Sakura looked up at the big building before her, she'd been amazed when they'd given her the job considering how young and in-experienced she was but she was no less happy to be here. She tucked a strand of pink hair behind her ear and smiled, her, Sakura Haruno, would be teaching at the prestigious Konoha College for Boys. Gripping the handle of her shoulder bag she strode forward, having already memorised the layout of the place she was easily able to find her way to the right classroom.

---Sasuke Uchiha---

"I wonder what the new teacher is going to be like, I hope he's nice like Iruka-sensei otherwise this class is going to be so boring."

Sasuke ignored the blonde that was babbling beside him, why Naruto always chose to sit next to him and try to be his friend was something he could never quite fathom.

"Sasuke-teme are you even listening to me?" Naruto waved a hand in front of Sasuke's face.

"What do you want dobe?" Sasuke sneered, glaring at Naruto who grinned.

"Nothing Sasuke-teme."

The sound of footsteps drawing near silenced the blonde, "Here he comes."

Something struck Sasuke as odd though, the footfalls were light and had a distinct click, like a woman's heals. But that wasn't possible, this was an all boy's school, with an all male staff, they wouldn't hire a woman…would they? The clicking drew closer and Sasuke was sure it was a woman, he shot a glance to the bucket of ice cold water positioned strategically above the door and smirked. This would be interesting.

Movement caught his eye so he looked to see Shikamaru putting his fingers in his ears…that was probably a good idea. Sasuke leaned forward on his desk and placed his head in his arms, burying at least one of his ears.

"Don't go to sleep Sasuke-teme, you'll miss the best part," Naruto was grinning widely. Sasuke just glared at him.

The door slid open, the bucket fell and there was a short lived shriek oh horror. He looked at the woman as she took the bucket of her head to reveal glittering green eyes and…bright pink hair.


Sasuke sat back in his chair and huffed, he was fourteen, and being dragged out by his mother and father to a formal dinner to meet his older brother's new girlfriend, who were both late, was really really annoying. He was sat with his mother on one side and an empty chair on the other, the table was circular and draped in a white cloth with a candle lit in the middle. They'd been so many times, his father was on good terms with the owner.

"Ah, here they are," his father said and Sasuke swivelled to look at the door of the restaurant. There stood his eighteen year old brother, he was already in his second year of university, having graduated early from college. His brother was the prise of the family, intelligent, athletic and heir to the large ring of companies that were owned by the Uchiha family.

"Itachi my son, how good to see you," his father stood up to hug Itachi who returned it stiffly, "and this must be Miss Haruno."

"It's good to meet you Uchiha-san," the woman bowed politely and smile. Sasuke stared at her, she had bright pink hair and shining emerald eyes, she was wearing a beautiful deep blue silk dress that clung to her torso. Sasuke blushed.

"Such a sweet child," his father said as he sat down. He watched his brother pull back the seat next to Sasuke and Sakura sat down.

"So you must be Itachi's parents, it's very nice to meet you, Itachi-kun speaks so highly of both of you," Sakura smiled at both his parents and Itachi smirked. She was making a brilliant impression, it was then that he noticed his brother staring at his girlfriend. He looped an arm around her shoulders and leaned over to kiss her cheek. She went slightly red, "Itachi-kun," she batted him lightly on the shoulder, "not in public."

She laughed and Itachi smirked. Sakura then turned to Sasuke, "And whose this strapping young man."

"I…I'm," Sasuke felt like he'd swallowed his tongue.

"This is Sasuke, my younger brother," Itachi answered for him.

"Oh really," Sakura turned back to Sasuke, "it's so nice to meet you," she held out her hand, "I've heard so much about you from Itachi-kun. So, how old are you Sasuke-kun?"

"I'm fourteen," Sasuke replied proudly, she smiled at him.

"And already a heartbreaker I'll bet."

"How old are you?"

"Sasuke," his mother snapped at him, he looked down and blushed, "I've told you before that it's rude to ask a lady her age."

"Oh no, it's alright," Sakura laid a hand on Sasuke's shoulder and he looked up at her, "I'm seventeen," she replied with a wink, he grinned up at her.

"So Sakura, you're in college?" Sasuke's mother asked.

"Yes, my final year," Sakura replied turning her attention away from Sasuke. It was at this point that the youngest Uchiha caught his brother's eyes…his brother was glaring at him.

The meal was one of the best Sasuke had ever had, he'd spent most of it trying to talk to Sakura who would always talk back but there was one problem, Itachi. Everytime it seemed that Sakura's attention was focused on Sasuke Itachi would draw it back to him or send their father a look that got the man asked after Sakura's own parents.

"Sakura dear, why don't we go and look at the sweets?" Sakura looked up at Sasuke's mother.

"I'd like that Uchiha-san," she gave another warm smile, "I'll be back soon Itachi-kun," she squeezed his shoulder, "see you in a while Sasuke-kun," she then turned to their father, "If you'll excuse me Uchiha-san?"

"Yes go," he waved her off with a smile, internally thanking his wife. "She's quite the catch Itachi," he said as his wife led Sakura away to a glass case displaying several delicious looking cakes.

"I'm glad you approve father, I intend to marry her," Itachi smirked and his father smiled.

"This is good news, the alliance between our two families would be very beneficial for the company."

"So I have your consent?"

"Yes, when do you intend to propose?"

"When she leaves college and then to marry her soon after she graduates from university," Itachi explained.

"What does she want to do with her life?"

"She wants to be a teacher before taking over her father's company," Itachi explained. Sasuke then began thinking what it would be like to have Sakura as a teacher. He was going to the same school Itachi went to and all the teachers there seemed to look down on him since he didn't live up to his brother's standards. Sakura wouldn't do that.

"I see," the Uchiha patriarch stroked his chin thoughtfully, "admittedly I'd like it if you married her earlier but she seems like a sweet girl. Go ahead Itachi, well done son, you've made me proud."

Itachi smirked and Sasuke scowled.

"All done," Sasuke looked up as his mother and Sakura sat back down.

"See anything you like?" Itachi gave Sakura a charming smile.

"Only now that I'm back here," both laughed, "they all looked so lovely though, I can't imagine taking a piece of any but there was one that I couldn't say no to."

"Why don't you boys go find something you like?" Mrs Uchiha suggested.

"Good idea."

Sasuke watched his father and brother get up, "Aren't you going to choose some cake Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke looked up at Sakura, "I don't like cake," he said a little harsher than he intended.

"Oh really? Well what are you going to have instead?"

"Ice-cream," Sasuke replied.

"Really? I like ice-cream too, my favourite flavour is cookie and vanilla, what's yours?"

"Mint chocolate-chip," Sasuke replied happily, "but vanilla is really nice too."

"I know, why don't we both get some ice-cream and we can share?"

"Really?" Sasuke was beaming up at her.

"Yes," she smiled.

His mother watched the interaction with a smile on her face, two thoughts were passing through her mind. One was how well Sakura got on with Sasuke, that was good, the boy didn't normally accept Itachi's girlfriends so readily and two, how good Sakura would be as a mother.

Eventually it came time for Sakura and Itachi to leave, Sakura boarded and needed to be back on campus for curfew. Sasuke was sad to see her go.

---End Flashback---

He looked at her, her pink hair was soaked hung in front of her eyes, her white blouse was slowly going see through to reveal a light pink bra and stuck to her ample curves. He gulped, he was just as pretty as she had been…but it couldn't be the same girl. But hadn't Itachi said she wanted to be a teacher? And she looked so young, she was only three years older than him.

"Miss Haruno?"

Sakura spun round, "Iruka-san, um…I can explain."

"Naruto," Iruka strode into the room and focused a piercing look on the blonde, "I warned you Naruto, one more prank and you'll be mopping floors for a month."

"But Iruka-sensei," Naruto whined.

"Don't blame him Iruka, it was my fault, just a little accident of mine," she was going slightly red from embarrassment and crossed her arms over her chest.

"You had an accident with a bucket of water?" Iruka was looking at her in a way that said I don't believe you.

"What bucket?" she kicked said bucket under her desk at the front.

"Arg," Iruka raked a hand through his hair and sighed, "Fine, I'll let you off this time Naruto but you have been warned. Anyway class, this is Sakura Haruno, she'll be your new history of art teacher. She's new to teaching so try not to give her too much hastle," Iruka then turned back to Sakura, "You gunna be alright?"

"Yeh, I'll be fine," she smiled, "just wish I'd thought to bring a jacket."

Iruka shrugged his off, "Here," he said as he handed it to her.

"Thanks Iruka-san," she smiled and he left.

"Well class, shall we get started?" she smiled up at them nervously clutching the jacket around her small form looking utterly swamped. Sasuke smirked, she looked cute.

----- was it? Bad or good?