand make it too hard to pull off the tough-brooding-avenger image you try SO hard to maintain?'


'I understand compleeeeetley.' She dropped his hand and stomped off in a huff.

He sighed in relief and continued walking while he waiting for the feeling to return to his hands.

He clenched and unclenched it as the numbness faded.

She really doesn't realise how strong she is. He thought whilst staring down at his pinkish hand.

When he bumped into something.

He looked up and there was Sakura staring up at the tree in front of them in disbelief.

'OMFG! LOOK!' She screamed pointing at the tree.

'A POSSUM!' she screamed at the top of her lungs running towards the tree arms outstretched in front of her.

Earning herself a fair amount of odd looks from passers by.

'Oh no wait... it's just a squirrel.' she said disappointed.

'Damn, Thats was so close to.' Sasuke said sarcastically.

She spun around and glared at him.

'Kiss now.' She demanded.

'WHAT?!?!' He stared at her in disbelief.

Is this girl on crack?!

Sakura pouted.

Hmmm. Why isn't he kissing me?

Inner Sakura: Don't ASK for the kiss, stupid! Just go get it yourself!!!!!!

Oh YEA! You're so WISE inner mee!

Inner Sakura: Yeah yeah... Just go get me some Sasuke-Kun!

She shrugged happily, before shoving him up against a tree and forcing her lips upon his.

To be continued...

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