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Pairing: Kitou Yuushi x Tokieda Nagi

Theme 02. Kisses are like tears. The only ones that are real are the ones you can't hold back.

Warning: Post Rain Fell arc, so watch out for spoilers. Contains mild boy x boy love.


Silver rays of the moon came in through the opening between the blinds. The gentle beams softly fell on the figure curled up on the sofa, a dozing boy with a delicate shaped face, his features relaxed into a peaceful expression.

'He dozed off pretty quickly.' Yuushi mused as he ran his fingers through soft, dark locks. He pulled lose strands partly covering the closed eyes and tucked them behind the sleeping boy's ears. 'It's been a long day for you, Nagi. You must've been pretty exhausted.'

Yuushi chuckled. He had always thought that Nagi was as cute and loveable as a puppy. Each time he'd touch Nagi's hair, he'd just be reminded of that even more. But Nagi being soft and warm was what made him delicate and totally defenseless towards the pain and loneliness he often experienced at home.

Earlier today, when Yuushi told him that he loved him, and did what everyone thought would be impossible to prove it, Nagi was overwhelmed. The outwardly sweet child, unbeknownst to everyone, had already gone used to believing that no one could ever love him. After all, he was an utter failure, and a burden to everyone around him.

//"Why… Why for someone like me?"//"

//"Doing this for someone like me… is worthless…"//

Yuushi held him close as Nagi finally fell apart. His tears fell freely, and Yuushi could feel him trembling in his arms.

Yuushi thought that, somehow, he already saw it coming. And perhaps, it wasn't just him. Nagi's friends at the student council must have all felt the same way too. Nagi could only hold his pain in for so long.

After that, Yuushi asked Nagi to sleep over. "Just like before." He said with a casual smile, patting Nagi's head.

Nagi simply nodded with a weak smile.

They ate dinner, chatting about usual things. They even played while washing the dishes together, putting soap bubbles on each other's cheeks.

Afterwards, they sat on the sofa, flipping through the channels. When they didn't find anything interesting enough to watch, Yuushi played a DVD instead. The opening sequence had barely finished when he felt something fall on his shoulder. Nagi had fallen asleep, and had unconsciously leaned on him.

He gently lowered Nagi on the sofa, before going to his room to get a blanket.

That was how he ended up sitting on the floor moments later, watching Nagi sleep, just like he always did. It was already a habit by the time he noticed that he liked to watch the shorter boy sleeping. Oh well, he liked looking at Nagi whenever they were together at the student council office anyway, so maybe for it to become a habit wasn't so strange at all.

It could've been because Nagi looked so cuddly at the moment, but before he could stop himself, Yuushi bent down and kissed him on the forehead.

"Sleep well, Nagi." He whispered, smiling.

Then he got up and went to his bedroom.

It wasn't until much later, right after he switched the lamp on top of his bedside table off, that Yuushi's hand instinctively rose to his lips.

"Wait… Did I just kiss Nagi!?"

Disclaimers: Toumei Shounen and all its characters belong to Odagiri Hotaru. Not mine :p