Uber apologies for everyone waiting for the seventh chapter of this but my computer has been spazzing quite badly lately

Uber apologies for everyone waiting for the seventh chapter of this but my computer has been spazzing quite badly lately.

Mainly due to my wonderful fathe'rs fault. He deleted our antivirus and anti-spyware stuff a good eight months ago because it was making our computer slower than roadworks at rush hour. It was only recently we had much of a problem with it (we got lucky) so I went off and downloaded an antivirus program. It's taken quite a while to clean up the computer – especially considering how many Trojans we had, I wanted to throttle my dad – but unfortunately in the process I lost a few files.

Including chapter 7.

So you guys are going to have to wait a little while longer. I'm so sorry.

I knocked together this little interlude especially for you as an apology – doesn't hurt that it also sets up what I now have planned for the seventh chapter. You'll love it when I get it posted. Hopefully sooner rather than later.


INTERLUDE: Northern Wutai


Sephiroth had always had a secret admiration for the warriors of Wutai, regardless of their chosen pursuits, the Samurai, the Shinobi, the Summoners and the Materia Users. He liked the way they split their forces, specialising them but giving them enough skill in all areas to ensure that if one avenue is cut off, there is still another open.

Currently, he was out with General Kiseragi's unit up in the mountains dealing with a Monster den that was trying to burrow into the underground passages that ran through the mountains back into Wutai. Shogun Kiseragi (Godo) had collapsed the majority of the tunnels at the front line into Wutai, leaving just the one heavily defensible entrance for his soldiers to make a swift retreat through. Though how Hojo knew about them Sephiroth dreaded to know, the idea that there could possibly be a spy somewhere within the upper-ranks was horrifying.

The white haired General jerked slightly in surprise as someone small and light vaulted over his shoulder, using the armoured pad as a stepping stone for twin Wakazashi to reach those troublesome flying monstrosities. Butchering them in midair even as the figure unleashed a burst of Fire3 onto a large mutation of a Midgar Zolem bearing down on them.


If Lieutenant General Hagane Ryuu was here – and using him as a spring board – then that meant that General Kiseragi Yuffie and her consort Vincent Valentine weren't too far off either. Sephiroth shook his head as he continued to wield the Mesamune, not bothering to be careful with the lightning fast red head darting through the battle, from what the white-haired General could see, he was trained as both Samurai and Shinobi. Unsurprisingly considering how he was most likely trained from birth to protect Godo's daughter.

Yuffie screamed a war-cry her giant Shuriken slashing through thick armour plates like tissue paper; a Mastered Lightning Materia clutched in her other gloved hand, frying enemies left and right. Vincent had transformed and was on a rampage, tearing enemies apart with his barehands... claws.

The dark haired princes arched her spine, kicking her feet up to back flip over a low swept claw; Lightning3 dispatched the culprit even as she twisted her body in a deadly arc, Shuriken beheading another monster that had trampled over its fallen comrade to reach her. Using the two dead corpses as a spring board the Princess threw her self into the air, Shuriken spinning free from her grasp at such force they punched through another four creatures as if they were nothing more than wet newspaper. Lightning Materia flashed as another six fell to the ground, broiled from the inside out as she landed lightly in the center of her circle of devastation, a tanned arm snapping up and catching her blood and entrail streaked Shuriken as it returned to her.

She pushed herself to her feet and raced forward, a red blur passing her going in the opposite direction, an Elixer being passed between the two in a practiced movement in that small split second before they each over shot and returned to the fight.

Twin blades worked in tandem, one blocking the other attacking, both defending, both attacking, Contain and x4 Slash Materia affixed to each of his blades unleashing Ice Spells, Lightning Spells and the occasional Wind based spell that left his enemies in little more than broken sacks of flesh, blood and bone. Ryuu moved through the fight, his feet in constant motion, occasionally he would channel energy down his Sword similar to General Cloud's Blade-Beam to cleave an enemy in half.

The battle was short compared to most; the creatures were large, slow and clumsy, more suited to digging through and creating an opening for the others. Brawlers.

Yuffie groaned sitting her weary body down on a semi-dismembered corpse, trying to rub some feeling back into her calves while avoiding a rather nasty looking gash, Sephiroth could see Vincent somewhere over her shoulder, purple skinned muscle slick with blood as whatever Beast he was this time tore apart a still twitching carcass. Ryuu limped around one of the larger Malboro bodies, the entire left side of his skull slick and matted with blood, his own or something else's the white haired General could not see but the rest of him was fairly scratched up but nothing serious.

Hagane Ryuu was a small man, roughly in his mid-twenties he had long red hair that hung to his elbows, pulled back into a no nonsense braid that was now loose and hanging around him like a crimson war banner, his skin was pale and his features feline if slightly androgynous with blue eyes. Apart from that, he was swathed in blood and a lot of it.

"Kiserahi-himim." He slurred slightly staggering to the dark haired woman, his devotion to his general was rare in Sephiroth's experience. Zack had been the only one of his Lieutenants to actually have cared for him beyond a paycheque, a weapon and a means of bolstering his own career.

The red head was obviously concussed, that blood plastered to the side of his head was still oozing through his hair, Yuffie had obviously been able to tell and pulled out an Elixer from her hip-pouch and practically wrenching the dazed soldier's head to the side and pouring the multicoloured liquid across the wound. Prompting a howl of pain from the red head as he tried to wrench his head away from the Ninja-Princess, Yuffie kept a tight grip on him as she continued to pour the liquid over the head wound, Sephiroth winced and looked away. Using Elixers on head injuries hurt like a bitch, he remembered the cold burning and sensation of sandpaper scraping across his brain only too well.

Eventually the red head stopped struggling and merely leaned against the dark haired woman who tossed the Elixer bottle over her shoulder and ran a hand through his hair checking the injury carefully, but also relishing the chance to play with her bodyguard's hair. He'd always slapped her hand when they were young for trying to braid it or do anything to it, her reputation as a prankster was fairly renowned even back then.

"H-Hime." Ryuu croaked pushing himself away from her and staggering to his feet, "Y-You need to see this." He rasped even as he ran a Cure2 across the gash in her leg and over the smaller cuts and abrasions on his own body.

Yuffie and Sephiroth frowned as they followed the red head, he lead them to the cliff's edge overlooking the ocean, the Northern continent's beach-line was only just visible from where they were standing.

But that wasn't what the diminutive Lieutenant was pointing at.

It was the seeping black stain that was steadily marching across the snow-capped mountains directly towards them. The thick black occasionally broken by the monstrous juggernought that lumbered with them, OMEGAs, four of them.

A chill ran down Yuffie's spine.

"We need to get back to Wutai." She ordered.

The red head nodded and swiftly whipped around, racing across the battlefield with eerie familiarity as he made his way to the nearest RTO to relay his Princess's orders to the rest of the troops. They were pulling back to Wutai.

Hojo was making his move.


Hope you guys enjoyed this little snippet. And again, I'm really sorry.