Chapter 9- extended

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The next day was darkened with gray skies. Vivian was awoken by the thunder and rain and got out of bed to close the French doors so the rain wouldn't come in. Seeing Gabriel was still asleep, she went around to the other few rooms to close those windows as well. She looked down at the patio, which was becoming flooded with rain. Could they install their own drains? She wondered. The much-needed rain brought a chill into the air that sharply contrasted meltingly hot temperatures of late.

Downstairs she turned on the weather channel. The storm was only temporary and would be gone by tonight. However it would continue in its ferocity with no brakes. Flooding would be a problem. She turned off the TV to return to the bedroom.

The close lightning lit their dark house as she slowly walked up the stairs, wrapping her robe around her body. Large raindrops pelted the windows, Vivian re-entered their room, Gabriel still asleep. No sun could penetrate the clouds, only when lightning hit could she see his face. The bright streaks illuminated the room; his eye was blacker than the previous night. His ice pack lay to the side, melted in its bag. She sat on the edge of the bed, almost hesitant to wake him up; he hadn't slept well the whole night.

She rubbed his cheek slowly and then ran her hand over his chest. He stirred and she decided that he needed to wake up comfortably. She gently pressed her lips to his as he opened his good eye to her. When his grogginess subsided he looked at her, and then ran his fingers through his tangled hair.

"Hey." She whispered, her fingertips grazing his stomach. "How are you feeling?" she inquired.

Gabriel sat up and winced. "Still sore," he replied. Vivian pulled away the covers and turned on the lamp beside the bed as Gabriel swung his legs off. She noticed that there was a dark bruise on his thigh; she nudged up the material to see it continuing to his hips. He watched as she pushed up his shirt to reveal another bruise from when he had tumbled with Kyle. No doubt, and hopefully Kyle would be in worse condition for Gabriel slamming him into a tree.

"Oh baby," she sighed. "Look at what he did to you." She kissed his cheek tenderly then pulled him out of bed. He stretched and went to the window, looking at the violent storm outside. He ran his hand through his hair and sighed again.

He was mad that he could see only with one eye and when Vivian stood at his left side, he moved her to his right so not only could he embrace her without any pain, but could see her as well.

Somewhere out there, hopefully far away was the rogue. Gabriel was trying to not let his anger get to him, but he didn't want Vivian to be threatened. She rubbed his back then pulled away to get dressed. He went to the closet with her, his fingertips raising the back of her shirt slightly so his could graze his skin against hers. He caressed the small of her back, sending tingling sensations up her spine. He leaned down his breath tickling her ear.

"Let me dress you," he whispered sensually. She smiled and stood still, letting him lift up her shirt and off her body. He reached for the shirt she gave him and slipped her bra on her, of course after taking the time to run his fingers over the most sensitive parts of her skin. She smiled as he moved his hands over her. He finally put her bra and shirt over her.

Gently he pushed away her pajama bottoms and finished dressing her slowly. She then turned around to him. "Let me dress you." She echoed.

Gabriel lifted his hands over his head, letting her take her time. She trailed her lips up his stomach to his neck. She suckled a spot underneath his ear. Then she took off his bandage. His shoulder was healed perfectly, with no trace of damage. She wrapped her arms around his waist, leaning her head against his warm chest.

When she finished dressing him, they left the room, fingers entwined, and she took him to the kitchen, to fix him a hero's breakfast, because that's what he was to her. While she made him pancakes and sausages, he fixed himself another ice pack and held it tenderly against his eye.

She stood over the hot grill, and Gabriel commented on how domestic she was coming, with her fixing him breakfast and them fixing up the house. She laughed briefly at his comment. "Don't expect me to stay inside all the time." She moved the sausages around, their aroma floating over to Gabriel.

"Would you object to staying inside all the timeā€¦if it was in our bed?" he smirked, pulling her around the bar to his lap. He put down the ice pack and cupped her face with his large hand, bringing her mouth to his. As she was only sitting on one knee she wrapped her arms around his neck and took his gentle tongue with hers. He ran his other hand down her back, circling around her waist as they continued to kiss. She pulled away when she peeked out of one eye to see that the breakfast really needed to be flipped. Gabriel finally let her go, but his hand lingered on her butt.

He picked up his ice pack and pressed it against his black eye again.

"It'll go down by tonight honey." She assured him as she piled his pancakes and sausage on a plate and poured as much syrup on them as he liked. She rooted around for some plastic ware, and finally sat down, all their breakfast prepared.

Gabriel slowly drank from his coffee as Vivian devoured her breakfast. "Honey, are you going to eat?" she questioned of the distracted Gabriel.

"Yeah." He picked up his knife and fork and began to eat.

"Listen, stop grueling over Kyle ok? You'll be able to get him, and you're not making for good conversation." She spoke honestly.

"I'm sorry. But it's my responsibility to take care of everyone, and most importantly you. Don't give me that look, you are my mate, and I want to protect you. Don't forget, it was me and the four that stopped you from killing yourself." He added on, it was unnecessary because that little tad bit left both in a bad mood.

They finished breakfast in awkward silence; Vivian picked up her plate and threw it away, leaving the room. He looked after her as she briskly exited. He sighed and continued eating, regretting that he reminded her of that terrible night.

She stormed to the living room and turned on the TV, how did they get into arguments so quickly like this, she only remembered trying to convince him that he would be able to catch Kyle and then he just had to add on about that night. She flipped through the channels until she came upon "That '70's Show." She knew this would cheer her up; she drew her feet up Indian style and lay back into the couch. She heard Gabriel moving through the kitchen, grumbling, and she could care less right now. He didn't need to put his bad mood on her. Especially since they just made love yesterday, they were always in a great mood after being together.

That bastard Kyle, trying to ruin our relationship. She fumed as she thought to herself. Gabriel came to the living room, feeling guilty for lashing out at Vivian, he realized he was obsessing over this problem and it was putting his relationship on bad terms. When he came in he looked at Vivian who was looking at the TV with a burning glare.

He debated sitting beside her, he didn't want to make up across the room. "Vivian." She looked up at him, but didn't speak. He slowly sat down on the couch at the other end. "I'm sorry for bringing up that night." He looked her in the eye and reached over to take her hand as he scooted closer.

She finally acknowledged him and laid her head in his lap. He entwined their fingers and he touched her cheek with his free hand. She reached up and brought his mouth down to hers. They kissed deeply and when they pulled away and settled together, things were better.

Outside the storm stalled and the sun peaked through the dark house, bringing light to things. He ran his hand over her hips and they laughed together at the TV. No, Kyle would not mess up what they have, of that both mates were positive.

Once the program went off they got up and ventured out to the patio, make that a half flooded patio. Vivian stepped bare foot through the water, her feet completely covered in some places. Gabriel went over to the grill, regretting not putting the cover on it. The inside was mostly dry, but the rest of the outside was soaked. He then realized he needed to get a new gas tank. That would have to wait; he wasn't going to leave Vivian alone.

The rain left a delicious smell in the air; the birds came from their nests, feeding heartily on fat worms. Vivian wiped the water off the patio furniture and beckoned him to sit with her. The pack would be here tomorrow, the house was freshly painted and they had all the food ready for the barbeque.

Gabriel wrapped his arm around Vivian; he was starting to see out of his left eye again. Tomorrow, no doubt would be crazy with every one moving in their possessions, dealing out furniture and everything else. The pack had all had separate yard sells over the past three weeks to get rid of their couches, un-needed things, and anything else they could scrounge off so they all had good amounts of money.

"This is the last day we'll have all to ourselves here." Gabriel sighed.

They reminisced on the three weeks they had had here together. Even the problem of Kyle could not dim the serenity of their quality time.

"Since its our last day," she scooted closer to him and kissed his neck. "Maybe we should spend that day in bed." She suggested. "I've got a little something to show you." He smiled at that suggestion and got up taking her hand in his as they moved into the house up to their bedroom where they would spend the rest of the day and night.

Vivian sat him in the desk chair and pulled out a long sash from the drawer. "You see I've been planning this." She blindfolded him and kissed him deeply. He reached up to cup her breasts.

"I'll be right back." She whispered in his ear.

"Vivian went to the back of their closet where her surprise lay in wait. She pulled out her lingerie piece from Victoria's Secret. It was incredibly thin and had straps that she knew Gabriel would have fun undoing, a long bow covered the back of her thong. She put on her black heels to go with the black lace. She called to Gabriel from across the room for him to stay sitting but remove the blindfold.

His heart started to speed up as he looked at his love. She sauntered across the room in a black lacy bra and thong; he could see the long red ribbon flowing behind her. When she came to him he hooked his finger in the strap that held the underwear to her garter.

"Hey sexy." He smiled and ran his finger up her thigh.

"Are you ready to have fun wolf-man?"

"Always." He smiled as he leaned over and kissed her inner thigh as she twisted her fingers in his hair. His mouth continued to explore the tender flesh near her most intimate place. He kissed her stomach and bit on the fabric of her thong pulling at it. She smiled lustfully as he continued kissing forward reverting to animalistic motions. Slowly his fingertips worked behind her back and he removed the lacy bra.

He cupped her breasts with both hands, kissing them, and then opening his mouth to taste. She kissed the top of his head as his mouth did erotic things to her, sucking and biting. She squirmed, her hips against his chest wanting to get him naked.

She lifted his head and attacked his lips forcing his mouth open with her tongue. He grabbed her hair right next to her skull and kept her there, his other hand making her sit on his lap. When she landed she felt his erection straining against his jeans, longing to be released. As they kissed ardently, so much that they couldn't tell whose tongue was in which of their mouths; Vivian reached down and quickly undid his pants. As she was freeing him from denim restraints he cupped her breast again, squeezing them so hard she moaned deliciously into his mouth. He dragged his kisses down her neck sucking on the tender flesh.

Her claws extended and ripped off his plain white tee. He lifted her off his lap suspending her in mid air as she pulled off her heels. She stood over him and pulled down his jeans and boxers in one swift motion. Gabriel turned her around, he had already undone the straps on her thighs, she could feel his hands slowly touching the ribbon; too slowly.

"Oh Gabe! Now!" he only chuckled at her lusty pleading. He had her lean over so her hands were braced against her knees. He kissed the small of her back and inched down her thong. He smoothed his hands along her bottom. Slowly he set her on his lap, moving her hair to kiss her neck. One hand rubbed her breast and pinched then kneaded.

His other hand grazed her thigh into her core where he found her hot and ready. She scooted back as his fingers touched her clit, feeling his erection pressing against her bottom. As his fingers moved against her folds it sent feverous shocks through her. She cried out in pleasure as he slid two fingers into her pumping in and out slowly, and arching upwards to press against her inner walls. She leaned her head backwards wanting to feel their mouths together.

Now both his hands were at her center, one inside and the other playing with her clit, bringing her to her first orgasm. She shuddered in his lap, biting her lip and shaking all over. Meanwhile Gabriel reached into the table draw and pulled out a condom to put on. When he finished with himself and was still pleasuring his woman, she eventually collapsed back against him. Sweat covered her body as the last shocks of her orgasm swept through her quivering body.

Vivian was suddenly lifted in the air and was settled with Gabriel penetrating her deeply. She cried out in pleasure as he pulled her up and down so that she was close to bouncing. Gabe's cries of pleasure went deep into her ear as he pushed deeper and deeper into her body, his release threatening to come now, but he could hold on a little longer. Vivian leaned back against him, his teeth burying into her shoulder. She moaned pleasurably as he lapped the blood away.

Finally they were spent if only for a moment. He wrapped his arms around her waist, hugging her close. "How about we take a shower?" he whispered and picked her up into his arms, reaching behind him for another condom, just in case. She wrapped her arms around his neck, which she kissed longingly.

He cradled her close, and closed the bathroom door behind him.

"Is it really necessary for us to take a shower though?" Vivian asked, "I certainly didn't expect to stop making love until well in tomorrow." She smiled and suddenly twisted her body so her legs were wrapped around his waist and she was kissing him deeply and quick again. His hands cupped her bottom and squeezed roughly.

"I'm always up" he paused, "for trying out in new places." He kissed her again moaning. She stepped into the shower, bending over seductively as she turned on the water. He growled and smoothed his hand along her rump and up her back. He followed her into the shower and took the soap in his hands generously running it along her butt. Slowly he worked up, kissing the bite mark tenderly. They kissed for a long time and Gabriel lifted her against the shower wall, she kissed him as he penetrated her again, slowly this time. He braced his hands against the wall on both sides of her, only holding her up with his hips. She grabbed onto the bar that held the washcloth moving with him.

He stared at her as he pushed up again and again their eyes locked, each listening to each other's groans. He picked up speed and had her whole body off the floor and pressed against the shower wall. After a moment started to slow down, but a pleading moan from his mate made him continue his hard pace. Finally his mouth touched her skin; she smiled as his mouth found her breasts, as he marked her again.

She almost screamed with the pleasure and when he noticed this he pulled out all the way and thrust so hard into her multiple times that her orgasm came so full-blown she did scream for him. He came right after and buried his head into her shoulder feeling his own orgasm rivet through his body. He pulled out and collected her into his arms holding her tight. She moaned his name and kissed his cheek, wrapping herself tighter around him. She could still feel him shaking from their shared orgasm, and wished that they could always be together like this.

He leaned her back against the wall, clearly tired for the moment as he rested against her, though he was heavy she didn't mind, she always enjoyed in times like this that he was so much bigger than her. Finally he carried her out of the shower and laid her on the bed, drying off her body. He arranged her so her feet were on her pillow and her hair lay strewn over the covers. He leaned against the edge of the bed and kissed her upside down.

"I'll be right back," he mumbled against her mouth. As he walked out of the room she whistled at him, admiring his taught bottom and muscled legs, he looked back at her with a sexy grin. As she heard him go down the stairs she stretched contently on the bed, feeling well loved, but of course wanting more.

Soon Gabriel returned to their bedroom, in his hand a bowl of cut strawberries. He climbed on the bed and draped his chest over hers. He took a strawberry and opened her mouth with his tongue, then put in the fruit. He watched as she slowly ate it, smiling up at him.

"Do that again." She said, and she found his tongue in her mouth, this time he stayed longer before moving away and placing in another strawberry. "That taste good," she smiled as she finished chewing her treat. She suddenly got an idea in her head and nudged him off then lay back down.

"Close your eyes." She whispered and he did, laying to the side. "No peeking." She giggled. Then she took a handful of the strawberries and put them all down her front and a few on her thighs. She told him to open his eyes and when he did, his mouth watered at the image in front of him.

She pulled his head to her body his tongue touching her skin, his teeth nibbling as he took each piece of food into his mouth so slowly that she shivered under his mouth. When he ate all that was on her torso he dragged his mouth over her stomach and then moved his body so he was lying on top of her legs. He finally ate the last of what was on top of her, his tongue lapping at the sticky skin on her thighs. He wrapped his arms around her and moved her completely around on top of the bed so she was propped against the pillows. He bit her navel and looked up at her.

"Do you know what I'm about to do to you?" he suggested in a thick, sexy voice. She stretched her arms behind her and nodded her head in anticipation.

He spread her thighs and lifted her hips to his mouth. With one hand he parted her folds, his tongue touching her clit. His mouth closed over her and he suckled her hard. She arched her back feeling his teeth and tongue ravish her wonderfully. And how great it felt, she could feel herself wet and ready for him again. His tongue traveled down and she gasped as he stuck it inside her. He was sticky and sweet from eating all the strawberries. She bucked against him, grabbing at the covers as her body shook with pleasure. She closed her eyes briefly and suddenly she felt his cock inside of her again! Her eyes shot open and she pushed him to his back. She rode him hard, milking his forth all he was worth. As she did this now she opened his mouth with her tongue and fed him.

After they completed an hour of lovemaking they curled up on their bed and into a short nap. Soon they would re awake and make love again and again.


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