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The air around Hogwarts was thick with an underlying tension. Although no one could say what the cause of it was, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang and Hogwarts students alike could all feel it. Those who weren't inclined to get involved in the gossiping circles around the castle, were more than happy to ignore it; and if asked, would claim it was something to do with the three champions. It was something that held some weight, as the second task of the tournament was rapidly approaching. However, that ignored the simple fact that the three champions themselves didn't seem all too worried about the next task. Whether that was they felt dragons would be the worst thing they could possibly face, or as some students whispered, they knew what was coming, was yet to be seen. The more astute students, had pointed out that the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang champion's had seemed too casual during their first task. Something which had done nothing to stem the whispers, that their Headmasters were telling them what was coming.

For others the feeling was more akin to waiting for someone to detonate a bomb. People were letting their gazes linger on one another as they passed, as though something had been said that they didn't agree with. Or if they had insulted someone else's family and there were going to be swift repercussions to come.

It was how one Hermione Granger felt as she moved through the corridors of Hogwarts as she forced herself to keep her gaze forward. In the back of her mind, she kept reminding herself that not everyone was staring at her, even if she was sure that their eyes followed her with each step she took. All she had to keep from bolting down the corridor, was that her gut feeling was exactly that for the time being, a gut feeling. A gut feeling that had, after all, come to fruition after the slightly more triumphant than needed look Albus Dumbledore had given her, after telling him who Harry's guardian was. Despite inwardly agreeing that the Hogwarts Headmaster was more than a little eccentric in what he did, that didn't mean she thought he was some sort of diabolical mastermind either.

As such, Hermione was having a hard time as to why she now felt that Dumbledore shouldn't have been told what he had wanted to know, other than a mere feeling she had. For the normally logical driven Gryffindor, a gut feeling wasn't something she was known to make decisions on. Or judge people, who up until that point, she had nothing but the highest amount of respect for. The only problem with that train of thought, was one Harry Potter and the hesitation his voice had held when he mentioned Sirius Black. No matter how much she had tried, Hermione had been unable to shake the feeling that he had been expecting some kind of reaction from her upon hearing the name. She guessed that her reaction, or lack thereof had been more than confusing to Harry, even if she was confused as to why that was.

The Gryffindor prefect was half tempted to head back to her common room and stay there, at least until she was able to stop the gnawing which had formed. Although, Hermione doubted she would be given the chance to do that, if there were too many Gryffindors hanging around as well. It did however; leave her with few choices as to where she could go, either to find Cho and Padma and try to get their perspective of what had happened. Or head back to the Durmstrang ship and try to find out just why, Harry had seemed so uncertain about telling her. From what Hermione knew of the Durmstrang champion, appearing anxious wasn't something she would say fit his personality.

"Harry's probably busy; he needs to concentrate on the tournament." Muttering the words to herself, even though said champion had come and collected her from one of her lessons, to help prepare him for the first task. There was also the fact that she wasn't going to be able to run to Harry every time there was something on her mind, she had after all coped for four years without doing so. That she was in some sort of relationship with him, didn't mean she was suddenly turn into a Lavender or Parvati and become joined at the hip with Harry.

It was with those thoughts in her mind, that Hermione reasoned the best place for her to be was not with the Durmstrang champion. It went without saying that the pair would likely see each other during the day anyway, either during one of the meals, or whenever Harry and his friends wandered around the castle. With that decision made, that the brunette headed in the one place she could think, hopefully in peace, the library. She lacked the ability to pull her friends out of their classes without a valid reason, neither did she want to get caught in the situation were she had little choice but to join the class again.

Doubting that anyone would stop her if they came across the fifth year, as students in their fifth and seventh year were allowed prolonged access to the library when they had no classes. Having both O.W.L.'s and N.E.W.T.'s, meant putting a time limit on how long they could study for pointless, even if some students didn't take it to the levels that others would do so. Nodding politely at Madame Pince as she moved towards her favourite desk, a voice muttered in the back of her mind that she hadn't thought ahead to bring any books with her. Neither did Hermione have any homework currently with her, such was the downside to not thinking about what just what she was going to do with her free time.

Cursing inwardly as she let her gaze move across the groups of Hogwarts students who were currently engrossed in either a book. Or bent over a desk as they attempt to finish whatever essay they currently had, the Gryffindor felt decidedly out of place for the first time, since she had entered the library in her first year. Sadly it left Hermione with two options, either leave the library and come back with a book, which ran the risk of her looking like a crazy person; or find a book that wasn't being used. Finding herself with little choice, the Gryffindor started moving around the stacks of books, even if she had no idea what she was looking for, other than the fact that she was simply looking.

"Hermione," looking up at the voice, the girl in question found herself staring into the friendly face of Susan Bones, who though never went of her way to talk to the Gryffindor, also didn't have anything against her. "The tournament is starting to become exciting isn't it?" Asking even though it wasn't really a question. The Hufflepuff like the rest of her house had found it exciting from the start, considering their school's champion was a fellow housemate. "Cedric's been nervous ever since his name got called form the Goblet, but he showed that he's just as good as Fleur or Harry." Susan's comment was followed with an embarrassed smile, as she quickly looked away from Hermione, unsure as to what the other girl's reaction was going to be.

"They're all doing well," offering a polite smile of her own, Hermione wanted to point out that there had only been one task so far. There was also the issue of no one knowing Harry's score, apart from the wizard himself and the judges, but respect for the Hogwarts champion, and Cho kept her from pointing this out. "I'm surprised all of them got passed the dragons without getting hurt too badly." It was of course an understatement, it was more surprising that none of them had been rushed to St Mungo's to be treated for nearly being burnt to a crisp, or having a chunk taken out of them.

"Dragons," Susan laughed quietly as she shook her head, only now noticing Hermione place a Potions textbook on the table she had led them back to. "I don't know how they managed to convince the Ministry that would be a good idea. But I guess, watching the champions nearly die is meant to be the fun part of the Tri-Wizard-Tournament for us?" Shrugging in confusion as she asked her question, Susan was only now thankful that she hadn't entered her own name into the Goblet of Fire. The odds of her aunt letting her take part were slim to none, if she had done so. There was also the fact that the longer the tournament went on, the happier she was about her decision not to do so. After all, it was one thing to watch as a possible friend, along with two people you didn't know risk their lives for entertainment. It was another thing entirely, for it to be you doing so.

"They should just make it easier for the next task," smiling over the rim of book as she spoke, Hermione had the sense to make it look like she was reading at least. As she saw the librarian glaring at them, from the corner of her eye. "Tie the three of them to a post and fire spells at them, the last witch or wizard to give up gets all tens from the judges." To the Gryffindor it didn't sound too farfetched, considering how barbaric some of the previous tasks were meant to have been in centuries past.

"So Harry doesn't know what the second task is then?" The not so innocent question was asked not so innocently as Susan quickly looked around the library. It was no secret that both the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang champions were far more relaxed when they walked out of the tent, than Cedric had been. Who had looked more than ready to turn around and run back inside, when he came face to face with the dragon that was guarding the golden egg.

"I don't know." Hermione's reply was carefully measured as she finally looked at the Hufflepuff, realising that you would have to have been pretty slow not to know why she was asking that question. If the first question had an all too clear reason as to why it was being asked, then the next seemed to come from out of nowhere.

"If you did know Hermione, you'd say wouldn't you?" Susan leant over the table as she asked her question, as she was the most likely person inside Hogwarts to know if Harry as being told what was coming beforehand. "We all want a Hogwarts victory, so it'd only be right to make sure Cedric would be on equal footing if the other schools were sharing information." Looking imploringly at the Gryffindor as she spoke. Susan didn't doubt for a second if Harry knew something about the tournament that would give him an edge, and let Hermione know, that the prefect would likely keep it to herself.

"Hermione." The not so whispered cry of her name caused both witches to look towards the doors of the library. One smiling in relief whilst the other was unable to hide their annoyance at being interrupted; no matter how fleeting the feeling was. "Cho doesn't know how lucky she is not having any exams this year," dropping into the seat next to the Gryffindor, Padma offered a small wave to the Hufflepuff sitting opposite them.

"Padma," sighing in relief at the sight of her friend, Hermione was more than pleased at the reprieve the Indian girl's arrival had given her. If she was honest with herself, the female Gryffindor had no answer to the question, on a basic level she knew that a Hogwarts victory was what she wanted. Though, she didn't think that would automatically mean she would have to tell Cedric something about the tournament, if Harry let slip he knew what was coming. At the same time, Hermione doubted Cho would be too happy with her if she had information thanks to Cedric, and Harry was informed about it. "We need to talk when Cho gets out of her class." Her comment drew a confused look from the two teenaged witches sitting at the table. Whilst Susan knew if there was anything private that Hermione needed to talk about, then she wouldn't be around when it was said. Yet at the same time, like most people at the school, she had an idea as to what might have been talked about.

"I think Cho said she had something she needed to do after Charms." Shrugging as she spoke again, Padma pulled the book that Hermione had been looking at over, before a scowl formed on her face. "You know her, she's probably trying to get some good favour so she can be Head Girl next year." Padma shared a smile with the brunette to her left, knowing full well that this time next year Hermione would likely be doing the same thing. "She probably won't be free until dinner, or later tonight if she doesn't have any homework." Frowning as she noted the slightly downtrodden expression form on the other girl's face at the news.

"I suppose it can wait until later then." Hermione briefly looked across the table, noting that Susan was still sitting there, even though the conversation whether politely or not, didn't include her. "Have you been preparing for the O.W.L.s?" Asking the first thing that entered her mind, even if at the same time it limited the conversation that could take place between the three of them. "I've been having trouble revising for it in the Common Room, it's not really the best place to try and focus on your work." Finishing on a quiet whine even if she wasn't really complaining about it. It was no secret that the Gryffindor Common Room was the most boisterous out of the four houses, when you had Fred and George Weasley in there, things were likely to be loud.

"Not really," not sounding as contrite as she possibly should have been at her answer, Padma turned her chair so that she was facing Hermione. "The tournament has stopped everyone from focusing on the exams. I'm surprised there wasn't anything that said about it, to let everyone know what was going to happen at the end of the year." Rolling her eyes as she continued. Padma, like the majority of the students who cared about their exams, was taken aback at the fact that there seemed to be little thought about how they would take place; whilst the Tri-Wizard-Tournament was on.

"I think they're happening before the third task, and Cedric has his N.E.W.T.s during the summer." Sounding less than convinced with her reply, Hermione knew that it was something she could trust one of her friends to take an interest in also. "I don't think anyone knows what Beauxbatons or Durmstrang are going to do for the exams."

Idly registering that the Hufflepuff who had been questioning her about Harry and the tournament had left at some point, when their conversation had turned to the exams, Hermione shifted her chair like Padma.

"Harry hasn't said anything to you about it?" Not sounding as shocked as she perhaps might have, if she hadn't known the Durmstrang champion. The Indian Ravenclaw lacked any teasing in her question that may have been present a few months ago, but there were only so many times you could watch someone blush or stutter. "I suppose he won't have any exams until they leave here anyway." Sounding almost wistful as she spoke, even if she was in a house that prized knowledge over everything else, having a few extra months before an exam sounded like heaven.

"No," Hermione's tone was slightly abashed as she answered her friend. "Harry hasn't spoken much about anything like that, it's more what his friends and him get up to." She wanted to add not telling her too much about his home life to that, even if she had been unsure how to best approach the subject with him. It hadn't seemed overly important until Dumbledore had brought up the question of who he lived with, that had got her thinking about what his life was like. Up until that point Hermione had simply been taking things as they came, part of her had simply reasoned that he would be leaving when the school year finished. As of yet, there had been nothing mentioned about what would happen once he did.

"That makes sense," Padma nodded as she tried not to laugh. "It's not like you've had a lot of time to talk to one another in between running around Hogsmeade alone, twice. Been spun around the Great Hall by him for most of the night, or been on the Durmstrang ship more than once. Alone." Finishing with a mocking smile that she shot towards Hermione, Padma continued to bite the inside of her cheek to prevent her laughter from bubbling out. "Tell me Miss Granger, just what do you and Mr Potter spend all your time doing with one another?" Putting on her best Professor McGonagall voice as she asked her question, the Ravenclaw knew that more than one witch had their ideas about what the two got up to.

"Take your mind out the gutter Padma." Huffing in annoyance, even if there was a slightest hint of a smile forming on her face. Hermione couldn't figure out how to say that Harry had been trying to boost her esteem with his antics, especially when he had spun her around the hall at the Yule Ball. "We talk, he asks about things are at Hogwarts." Looking around as she spoke, you didn't need to be a genius to know that she was uncomfortable with the subject they were talking about. Although, it was something that was only to be expected, as it was Hermione's first relationship. Not only that, but it could never be said that she was the type of girl who got involved in these conversations, when it was someone else's relationship either.

"Are you going to set your boyfriend on Draco?" Cocking her head to the side as she thought about her own question, Padma briefly wondered why they hadn't thought of it beforehand. "I bet you Harry would kick his arse if he was told some of the things Draco's said to you over the years." Smiling as she spoke, Padma couldn't say that she'd be too sad if Harry did go after the Malfoy heir, due to him making her friend's life as much of living hell as he could. "It's not like he'd get in trouble for it, their Headmaster doesn't seem to care for Dumbledore's rules." Less than pleased about that small truth, there was little Padma could do other than listen to the Hogwarts students complain about the lack of respect to their own Headmaster.

"I can't set Harry on Malfoy like he's some guard dog." Laughing through her comment, Hermione doubted it would be fair to the Slytherin, no matter how funny she would find it. She also doubted that he would be unable to be punished like Padma seemed to think. "Abo...about Harry," pausing as she struggled to find the words, Hermione stared at her friend, seemingly willing her to know what she wanted to ask, without having to say it herself. It was stupid of course, Padma had no way of knowing without being told, just like she hadn't. "If I said the name Sirius Black, would that mean anything to you?" Even as the question left her mouth, she doubted Padma would have more of a reaction than she did on the ship. Certainly less of one than Dumbledore by any means.

"Errm..no." Scratching her head lightly as she thought the question over, the Ravenclaw stared at her friend with no shortage of confusion on her face. "Should the name mean anything to me?" Padma was sure that it was in fact meant to have meant something to her, why else would Hermione ask her. However, as far as she could tell, it was nothing more than one of those odd, old fashioned wizarding names people were given. "What's this got to do with your boyfriend?" She somehow doubted that she was being asked, for nothing other than the sake of her health.

"It's who he's living with back in Norway." Hermione seemed less sure of herself as she offered her reason as to why she wanted to know. Without Dumbledore offering her any explanation as to why it was deemed important she find out, and now that she had the time to think about it, it seemed a stranger and stranger request to make. "Professor Dumbledore wanted to know who he was living with, he said it was because Harry was under Hogwarts protection during the tournament." Unable to keep the confusion out of her tone as she mimicked the words that had been said to her only a few days prior.

"Protection from what Hermione?" Padma mirrored the bemused expression that was on the Gryffindor's face, as she wracked her brains in an effort to follow the conversation. "He decided to put his name in the Goblet, he knows what the risks are and I'm pretty sure he's not going to be randomly attacked on the way back to the Durmstrang ship." Shaking her head as she couldn't think of a reason why he'd be in any danger, let alone enough for Dumbledore to claim he was under the school's protection. "Did you see how he got around the dragon in the first task? Harry isn't stupid enough to get into trouble." Not knowing just what the problem was, Padma took the time to glance around the library, though not seeing anyone at the same time either.

Frowning to herself as her friend's words sunk in, Hermione didn't find herself reassured by them. She could argue that Padma had a point, in that outside the dangers of the tournament itself, Harry didn't seem to be under any kind of threat. At the same time however, if Dumbledore was truly attempting to look after the wizard because he wanted him safe, did that mean he likewise found a way to ask Fleur about her parents? If she listened to what her gut was telling her, then she doubted that would have been the case. Sadly it left Hermione back at square one, as she was left to wonder if there was anything nefarious going on, or whether she was simply over thinking a situation.

Having had spotted all the signs of Hermione zoning out, or as she would tell everybody, simply being deep in thought, Padma had little choice but to flick through the book sat in front of her. Whilst a different student might have been annoyed at the Potions book that sat in front of her, she was merely looking at it for lack of anything better to do. Even then, the Ravenclaw didn't share the opinion that Potions was the worst thing in the world. While like many of the other Hogwarts students she didn't find it enjoyable; neither did she think Snape was the devil incarnate. Padma felt that things would go a lot smoother in the class if you didn't speak to, or look at the Potions master. At least that way he had no reason to hurl abuse at you.

Oblivious to the girl next to her, Hermione was only slightly more conscious to the world around her. Enough so at least, that if someone was talking to her she would be able to notice them, as opposed to staring into space like an addled child. She would of course vehemently deny day dreaming if someone accused her of doing so. One thing Hermione Granger never did was day dream, what was more, she didn't do so over a boy of all things.

"It's a name Hermione, a name. Be happy that he's telling you something about his life." Padma didn't so much as move her gaze from the textbook as she spoke, having been able to tell that her friend was still in her previous position. "With how worried you look, I thought you were going to tell me you two had slept together." Offering her friend a teasing grin as she spoke. Padma had no doubts that if the brunette to her side was ever thinking of doing so, then she would have known about it by now. Something that was in no small part down to her nature of needing to plan things out, even if she seriously doubted the Gryffindor had thought that far ahead just yet.

"On a ship full of his schoolmates Padma?" Sounding more than a little put out at the suggestion, that if she were to do so, it would be were all of his friends could walk in and see them. That Viktor Krum had walked into Harry's room during something much more innocent in nature, wasn't something that her friend needed to know. "And you haven't turned the page in my book since opening it." Shooting the same smile back at the Ravenclaw, Hermione could do nothing other than shake her head at her friend.

"You have to admit they'd get a shock if they walked in and saw that." Laughing through her words, Padma brought her arm up to stop the smack that had been aimed for her head by the Gryffindor. "Hermione Granger, Gryffindor prefect and model student caught in bed with Harry Potter, Durmstrang champion." Nodding to no one in particular as she continued talking, neither witch noticed that Madame Pince was making her way towards them. "Of course they'd ask your closest and best friends about the relationship, I'd make sure they heard everything from me and Cho." Somehow Padma had managed to make the words sound less supportive than they should have been. If anything the glint that was forming in her brown eyes, seemed to say that if either Cho of herself were asked they would likely come out with story after story. Whether they would be true or not, was entirely debatable.

"Rita Skeeter wouldn't need to embellish anything she wrote with you two," doing her best to hide her smile as she nodded along with the Indian girl, Hermione resisted the urge to smack her friend once again. "'Hermione Granger's sordid harem..." before she had a chance to continue just what she thought her friends would come up with, a harsh cough interrupted the duo.

"Miss Granger, if yourself and Miss Patil aren't here to study for your assignments, then you leave me no choice but to ask you to leave the library." Glaring down at the two as she spoke, the librarian was fully aware that the three of them were now holding the full attention of the other students in the library. "I would have expected different from the pair of you, and never thought you'd come here to simply gossip like lovesick children." Looking out of breath as she finished her complaint, not an unusual feat considering Madame Pince rarely spoke to students or members of the staff. The two witches could do nothing other than watch, as she snatched the book from the table, before she stormed away with a face like thunder.

Head after head turned to stare in confusion as Hermione and Padma scurried out of the library. One of whom looking painstakingly embarrassed at what had just happened, whilst the other couldn't seem to keep the smile off of her face. The reprimand clearly not having the desired effect which had been looked for, once it had started. If her poor attempts to prevent herself from laughing were anything to go by.

Hermione glared down at Padma, thoroughly incensed as the Ravenclaw couldn't stop the laughter that had escaped now that they were safe from the librarian. Never in her five years at Hogwarts had she been kicked out of the library, never mind being spoken to like that by Madame Pince, and yet here, Padma found the situation funny. If you asked her, although the odds of anyone doing so were slim to none, then being kicked out of the library was anything but funny. Embarrassing, upsetting, being left to wonder if she was expected to hand an apology in yes, but not something to laugh at.

"Shut up." Hissing at Padma before she kicked her once, and then again, Hermione wasn't thinking about anyone spotting her attacking her friend. "It' .funny!" Smacking the Ravenclaw in-between each word even if she was hardly trying to hurt the other girl, it was the least that Padma deserved. "We got kicked out because of you."

"Come on," dragging the disgruntled Gryffindor behind her as she ran down the corridor, Padma knew that she should have been as annoyed as the other girl was. There was only one small problem however, she found the funnier than it should have been. "You should have seen your face when she came over." Pausing as she only just realised that Hermione hadn't been alone when she found her, the Ravenclaw stopped mid-step as she turned to look at the other witch. "What was Susan asking you about?" Eyebrow raised as she asked her question, holding little doubt at all that the Hufflepuff inquiring about something; from the way she had been staring at Hermione.

"She wanted to know if Harry knew about the tournament, and I knew, would I tell Cedric." Shaking her head as she replied, Hermione still didn't have an answer to that question. Whilst in theory she did want Hogwarts to win the Tri-Wizard-Tournament, she didn't think sharing anything Harry told her about it, would be the right thing to do. It was a matter of him entrusting her with something that he wished to be kept private.

"Would you?" Padma asked once again, although she had no reason to believe that Hermione would tell the Hufflepuff champion, neither did she believe she should. Something she knew, would undoubtedly be seen as traitorous by some students.

"I don't know," replying truthfully, she had never thought of what she would do if the situation arose. "It'd be a Hogwarts victory." Shrugging as she continued, the Gryffindor merely repeated the words that had been spoken to her, if she believed them or not.

"So, if Harry tells you the next task is scaling the side of the castle while fighting off a rampaging Hippogriff she'd expect you to run off and tell Cedric?" Shaking her head, perplexed at what she was listening to, Padma found it more than a little foolish. "I take it this gesture of fair play is going to go both ways?" Scepticism laced her words as the pair strolled past other Hogwarts students.

"He doesn't go to Hogwarts Padma." Speaking as though that was meant to close the issue, Hermione rolled her eyes. Having an idea that was what she would be told, if she raised that point with Susan, even if she didn't agree with it herself. "I don't know why she thinks he'd tell me what the next task was anyway."

"And if you start telling people things that Harry has told you," letting the rest of her warning go unspoken as she ignored the end of Hermione's comment. To the Ravenclaw witch, it was obvious as to why they thought Harry would tell her what was coming up in the tournament. When you thought about the time the pair had spent around one another, it wasn't that big of a push to think such a thing might have happened.

Padma's seemingly off handed comment as cause enough for Hermione to stop mid-step, even if she had said it in relation to the tournament and nothing more. Listening to the voice in the back of her head, which told her she needed to let him know, that Dumbledore knew who he lived with, whilst apologising to him for it. Little did Hermione know as the doors to the Great Hall opened, was that she wouldn't have the chance to tell him that, before the shit well and truly hit the fan.

The first signs that something was amiss when the two witches walked into the Great Hall, was the fact that nearly every head in the room was staring at the professor's table. Albeit whilst trying to look inconspicuous about it, even if they were failing badly at doing so. The second sign would have to have been the group of six Aurors who were standing at the top of the hall, but merely looking out at the students impassively. From her position near the doors, Hermione was unable to note anything special about them bar two. The shortest of whom was stood with a slight hunch, and from what she could tell had some type of walking stick. Not only that but one of his eyes seemed to be a vibrant blue compared to the other, and stood out more against his scared face.

The second Auror couldn't have appeared any different if she tried to Hermione, despite the fact that she barely looked old enough to be one. Whereas the other five seemed to be patiently waiting for their orders, the only female in the group looked like she couldn't wait to be out of the room, as her head turned one way and then the other. Whilst that mightn't have been odd in of itself, Hermione was sure that when she first saw the woman her hair had been a deep purple, but now it was a bright pink than anything else.

"Miss Granger," Albus Dumbledore's voice rang out around the near silent hall, focusing all the attention on the fifth year prefect. "I was just telling the Minister how you have helped us out with our little problem." The Hogwarts Headmaster slowly moved towards where Hermione was standing, taking with him both the Minister of Magic and the Aurors he brought with him. "If it wasn't for you, then we would never have been able to come up with a solution. For something as serious as this, it would have been a travesty of justice." Dumbledore continued to talk as he came to a slow stop in front of Hermione, with the damnable twinkle in his eyes at full blast. The same twinkle that made student after student confess everything that Dumbledore wanted to know from them.

"Professor, I don't understand what you mean." Blinking up at him as she spoke, Hermione didn't have a clue as to what he was talking about, and why it seemed to involve the Minister either.

"Your help with finding out about Sirius Black, Miss Granger." Replying as though it was the last thing she should have forgotten, Dumbledore didn't consider that Hermione hadn't thought it would have resulted in the Minister being contacted. "After you informed me his identity, I contacted Cornelius that night. It would appear that Sirius Black has no legal rights to Harry, that he seems to have been living with him all this time raises some serious questions." His voice took on a graver tone as he continued to talk, before the Hogwarts Headmaster's attention turned to the Minister of Magic standing at his side.

"Indeed, not only does Black have to answer to the charge of kidnapping the only child to an old wizarding family. He also has a second charge going back fourteen years that also needs looking at," shaking his head morosely as he spoke, Cornelius looked towards the Aurors who were standing behind him. "If I had to take a guess, I'd say that Sirius will be wishing he didn't flee the country that night. Now he will likely face Azkaban at best." Sounding anything but saddened at the situation he was finding himself in, rather the Minister of Magic looked rather pleased by being able to have his Aurors arrest somebody.

"Azkaban, I...I don't understand." Repeating herself as she turned form the Minister and towards Dumbledore, as she scrunched her face in confusion. Silent as they were, the Hogwarts and small collection of Beauxbatons students had slowly inched themselves as close to the group, to try and listen in on the conversation.

"I have no doubt that you don't Miss Granger." Smiling in his grandfatherly manner down at her, Albus brushed past the Gryffindor before signalling for Cornelius and the Aurors to follow him. "As pleased as I am with the assistance you have already offered us, I find myself needing to make a solitary request of you. Of everyone here, and that is stay inside the castle until I return." Staring out at the students in the Great Hall as he spoke, Dumbledore's words held no room for someone to defy him.

Following the order every person in the hall was at a standstill, those who were close enough had heard what was said, and thus had their interests sparked. On the other hand, those who hadn't heard what had been said as clearly, were just as interested as to what had been said and why Dumbledore, the Minster and a squadron of Aurors had left. Unable to bring herself to turn around and look in the direction that they had gone in, Hermione found herself continuing to stare at the spot Dumbledore had stood before he had given his order. The final words of Cornelius Fudge were ringing in her ears, 'Sirius Black facing Azkaban at best', and it was because she had told Dumbledore about Harry's Godfather.

Leading the group to the Durmstrang ship, Dumbledore was more than a little pleased about how things were playing out. With Hermione having handed the name over to him and the Minister of Magic having heard her do so, he had been given the perfect opportunity to remove his knowledge from the equation. Discrediting Sirius saying he had already known he was looking after Harry, wouldn't be hard if he was even given a trial. The Minister would likely claim that he was looking for any excuse to postpone his punishment. Even on the slim chance that Sirius' claim was listened to, as soon as his crimes were put in the public eye once again; wizarding Britain would demand the harshest of sentences for him.

"You are aware Minister, that unless explicitly welcomed onto the vessel, none of us will be able to board the Durmstrang ship?" Looking over his shoulder as he spoke, Dumbledore noted the brief look of irritation that flashed across the other man's features. "I have tried to find a way around it, but it seems that Karkaroff can lock the ladder to the deck for some witches or wizards, and unlock it for others." His tone betrayed how impressed he was by the level of charms work that had to be involved, for such a task, especially as it seemed unneeded once they were at their own school.

"I take it this Hermione Granger is one of the witches that just so happen to be allowed aboard the ship?" Not looking towards the elderly mage as he replied, Fudge could only let of an annoyed breath. "If we are unable to board the vessel Dumbledore, how do you propose we go about arresting Black?" Briefly looking towards the Headmaster before staring in front of him again, the Minister of Magic was pleased at least that the Hogwarts grounds weren't swarming with students. Students who were likely to get in their way, which would then result in angry parents.

"If Sirius believes he has little choice but to go with you and the Aurors he will do so, being unable to apparate or use a Port Key on the school ground. I doubt he has a broom with him, so the odds of him being able to escape are marginal at best." Sounding as reassuring as he could given the situation, Dumbledore would admit he could see no situation were Sirius would be able to escape from them, or the punishment for his crimes.

The answer was seemingly good enough for Cornelius who nodded idly to the older wizard, even if he couldn't deny he wasn't as confident about what he had just heard. Black was more than likely aboard the Durmstrang ship, they didn't have anyone present who could board it. Neither did he see a reason as to why Sirius would leave it of his own free will. All in all, it wasn't the easy situation that it had been made out to be.

Wandering around the school grounds with both Krum and Sergei behind him, Harry's day had naturally started with them questioning and then mocking him over what had been walked in on. Or in this case, what Krum had decided had been going to happen before he walked in and saved his friend's virtue. Even though he had done his best to play along with their jokes at the start, it hadn't taken long for Harry before his annoyance had come to the forefront of his mind. Whilst he was used to his friends teasing, and had often joined in when it was happening to either Krum or Styx. It also got to the point were you simply didn't want to hear it.

"We should buy something for when we go back to Norway," Sergei ignored the looks he was on the receiving end of from his friends, offering them nothing more than a shrug as he continued. "Harry's going to be taking back the cup and a thousand galleons prize money," nodding towards the black haired teen, as he took it for granted that his friend would win the tournament. "We should buy something to say, 'we were in Scotland and it kind of sucked'." Speaking to Krum now, as he turned towards the Seeker, he didn't miss the Bulgarian rolling his eyes. "It would have been better if Beauxbatons hosted the tournament, the south of France is a better location than Sco...

"Sirius Orion Black, you are charged with; treason of wizarding Britain to the former Dark Lord You-Know-Who, betrayal of James and Lily Potter to You-Know-Who which resulted in their deaths. You are also charged with the kidnapping of Harry James Potter, son to James and Lily, and heir to the Potter name and fortune." Fudge's magnified voice boomed out across the castle grounds, easily audible to anyone that happened to outside, or the focus of it. "If you are found guilty of these charges then your sentence will either be a lifetime in Azkaban prison, or if the courts deem it so, the victim of a Dementors kiss." A few of the Aurors looked at one another at the end of the sentence, not many people had been given the sentence of a Dementors kiss, fewer still had witnessed such a thing.

"Can I help you gentlemen?" Eyeing the group dubiously as he slowly made his way in front of them, Harry was forced to control his breathing from the near sprint he had done, having heard Fudge's voice echo over the grounds.

"Harry my boy," Dumbledore smiled at the teenaged wizard, knowing full well that it wouldn't hold much longer. "Could you call your Godfather out for me." If he thought the request would get him what he wanted, he was surely mistaken. As the wizard he was addressing looked like he was on the verge of laughing at him.

"My Godfather Headmaster," frowning to the slightly taller wizard, Harry shrugged in confusion as he kept his gaze on the adults in front of him. "I'm not sure who you mean." Keeping his voice as innocent as he could, something that wasn't easy by any stretch of the imagination. Harry knew that Fudge's voice had to have been heard on the ship from this distance, he could only pray that Sirius didn't come out for any reason.

"Yes Harry, your Godfather. The man who you've been living with, since you were one." Trying once again, Dumbledore knew that he was unlikely to simply do what they had asked of him. In some ways it was a noble feat, to protect someone close to you, as misguided as it was in this situation.

"I don't know what to say," eyebrows reaching the top of his head as he shook his head at them, Harry flashed a pointed glance towards the ship and back to them. "The only people on the ship are Karkaroff and some students, unless you think I've been living with the Headmaster, which is beyond weird..." he let his sentence hang, trying to give the impression that whatever they were after might as well have been on the other side of the world.

"Black, boy! We want Sirius Black!" Fudge snapped at Harry as he glowered at the Durmstrang champion. His good mood was quickly evaporating in front of this teenager, who thought he could play games with them.

Standing to the side of Harry, both Krum and Styx shared brief nervous glances with one another. Whatever they wanted with Sirius, the pair doubted it was merely to have a conversation over drinks and something to eat, if it was then there was no need for the Aurors to be present. Or Albus Dumbledore, when they thought about it.

Harry's reaction was nearly non-existent as he continued to stare back at them, his gaze quickly snapping to the British Minister of Magic in his green suit and bowler hat. He could only hope that his expression was as confused as he hoped it to be, as he waited a few seconds before replying to the outburst.

"I honestly have no clue who you're talking about." Shaking his head lightly as he spoke, in an attempt to look as though he was wracking his brain as to who the name belonged to. Harry could only think of one solution to the situation. Try to rile some of them up enough, so they'd forget what they wanted and left. "Are you even sure that you're in the right place?" He might have been pushing it, if the vein forming on Fudge's forehead was anything to go by, but when means must.

"Come now Harry," stepping in as he could see the clear signs as to what the Durmstrang champion was aiming for, Dumbledore kept the friendly smile on his face as he spoke. "Miss Granger informed us that you told her Sirius Black was your Godfather and guardian, not only that but he came with you on the vessel." Keeping his voice neutral, Dumbledore couldn't miss the way Harry's face darkened at the news Hermione had told them. It was all he needed to know that he had won this particular game. "I see you didn't know she was going to," pausing once again the Hogwarts Headmaster didn't miss the more defensive position Harry took up in front of the ship. "Nonetheless, we should stop playing these games, if you would simply call your Godfather out we can resolve this situation."

Unbeknownst to the group standing outside the ship, Karkaroff was looking over the side to see if there was any need for him to intervene. Failing that, if he would have to send Sirius outside, to ensure nothing would happen to one of his prized students. Although if he had to take an educated guess, then it seemed like nothing would escalate unless it was Harry who started it. Sadly from what he knew of the teenager, and his protectiveness of his Godfather, he didn't think it was too far removed from reality that, that might be the case.

Staring back at the fifteen year old wizard, who was slowly moving their hand to were their wand was, Cornelius was less than impressed. Durmstrang champion or not, heir to one of the richest wizarding families or not, he was not going to stand there and defy the British Minister of Magic. It was obvious to Fudge that the boy was given too much leeway back at his own school, no doubt due to who he was, but here he had to learn he did what he was told.

"Mr Potter," the words were spat out with venom, even if in another world he might have been pleased to see the child. "You will call your Godfather, the criminal Sirius Black out, so these Aurors can arrest him, or we will simply bypass you and get him ourselves." The threat lingered in the air as the pair continued to stare holes into one another. Try as they might, no one could miss the way Harry's hand tightened on his wand. If he attacked them, then the Aurors would have no alternative but to respond in kind.

"Harry," Krum slipped in front of his lifelong friend, although his back was to the group who had accompanied Dumbledore. He more than aware that the fifteen year old was vastly outnumbered if he decided to do something stupid. "You cannot attack a Minister of Magic and his Aurors," keeping his voice on all but a whisper, he didn't doubt for a second that if Harry thought Sirius was being threatened with Azkaban he would start flinging spells around. There was only one problem with that idea, and it was quite a big one if you asked Krum. It was the simple fact he doubted Harry would get one spell off before being knocked out, and had his Godfather taken from him.

"Well they might as well turn around and walk away, because they aren't getting on the ship." Not taking his eyes off of Fudge and the Aurors as he spoke, somewhere in the back of Harry's mind he knew this was a bad idea. Unfortunately however, there was a much louder voice telling him not only would they have to claim over his dead body to get to Sirius; but also it was Hermione who told them about his Godfather. It was safe to say that the betrayal and fear were only fuelling his desire to not let them on the ship.

"Minister Fudge, what brings you to the outside of my ship?" The mismatched group of students, a Head Master, Aurors and the British Minister turned to watch Karkaroff, as he made his way down the ladder. A flick of his wand quickly rendered it inert once again, as he waited patiently for an answer that didn't seem to be forthcoming. "I didn't realise that you would be coming to watch the tournament take place, the first task was truly something to behold." Placing his hand on Harry's shoulder as he moved in front of his student in an effort to calm him down, Karkaroff didn't offer them a fake smile to go along with his plans of playing dumb.

"Save your pleasantries Igor," looking impassively at the Durmstrang Headmaster, Fudge was in no mood in getting caught up with a tit for tat again. "We're here for Black, we know he's on the ship and I do have a warrant for his arrest as well." The smugness was nearly felt by everyone present as they listened to Fudge. There was no hiding the fact that he thought he had won this little battle, as he watched Karkaroff slump slightly at the word warrant, before turning to Harry behind him. "If you would simply allow us onto the ship, this will be over quite quickly."

Swapping his attention between his now present Headmaster, who looked like he knew the game was up, and the grinning Cornelius Fudge; Harry felt like he only had one thing he could do. It would never go down as an overly smart decision, or even the best one he had ever made, but when your back was to the wall, there wasn't much room for thinking.

Viktor saw the movement before anyone else had been able to register it and made an attempt to grab his friend's arm. Harry however, had expected the older male's move. A quick drop of his shoulder had him positioned in front of the older boy, with his wand firmly aimed at the Aurors who were all too quick to draw their own in response.

"Harry no!" Karkaroff's yell did nothing to stem the feeling in the air from turning hostile, as his school's champion refused to lower his wand. "Put your wand down, and think." It was sad to say, but also true at the same time, that his order wasn't going to get the best reaction from the fifteen year old; who could only see one outcome to the situation no matter what.

"Silex Iacio!" All eyes turned to watch the fist sized rock hurl towards Fudge, who could do nothing but stare wide eyed. Before it had the chance to connect with the Minster's jaw, it was promptly vanished as Alastor Moody stared at the Durmstrang wizard. His magical eyes twirling madly. "Reducto." The white jet of light this time shot towards the slouched Auror, although like the first effort, it never made contact with its target; this time merely connecting with a shield.

"Harry, stop this!" Karkaroff barked at his student in a vain effort to stop the brief battle before it had time to escalate. However, like his first warning it simply had no effect on his student who had all but decided this was the only way things could do.

"Stupefy," lazily firing an overpowered stunner at Harry, the grizzled Auror wanted to do nothing other than laugh when a shield was barely formed in time to deflect the attack. "You were lucky there boy, if he hadn't put that shield up." Moody offered what was his equivalent of a smirk as he stared down the two wands, as Krum's shield only now started to fade from existence.

Feeling like he might as well have started to pull his hair out over what was happening, Karkaroff debated whether it would be wise to raise his own wand to defend his students. The downside to that of course was Dumbledore copying him. Despite what he thought of the older wizard, he doubted he would be able to defeat him in a one on one duel.

It seemed like he wasn't the only wizard there who thought what was going to happen, was idiotic in the extreme either, as Dumbledore stepped closer to Moody. Even with the numerous wands raised, and the atmosphere turning increasingly heated, he still managed to exude an aura of being in control.

"Alastor, you aren't going to attack a student whilst they are on Hogwarts grounds." Failing to say anything about the students who were standing behind him. Dumbledore wasn't dumb enough to be under the impression that Harry would be so easily talked down.

"Mr Potter attacked me and then one of my Aurors, Dumbledore, you cannot defend him over this." Fudge's voice cut through whatever Moody had been ready to say in reply, as the Minister of Magic snarled at the pair. "Alastor, do what I have told you."

"You aren't taking Sirius." Harry's words were spat at both the Aurors and Fudge as he kept his wand trained on them. He had been more than close enough to hear the charges and there was no chance he was willingly going to let them walk away with Sirius, with Fudge's magnified voice broadcasting them across the grounds.

"He just attacked me in front of you all, and then tried to attack a Ministry Auror." Sounding incensed as his Aurors continued to stand there as Dumbledore spoke. Cornelius turned to the pink haired witch at his side, eyes narrowing in unadulterated anger. "Auror Tonks, if you do not incapacitate Mr Potter and bring me Sirius Black, then you'll find your next wage docked." Fudge's words belied the polite tone he was trying to coat them with.

The rapidly paling pink haired Auror flashed a look between the Minister, Moody and then Dumbledore, noticing that the latter two were doing nothing to stop her from carrying out her orders. No sooner had she raised her wand, in an effort to show that she was in control of the situation, then did another spell shoot past her head. Whether it was due to a bad aim, or simply a warning shot, it didn't matter, however, as it served to be the signal for the Aurors to do what Fudge had ordered them to; and incapacitate Harry.

Throwing up a shield to block the bevy of spells that came flying back at him. Harry was neither stupid enough to think that he could take them all on, nor force them back enough to make them reconsider. However he was left with few options, considering they had orders to take the only family he had left and lock him in Azkaban at best. Firing two more blasting curses at them, as well as a cutting one he hoped for the best. However, it was clear within a few seconds the best wasn't going to happen, due to the lack of anyone crying out in pain. It could have only meant one of two things; the curses had been avoided to blocked.

"Protego!" Two translucent shields sprang into life in front of Harry, as both Krum and Styx quickly took up positions behind him. Even if they weren't attacking the Aurors themselves, the least they could do was defend their friend. Although when a series of banishers slammed into the shields, it seemed even the little they were doing wasn't going to be enough. As the strain to sustain them against a prolonged onslaught was obvious .

"Silex Iacio, Jacio, Diffindo!" Harry's trio of curses were easily dealt with by the Aurors, who for their part, looked like they weren't even trying. The fist sized stone looked heavier this time around, no doubt to the anger infused magic which had forced it out. Although it was quickly vanished before it could close the small distance between them. Tonks deftly stepped out of the way of the hurling curse that had been directed at her. Whilst Moody threw another shield up to prevent the school level cutting curse from getting to him.

Cursing inwardly at what he was seeing, Karkaroff knew that this was the worst outcome that he could have hoped for. Albeit it wasn't something that was unlikely to happen either, he had known Harry's mood had been rapidly moving towards one outcome having heard Fudge's voice. That didn't mean he had to like it however. Deflecting the banishing hex that had been flying towards the wizard in question, Karkaroff ignored the look that Dumbledore shot him; even as he refused to return fire on the Aurors.

A duo of bludgeoning curses were launched at Moody and Tonks, courtesy of Harry, though both were quickly shielded if the dull thuds that hit the air were any indication of his spell. Muttering under his breath, he had an idea about just how hard it would have been to prevent the Aurors from getting to Sirius. That being said, he had still expected at least one of his spells to hit them.

"Sloppy wand work Potter." Moody's taunt was followed up by an indigo spell that shattered the shield Krum had renewed in front of him, before it caught him in the chest. Whatever Harry had expected, it wasn't to have been hurled backwards to the edge of the Black Lake, with all the air having been driven from his lungs. Struggling to get any oxygen into his body as he lay on his side, the Durmstrang champion barely had any time to react before a rope was fired at his prone body. Only a low moan escaped his mouth as the rope wrapped itself around his legs. Within seconds it had curled its way around his waist and pinned his arms behind his back.

"Leave him." Moody barked the order at Krum, who had quickly rushed to Harry's side with a look of rage on his face, and the intention of freeing him from the binding etched in his very being. "He'll just get himself hurt." Firing the Incarcerous for a second time, to ensure that the fifteen year old had no chance to start firing spells at them again. His magical eyes swivelled from the bound fifteen year old, and to the deck of the Durmstrang ship as he slowly lowered his wand.

"Mad-Eye." Sirius stared down at the Auror and former member of the Order of the Phoenix sadly, having been able to hear what was happening from inside the ship. Black eyes settled on Harry for a second before moving swiftly on, not wanting to see the panic that was forming on his Godson's face. "You managed to beat a fifteen year old wizard with Aurors backing you up, I feel like I should buy you a drink." His mocking tone wasn't hidden as Sirius walked across the top of the ship, as he ensured he could see everyone that was below him.

"That you should," letting out a bitter laugh as he looked at the younger wizard, Moody wasn't surprised to see that the pair of them talking like acquaintances was met with annoyed glares. "Why don't you come down and we can talk about it." This time it was Sirius who gave off a bitter laugh, one that was asking just why he'd do that, even if it was clearly known where he was and who he had been living with.

"Sirius! Sirius don't!" Harry yelled at his Godfather as he continued to struggle against the ropes. With all the desperation a small animal would do so, if they were caught in a snare and had no way out.

"Sirius Orion Black, you are charged with betrayal of wizarding Britain to the former Dark Lord You-Know-Who, betrayal of James and Lily Potter to You-Know-Who resulting in their deaths. You are also charged with kidnapping Harry James Potter, heir to the Potter name and fortune." Calming himself as he could taste victory know that the criminal in question had shown himself. Cornelius Fudge could only hope that he was portraying himself in a more dignified air than minutes prior, when he had to deal with Harry. "The punishment for these crimes are as follows; a life sentence in Azkaban prison with no appeal against the sentence, or if the courts deem it adequate you will be subject to a Dementor's kiss." Keeping his eyes on Sirius as he spoke, Fudge realised that there wasn't so much as a flinch from the other wizard, when he heard what could happen to him.

"I've already been tried in a court Fudge, and they found me innocent of all crimes. So you'll forgive me if I don't rush down and hand myself over." Making no effort to head towards the ladder as he spoke. Sirius made a point to keep his gaze off of Harry, knowing full well that he was pleadingly staring at him to run away.

"The British Ministry of Magic have no records of you having a trail since you fled the country," whether they truly had or hadn't was immaterial to Fudge, as he hadn't checked, neither did he have a reason to. A quick look towards the prone Durmstrang wizard, gave him his next move "We also have Harry Potter down here, your Godson attempted to attack me, attacked my Aurors and is known to have been helping a fugitive for the past fifteen years. If you do not hand yourself over, then we will take him to the Ministry and pass a judgement on his crimes. Rest assured I will not be lenient with the boy." The threat hung in the air as everyone waited to see what the outcome of it would be, although the reactions each witch or wizard had were different.

The collection of Aurors stared blankly up at Sirius, as they had no doubt Fudge would do exactly what he had threatened, and it would likely be with a sick relish as well. Albus Dumbledore was merely watching the situation impassively, ready to step in if the Minister tried to take Harry away, even if he did nothing during the brief duel. The Durmstrang Headmaster found he could do nothing with how things were playing out, apart from grinding his teeth in annoyance. If he attempted to step in, he had no doubt he would be carted away with either Harry or Sirius; depending on who was arrested.

"Don't, don't do it!" Crying out to his Godfather as he continued to writhe on the floor as he tried to get the ropes off of himself, Harry could do nothing other than stare at Sirius imploringly. Straining against the bindings as he felt the ropes dig into his wrists, ice cold dread filled his stomach as he could see Sirius was contemplating the situation.

Unable to stop the dark look that formed on his face at the threat, Sirius was resisting the urge to pull his own wand out and curse the Minister, having little doubt that it wasn't an empty threat. It did regrettably, only leave him with two options, either stand there doing nothing and watch Harry being carted off; with the hopes Karkaroff or Dumbledore would step in. Or, go down to the megalomaniac in question and let them cart him off, likely to Azkaban. Closing his eyes as he let out an angry sigh, Sirius cursed his fate and whatever gods decided having the Tri-Wizard-Tournament in Britain was a good idea. There was only one choice he could make.

Everyone held their breath, as they stared up at the wizard standing on the Durmstrang ship as they awaited his decision. Even if some had an idea what it was going to be more than others.

A victorious and smug grin formed on the face of Cornelius Fudge as he watched Sirius slowly lower his head, before he slowly made his way towards the ladder. He knew that the wizard would see things his way, everyone always did when they knew they couldn't win. You simply didn't become Minister of Magic by not knowing how to win. Although he had to admit, there was an almost mournful look on Sirius' face as his feet made contact with the Hogwarts grounds. As the adult wizard studiously avoided looking towards Harry.

"Alastor, if you could arrest Black and escort him towards Hogsmeade were we'll travel by floo to the Ministry." Turning away from the male that they were talking about, Fudge stared at the scarred and one eyed Auror, even if he was speaking to the one wizard who wouldn't dare mess this up.

"Sirius, your wand." Removing any familiarity between them as he asked for the magical instrument, Moody couldn't say he'd be shocked if he was told to go fuck himself. In fact he might have even laughed at the suggestion. As it were, there was no sarcastic remark from the other wizard as he pulled his wand out without so much as a word of complaint. "Thank you." Handing it over to Tonks, who was currently staring at Sirius as though he had ran over her owl. Moody found it strange that Sirius hadn't as so much look that the teenager who had attacked them, in his efforts to protect the older man. Especially given what they were told the relationship between the two was, and how long he had been looking Harry. "After you."

"NO!" Screaming after the group Harry could only watch in vain, as he continued to struggle against Moody's spell, with angry and desperate tears forming in his eyes as his Godfather was led away. "He hasn't done anything! Sirius!" The Durmstrang champion's cries went ignored, as Fudged too turned and started to follow his Aurors away from the castle. "He never betrayed my family! Sirius!"


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