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Summary: Sirius Black never took Harry to Dumbledore in the first book and instead raised him as his own son knowing that everyone in the wizard world thinks he told Voldemort where the Potters lived, he fled the country with Harry. Now the Tri-Wizard Tournament has come to Hogwarts the Durmstrang school has a champion most wizards thought had died years ago.

Pairing: Harry/Hermione, ?/?, ?/?,

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Like some people know on here who I've spoken to when they've reviewed some of my newer stories, I've become more of a fan of Harry/Hermione and that's the way the story will be going, for people who will likely claim that he sees her as a sister, you know from reading this story earlier and as the summary says Harry never went to Hogwarts before the Tri-wizard tournament. Also Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Ginny and Luna will all be a year older in this story as well as Krum being in his sixth year.

Finally Harry knows what happened to his parents, all other points will be answered either in reviews or in later chapters once they've been re-wrote.

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The Great Hall was abuzz with noise as Albus Dumbledore stood in front of his podium waiting for the excitement of his students to die down. He didn't truly expect for it to happen straight away due to the fact that rumours of a tournament had been circulating around Hogwarts since they had all returned earlier in the week, as was typical of a school full of teenagers there hadn't been a person who wasn't aware of the tournament by the end of the day; whether everyone believed it was another story. Looking around the Hall, blue eyes twinkling in mirth, Dumbledore did nothing to stop his students from talking even if his professors thought his laidback approach allowed certain members to show what they felt was a level of disrespect to the Headmaster, much like they were doing so now.

"I'm glad to hear that none of you were aware of this event," there was nothing he could do to stop the amusement from lacing his tone, truthfully even if he could have he wouldn't have wanted to stop it, the gossip mill of Hogwarts was legendary and it was showing itself once again. Some students laughed with Dumbledore after he spoke whilst others blushed at being caught knowing something they weren't meant to, "I tell you know that the Tri-Wizard Tournament is not for the faint hearted, as such there are restrictions as to who will be allowed to participate." smiling slightly out at the crowd as he finished his statement, he knew they would not be happy.

The comment was met with groans from all fours houses, as smiles turned into glares at hearing not all of them would be allowed to try and win, after all how often was it that you were given the chance to win something this big?

"Due to the dangers of the competition only students who are aged fifteen and over will be allowed to submit their name into the Goblet of Fire." A hush fell over the Great Hall as Dumbledore indicated to the golden cup that Filch brought in and position in front of the elderly mage, "due to the rules of the tournament, Hogwarts has been given the prestigious offer of hosting the Tri-Wizard-Tournament as well as play host to both the witches from the Beauxbatons academy as well as the wizards of Durmstrang. Our guests will arrive later this week and I trust I won't need to remind any student here to treat them with the respect and honour they deserve." With a final look directed at both the Gryffindor and Slytherin tables Dumbledore slowly moved away from the podium, something that many of the students took to be a signal for them to once again start talking, this time with more enthusiasm amongst the older students as their eyes followed the goblet which was being taken away from the Great Hall by the same bitter man who had brought it in.

Sitting at the edge of the Gryffindor table as she ignored the commotion that was taking place around her, Hermione Granger shot an annoyed look towards three red headed students who were telling everyone who happened to be in the vicinity about how they would put their name in the Goblet and bring glory back to Gryffindor house; the forth red headed member of their family was grumbling about how it was unfair she wasn't old enough to try and take part. Turning away from the students who had somehow managed to manipulate her own house against her, even more surprisingly in her first year as well, it was no secret that Hermione knew who to blame for it, one Ronald Weasley. From their first meeting aboard the Hogwarts Express the pair hadn't hit it off on the best of terms, scoffing to herself she knew that was an understatement, however things had gotten worse for her during the first two months at the school; something which finally accumulated at Halloween in their first year when he had put her in tears after she had only tried to help him with a spell.

That wasn't to say that formerly bushy haired girl was friendless at the school. Her isolation and studious behaviour had caught the eye of her head of house, and whilst Minerva McGonagall couldn't force the other Gryffindor's to talk to one of their own, even when she knew just why they were ignoring her, the Transfiguration master introduced Hermione to members of the other houses, Cho Chang, Luna Lovegood and Padma Patil had become the friends she didn't have before Hogwarts.

"Does he really think he'd stand a chance in any type of tournament?" Hermione's dismissive comment hadn't been as quiet as she had thought and drew a glare from Lavender Brown before the blonde slid further away from her on the bench, hoping to listen to how Fred and George were planning on getting their names in the Goblet of Fire, of course part of their plan involved asking the other Gryffindor's not to but their own names in. Those who were aware that this was less of a request, and more of the twins telling them that they shouldn't put their names in the goblet simply glared at them in reply as did the older students, the odds of them refusing to put their names forward for the competition simply because the Weasley's wanted to have the glory for themselves were slim to none, even Ron shot his older brothers an annoyed look as he had every intention of placing his name in when the time came.

Blue eyes met brown and a glare was sent from the youngest male Weasley only to be given one in return from someone who got under his skin just as much as Draco Malfoy. Granger even in his mind her name came out in annoyance, the girl had taken every opportunity to make him look like a fool in their classes, either answering questions that confused him; or like the year before when she disarmed him with ease in their DADA lesson causing everyone to laugh at him for losing a duel to a girl. He had of course paid her back in return each year, loudly agreeing with professor Snape in the safety of the Gryffindor common room that she enjoyed being a know it all, stating that she had no friends apart from the other bookworms, even at certain points going as far as hinting no boy would go near her in fear of being struck by one of the heavy books she carried around.

Prefect badge firmly fixed to her robes Hermione stood from the table more than happy to leave the sorting feast before they were told to by Dumbledore, over the years it had been no secret that the Headmaster had become more lax with students leaving the feast at the start of the year as long as they were back in their common room in time for the curfew. Her departure was met with clever head movements from two of the remaining tables and total avoidance by the third as the Slytherin's would rather sacrifice one of their own before admitting they had the slightest interest in a member of another house, which was shown by the fact that when their older students dated it was rarely out of house; as such they would have no interest in what a mudblood did. With a satisfied smirk that he had managed to remove Hermione from the Great Hall without speaking so much of a word, Ron turned back to his brothers, his thoughts on what he could do with the prize money and fame that came from winning the Tri-Wizard-Tournament, the respect that he felt he deserved for being eternally overshadowed by his brothers would be the first thing that came to mind. Then of course he would get a girlfriend, but not one of the girls that would want him to change, after all they would be dating a champion, he wouldn't need to change for anyone. It was with these thoughts that he turned back to his plate of food, oblivious to the looks he was receiving from all the girls in the vicinity as mash potato and gravy found his robes and cheeks with the speed he was shovelling it into his mouth.

"Does he really think that he'll have his name picked let alone win?" uncaring if people thought her ranting was down to repressed sexual tension she had for Ron, the thought of her having anything other than anger for the fifteen year old made her feel sick to her stomach, his eating habits were disgusting, his world revolved around himself, Quidditch and playing chess against anyone that he could all the while gloating if he won. "I heard from Draco," the name was spat from Hermione's mouth with the same annoyance she spoke of any of the Weasley's at the school, "that they're really going all out on the tournament this year. It was meant to be a secret so naturally Fudge told his father." Cho and Padma merely nodded in amusement as they watched their friend pace angrily, neither of them would tell Hermione that she had a crush on Ron Weasley, no matter how much people would suggest that she was acting like a girl with a crush who didn't know how to act around the boy she liked. For one they weren't sure if that was the truth of the situation, and two they didn't want to get on the girls bad side; despite the fact that they were the Ravenclaws and meant to be the studious house of the school they had quickly discovered that Hermione Granger was a quick learner then it came to spells. And well the least said about the tremulous relationships she had with Draco Malfoy was for the better, whilst the two hated each other for the simple fact that the Slytherin prince thought she was a horrible mudblood who had no right breathing the same air as someone like him, and Hermione often stated that he was a pathetic bigot with the intelligence of some of the creatures Hagrid made them look after; they found some sort of middle ground in their mutual disgust for the Weasley's and the shared insults they fired at them.

"You know Hermione," the comment wasn't going to be a good one, Cho didn't need to look at Padma to know the Indian girl was wearing a mischievous smile which would only serve to anger the brown eyed girl who was still pacing around their table in the library, "I think you need to get all your aggression out." The giggle that the statement drew was more reminiscent of her twin sister then the female it came from, however the next words which were spoken proved that it was contagious, "get yourself a boyfriend and let it out in a physical way." There was nothing two of the three could do to stop the laughter that erupted from them seeing the shocked look that formed on their friend's face at the suggestion, even the librarian hissing at them wasn't enough for the laughter to die down.

For her part Hermione tried her best to fight down the blush that was colouring her cheeks, she knew that she had unintentionally developed a reputation as a prude at Hogwarts due to the fact that she would rather spend time with her books then the drooling masses which represented more than fifty percent of the hormonal boys who were looking for girls to date. Despite what Ron and his two best friends Seamus and Dean tried to tell her, Hermione's friends had worked hard and long to convince her that she wasn't as unattractive as she believed she was, the bushy untameable hair had been tamed the year prior thanks to the collection of products and potions Cho had used on her, after Luna stunned the girl to make sure she wouldn't try and escape from the chair; the other thing she had hated herself had been fixed under her own instructions subsequent to being caught by a stray curse from Malfoy's wand, which had changed her slightly wonky teeth into something which looked like it belonged on a beaver

"You know she might have a point," the Asian beauty couldn't keep the treacherous smile from her mouth as she looked at both of her stunned friends, whilst she wasn't one for setting people up, or rather she wasn't one to be caught for setting people up, Cho wouldn't let this opportunity to at least embarrass her friend pass her by. "A little bit of makeup, maybe some different clothes we could set her up with Rodger Davis or maybe really get under their skin and get Cedric to go on a date to Hogsmeade with you." The devious smile was in full force as Cho grinned at Hermione knowing full well that the blushing girl wouldn't go on a date with either of the boys that she had suggested, whilst their work had brought her confidence up from what it was she still had self images issues as did many girls their age at Hogwarts, of course if a fifteen year old girl wasn't comparing herself to every other female around then society would crumble in shock. "I'm not saying you have to do anything with them," the two Ravenclaws were once again laughing at the look they were still on the receiving end of, "just let your hair down for the day, have fun like every other fifteen year old is doing." The insinuation that she didn't enjoy herself wasn't lost on Hermione, who was ready once again to offer a rebuttal that she did have fun in her spare time; it was just that her idea of fun wasn't getting dolled up and acting like a brainless bint; otherwise known as Lavender Brown. "Who knows if you start pretending to enjoy yourself you might actually have fun." The tongue in cheek comment was taken the way that it was meant to have been and was met with a slight smile from Hermione who rolled her eyes at her friends before laughing with them.

"I didn't think you'd want anyone to try and steal your boyfriend." Now taking her chance to tease the Ravenclaw there was a hint of disappointment when the same results weren't shown, as Cho didn't so much as bat an eye at the idea she was dating Cedric Diggory, the fact that they'd been seen in Hogsmeade together for the last month of the year before as well as walking to all their classes together was enough for the rumour mill to start up once again. So much so that the idea the pair weren't dating was met with ridicule as the witch or wizard who suggested that was often looked upon as if they just didn't understand the dynamics of a teenage romance. Of course it could have been true that many of the people who said the pair weren't dating didn't understand a teenage romance, the near missable looks when they thought the other wasn't watching them, the subtle handholding which was quickly dropped when they were met with friends or even people they didn't like, and the nervousness of asking the other if they wanted to spend the day at the small village their school was connected to during one of the days they were allowed to go to it. "Anyone could think that you were trying to set me up with Cedric so you two could encourage some sort of three-way relationship," giving Cho an appraising look with her typical half smile half smirk, Hermione nodded as if she had just figured out an equation. "It's always the smart ones."

Sitting in the Slytherin common room next to his two lackey's, or rather friends as other people liked to call them, Draco Malfoy stared into the fire wondering just how he could convince his father to make sure that blood traitor Weasley was drawn into the competition. Yes they had been told that you couldn't tamper with the Goblet of Fire but he was willing to bet the money that was in his trust vault that he never actually touched, Fudge could somehow be convinced to make sure the right thing happened, even if it was only for his amusement to watch the red head flail as he tried to win the tournament.

"Draco," the mumbled voice which sounded like it came from someone who was only just learning how to speak caught the blonde's attention was he looked at Goyle from his position on the black leather couch, a position that he managed to make sure other students knew was his and his alone as he stretched out taking up as much room as he could. "Are you going to put your name in?" the question was simple enough as the Slytherin's were more than happy to go along with what the fifth year wanted, unlike with the Gryffindor's who only did it when it suited them and based on whether or not the Weasley twins would try and prank them until they got their own way; the snakes of the school had more of a respect for their unofficial leader. Respect and fear for what his father would do to them or their family if Draco contacted him to saying something had gone wrong and it was because of one of his fellow Slytherin's, "I was thinking that you'd have the best chance out of everyone, your dad has probably shown you a thing or two." It was quite possibly the longest and most articulate sentence anyone had heard from Goyle during his five years at Hogwarts.

"I told you during the summer Goyle," rolling his eyes in annoyance at having to repeat himself to his friend, subordinate his mind quickly corrected, "father told me there would be no point in me putting my name in the cup. Despite having more than the thousand Galleons in my trust fund, the name Malfoy carries more cachet then any tournament could." Sneering down his nose at what he felt were the lesser students of even his own house, Draco continued to stretch on the couch as another student walked over hoping to get a seat closest to the green fire which was causing the otherwise cold dungeons to be pleasantly warm. "And despite the fact that I would walk through the competition without so much as a scratch, mother said that due to the fact the Tri-Wizard-Tournament hasn't been held in so long the events are going to be more dangerous than before, let one of these other fools put their names in for it; someone like Nott would love to be famous and actually have a girl look at him twice." Laughing at the thought of the Quidditch captain having a date, the seventh year looked like he had been smacked in the face one too many times by a bludger and had the personality to match, uncaring on whether the other boy was offended by the comments Draco didn't notice that it took a minute or two for the other Slytherin's around him to start laughing as well; what mattered was the fact was that they knew their places and that was behind him.

Whilst he couldn't deny that the thought of being Tri-Wizard-Champion appealed to him, the Malfoy heir also knew that there would be enough trouble for him in the form of his family if they caught wind that he put his name in the cup, not only that but he had the suspicion that Snape was keeping his eyes on him to make sure that he didn't do anything stupid.


Leaning against the side of the derelict looking ship as it seamlessly submerged only seconds after leaving Durmstrang behind for the year, Harry Potter looked around his moderately sized quarters for the journey and possibly for the duration of the event. A small mirror hung in the corner of the room and helpfully or was that happily tossed out insults to him in the voice of his Godfather, smiling as he looked down at the floor wondering if Sirius was once again getting drunk while harassing Karkaroff at the front of this ship, he had truly been confused by the inclusion of the only remaining member of the Black family who wasn't in Azkaban and yet whenever he had asked either his guardian or Headmaster they had simply changed the topic and told him he would find out soon enough, that was of course in between telling him to be safe when they got to Hogwarts. Scoffing to himself the Boy-Who-Lived turned to look at the mirror as he once again ran his hand through his hair in an attempt to make it look scruffier then it already did, as he silently cursed Sirius from going to it with a chainsaw like spell, he liked his longer hair, even if it annoyed the older male when he stole one of the rubber bands which littered their home and forced it back into a ponytail often stating that was how proper wizards wore their hair, with a smirk on his face.

"You looked like a bloody girl with your hair like that, which is fine if you were hoping to attract Krum or Styx." The mocking voice of Sirius came from the mirror causing Harry to roll his eyes in annoyance as he once again ran his hand through his hair thankful that the few strands that dropped down the front of his face didn't fall into his eyes, not for the first time appreciative for the magical contact lenses he had been given four years ago for Christmas. They only needed to be washed twice a year and after some alterations to them had a small reflective charm placed on them in case any spells were cast at that area of his body. "You should really be thanking me," Sirius' voice continued pouring from the mirror, "without my help you wouldn't look anywhere near as rakish as you do right now. In fact give it twenty or so years and there might be some competition for my title as 'Seriously Sexy wizard'." Giving the mirror a one finger salute Harry turned away from it knowing that if he allowed the charmed object to, it would blissfully hold an hour long conversation talking about how good looking and charming the buyer was, he knew this because it had happened before and not only with this mirror but also the ones at their home.

Letting the door to his room close with a slight bang, Harry walked through narrow corridors wondering just where his two friends were, after all they had agreed to meet up and drink the bottle of fire whiskey he had stolen from Sirius earlier in the day. Smirking once again as he thought of the stolen alcohol sitting under his bed, the teenager greeted the other wizards who walked passed him with a slight nod of his head and smile. Whilst it was something that wouldn't make sense to many witches and wizards, and he himself had been stunned at first when he and his Godfather arrived in Norway by the lack of attention the pair had received, especially when he was old enough to know the story behind his scar and why he had no parents; or rather no biological parents.

'You're more famous in Britain Harry, Voldemort never set his gaze on the rest of Europe, so while everyone knows what you did and they're grateful for it they were never under threat of being killed.' The words he had been told when he was eleven and asked Sirius as to why if there were books written about him did people continue to act like he was just another wizard, it was something that he had become truly thankful for over the years, the lack of having everyone pointing and gawking at him when he went out or was at school was all that prevented him from becoming a social recluse. This was coupled with the fact that Viktor Krum was also at Durmstrang and only one year ahead of him, the international Quidditch star had, at first, attempted to use Harry's own fame as a buffer to lose the crowds that followed him around the school; that had only lasted as long as it took to figure out that for them, Quidditch had more appeal then the Boy-Who-Lived even if he had arrived in suspicious circumstances.

"You know when people offer you illegally acquired alcohol you're not meant to ignore the invitation." Grinning as he pushed the door open, Harry's stomach dropped to his feet at seeing both of his friends sitting on the double bed that was given to their star pupil, however that wasn't what caused the sense of fear or his eyes to widen, it was seeing his Godfather and Headmaster sitting on the opposite side of the room looking at him with a knowing smirk and raised eyebrow respectively. "Ahh o..of course when I said illegally acquired alcohol what I meant to say was...was totally innocent water?" stuttering as he tried to backtrack, Harry wasn't aware that he ended his statement as a question, which only caused the smirk to grow on Sirius' face as Krum and Styx were shaking their heads at him rapidly as they knew the longer he spoke the chances of them getting drunk would get slimmer by the second. "And by totally innocent water I mean I'm going to go now," grinning innocently as he slowly tried to back out of the room knowing full well that he had ruined their plans, plans that had been one long painstakingly thought out plan and lesson in self control to not drink the bottle before they left the school.

"Harry sit down," the heavily accented voice of Igor Karkaroff left no room for him to get out of whatever punishment he had unwittingly thrown the three of them into, trying as hard as he could to ignore the looks he was receiving from the other two teens on the bed as he sat himself on the edge of the mattress, none of them seeing the knowing grin that passed between Sirius and the Headmaster. "You three know about the tournament being held at Hogwarts and the need to make sure that Durmstrang come out winners in it." Nodding as one, the rivalry between the three schools taking part in the competition had been drummed into every fifth, sixth and seventh year who agreed to board the ship and in their attempt to take part, "I will not lose to Albus Dumbledore and listen to his prattle about the 'greater good' nor will I lose to a group of girls from France." This time it was Sirius who nodded in agreement, being English the thought of being beaten by the French to anything made him feel sick to his stomach, something that he had tried to show Harry and yet the teenager had simply looked at him in his usual manner of 'did you eat something rotten when you were running around as a dog?' "As such you three will be entering your names into the Goblet of Fire, I know one of you had aspired to placing your name in anyway," a quick glance towards Viktor Krum who knew that he didn't truly have much of a choice in the mater, as the star pupil many people believed that he should put his name forward. "I expect you two to also enter your names." That was it, no questions to be asked or chances to say that maybe they didn't want to go into the Tri-Wizard-Tournament, all that was given was one final glare directed to each of the three students before Karkaroff slowly stood from his chair, indicating that Sirius should leave with him, "come, I believe there's fire whiskey in Harry's room which requires to be drunk."

Scowling at his Godfather who only offered a teasing smirk in reply as he mimed a glass being poured before it was drank as he left the room with a wink, Sirius closed the door behind them knowing full well that there was going to be trouble for the teenager left in his care, laughing to himself silently as he corrected, the teenager he had spent the past fourteen years corrupting to his way of thinking. It was at times like this he truly missed two of his former best friends, even if he knew Harry hated being told it, he was acting like James more and more as the time passed by, the mannerisms and uncharacteristic need to get himself and his friends into trouble was something that the Marauder had often enjoyed doing during their time at school; then there was his eyes. Emerald green eyes that stared into you, much like Lily's had done so, daring you to lie to them, only half paying attention as he summoned the bottle of alcohol from his Godson's room and continued to follow Karkaroff towards his own cabin.

Sirius' mind was a whirlwind of thoughts as he wondered if the two deceased Potter's would be brought of the man their son was becoming, would they be proud of him for what he had done that night when he stole Harry away to make sure he wouldn't live with a Muggle family who would hate him. In the harsh light of day he told himself he made the right decisions all those years ago, he loved the boy like the son he never had, and Harry looked at him like a father as well as a big brother and best friend, a combination of which used to break the older man's heart when they first fled England. As with all memories and thoughts however they were offset by the knowledge that Lily Potter had often spoken about the hatred her own family had for her as well as James, Harry and their world; there had been no way Sirius could subject him to living in those kind of environments.

"So this is Hogwarts," Harry's comment was directed to no one and everyone at the same time as the Durmstrang students had quickly moved topside once their ship emerged from the Black Lake, like many witches and wizards they had only seen one magical school and it was the one they attended. Due to the charms placed on the castles even if they were vacationing in another country they would be unable to locate another unless they had permission to be on the grounds. Green eyes flicked from one position to the other as he stood in between Krum and Styx, the three friends taking up a position near the mast as they could see shadows moving nearer the castle, no doubt the students had been told to greet them outside which was an odd thing indeed, because as far as Harry could remember Karkaroff had told them that they were be demonstrating some of the things they were taught in the Great Hall after they were announced by Dumbledore. Turning his attention to the glimmer sticks that they all held in their hands and the thick red coats they were required to wear as part of their official uniform when greeting or being greeted by people from another country.

"Look at that!" as the Durmstrang ship settled against the bank, the gasps from the Hogwarts students drew everyone's attention skywards, towards what was undoubtedly the Beauxbatons school making their own impressive entrance as their carriages were being pulled through the air by flying horses. 'Pegasus' maybe?' watching as the school draped in long black robes all rushed to back away from the carriage and the groundskeeper who didn't exactly inspire confidence with the way he was trying to signal for them to stop their descent and slow down. "Wow that's what you call an entrance." Again one of the Hogwarts students spoke as they watched the Beauxbatons students leave their carriages, as from what could be seen due to his position on the ship; Harry assumed Karkaroff was right in the fact that the entire contingent for their school was female in a contrast to them only bringing males students along for the event. Some would claim sexism and perhaps they would be right in that guess, however none of the Durmstrang students questioned the decision as they knew there was only a set number of places for the upper three years, and Harry seriously doubted the witches dressed in light blue coats and hats questioned the mammoth of a woman who led them into the castle either.

"It would appear that the allure of young attractive witches has made us surplus to requirements." Pushing to the front of his students as he watched the majority of the gathered crowd follow the Beauxbatons students back inside the castle with an air of annoyance, Karkaroff pointed his wand at to the side of his ship and watched with a satisfied smile as the ladder emerged for them to make their way towards the other two schools. "Do not forget Viktor, you are to enter the Great Hall last alongside me," gesturing for his students to lead him towards Hogwarts, any sense of warmth from the Headmaster gone as a cold mask fell across his face, a mixture of both having to be back in the country and just who he was going to come face to face with. It made perfect sense after all one, of those people were the reason he had been caught all those years ago and he had attempted to have the other thrown in Azkaban himself. Instinctively his hand covered his left forearm in an effort to hide what would be considered a tattoo even though his sleeve was already doing that job for him.

It was with a bored expression on their faces that Harry and Styx poked and proved the ground with their glimmer sticks on their journey towards the Hogwarts castle, Sirius had already told the former all about the school as he had been there during his own education, whilst the latter was unimpressed by the castle. Although not ignorant of other magical institutions he had no desire to swap schools and as such didn't feel the need to be taken by the ancient castle in the manner that some of his classmates were.

The oohs and ahhs which trailed down the hallways from the Beauxbatons students were enough to make sure they knew the path to take, as they walked through one of the archways, not taking the direct route in the darkness, although at the same time not receiving any directions from Karkaroff who was too busy making sure there were no homicidal professors or Auror's ready to jump out of the shadows and attack him. Unlike their counterparts who were dressed in light blue and seemed to glide around the corners, pointing to the paintings adorning the walls, as well as avoiding the ghosts which happily glided from the rooms they walked past, the Durmstrang delegation moved in a way more akin to an army; two lines of students led by seventh years, each step falling in line with one another's gaze held firmly in front of them it would have been impressive if it were not for the slightly robotic and emotionless movements they made.

"First may I introduce the lovely ladies of the Beauxbatons academy of magic," Dumbledore's strong voice echoed throughout the Great Hall forcing each and every Hogwarts student to stop what they were doing and turn as one as the doors opened on his silent command. Even though they had managed a brief glance of the fifteen to seventeen year olds outside the castle, nearly every teenage wizard and even some witches pushed their way past their friends in an attempt to work themselves closer to the edge of the benches they were sitting on as they fell into a trance like state watching the females walking past, to the chagrin of Hogwarts' own female party who either glared at their boyfriends or wizards they were interested in. Smiling in recognition of what was happening, Albus Dumbledore placed a mask of muted shock on his face as he watched the display of wandless magic take place before him, knowing full well that this was a time for both visiting schools to try and impress; and from the expressions on certain faces impress they did, if not for the reasons the Beauxbatons Headmistress would have liked. The powerful wizard allowed himself to be charmed as he watched the witches in front of him summon small birds from their sleeves as they periodically stopped in front of each row and waved their arm across the near drooling wizards with a smile and a sigh, "Madame Maxime, it's a pleasure to see you again."

Large sections of the Great Hall broke into laughter as they watched the witches continue to stand until their Headmistress took her own seat next to Dumbledore, for her part Hermione looked across to the Ravenclaw table and rolled her eyes in annoyance once she found Padma's gaze, indicating to Ron who was leaning over her shoulder in an effort to keep his eyes on the rear ends of the females who were still in the process of finding seats.

"And now our brothers from Durmstrang!" once again all eyes turned back to the front of the hall wanting to see just what the seconds arrival of wizards would do to entertain them. Both schools watched as once again the Great Hall was filled with new bodies, this time all male students wearing thick red fur cloaks. Their display was just as extravagant as the Beauxbatons students in their own way, the sticks were held out in front of them and tossed with ease from hand to hand, an apparition like version copied the movement a second later causing younger eyes to widen in surprise at what they had seen, with a slight smirk Harry flicked his gaze over towards his friend seeing a similar expression tugging at his mouth as their four and a half feet long pieces of wood were held in front of their bodies before being spun around in a mock parody of martial arts. The movements caused the apparitions to appear slower, looking more drawn out as the magic contain in the sticks were unable to keep up with the speed they were presently being moved about, the display came to a sudden stop as Karkaroff followed his back flipping aide down the Great Hall, coming to a stop in front of the Hogwarts Headmaster as he conjured a flaming dragon to fly around the older man.


The story will be more upbeat then my other Harry Potter ones which I'm currently working on, with probable Ron/Ginny bashing as well as a manipulative Dumbledore