Title: The Right Way

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: KakashixIruka/IrukaxKakashi

Rating: M

Spoilers: This story will contain spoilers till manga volume 20/chapter 172 or somewhere around episode 100 of the anime. Most of them will be only slight.

Status: Chapter 18 of 18

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Warnings: This story contains shonen ai (love between men) and yaoi (physical love between men). If you don't like these subjects, please don't read any further and refrain from flaming me because of it.

The Right Way
by nayru-kleinefee

Chapter 18 – Staking The Claim

"This is so troublesome", Shikamaru declared.

"This is so boring", Pakkun threw in and yawned.

"This is sooo troublesome and sooo boring", Kakashi agreed. "We're getting nowhere, just go back and forth and back again. Can't we stop it here?"

"No!", Naruto shouted. "I wanna see Shikamaru kick your butt!"

"Noisy and orange", Pakkun muttered and shifted to find a more comfortable position beside his master on the couch. "I always said that."

"Hey!", the boy yelled. "What do you mean with that?!"

Shikamaru sighed. "I know why I didn't want to come here…"

"Poor kid", Kakashi told him sourly. "I have to stand them five to six days a week, mind you."

"Hey!", Naruto yelled even louder. "What's that supposed to mean?!"

The Copy-nin sighed. "I mean-" He stopped when the door to the apartment opened.

"Iruka-sensei!" Naruto jumped up. "You're right in time to see how Shikamaru-"

"Naruto", Iruka interrupted him. "Could you all please leave now? I have to talk to Kakashi." He threw a hesitating glance at the Jounin and then looked away again quickly.

"What happened, Iruka-sensei?", Sakura asked while she stood up, sounding concerned.

"Nothing bad, Sakura-chan", the Chuunin reassured her. "I just have to talk to Kakashi."

"Oh… okay." The girl smiled hesitantly, then went to the door, Sasuke on her heels.

"What about calling it a draw?", Kakashi offered when Shikamaru got up, too. He smiled at the boy, trying to hide the fact that he was highly concerned about his lover's behaviour and wanted nothing more than run to his Chuunin and comfort him.

"Alright with me." Shikamaru shrugged, then followed Sakura and Sasuke.

"I can't believe I watched you sit here and be silent for two hours", Naruto grumbled. "And then you call it a draw…" He snorted, then looked up at his former teacher. "You sure everything's alright, Iruka-sensei?"

"Yes, it's alright." Iruka smiled at him. "What about ramen tonight?"

"Yay!", the blond boy yelled, jumped up and ran after his team-mates. "See you later!"

"What did you do now, boss?", Pakkun whispered reproachfully at his master while Iruka waved after Naruto.

"I don't know what's wrong", Kakashi whispered back. "I didn't do anything." I didn't even try to molest Iruka when he told me yesterday that I wouldn't get any not to exhaust me again! … Well, at least I didn't molest him much… only a tiny little bit… I only squeezed his butt a little bit, I mean, that's alright, or isn't it? It's almost nothing… and he didn't really seem to mind it…

"Hrn." The pug snorted. "You better not. If I find out that you hurt Iruka-sensei…" He glared up at his master.

"I didn't do anything bad!", the Jounin insisted. And do you think that if I did, I would really need your wrath to regret it? Don't you think that seeing Iruka hurt because of me would be enough to make me almost want to die?

"As I said, you better not." Pakkun stood up from the couch. "Bye, Iruka-sensei!", he said, grinning cheerily, before he left the apartment, but not without throwing another threatening glare back at the Copy-nin.

"Bye." The Chuunin waved after him, then closed the door and leaned his back against the wood for a moment before he took off his sandals.

"What is it?", Kakashi asked softly and moved to stand up.

"I… I'll tell you in a minute", Iruka murmured, closed his eyes and sighed.

"Take your time…", the Jounin whispered and sat down again while his stomach tightened in anxious, almost fearful anticipation. You won't leave me, will you?

"Kakashi…" Iruka opened his eyes to look at him.

My Iruka! You can't leave me! You said forever!

"I…" Iruka took a deep breath before he shed his vest and hitai-ate and moved towards him. "I did something", he said and fell down on the couch next to his lover.

"Something bad?", Kakashi asked and looked at him. Like deciding to leave me?

"Not something bad." His Chuunin smiled at him. "At least not bad like in 'I tried to kill Genma for asking me about my girlfriend again and again and again and again'-bad." He frowned. "Although he's involved in it, too, in a way…"

"Tell me", the Copy-nin pleaded, then wrapped his arms around his lover and drew him close until Iruka lifted one of his legs over him and settled down in his lap, straddling his thighs and facing him. If Genma is involved, it's probably not about leaving me…

"When I went to the Academy this morning, I heard Anko and Shizune talk about you", Iruka started. "They didn't notice me and I didn't intend to eavesdrop, but…"

"But you heard what they said", Kakashi helped him, smiling to hide his relief. It's about his work. Iruka's not leaving me! Iruka will stay my Iruka!

"M-hm." His Chuunin nodded.

"What did they say?"

"Well, Shizune told Anko that you were at my apartment to recover, and then Anko asked how I had managed to… to get you here." Iruka sighed. "Shizune said she didn't know, but that she would really like to change places with me and… take care of you."

"Oh." Kakashi's eyes widened.

"M-hm." Iruka nodded. "And Anko said she wanted that, too, and that she knew a perfect method to get you… upright again in no time."

"Iruka", the Jounin started. "Please don't think that I would want that. I-"

"I know." His Chuunin smiled, then pulled down his mask and gave him a sweet kiss. "That's not what I wanted to tell you."

"What is it then?" Kakashi frowned.

"I'll get to that. I just have to… explain the circumstances first." Iruka laid his hands on the Copy-nin's shoulders and buried his face in his neck. "Well, I was a little pissed about Anko and Shizune, and-"

"Were you jealous, my Iruka?", Kakashi asked and grinned. I like that.

"No." Iruka looked up and shook his head, then wrapped his arms around the Jounin's neck tightly. "I was just… pissed. They shouldn't want to touch you. They have no right to want that. That's why I was pissed."

"'kay, if you say so…" My Iruka was jealous! And my Iruka's possessive! YES!

"However." His Chuunin glared a little. "Later in the mission room I met Genma", he told the Copy-nin then. "He asked me what my girlfriend would say about you still sleeping in my apartment."

"If only he knew…" Kakashi chuckled. "What did you say?"

"I told him that it was none of his business and he should go and stick his senbon into his own problems."

"Mmmh… My brave, beautiful little Chuunin."

"Genma answered that I was mean and needed more sex."

"I could take care of that…" The Copy-nin leered.

"I don't think so." Iruka arched an eyebrow. "At least not today."

"Pity." Kakashi sighed exaggeratedly, having expected that answer, then pouted. "What if I'm very good? Will I then get a little loving later?"

"Maybe a little." Iruka grinned impishly, then became serious again. "Do you want to know what Genma suggested to 'help' me? He asked me if we wanted to have fun with him on a threesome."

Kakashi snorted. "He and you and your 'girlfriend'?" That perverted bastard! Molesting my Iruka with his dirty jokes…

"No." His Chuunin shook his head.

"No? So he and you and who else?" Probably some busty woman. I bet it's Tsunade. Genma seems to be the type to like enormous-

"He and me and you", Iruka told him.

"WHAT?!", the Jounin shouted incredulously. That Genma's better been joking!

"M-hm." Iruka nodded. "He said he'd always wanted into your pants, and after he'd seen me blush that day when he'd 'found out' about my 'girlfriend', he'd wanted to see me blush deeper and hear me moan his name, too."

"HE WANTS TO HEAR YOU MOAN HIS NAME?!", Kakashi yelled, outrageous. "Stand up! I will go and show that senbon-sucking pervert what he's risking if he ever dares to just look at what's mine again!" He wrapped his arms around his lover's waist and tried to pull him up. I'll kill him! How can he dare to suggest that MY Iruka ever touches-

"Kakashi!" Iruka took his face in both his hands and refused to get up. "Kakashi, I already told him 'no'!"

"I doubt he got it. I will-"

"He got it. I said if he ever dared to suggest something like that again, I would furtively coat all his senbons in laxative. And worse."

"Oh." Kakashi let himself fall down to the couch again, then breathed in and out slowly. "Good." But Genma's on my list now… How can he dare to want to touch what's mine? My Iruka! Mine! Mine mine mine mine mine mi- Wait a moment… What did Genma say else?… That… That he'd… ALWAYS WANTED INTO MY PANT-

"And he called me his 'sugar-Chuunin'", Iruka grumbled and pouted.

"'Sugar-Chuunin'?!", Kakashi shouted, all thoughts of his pants forgotten due to this much graver crime committed against his Chuunin. "Alright, that's it! I'll kill him! I will snap off his- mrph!" His eyes widened when Iruka suddenly sealed his mouth in a passionate kiss.

"Kakashi." Iruka leaned back, face slightly flushed. "You should really learn to control your temper."

"Hrn." Kakashi pouted. "How am I supposed to do that when Genma tries to take what's mine?" I could forgive him that he wants into my pants, but never that he wants my Iruka!

"I've got myself one quite possessive little Jounin, haven't I?" His Chuunin shook his head and rolled his eyes but smiled.

"One protective little Jounin", Kakashi corrected, pouting a little more. I only protect what's mine.

"'kay." Iruka laughed softly. "I wouldn't want it any other way."

"And I only act like this because I love you", the Copy-nin told him and stopped pouting in favour of kissing his Chuunin. And because you're mine.

"Love you, too." Iruka nuzzled his nose against Kakashi's tenderly. "But I can protect myself against those who try to steal me from you quite well."

"Yes, your threat was very inventive." Kakashi nodded approvingly. "And Genma more than deserved it. It wasn't bad at all to say those things, so don't worry about that anymore." I'll tell him much worse things when I see him the next time… He'll never get to touch my pants and especially not MY Iruka!

"But that's still not what I wanted to talk with you about", Iruka murmured.

"Not? There's still more?"

"M-hm." Iruka nodded hesitantly.

"Then tell me, please." Kakashi kissed him.

"'kay… You can probably guess that by then I was more than just a little jea- piss- jealous." His Chuunin blushed. "And I was pissed, too, but to know that Genma wants you to… to… touch…" Iruka clenched his jaw.

"I promise I'll never touch Genma." Kakashi nodded reassuringly. Only maybe once to… explain to him that there is a beautiful little Chuunin he has to stay far, far, far away from if he wants to keep all of his… important body parts.

"I know." Iruka kissed him passionately and wrapped his arms around his neck tightly again.

"And now tell me what you wanted to talk with me about", the Copy-nin suggested. And afterwards you could let me do the things with you that Genma will never ever, never-never-never ever be allowed to do with you.

"Oh. Yes." His Chuunin smiled, but it looked a little unsure now. "Well, as I said, I was quite pissed by then…"

"I can imagine that." The Jounin chuckled. "Who was the poor guy to bother you next?" I really hope it was Gai… No, that's mean, he's noisy but harmless. Better… hmmm…

"The Hokage."

"Uh-oh." Kakashi grinned. "What did you do to her?" That lecherous hag! Perfect!

"Tsunade-sama ordered me into her room and then suggested that we should have another date, but more… intimate, she said."

"Do I have to kill her or did you?", Kakashi growled. My people-to-explain-things-to list is getting longer…

"First I tried to be polite and decline without… embarrassing me or her, but then… then she looked at my butt again, and I remembered that you don't like that and I thought that you should be the only one to do that and I got so pissed suddenly", Iruka murmured.

"Do we and your butt have to leave the village?", the Copy-nin asked, grinning. My butt.

"Kakashi!" Iruka glared at him, suddenly angry. "Please be serious, I'm trying to tell you that I did something that… that…" He sighed and rested his head against the Jounin's shoulder. "I'm not sure if it was wrong or right to do it…"

"What did you do?", Kakashi asked and wrapped his arms tightly around his lover's body. "Tell me, please."

"First… Kakashi, can you please promise me not to yell at me if it was wrong?" Iruka looked at him unsurely.

"I would never yell at you, Iruka."

"And… and promise that you don't leave me?", his Chuunin whispered, his voice shaking slightly.

"Never." Kakashi tightened his hold even more. "I will never leave you, no matter what you do, unless you should tell me to leave you. And even then I can't promise that I'd really be able to leave."

"Thank you." Iruka sighed deeply. "I didn't really think about what I did when I did it, but I hope it was right for you what I did, I really hope."

"What do you mean? Tell me, please."

"I mean…" His Chuunin lifted his head, looked at him and took a deep breath. "I was really, really pissed and therefore told Tsunade-sama that I would appreciate it if we only met professionally from now on because my lover wouldn't like it otherwise."

"You… you told her that?", the Jounin asked, wide-eyed. "What did she say?"

"She asked me who my lover was…"

"And… and what did you tell her?"

"I told her it was you", Iruka whispered, then closed his eyes. "Was that wrong?"

"I… you… you told her it was me?!", Kakashi asked incredulously, his arms falling down to his thighs. He… he told her?

"Yes…", his Chuunin answered, sounding more unsure than ever. "Are you mad now?"

"Mad?" The Copy-nin continued staring at him. He told her?!

"I'm sorry, Kakashi", Iruka whispered. "I didn't think about it when I said it and then I hoped you wouldn't mind and I'm so sor-"

"Iruka!" Kakashi pounced on him, threw him to lie on the couch on his back and took him into a tight embrace. He told her!

"You're not mad…", his Chuunin breathed out, sounding relieved, and opened his eyes.

"But sure I'm not mad!" Kakashi hugged him tighter. "I told you I don't mind if it becomes known." That's perfect! Now everybody will know that Iruka's mine!

"Kakashi, I'm so glad", Iruka whispered. "I was so frightened that you might be angry."

"Why should I be angry?" Kakashi leaned down and kissed his lover deeply. "I love you." And now everybody will know that you're mine. And nobody will dare to want you anymore. And I can kiss you whenever I want, even in public, and call you 'my Iruka' in public and whisper dirty things in your ear and cuddle with you and grope you and-

"No groping in public", Iruka said sternly.

"Hm?" The Jounin blinked.

"I said that you're not allowed to grope me in public."

"Oh… you…" Kakashi blinked again. "Can… can you read my mind?" And if you can… since when?

Iruka laughed. "No, stupid! You were talking out loud."

"Oh." Kakashi blushed.

"And besides, it was obvious from the way you looked at me."

"Oh." The Copy-nin frowned, then pouted. "No groping?"

"Absolutely no groping in public." His Chuunin smiled. "But kissing and saying 'my Iruka' to me and cuddling is fine with me, to a certain extent."

"To a certain extent only? How far does that reach?"

"Only as far as it has to show everybody that I am yours and you are mine", Iruka whispered, blushing. "I have to make sure everybody sees that I alone stake a claim to you, my Kakashi."

"'kay. Claim me." Kakashi kissed him. "You can claim me whenever you want. Preferably by kissing me."

"But no kissing without mask in public."

"But those kisses are best", the Jounin told him. "And we can make sure that nobody sees us and-"

"Still." Iruka shook his head. "Not without mask in public."

"Why not?"

"Because even if we are careful, there still will be the possibility that somebody sees you. And everything underneath your mask is of no concern for anybody except me", Iruka told him. "Promise me, Kakashi."

"And you call me possessive?", Kakashi asked mockingly. Ooh, I like this!

"I'm protective." Iruka pouted. "My Kakashi. Now promise."

"I promise that the mask stays on my face in public if you promise that your hair stays tied up in public, too", the Copy-nin decided. Can't risk to let anybody see you with your hair down. I guess I would have to hunt down stalkers of yours for the rest of my days. And I can't afford to waste my time with that. There are too many much better things I can do with you…

"Only ours?", his Chuunin asked, smiling.

"Only ours." Kakashi nodded. "Promise?"

"Promise." Iruka laughed. "We're hopeless…"

"Hopelessly in love." Kakashi snuggled his face into Iruka's neck, then grinned against the skin. "And what about whispering dirty things in public?"

"Mmmh… I guess it's fine when I'm not at work."

"Only then?"

"Only then. I bet Tsunade-sama and some other people's fantasies will be lively enough without you making me blush while in the Academy or on mission desk duty."

"They shall keep their fantasies to themselves", Kakashi grumbled. And away from my Iruka.

"We'll see once the gossiping starts…"

"How long will it take for the old hag to spread the gossip about us?" How long until I may claim you as mine in public?

"When I realized what I had said, I asked Tsunade-sama not to tell anybody for some time so I could talk to you first and then tell Naruto myself, but I don't think she'll keep it to her for long", Iruka murmured.

"How did she react after you told her?" Kakashi lifted his head and looked down into his lover's brown eyes. Mine! Mine mine mine mine mine!

"First she stared at me." Iruka grinned. "Then she asked me when it had happened." He blushed. "I thought it would be rude to tell her that I had only flirted with her to get you into my apartment, so I told her it had happened after you came here… But I didn't say what 'it' was exactly…" He blushed deeper.

"Tricky, beautiful little Chuunin." The Copy-nin kissed him. "Did she get mad?" Who cares? You're mine and soon everybody will know that!

"Not really…" Iruka frowned.

"Not really?", Kakashi asked, surprised. "How did she react?"

His Chuunin's frown deepened. "You won't like it…", he murmured.

"How did she react?", Kakashi repeated. If she suggested a threesome, too, I can't guarantee for anything…

Iruka sighed. "In fact, she didn't get mad at all. She was… almost delighted…"

"Delighted?!", the Jounin asked incredulously. How can you be delighted to hear that you'll never ever get your hands on the most squeezable butt of the cutest, sexiest, best, most beautiful little Chuunin running around?!

"Yes…" Iruka started to squirm nervously. "But…"

"But?", Kakashi asked, then growled angrily. "Iruka, did she try to blackmail you?"

"No!" His Chuunin shook his head. "Nothing like that!"

"What then? Iruka, you know you can tell me everything. Whatever she said or did, you can tell me." Kakashi kissed his lover sweetly, then lifted his upper body up and looked around for any kind of sharp weapon. "And if she did something that hurt you, I will kill her, Hokage or not! I don't allow anybody to hurt my Iruka!", he growled.

Iruka looked up at him, then sighed and wrapped his arms tightly around the Copy-nin's neck and his legs around his waist. "She didn't hurt me, Kakashi."

"What did she do?", the Jounin asked, finding that he definitely liked the position but that he wouldn't be able to stand up while his Chuunin had a hold on him.

Iruka took a deep breath and Kakashi felt him tighten his embrace even more. "She-asked-me-if-she-could-get-a-video-or-at-least-some-photos", he told his lover in a rush.

"WHA-", Kakashi started, but then his Chuunin quickly kissed him and thus effectively kept him from spilling out his thoughts about a certain Hokage to the neighbourhood.

Fine, later then. I will show that old hag what I… think about… pho… to… Mmmmmh… now that's nice… my Iruka…

The End

I will now let them live happily ever after. (Unless inspiration strikes me and I write more, but I don't see that in the near future.) I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.