In a cave a short distance away from Iwagakure, a Rain Shinobi is holding a man hostage.

"It will only be a matter of time before the treasure is in my possession. And to think that the Tsuchikage would be foolish enough to send his father to negotiate a treaty with Amegakure. If I fail to get the treasure, I can kill you and use Iwagakure's forces to destroy my rivals back home so that I can take over the village once the two forces have exhausted themselves."

"If you think that holding me hostage will get you what you want, you're the big fool." The older man laughed. "Our lives have been forfeited the moment you took me hostage."

The Shinobi laughed at the threat. "I doubt your son and daughter would accept that, Kagami."

The Shinobi looked out of the cave and spots the Tsuchikage and his sister arriving at the cave entrance.

"I see that you have valued your father's life more than your village," said the Shinobi. "Hand me the treasure and your father will be returned without a scratch."

Keiko looked at her brother as Hachi remained calm. "No," he answered.

Keiko wakes up in a cold sweat as she rests under a tree. She had been waiting for her 'opponent' at her current location since dawn.

"I must have fallen asleep while I was waiting." She puts her hand on her forehead. "Brother, are you going to sacrifice me like you did with Father?"

Naruto G2 Vol. 2: The Dragon of Konoha

Chapter 10: The Metal Tiger of Iwagakure

A Team PikaFlash Fanfic, working on Fanfics for 10 Years

Disclaimers: All character(s) and series belong to their respective owner(s)...

Inoryou arrives at his pre-destined location, thanks to the Time-Space Jutsu trap he triggered. Inoryou finds himself in a clearing within a forest. Waiting under a tree is Keiko. Inoryou is not surprised at the turn of events. "You were in on whatever plan your brother made, Keiko," said Inoryou.

"If its any consolation, I only found out what I was suppose to do last night, so I have no clue what is going on," said Keiko. "But I do have orders to follow and that order is for me to test your strength. The same goes for my other teammates."

Inoryou pulls out his Tessen from his weapons pouch, feeling slightly assured that the Tsuchikage has no ill intentions against his fellow Shinobis. "And I assume that you are the Fourth Guardian of Iwagakure?"

Keiko crossed her arms. "I must warn you. While I may be the newest member of the Four Guardians of Iwagakure, that doesn't mean that I'm an easy opponent."

Inoryou opened his fan. "I don't expect you to. All I ask is for you to fight me as though you are fighting Chidori Uchiha."

"Inoryou Nara is one of your best friends. Am I correct?" Hachi asks.

Chi scoffs at the suggestion. "If you mean we had our fair share of arguments and fights, yeah, he's my best buddy."

"Whatever it is, his opponent is the 'Metal Tiger of Iwagakure', the newest member of the Four Guardians. But you know her as Keiko Kagami, my sister."

Chi mood changed from annoyance to surprise. "Why is she fighting?"

"Before I became the Tsuchikage, I was the founding member of the Four Guardians of Iwagakure. That spot became vacant when I was elected to my current position. Keiko volunteered to replace me, but she needed to be at least a Chunin to be able to take my place, which was why she participated in the Exams. Despite her loss to you, she was promoted and you happen to catch my interests."

"You waited half a year to do this to me? What kind of crazy reason do you have for doing this?" Chi asked.

"If I called you over just after the Chunin exams, you would be too exhausted for this, and it would be better in the long term if you have sufficiently recovered from that event. But don't worry about it." Hachi said. "For now, believe in your friend."

'If my memory serves me, Keiko has the ability to replicate weapons. I'll have to plan my moves carefully for a counterattack.'

Keiko pulls out two Shurikens with each hand. She throws the Shurikens at Inoryou. Inoryou quickly evaded the projectiles and noticed a small sparkle following one of the Shurikens. Suddenly, the Shurikens made a U-turn, flying towards Inoryou. Inoryou recognized the projectiles. The very same weapons that Chi used against him during their match more than half a year ago.

'She's using Chidori's Yo-yo Shurikens.' Inoryou pulls out his Tessen from his weapons pouch. He opens the fan and deflects the Shurikens, at the same time, using the fan to cut the wires that were attached to the Shurikens.

"I may not be as smart as my sister, but I can tell that you're using Chidori's failed strategy against me."

Keiko's face remained stoic. "Yeah, so?" Keiko suddenly pulls out a pair of trench knives. "I saw how your sister fought with these."

Inoryou closed the fan. "You may have replicated the weapon, do you know how to use it?"

Keiko charged towards Inoryou. Sensing the danger, Inoryou quickly ducked under Keiko's blades. Inoryou rolled on the ground away from Keiko and faced her.

Inoryou noticed that Keiko is holding bits of his hair in one hand. In her other hand, the Trench Knife are engulfed in Wind-Based Chakra, extending the range of the blade using the Wind-Chakra. "Like I told Chi before, I got a basic feel on how to use these weapons."

'She figured out the secret of that weapon.' Inoryou grits his teeth. 'Sensei never told Sis how the weapon works and she only saw how Sis used the weapon once and she quickly figured out how to use it.'

Before Keiko and Inoryou could make their next move, a large wave of sand and a flying blur is moving towards the battlefield, forcing the two Shinobis to jump out of the way. A trail of smoke and explosions follow the two blurs.

Sion is riding on the sand wave, using her puppet Kagerou as a platform to stand on.

Flying towards Sion is Daiki riding a Clay Hawk. Daiki pulls out a few clay Kunais and threw them at Sion. "NendoKunaiGo!" (Clay Kunai Five) A flying wall of sand blocked the Kunais as they exploded, protecting Sion from the explosion.

"I'm not that easy to handle!" Sion's other puppet, Kuroneko stood next to Sion and opened its mask. "Kuroneko Hiki: Ryuujin no Eikoudan!" (Black Cat Secret Technique: Dragon God's Flare Bomb)

Kuroneko fires a burst of fireballs at Daiki. Daiki managed to evade the flames. In the midst of the battle, Daiki could hear Sorato's voice through his hidden earpiece.

Sorato: "Daiki! Where the hell are you? I thought your fight was over. Why do I still hear explosions?"

"Sorry, Doctor. I got a bit distracted because I was being a nice host to a good friend of mine."

Sorato: "Well, don't destroy the landscape while you're at it. If you level another mountain, Hachi will cut the funding to your department."

"Yeah, yeah. I know."

Inoryou and Keiko watched as the trail of destruction is disappearing over the horizon.

"Okay. What the hell was that about?" asked Inoryou.

"Daiki's penchant for destruction," Keiko answered.

Inoryou spots the trail of sand among the destruction. 'Sion's here as well. What the hell is going on?'

"Well, we should return to our battle." Keiko proceeds to attack Inoryou with her Trench Knives. As Inoryou figures his next move, he calmly recalls his training with his team and their second sensei.


Riku is calmly sitting on a rock as Inoryou, Shikami and Chohi walked to a clearing to meet their new sensei.

"I heard that your Sensei is a bit too 'active' for you to keep up with, so I was asked by the Hokage to be your second sensei to keep you up to speed."

"You're our replacement sensei?" asked Chohi.

"Not exactly. I'm the second Sensei of the team. Miyabi is the Sensei who focuses on the physical aspect of the team. I will handle the Mental aspect of the team. I think the best way for me to start things off is to figure how which kinds of weapons suit you."

Riku jumped off the rock and pulls out a few weapons scrolls.

"Sensei, what does weapons have to do with the Mentality?" asked Inoryou.

"To put it simply," Riku said. "If you get the right flow with the right weapons, you can use your weapon as an extension of your body without second thought."

Riku gave Chohi a weapons scroll. "Chohi, I heard that you trained with a Bo staff. But I think this will add a bit of punch in your style."

Riku passed Shikami a pair of Trench Knives. "Shikami, your father told me that this weapon would suit you well."

When Riku walked to Inoryou, but Inoryou refused to accept any weapon from Riku. "Sorry, but I got my own weapon." He pulls out his Tessen and fans himself with it. "It's called 'Kuukikiri' (Air Cutter), if you are wondering, Sensei."

'So that's what happened to your old fan, Haruka.' Riku smirked. "Nice fan, but do you know how to use it?"

Inoryou swings the Tessen at Riku, but Riku simply caught the fan without batting an eyelid. "Like an amateur, as I thought. But if you are willing, I can teach you how to properly use it as a weapon."

Inoryou calmly accepted Riku's offer and nods. "Then, teach me."

Over time, Inoryou had completed his training with his weapon as Riku watched.

"On average, four out of six Tessen users would utilize Wind-Based Jutsus," Riku explained. "But then again, you're not the average user."

Inoryou looks at his sensei. "What about the other two out of six, Sensei?"

Riku grinned. "One would simply use the Tessen as a weapon with no gimmicks. The last one would use the Tessen in ways even I couldn't dream of. And I believe you fit in the last one out of the six."

[End Flashback]

Inoryou ducks under the Trench Knives and does a sweep kick at Keiko, tripping her up. Keiko reacts by landing her hand on the ground and performs a back flip, landing on her feet. Inoryou instantly flings his Tessen at Keiko, forcing her to block the flying weapon with her Trench Knives. The flying Tessen returns to Inoryou's hand.

"Think you can block this next one? ChiruHanabira!" (Scattered Petals!) Inoryou flings his fan, this time, a trail of sakura petals follow Inoryou's Tessen. Keiko quickly dodged the fan as it flies around in a circle in an attempt to strike her before returning to Inoryou.

"I've mastered the art of using my fan to the point that I can move it in any direction I want to once I throw it before it returns to me."

Keiko is skeptical. "And what did that last move prove? Only an amateur would try to confuse his opponent using those petals."

"Clearly, you've never faced my father or sister in battle before. Look on the ground." Keiko noticed that she is within a circular formation of petals, with Inoryou standing a safe distance away.

"Hidden under the petals are some explosive tags placed in a unique formation," Inoryou explains. "And I believe this is when I say 'Checkmate'." Inoryou closed his fan, engulfing Keiko in a huge explosion.

As the smoke clears, Keiko has dropped her Trench Knives and is holding her paper charms. "I'm not the only one who has improved in the past six months. I've also improved in focusing my Chakra in my paper charms to better protect me from Fire-Based Jutsus."

Inoryou prepares himself for the next part of the battle. 'I guess it was too early to say I won.'

Inoryou throws three Kunais at Shikami. Keiko retaliates by throwing one of the paper charms at the Kunais. The paper charm wrapped itself around the flying Kunais, rendering the three Kunais useless.

"I've learnt the use of Paper-Jutsus from a friend," Keiko explains. "Plus I added a bit of a seal on them so that they can absorb any Chakra based attacks if necessary."

'I guess I should end this right now.' Inoryou forms a hand seal, one that is completely different from the usual Mind-based Jutsus he had learned before. He charged towards Keiko. Keiko launched a few paper projectiles at Inoryou, but he quickly dodged it.

'My new Jutsu has two variations. One to be used at mid-range like the Mind-Transfer Jutsu and one to be at close-range. If I use the mid-range version, I'll be completely defenseless, so I'd prefer if I have a 90% probability of my Jutsu taking effect.' Inoryou's left hand grabbed Keiko's forehead. "Checkmate. Shikon Messatsu!" (Dead Soul Annihilation)

With that, Inoryou's new Jutsu transfers his soul into Keiko's mind...

[Keiko's mind]

Inoryou is suddenly taken into a scene in Keiko's mind. The scene of her father's kidnapping...

"I see that you have valued your father's life more than your village," said the Shinobi. "Hand me the treasure and your father will be returned without a scratch."

Keiko looked at her brother as Hachi remained calm. "No," he answered.

The Shinobi is shocked at the Tsuchikage's decision. "Are you insane? Are you asking for a war between our villages?"

The Tsuchikage crossed his arms. "If you truly wanted peace between our villages, you wouldn't have taken my father hostage in the first place, isn't that right, Toshiko?"

Hachi, Keiko and the Shinobi looked up to see Toshiko is sitting on a tree branch, overlooking the area.

The Shinobi is now shaking in fear. "Lady Toshiko!"

Toshiko looked down at the Rain Shinobi. "I've seen and heard enough. Your insane actions are enough to class you as an S-Rank Criminal for attempting to overthrow the current Government in Amegakure and kidnapping an ambassador of peace from another Village. I suggest you surrender quietly if you know what's good for you."

"No!" The Shinobi runs into the cave and pulls up his hostage. "I will walk free with my hostage and you can't do a damn thing about it! If any of you try to follow me, he dies!"

The hostage smiled. "I've accepted my fate, my children! Besides, I've already lived a full life working for the village! At least allow me the pride to die for the village! And tell your mother that I love her!" he yelled.

"Father!" Keiko screamed.

Hachi simply nods. "Very well, Father. I will make sure your grave will be right here."

The Shinobi is shocked at how far Hachi would go. "You're willing to sacrifice your father?!"

Hachi simply said, "If my father lives and you get away, he'll kick my ass if I didn't do what he asked."

Hachi forms a few hand seals. "Doton: Nageki!" (Earth Style: Grief) Hachi stomped on the ground, creating a powerful shockwave which causes the cave to collapse on the hostage and kidnapper...

Inoryou releases the Jutsu, returning both him and Keiko to reality.

Keiko is hyperventilating from recalling the painful memory. "You saw everything..."

"Just relax." Inoryou removed his left hand off Keiko's forehead. "That is the first time I attempted this Jutsu in a real battle so I don't even know the full effect of the Jutsu."

"You saw..."

Inoryou turns his back to Keiko. "I think you should talk to your brother about this. Otherwise, it will be an unnecessary distraction and it might do you harm in future."

Keiko did not say a word. The battle is now over and both Shinobis know that Keiko has admitted defeat in her heart.

The Tsuchikage and Chi are silently waiting when an older man enters the meeting room. Chi noticed that the man has a Mist symbol on the sleeve of his outfit.

Hachi spoke to the old man. "So, Genbu. What news do you bring?"

"The Uchiha's teammates have survived their encounter with your Four Guardians, one way or another," Genbu said. The old man looked at Chi. "I guess my role as an neutral observer is done. His training can begin."

Hachi nods and looks at Chi. "It seems that you are about to get some hands-on training with me. If you would kindly follow me, I'll show you where you'll be training."

Chi stood up. Behind his stoic expression (an easy task for Chi, considering that he is Sasuke's son), Chi felt a sense of relief, knowing that his comrades are safe.

[End of 10 - Closing Chapter Illustration: Inoryou is playing a game of Shogi against Shikamaru, not caring that he is being outmatched against his father.]

Author's Personal Note 10: Most of the Konoha Kunoichis (excluding Sakura) have minor roles in the Manga, making it difficult to come up with new Jutsus for Ino's son. So, I decided to give Inoryou an iron fan to use in close-range combat, which is a total opposite of Temari's fighting style with her Giant Fan. Being part-Nara, Inoryou uses his intelligence to battle his opponents, from using hidden explosives to distracting opponents so that Inoryou can use the Yamanaka Clan's Mind Jutsus to get into his opponent's heads.

Anyway, here's Keiko's Bio:

Keiko Kagami (The Metal Tiger of Iwagakure - "I am the Metal Tiger of Iwagakure. I can rip you to shreds if you get on my bad side.")
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Info: The newest member of the Four Guardians of Iwagakure. A Weaponsmaster with a unique bloodline that can manipulate metal and magnetic minerals in the ground and rocks to create her own weapons or form near-perfect replicas of weapons used by her enemies, right down to the properties of the weapon.