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Chapter 1

Tracking down the answers

The hot sun beat over Brightvale attempting to dry the water-logged streets, the storm ended a few days ago yet the water slowly receded a little at a time. The strange thing was the storm came without warning... a few days ago the sky darkened suddenly and the storm struck the kingdom.

It even was too dangerous to even go out into the village, not even April the Uni messenger couldn't go on her route, one day she slipped fell into a flooding river on the way to Meridell, luckily Spike the Green Xweetok was passing by and helped the poor Uni out.

King Hagan was most worried, he was very confused by the strange storm, Brightvale hadn't had a storm like that in over a year or so.

" First Seradar escapes, now this." King Hagan sighed as he paced around the large throne room

Roberta watched her worried uncle while trying to figure out everything also, she noticed the clouds were full of raw power and the wind had the feeling of pure evil within it, she could somehow feel that whoever was causing this had to have something against Brightvale

" Maybe Seradar is causing this." Roberta thought

But all of this power couldn't have come from Seradar, he wouldn't be able to do such damage at least not alone. Then she remembered the last storm Brightvale had.


" I haven't seen the Brightvale Bridge like that in years." King Hagan said

" Neither have I sire." Guard Drake agreed

" This is most strange." King Hagan sighed

" Some are saying that the Darkest Faerie escaped from her prison, thus the strange storm." Guard Zeko said

" Impossible, there's no way that she can escape her prison is to last a thousand years." King Hagan said

" It's been a thousand years since she was imprisoned sire" Guard Drake replied

" She could have escaped uncle." Roberta said

" I doubt it, she will never brake free." King Hagan replied

End Flashback...

" And she did." Roberta thought

Then it came to her! Maybe Seradar and the Darkest Faerie are working together, after all her and Tor stopped their plans. But Roberta didn't know if she was right... she could be jumping too far ahead again. She had to be certain it was them, but how? Another idea hit her! She left the castle and she walked into the stables to find Solarin waiting in his stall for her.

" Come on Solarin, we have to go visit a good friend." Roberta said

The white Uni nodded as he walked out of the stables and took off into the sky with his yellowish mane flapping in the wind, his wings flapping in a mild pace. The Uni directed himself toward Meridell, Roberta kept watch as they flew over the green water-logged landscape.

" There it is, Illusen's Glade." Roberta said

Solarin safely landed in the upper glade, Roberta jumped off and walked toward where Illusen was. She was a few feet away to see the Werelupe King with his claws at the earth Faerie's throat.

" You leave her alone." Roberta ordered

" You again, I'm surprised that you are not dead by now." the Werelupe King hissed

" I didn't have to fight your pathetic army of overgrown fur balls." Roberta retorted

" You will be my lunch for saying that." the werelupe growled

" Please, you don't scare me." Roberta said

The werelupe charged at the blue Acara trying to swipe at her, she elbowed the werelupe in in the stomach sending him flying, she fired a bolt of magic at him. The werelupe howled as he fell out of the trees, Solarin flew up and nailed the Werelupe King in the back with his long sharp horn.

" Oh, that is going to leave a mark." Roberta said

Roberta turned her attention back on her mission, she found Illusen on the floor as she came closer, she bent down as the faerie sat up.

" Are you alright?" Roberta asked as she put her hand on the Faerie's shoulder

" Yes, I think so, but they brought him back to try and steal my charm again." Illusen replied

" Who are they?" Roberta asked

" The purple Gelert Sorcerer and the dark one, they have joined forces to trap all of Neopia in eternal darkness." Illusen replied

" I knew it." Roberta said

" But I warn you they have already destroyed some of Meridell, mostly the farms, but I am not totally sure." Illusen replied

" Oh no Tor." Roberta thought

Roberta jumped onto Solarin's back and the white Uni took into the sky, she guided him to the farm-lands, but she saw four farms! Which one was Tor's?

" This is a fine kettle of Juppies." Roberta said

Solarin nodded in agreement, Roberta saw a small farm with two houses and a large back field she had Solarin land nearby. Roberta jumped off of her Uni's back and she walked around the farm trying to find someone who could help her find Tor.

" Hello? Anyone here?" Roberta asked

" Please don't hurt me." came a light voice from behind a boulder

Roberta walked toward the boulder to find a small green Gelert shaking like a leaf as he looked up at her.

" Don't worry, I am not going to hurt anyone." Roberta assured

The green Gelert came out from behind the boulder after a few moments and looked up at Roberta, his small eyes holding confusion.

" How can I help you?" the Gelert asked

" I need help finding Sir Tormund." Roberta replied

" Oh you mean Tor, he lives right down the path a little ways, can't miss it." the Gelert said

" Thank you." Roberta said

" My name is Luke, I'm good friends with Tor's sister. I have a feeling that Lucy might react the same way I did." the Gelert said

Roberta thanked the young Gelert for his help and hopped on Solarin's back and rode off down the dirt road, she had to find Tor and tell him what is going on.

" Faster Solarin." Roberta urged

The Uni sped up just like Roberta told him, the landscape moved faster, they passed the Poogle mail carrier as if he was standing still. Solarin slowed down as they came to another farm, Roberta saw two houses, one by a large corn field and the other not far from the entrance to the farm.

A small yellow Lupe was playing in the yard as Solarin came to a stop. Roberta jumped off of the Uni's back, the small Lupe dropped her blue ball and looked at Roberta in a scared way.

" Excuse me, but can you help me find a friend of mine." Roberta said

" What is your business here?" the Lupe asked scared out of her wits

" I'm looking for Sir Tormund." Roberta said

" What do you want with my brother?" the Lupe asked

" I need his help with an important matter." Roberta replied

The Lupe continued to look at Roberta, she wasn't sure if the Acara was friend or foe

" Who are you? I've never seen that outfit before." the Lupe asked

" I am Roberta from Brightvale." Roberta replied

" I'm Lucy, Tor's sister... wait a second you said your name is Roberta right." the Lupe asked

Roberta nodded, the young yellow Lupe walked in circles around Roberta, the Acara cocked an eyebrow at this.

" Yep, you are just like he described." Lucy said stopping

" Lucy what are you up to?" came a dark voice