Rumble walked through the Heroes base quietly. A closed communication had told him that Soundwave had finally managed to enter the strong hold. He followed his ingrained homing signal up two floors and into a small storage area. Once the door closed Soundwave transformed and came out of the shadows.

"It's about time. Buzzsaw is fine he just needs released, but Sustain seems to be having some issue. I don't know if the Autobots did anything to her."

"Understood." Soundwave announced then transformed again. "Take me to her."

Rumble picked up the tape deck, and then started to retrace his steps.

"Well what is left, I don't want to have any surprises." Windracer asked.

"Rumble is still running around here somewhere, and Soundwave hasn't even been spotted." Raindance answered.

"That worries me, he is way too sneaky. Spread out we need to find him." The femdragon opened her comlink. "Frostbite, Soundwave is still out there and Rumble is probably making his way to him be prepared."

"Alright, if I see anything I'll send the alert." She checked on the two Cassetticons still in the cells. The smaller green one looked as if she were plotting. While the gold condor cocked his head and looked as if listening. She wondered for a moment if there was anyway Soundwave could send a transmission.

Rumble peered into the darkness of the walkway that had been destroyed when he had run in to Raindance earlier. He stepped lightly over the rubble and headed back down the stairs to the detention center. Soundwave transformed once Rumble stopped listening to the closed door.

Buzzsaw stopped suddenly then started to caw.

"What is wrong with you?" Frostbite looked in the cell at the bird, nothing looked any different. The cell door suddenly shut down and the bird jumped flying out at her. "How the?" She looked at the control console, there stood Soundwave. "WINDY HE'S HERE!!" she yelled as Buzzsaw and Rumble both attacked in unison. She kicked off Rumble but, couldn't dodge the laser blasts that followed.

After the smoke cleared Rumble walked to Sustain and helped her out of the cell, the look in Sustain's optics cold and fearless. "I think its time to test it."

"Your gonna test THAT here?" Rumble asked slightly shocked.

"Better here than our own base." Sustain looked at Soundwave for the signal. The larger Decepticon nodded having Rumble and Buzzsaw enter first. "This is it. I hope it works." Soundwave nodded again. Then left the way he came.

The comlink crackled than blared out with Frostbite's announcement. "I am on my way!" Windracer called back. She ran through the base skipping the stairs allowing what she would open of her wings to slow her as she bounded down them. She broke though the detention center door to find Frostbite lying in stasis lock. Opening her comlink she was about to call from aid when the entire base started to shake. Changing her mind she called for an evacuation.

"Windracer to all Heroes abandon base. I repeat abandon base. Meet back at the Volcano!" She took a step back and flapped her wings, heading up and out of the detention area. The nearest exit was the doors to the plains; she had hoped she would catch Soundwave there. She flapped again in the small confines of the hall her wings scrapping the sides as she did, also thanking primus under her breath for the gift of flight trying to walk in such a manor would have proved most difficult. She didn't mind leaving Frostbite in the holding area that place was the most reinforced, but someone would have to find Soundwave as well as be on the outside to dig her up. Putting her head down she slammed into the doors out into the plain. In front of her about 80 feet was the small cassette deck in his Tapedeck mode the sound that came from him was nothing like she had ever heard. She put her claws up over her audios but it wasn't just the sound that was affecting her. The pressure came in pulses, and each one seemed to make her move back a little more. Each time she took a step the pressure came up; she could hear the noise of it all on the base behind her as it begins to rattle apart. Another attempt to make it to the Decepticon stopping him failed before she felt the pains within causing her to be stasis locked herself.

Soundwave transformed and ejected Sustain out he wanted her to see the first successful test. "Weapon works."

"Yeah I'd say so." Let's get out of here before they dig out of it.

Soundwave nodded and started to eject cassettes "Team retrieval" He commanded.