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Chapter 6

Darkness defeated

Roberta stood firm next to Tor as he positioned his sword in his paw, the Darkest Faerie's eyes closed for a moment then she released a fireball. Tor and Roberta quickly jumped out of the way, when Roberta landed she let out a bolt of light magic hitting the dark faerie in the chest. Tor then ran up behind the faerie striking her with his mighty golden sword.

" You two will die and darkness shall rule this world." the faerie hissed her hand on her chest

The evil faerie let out a fireball blowing Tor off his feet and into Roberta, the two landed on the floor harshly, Roberta rubbed her head as Tor stood back up.

The two dodged four more fireballs from the evil faerie's hands, Tor put up his shield as the bombardment of fireballs continued.

" She's gotten a lot more powerful since we last fought against her." Roberta stated as she crouched down next to Tor

" She's not unstoppable Roberta, she must have a weakness." Tor replied

Roberta then had a thought, she moved from behind Tor and let out another bolt of light magic, the evil faerie fell to the ground, Tor was able to put his shield down. The Darkest Faerie stood up and released a fireball but Tor dodged and swung his sword cutting the faerie's right wing.

The faerie screamed in pain when Tor landed on his feet revealing a very nasty gash on her wing, Roberta then released a powerful bolt of light magic that caused the faerie to fall back onto the floor. Before Tor and Roberta could attack again, the evil faerie sent out a energy attack that sent the two into the wall.

The Darkest Faerie stood up and started throwing fireballs at the two heroes, Tor was able to pull out his shield to keep the attacks from hurting them. Roberta was able to lift her body up a bit, she sighed.

" So much for that idea." she said

Tor gritted his teeth as the attacks increased, he slightly growled as the faerie kept sending out her attacks. Roberta put a paw under her chin, the Acara then smiled, she quickly attacked the faerie with a bolt of light magic. The faerie hissed, Tor gave Roberta a smile before attacking the faerie with his faithful sword.

The evil faerie sent out another energy attack that knocked Tor off his feet, but Roberta hit the Darkest Faerie in the side with a powerful bolt of light magic.

The faerie stepped backwards as Roberta continued her assault, the evil faerie let out a fire ball but it was blown away by a bolt of magic. Tor got up seeing this he smiled, the Lupe attacked the evil faerie from behind knocking the faerie to the floor.

" You've caused enough grief you will be forever sealed." came a voice

Soon a beautiful faerie appeared a lovely wand in her hand, her wonderful purple hair sparkled despite the darkness outside of the Meridell castle.

" Fyora." the evil faerie gasped

Soon a blue Aisha appeared next to the faerie queen, she smiled seeing the Darkest Faerie on the floor. The evil faerie's eyes widened but soon gritted her teeth.

" Jerdana, I thought you were dead." the faerie stated

" I've been alive as long as you." the Aisha replied

" What are you going to do? Make me a statue again?" the evil faerie asked

" Half of it is right, but this time, your statue will be forever held in the Hidden Tower." the blue Aisha replied her hands glowing

Fyora and Jerdana released their magic at the evil faerie, Tor and Roberta backed up in-case the Darkest Faerie wasn't affected. But soon they saw the evil faerie's body turn to pure stone, smoke started to kick up blocking the two Neopets view.

When the smoke cleared they saw the Darkest Faerie was turned into a pure stone statue, they sighed, it was finally over, after all this time.

" Thank you so much brave heroes, you have done much for Neopia, more than we can repay." Jerdana said

" We couldn't let her destroy Neopia, we had to something." Tor replied

" Plus we've beaten her before, and it was like old times." Roberta added

" Young ones we will honor your heroics forever, come with us to Altador, we will build statues of you two for the Hall of Heroes." Fyora said

The two heroes were teleported to the great land of Altador, the two looked around, they could hardly believe that it hadn't changed much since they released it from darkness when they first fought the Darkest Faerie.

Fyora and Jerdana lead the two into the hall of heroes, the great palace was just as amazing as the first time they saw it a long time ago.

A flash of light appeared blinding the young Neopets, when it dissipated they opened their eyes to see King Altador standing before them.

" Hello again young ones, I see you two have once again proved you are true heroes." the old silver Lupe said

The two bowed before the king, Fyora smiled along with Jerdana. King Altador clapped his hands twice, a female blue Xweetok appeared, the old king bent down and whispered in the Xweetok's ear, the Xweetok nodded and gave a smiled.

" This is Kala, she's the best sculpture in all of Altador." the king stated

" It's a pleasure." Kala said bowing

After a few lovely weeks in Altador, Kala made the most wonderful statues of the two heroes.

Roberta's statue was amazing, the Acara stood in attack position with her wand in her right paw, every detail was brought out amazingly.

Tor's was of him holding in sword in one paw his shield held in the other his mouth wide open so you could see a few of his strong teeth, and just like Roberta's the detail was amazing.

" Thank you for making such lovely statues Kala." King Altador said

" You are most welcome sire." the Xweetok replied bowing

Tor and Roberta also thanked Kala for the statues she had made with her small paws, the two found Fyora, Jerdana, and King Altador in the center of the palace.

" You two are true heroes, we forever thank you." Jerdana said

" We did what comes naturally, but we have to go." Roberta said

" You two have to work out something, Roberta is the niece of King Hagan and Tor lives in the Farm lands of Meridell." King Altador replied

" That much is true, Roberta is royalty and I am a simple farm boy." Tor said

" Tor no need to talk of yourself that, I mean I don't like being a diplomat at all." Roberta stated

" You wouldn't want to be on a farm, you belong with your uncle." Tor said

" I wouldn't mind living on a farm, after all I met your family before, I would rather live there instead of sitting in my room or my uncle's throne room." Roberta replied

" You make a good point, come on lets go." Tor said nuzzling Roberta's shoulder

Roberta giggled as she blushed, Fyora, Jerdana, and King Altador smiled at one another.

" We will teleport you to the Meridell Farms, just remember you will always be heroes." King Altador said

" We will never forget." Tor replied

" I don't think we could." Roberta said snuggling Tor's shoulder

Fyora, Jerdana, and King Altador nodded, the three elder heroes teleported the two Neopets to Meridell Farms using their powers.

Tor and Roberta opened their eyes after the bright light disappeared, they found themselves by the lake that was located close to Farmer Addison's.

" Wow, what a trip." Roberta said

" Come on, mom, dad, and Lucy are waiting" Tor said

The two took off the dirt path at first but they heard hooves, Solarin came up beside them, Roberta and Tor jumped onto the Uni's back. This time Tor sat in-front of Roberta who put her arms around Tor's waist.

Soon the white Uni came to a stop at the farm gate, the two jumped down, the Uni went into a grassy spot and laid down. Tor took a deep breath and then let out a sigh.

" It feels so good to be home." Tor said

Soon Lucy came running up and jumped into her brother's arms, Tor laughed, glad to see his little sister again.

" Tor I thought you wouldn't come back." Lucy said

" We made it, we had to stay in Altador for a few weeks." Tor replied

Lucy's eyes widened, but before she could ask her brother any questions Hubert and Patrica appeared.

" Tor your home." Patrica said hugging her son

Tor smiled as he returned the hug as Lucy got down, when Patrica let go she noticed Roberta standing next to Tor.

" Good to see you again dear." the female Lupe greeted

" You too, it's been a while." Roberta said

" It's so good to see you two are okay, your mother has been most worried." Hubert stated

" We're fine." Tor said

" Come inside and tell us about why you were in Altador." Hubert stated

The two waited for the others to lead, Tor gripped Roberta's paw with his, the two went inside. Once they were inside the two sat down on some chairs.

" Why were you in Altador son?" Hubert asked

" After Fyora and Jerdana turned the Darkest Faerie into a stone statue, they wanted to repay us by making statues of us and placing them in the Hall of Heroes." Tor replied

" My that's an honor." Patrica said

" Wow, my brother's in the Hall of Heroes." Lucy said

" As is Roberta." Tor said tightening his grip on Roberta's paw a bit

" I see those two have gotten closer." Hubert smiled to his wife

" They belong together dear." Patrica said

" We most certainly do." Tor stated

Roberta blushed at Tor's comment and giggled slightly, she couldn't help it...

Six months later...

Tor and Roberta sat under a tree enjoying the lovely day, a light blue sky and a few puffy white clouds floating across, the green grass swaying in the gentle breeze.

" I'm so glad we no longer have to worry about darkness." Roberta stated

" Me too, plus it's in the past we have the future to look forward to." Tor replied nuzzling his wife

" I know, the future is something that everyone looks forward to." Roberta said nuzzling back

" I look forward to grandchildren." Patrica called from her garden

" Some more than others." Tor said

Roberta nodded as the two once again looked at the beautiful blue sky above them, remembering everything they had done...