Very Game Related, I hope you enjoy.

Playing with Fire.

The war seemed at a stale mate more than anything as of late. One side holds an advantage for a while then the power shifts as more troops show up to counter the onslaught. Two minor teams tended to collide quite often, though some were sure it was Soundwave's ties to his not Autobot Cassette Payne that cause it, unknown to a lot of Transformers, that was far from the truth. The Cassetticons and their leader Thundertron could care less for the little Payne, than any other Autobot they came across. Soundwave had release him from any attachments he had held with him when Payne left him. It was sheer coincidence that Payne be added to Viper's team Apocalypse's minions whom just happened to have Gemini on it. That was the key, Viper had trusted Gemini and to gain that trust Gemini had laid his function cycle on the line for the commander on many of occasions.

Here and now, it didn't matter. Soundwave had managed to manipulate the dark side of Gemini to bend to his will and report to the treacherous Decepticon on a regular basis. Viper had received orders to find the primary Decepticon communicator and terminate his entire team. Word had leaked out that Thundertron had been confirmed Megatron's brother, and if he managed to gain any power the two of them together would be impossible to stop. Ultra Magnus' experiences had led them to a small dark sector near a planet called Daraknus; the Autobot knew it was naturally hidden from most sensors, but knowing its co-ordinance helped. The shuttlecraft neared orbit around the clouded planet. It was dangerous, the entire Decepticon Shadow Alliance resided here and detection would result in a lost mission as well as termination of sparks. Having been there once before Road Rage knew the same effects that hid the planet from their sensors, also masked the shuttle from the 'Con's sensors. The window was small, and haste was needed, as periodic high powered sensor sweeps were sent through the haze and the sooner they could get to the surface the better.

Soundwave had set up a small energon production plant near a river that he tended to; it was only a short distance from the main base thus not needing to be heavily guarded. The Sonic boom that resulted from a shuttle entering the atmosphere couldn't be helped, but it wasn't scheduled. The communications officer identified the direction to which it came and contacted Thundertron. Of course the last meeting that Soundwave had with Gemini, the information was explained that the small Autobot group and planned such a mission. Out of habit of manipulating Thundertron, Soundwave kept the information to himself till there was proof. It was true, someone had found the records of Thundertron and it was out that he had a relation to Megatron, very much to Megatron's disapproval. Megatron had not taken the news lightly. Thundertron was left in the throne room a smoking heap, which was hardly identifiable. Still that had been some time ago and the team leader needed something to unleash his anger, this little Autobot team would be perfect, with a quick communication with the other members of the team they set in the direction of the sound to engage the Autobots.

In the next few days we will choose missions and send out our TFs against each other. The out come will decide how this comes out. Will the Cassetticons win and keep the DSA from enemy penetration? Or will the invading Autobots of Apocalypse's Minions get past them and learn DSA's most hidden secrets? Stay tuned.