Summary: Sakura has to face the consequences of her night on the town, and is forced to do so without any underwear.

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She held her breath as his ebony black spikes appeared from behind the door and Sakura heard the gentle click as he closed it behind him.

His coldness seemed to fill the room, Sakura opened her mouth to speak but thought better of it.

'Here' He said bluntly, chucking a pile of clothes in her direction.

His all too familiar outfit hit her in the face.

'mmmph' she mumbled out from behind one of his t-shirts.

Inner Sakura: mmm Smells goo-ood.

Sakura hurredly pulled the clothes off her head.

'err.. thanks-'

She was cut off by the sound of the door shutting behind him.

'nyaaah! He's gone.' She whined.

She pouted down at the clothes in her lap.

-Sigh- I am so not looking forward to this.

She tugged on his t-shirt, and it instantly drowned her delicate frame, falling around her knees.

She blushed furiously as she saw a pair of Sasuke's boxers lying on top of his trousers.

'he can't seriously be expecting me to wear his boxers.'

Inner Sakura: -Grinning- Chop Chop! Hop two! Move it Move it!

She pulled them up over her legs but they immediatley feel down again.

Kicking them off her ankles she decided to go comando.

Once she was done getting changed she stared down at herself.

' I look utterly riddiculous' she giggled.

She wrapped her arms around herself and breathed in his aroma.

Inner Sakura: What are high on Sasuke fumes? We've got the REAL THING downstairs!

Sakura was dumped back to earth.

oh right yeah.

She reluctantly headed for the door.

Here goes everything.

Sasuke sat slumped over his dining table.

Head pounding into his hands.

He groaned as he tried to shake the memory of last night from his mind.

Vivid flashbacks of himself, sliding lace panties down Sakura's pale thigh shot into view and he sunk down further into his chair.

Geez those last two shots were real clever Uchiha.

Sakura hitched up her trousers as she creeped down the stairs, she placed a hand on the the side of the door as she peered into the kitchen.

Her eyes fell on Sasuke.

She took a deep breath in and started towards him, but her foot caught in the bottom of her trousers and she buckled forward.

Staggering not so gracefully into to Sasuke's line of vision.

Sasukes eyes shot up as a heavy footed Sakura burst into the Kitchen.

She steadied herself and blushed deeply.

well, that was a smooth entrace.

Inner Sakura: Goodbye shreds of dignity.

Sasuke smirked and lent back in his chair.

Ugh. He's so smug.


Sakura willed her legs to move, but they rooted her to the spot.

She averted her eyes from his as she felt him locking onto her.

'... Morning' She replied timidly.

He began to stand up but instantly winced at the pain in his head.

A worried look flashed across her face as he collapsed back into his chair again.

' err... You ok?' she attempted to act nonchalant.

He groaned heavily and she took a seat next to him.

' Don't worry Sasuke-kun,' She cringed as the suffix slipped from her lips. 'You're just a bit hungover.'

He glared at her.

'I don't get hungover, Sakura.'

Now it was her turn to act smug.

'Right. Of course not.' She smirked as she took a seat next to him.

Her legs brushed his under the table and she jumped up.

Sasukes eyes followed her as he watched his clothes glide past her curves as she darted out of her chair.

The site of the Uchiha fan on her back seemed strangely suiting.

She cleared her throat in a desperate attempt to sound unphased.

'H-how about I make breakfast for you? That will make you feel better.'

Taking care of Sasuke, Thats what she did best.

Inner Sakura: Go for it Sakura, The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach!

I was being polite.

Inner Sakura: in a 'wink wink nudge nudge' kind of way though right?

... Shut up.

Sakura scowled as the voice in her head seemed to have an alterior motive for everything.

She prayed Sasuke didn't think she was just making excuses to stick around.

'I mean, It's the least I can do.. As you let me spend the night...' she blushed furiously.

Oh great. Bring it up again. Imbecile.


He indicated to the pans on the side.

Sakura mentally kicked herself for not jumping out the window when she had the chance.

What were a few broken limbs compared to this unbearable tension.

She shuffled over to his fridge and tugged open the door, staring inside at his empty shelves, with a few cherry tomato's situated on the middle shelf.

She looked over at him in disbelief.

His head was still buried in his arms and she rolled her eyes.

Grabbing the tomatoes she returned to the table and plonked them in front of him.

He lifted his head up from the table and looked up at her.

'are you kidding me?' she asked.

He can't seriously only have tomato's in his house.

He shrugged and popped one in his mouth.

And small hint of contentment washed over his face and he reached for another.

She sighed.

Now what.

She didn't want to stick around and cause anymore un-necessary un-easiness between the two of them.

She searched her mind for excuses to leave.

'...err Maybe I should head back, I was suppo-'

'I think there's a pancake mix in the cupboard.' He interrupted.

He wasn't quite sure why, It had just slipped out. He could have just kept his mouth shut and he could forget all about the previous night.

But something in the back of his mind wasn't ready for her to leave yet.

She followed his eyes and and spotted the cupboard above her.

She tiptoed to reach the handle and surely enough inside lay one lone packet of pancake mix.

Bleurgh. Pancake mix.

For some reason she expected more from him, how hard is it to put a bit of flour and egg in a bowl?

But then again this is Sasuke.

Sasuke watched as she stretched for the Box, his top rode up on her, revealing a small portion of her back.

She strained further, determined.

Urgh. This is discrimination against short people.

She was ready for one last effort when an arm came from behind her and grabbed the box from her reach.

She spun around and came face to face with Sasukes chest.

her eyes slowly wandered up and his empty black pupils bore down on her.

He thrust the pancake mix into her hands.

'Hn. there.'

' T-thanks' she breathed.

She stared at the back of the packet as she tried to focus on the instructions.

Sasuke picked up on the flustered look on her face.

It didn't take einstein to realise she couldn't handle being in such a close proximity to him,

..not after last night anyway.

A thought as such, worried him a little.

He was fully aware of Sakura's instict to avoid awkward situations, even if she was oblivious to them most of the time.

But it was the idea that soon she may be avoiding him that made him feel rather...uncomfortable.

But it was interesting to say the least, that one night in his bed and he was already having this affect on her.

Smirking, he backed up.

This could be interesting.

15 minutes later...

Music was blaring in Sasukes Kitchen as Sakura turned up the volume.

He winced.

'Geez Sakura.'

'This song is soo goood!'

He scowled as an irritating female voice echoed in his head.

She flipped her pancakes like a pro, to the girly pop tune and Sasuke watched as she shimmied around in his baggy clothes.

Sakura could feel him watching her.

Waaah Im doing everything like on the cooking channel, but it's not woorking!

She sulked into her powdery pancake batter.

Just add water my ass.

'Need a hand?' Sasuke's smug voice came from over her shoulder.

She jumped and tried to act like se was doing something complicated.

But there was nothing left to do except serve her miserable excuse for a pancake.

She shifted to try and hide her creation from his view.

Peering over her shoulder he let out a taunting laugh.

He reached out to poke the folded mess but she slapped his hand away.

'hey! don't knock it till you've tried it!'

'Oh, no way am I putting that thing, in my mouth,' he teased.

Her eyes narrowed.


She pursed her lips and jabbed the pancake with a fork until it clung to the end in a jumbled heap.

Sasuke immediatley darted out the way.

'Oh don't even try to run. Eat it!' She cried running after him, pancake hanging dangerously on the end of her fork.

'Wha- Geez Sakura. Be reasonable. Would you eat that?' he jumped as she clambered over his dining chairs to get to him.

She stopped in her tracks in a huff.

'Fine.' She said huffily.

She dumped it on a plate in front of her, Sat down elegantly and picked up her cutlery.

Sasuke still kept his distance, wary that this still maybe some kind of ruse to get the half over cooked, half under cooked 'pancake' into his stomach.

He watched bemused as she adamantly cut herself a slice.

Heh. Rather her than me.

Sakura was beginning to realise what her stubborness had got her into, as she drew her slice of pancake to her lips.

The site of it, if possible was looking even less appetising than it did at the start.

She forced a smile as she let the awful taste sit on her tongue.

'mmph it's so goodph' She mumbled through a mouthful of sticky powdery gloop, that didn't seem to like being chewed.

As much as Sasuke thought he would enjoy the site of Sakura choking on her own 'delicacy' he found himself becoming increasingly distracted by her shiny, petite lower lip.

They glistened as she brought another peice to her mouth, like two flower petals they enclosed themselves around her fork once again.

The soft smooth surface, he remembered the feeling of her soft lips on his as he touched her hair and they tumbled onto the bed.

They sparkled in the light and they seemed to be getting closer... and... closer-

'You're turn Sasuke-kun!'

He snapped back to reality, and realised she was within an inch from his face,

'Here comes the Aeroplane!' She chirped with a malicious grin on her face.

Before he could react a huge spoonful of pancake came hurtleing towards him and shoved it's way into his mouth.

A taste like no other filled his sensitive taste buds, it was as though he was eating a mixture of something he has left out in the sun for a while with a bit of sugar to mask the flavour.

The powder tickled his throat.

He shoved her out the way and began lapping up water from the sink uncontrollably.

He through a glare in her direction as her giggles filled the air.

'Oh you're such a child Sasuke-kun!'

'Hn. You can talk.'


(Insert childish behaviour from previous evening here) A/n Heh laziness...

-End Flashback-

An awkward Silence fell over the two as Sakura recalled the painful embarassment of the previous evening.

Sasuke watched her inquisitively as she seemed to be using every fibre of her being not to have a mental break down right there in his kitchen.

He sighed exasperatley.

Sakura finally plucked up the courage to clear the air.

'Uhm.. Sasuke-kun?'

He looked over at her.



Her nervousness was painful to look at.

'Sorry.. you know about the whole...' She broke of in a trail of nervous laughter.

'Getting drunk and throwing yourself at me?'

Ah. I love to aggrivate her.

It wasn't that he liked her or anything.

He simply couldn't stand the way she was looking at him.

So he decided to put a stop to it.

The only way he knew how...

Her eye twitched.

He watched as the anger built up inside her.

It was, In a word... Sexy.

' I did NOT throw myself at you!'

He smirked.

'Too bad.' He remarked.

It was then that he decided he didn't need to justify his actions.

He sauntered over to her and rested his arms on the counter either side of her.

His eye locked on hers and he held her gaze.

'I kinda liked it.'

Her eyes grew wide as his lips collided with hers.

He pushed his chest to hers and she felt his hands wind themselves around her waist, Eyes fluttering shut and she finally got over the shock of it all.

She leaned into him as he pulled her into him, tilting her head back he slipped his tongue into hers.

She felt hot as a tingle climbed up her kneck...She wasn't ready for this.

I'm supposed to be the sensible one!

But her hands betrayed her as they slid up behind his kneck and tangled themselves in his hair.

He couldn't take it anymore, he needed her.

Her heart beat raced against his chest and he slid a hand inside the shirt she was wearing.

He her cloth like skin invited him, their kiss grew more intese.

Memorising every curve as he moved his hand past her hips to her waist.

'You're beautiful,' he breathed as her stomach filled with butterflies. '...Even when your off your face.' He smirked into her lips.

She cringed suddenly becoming very aware of the fact she wasn't wearing any underwear.

Though as it turned out.

Underwear would have only been a nuisance to them anyway.

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