Ok, this is kind of mature, but i hope you guys like it!!!

Chapter 1

Sweet Control

I sat on the edge of Bella's bed, being as still as possible. She muttered my name quietly, her hair fanned out on the pillow, and her face relaxed and serene. I lightly traced her lips with a finger, smiling to myself. She reached up, still sleeping, and brushed my hand away, rolling over as she did, the tips of her fingers trailing down my back. I shivered in pleasure, but ignored myself. I needed to focus on waking her, so I could tell her the news.

A ray of sunlight came in from the window, playing on her brown hair. I reached up and tousled it without thinking. Her eyes opened groggily.

"Edward?" she rolled over and sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Good morning sleeping beauty." I brushed her hair away from her face and kissed her cheek.

"What is it?" She asked, sensing my blissful mood.

"Look outside." I said, my fingers tracing her collar bone, my lips against her neck.

"Ah," she said "going to the meadow today?" I could hear the smile in her voice, even as her heart began to pound erratically, as it always did when I touched her.

"Good day for sunbathing." I mumbled against her skin. She laughed quietly, and ran her finders through her hair. I might not have been able to read her mind, but I knew she was self conscious that she hadn't bathed yet.

"Human minute?" She asked, trying to sound confident, even thought she was contemplating her morning breath.

I wasn't having that.

I pushed her back onto the bed, pinning her arms against the faded quilt, and stared into her warm brown eyes. "I like you best in the morning, you know?" I said conversationally, pretending that our faces weren't inches apart, that I wasn't laying on top of her, and that her pulse wasn't doing 60. I was obviously "dazzling her" as she put it, but I ignored it. I leaned, in, getting more and more excited, for more than one reason, and pressed my lips to hers. "You don't need to be self-conscious," I whispered, my lips moving against hers, "you're beautiful the way you are."

"But I smell, and my hair is all messy." She complained quietly, blushing, and I marveled that she actually framed a complete sentence with me on top of her.

"You're human." I stated, rolling off her reluctantly, "it's just how you are." With this, I picked her up, walked her across the hall, and set her upright in front of the bathroom door. Her heart was still pounding erratically when she spoke again.

"Well, I still need to be decent."

"You never are decent. Not one little bit." I stared lovingly into her eyes.

"Edward Cullen!" She exclaimed in mock disapproval, smiling mischievously. "If you're going to talk like that, you're going to have to pay the consequences!"

"Consequences?" I asked, genuinely confused. "What consequences?"

"I'm afraid you're going to have to kiss me again now!" She stated, barely hiding the excitement in her voice, her heart speeding up again.

"Your wish is my command." I smiled, leaning in closer, inhaling her scent as I did so. She closed her eyes and leaned toward me, her blood racing. I kissed her then, putting my hands on either side of her face. I decided, at the moment our lips touched, that I was going to test myself with this. "Bella?" I muttered, my lips pulling slightly away from hers. Her eyes opened, her eyelashes touching mine.

"Yes?" she whispered breathlessly.

"I'm going to try something a bit different." I warned her, trying to be serious, but I was too excited to sound convincing. She could tell I was as excited as her.

"Okay." She whispered. "Don't do anything you don't want to though"

I chuckled, and leaned in closer, my lips pressing to hers more firmly now. My fingers tangled in her hair, and I was getting very excited. Not in the way expected, though. I was still in control of my need. I felt her fingers running along my neck. My eyes opened to see her watching me. I stared back at them for a moment, and then I pressed my body against hers, perhaps a little too firmly, and I felt her back hit the bathroom door. I groaned quietly, breathing faster. Her eyes were worried, but I smiled, and she must have felt it, because her heart spluttered hyperactively against my chest when she smiled too. I closed my eyes, and thought for a moment, enjoying the feeling of her fingers on my neck. She must have thought that there was something wrong, because she started to pull away. "No." I mumbled, grasping her shoulders, my eyes opening. "It's fine." I said, breathless. "It's okay Edward," she said quietly. "We can stop if you need to." "No," I repeated, a little more urgent this time "Bella, it's not that at all. I'm completely in control"

Understanding flooded her face, and then she stopped pulling away, and smiled.

I moved my right hand to her lower back and my left to the back of her head, closing my eyes. I rubbed in a circled with my thumb on her lower back, which was exposed because of the too-small t-shirt she wore. A thought came to me then, when we were in the sunlit haven of the meadow, I would be able to feel the warmth of her skin against mine. This would all be much better there. My eyes flashed open. She was looking at me. "Let's go." I said, pulling back slightly. She understood immediately.

"I'll get dressed." She called over her shoulder, pulling away and running into her room, grinning as wide as her face would allow.

"I'll get you something to eat in the car!" I called, bounding down the stairs gleefully. This was certainly going to be a day to remember. I was far more in control than I'd ever imagined, and I wasn't going to let it go to waste. I grabbed a juice box and a few granola bars in the kitchen, shoving them into a paper sack. I wrote a note to Charlie for her, imitating her handwriting as best I could, explaining that she would be shopping with her friends for most of the day. Just then she came speeding down the stairs wearing a dark purple tank top and jeans that hugged her figure nicely, dressed for the weather. I was sure, if my heart was beating, that it would be almost as unruly as hers usually was.

"What are you staring at?" She asked, confused, looking down at herself, and then back up at me quizzically.

"Nothing." The excitement in my voice gave me away, though. She blushed tomato red and stared at her feet. I ran to her, scooping her up, paper bag in my hand, and walked to her truck, gazing into her eyes. "You are the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes upon." I whispered, poorly disguised lust in my voice.

"I could say the same for you." She said, reaching up to run her fingers through my hair. She felt me shiver slightly, and stared, with lust of her own, into my eyes. I wished that I could tell what she was thinking; tell if it was the same as what I was. But I knew Bella, and she would quickly shun that from her mind in fear of being disappointed. There must have been an odd expression on my face, because she looked confused.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked when I set her down in the passenger seat. I bounded around to the drivers side in an instant, sitting in the seat.

"I was thinking about what you were thinking about, ironically enough." I smiled at her warmly, hearing the lust in my voice. I started the engine and pulled out of the drive, not paying any attention to the road. "So what were you thinking about?" I asked. She blushed, confirming my suspicions, and my excitement grew. "Never mind, I think I know." I said, chuckling, and smiled at her, trying to tell her with my eyes that I was thinking the same. She seamed to catch on, glancing out the window, trying to hide her excitement.

I let my eyes drift across her figure for a few minutes, letting my imagination run away with me. When I looked back up at her, she was staring at me. My eyes flashed to the road, but I knew I had been caught.

"I'm kind of hungry." Her voice was husky. I handed her the bag with the food in it, smiling when her hand touched mine. As she ate, her eyes stayed on my face. When she was done, she put her trash in the paper bag and set it on the floor of the cab.

Then she sat, staring out the window again, lost in thought. I took the chance to look at her again. Then I noticed her eyes on me. I looked up, and her eyes caught mine. She smiled meekly, and her eyes moved across my body as well, I felt a bit strange, but looked at the road.

When I pulled up, it was very sunny, even more so than it had been earlier this morning. I stepped out, and immediately I began to sparkle. I heard Bella catch her breath behind me, and I smiled. I unbuttoned my shirt, still smiling, and threw it into the truck. I turned and beckoned her with a hand. She walked to me, looking me up and down as she did. I reached for her, picking her up under her arms and pressing my body to hers. I reached down and lifted one of her legs, wrapping it around my waist. She got the idea, lifting her other leg and wrapping her arms around my neck

"Ok, Bella," I said, warning her, "Ready?" I felt her head nod slightly, rubbing against my chest, and I took off. As I was running, I thought. I had never courted anyone before, so I wasn't sure what I should do. I remembered with excitement that there was a river near the clearing, and decided my action plan immediately. Bella and I were going to go for a swim.

When we came to the clearing, I had to disengage Bella. When I set her down, she looked around as she always did in the meadow, smelling the flowers, taking in the beautiful scenery, and looking back up at me. I asked her "Do you like swimming?" A look of confusion crossed her face.

"Yes…" she said, still confused, her brow furrowed. I smiled, and lifted her again, carrying her slowly, as not to scare her, toward the sound of the river. As she realized what was happening, a look of excitement lit her face, and then she flushed, looking off into the trees, obviously feeling self-conscious again.

"I don't have a bathing suit." She muttered, still looking away. I was ecstatic when I answered.

"Neither do I." My voice gave away my excitement. She looked up at my face, but I stared straight ahead.

"Here we are." I said, setting her down on the sandy bank. The river was shallow at the edges, but it sunk down deeper in the middle. I turned around, my back to her, and unzipped my pants, revealing my red boxers. My excitement was almost electric as I heard scuffling sounds behind me, a sign that she was undressing as well. Without looking at her, I jumped into the river, plunging into the deepest part without breathing. When I resurfaced, I saw her, standing on the bank, attempting to hide her mostly-nakedness.

I was sure that if my heart was still functional, it would have stopped completely when I saw her.

She was wearing a plain white bra and matching white briefs. Her skin was blushed all over, and I realized I was staring. I smiled, holding my arms out, displaying the river.

"Come on in." I said, trying not to sound too excited and failing completely. She stepped tentatively forward, testing the water with her foot. She seemed to decide it was warm enough, and waded until she got to the deeper part of the river. From there she dove into the water, resurfacing a few moments later, quite close to me. Her heart was thumping erratically in her chest, and her eyes sparkled. I was very excited myself, but again, not in the way I expected. This increased my excitement greatly. I came closer to her, and her heart sped up. The water was up to her shoulders, but only halfway up my chest. I sank lower in the water, stopping when I was at eye level with her. Our faces were mere centimeters apart.

She seemed too stunned to speak. I put my hands on her waist and pressed m body to hers, looking lustily into her eyes.

I gently touched my lips to the side of her neck. She put her arms around me, trailing her fingertips across my back seductively. I pulled away and looked into her eyes. The nervous self-consciousness there had been replaced with unmistakable lust. I kissed her in earnest, almost violently. I was being too eager. She stiffened, and I pulled back.

"Sorry," I mumbled, truly ashamed, "I'm being a little too rough." She smiled at me.

She kissed me back, with as much force as I had used with her. Then she became more gentile, and stared lovingly into my eyes. She bit my lower lip playfully, and kissed my jaw. She was driving me insane.

She took one of my hands in hers, and, still holding my gaze, moved it up her back. My eyes widened as I felt the back of her bra under my fingers. She smiled seductively, and I realized that she was giving me permission.

"Don't do anything you don't want to." She whispered roughly in my ear. I chuckled, and felt for the clasp, still completely in control of my need.