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My Everlasting Desire

Chapter One

The golden haired male sighed heavily as he dumped his large duffle bag onto his neatly made bed. He couldn't keep a smile from his lips, it had been so long to him since he'd slept in this bed, he almost jumped on it but reframed, he would fall to sleep quickly if he did. Instead he moved up to the top and sat looking at the pictures on his bedside table, again a heart warming smile rested there as he picked up the framed picture of him and his friends. "God it's good to be back," he sighed yet again, for most of the year he doubted he would be here for the break but he had worked hard to finish all the work his University had given him.

"Oh," a maid breathed as she got startled walking into the large room to see a familiar mop of blonde haired accompanied by piercing blue eyes. "We weren't expecting you back Naruto-san," she said sweetly bringing her cleaning gear inside with her.

"Well I decided to come," he replied smiling at the woman. "I missed this place." He got to his feet placing his precious picture back in its spot in between the other frames. "Want any help?" he asked only to get shoed away.

"You'll have me out of a job," she laughed, she knew that now she was allowed this sort of communication with one of the masters of the mansion and it was all this blonde's fault. It was around two years ago when Naruto first came to the Uchiha manor, bought as a slave for the youngest of the Uchiha clan only to burn a light into once solemn halls. "Sasuke-san should be home in a few hours," she hummed grinning, all the maids knew that Naruto was the easiest to talk to. "He called earlier to inform his parents that he and his friends will be spending the night here."

"Everyone is coming?" he replied slightly shocked but happy none the less. He couldn't afford to go the elite University that his six friends had gone to, well, more like, five friends and one lover. His lips curved again thinking of how Sasuke had tried to coax him into joining them at Konoha Elite University which actually was no where near Konoha, Naruto had told him it wasn't a place for him to go to, even Sasuke's father had offered to pay for his tuition.

"Yes, it would seem that Sasuke-san was very depressed of not being able to see you," she answered nodding to herself as she polished the various surfaces, no dust was allowed in this house. "I'm sure he'll be very happy to see you," she continued looking back to catch that adorable smile Naruto blessed people with when talking about Sasuke.

He was going to continue speaking but his newly acquired phone began to ring, he checked the caller ID before shushing the more or less silent woman. "Hey Kiba," he answered grinning; he was going to keep it secret that he was back; he could surprise Sasuke this way.

"Hey Naru-chan," came the chipper reply. "Sasuke back off I'm talking to him! Yo, Naru-chan your boyfriend is a real handful you know that," he laughed not actually fighting his raven-haired friend away; Sasuke was preoccupied his own phone call to his brother and didn't even know Kiba was talking to Naruto.

"What's going on, Sasuke wouldn't fight you for the phone moron," Naruto retorted smirking to himself.

"Ah well, I'm bored you see," Kiba continued laughing ignoring that his little prank had failed miserably. "We sort of broke down so we're waiting for Itachi-san to come save us," he explained.

"Do I wanna know?" Naruto asked more to himself than to Kiba, knowing the dog boy he'd been drinking a little by now, he did that in predicaments like this, the idiot.

"Hey Sasuke-kun can I take your place?" called a high voice making Naruto flinch on the other end of the line.

"Who is that?" Naruto asked quickly ignoring the stab of jealousy trying to hammer into his mind.

"Huh? Oh, that's Mina, she's coming back with us, she's such a cutie," Kiba replied not realising he was annoying his best friend; after everything was done he and Naruto had gotten much closer. "She's gonna heal Sasuke's broken heart since you won't be there," he teased.

"Sure Mina," called Sasuke's voice, Naruto hated how relaxed he sounded, Naruto thought Sasuke hated most girls, it was what the raven always said. "I have to wait for my brother so you may as well get comfy."

"I'm always comfy in your spot," she giggled in reply.

If Naruto wasn't trying his hardest his phone would be shattered into tiny pieces by now, he was not jealous, he was not jealous! "Uh, where is she staying? At the mansion?"

"Her aspiring boyfriend will take good care of her," Kiba replied just beginning to wonder why Naruto was asking so many questions about Mina, as he took another sip of his drink it hit him. "AH! No! That's not what it sounds like!" he yelled quickly glancing around in fear while waving his arms around not that Naruto could see him.

"I've heard enough," Naruto snapped ending the phone call before turning off his phone, he wanted to be angry in peace without Kiba trying to calm him down. "Sasuke's…Sasuke's cheating on me?" he said aloud tears welling clouding his vision, he felt Mae, the maid, lay a hand on Naruto's quivering shoulder.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"GAH! WAIT DON'T HANG UP!" Kiba screamed attempting to redial the number but only discovered that Naruto had turned his phone off. "Shit, shit, shit!" he cursed to himself trying once again, the alcohol in his body must be washing away his common sense because obviously when people turn off their phones they will turn it back on a second later.

"I swear Shino if she makes one more move on us I'll kill her," Sasuke pledged wanting to wring Mina's neck, he couldn't stand the girl, neither could most of them. He sighed wondering why they were giving her a lift; she was some form of cousin to Shino so when she asked for a lift to meet her boyfriend they'd reluctantly agreed. Just then he realised the distress Kiba seemed to be under and moved over to his friend hoping to help only to be shocked frozen.

"NARUTO PLEASE PICK UP!" the brunette yelled as loud as possible, maybe since he was so loud Naruto would hear him from here. "DAMN! Shit, Naruto turn your bastard phone back on, I didn't mean it like that."

"Mean what like what?" Sasuke asked cocking an eyebrow as Kiba turned slowly a sheepish smile on his face. "And how come you didn't tell me you were talking to Naruto, I would have liked to have spoken to him."

"Ah well you see I don't think he's willing to talk to you," Kiba tried to sound calm but under the now fiery eyes of the youngest Uchiha he failed.

"And why wouldn't he talk to me?" Sasuke asked his coal eyes beginning to slowly narrow predicting the dog lover's doom. By this time the rest the gang were together surrounding the brunette, Mina stayed forgotten in Gaara's car. Sasuke watched as Kiba looked around his friends before his dark eyes came back to meet Sasuke's. "Well?"

"Well he may…" Kiba broke to throw a nervous laugh into the wind; it may be his last at this rate. "Funny thing, he might have gotten the impression that you're cheating on him," he finished screwing his face up, he just knew everyone was glaring and he unfortunately was the receiver.

"He…WHAT?" Sasuke fumed taking a step forward to Kiba who was literally shaking with fear. "How? Why? When? What?" he rambled. "Explain Kiba and I mean now!"

"Well he heard you talking with Mina and started asking a few questions," he began quickly not wanting to connected to Sasuke's fists yet again, he knew how badly Sasuke missed Naruto. "Basically Naru-chan got jealous and is now either pissed off or crying," Kiba continued.

Sasuke reached for his phone but wasn't stupid enough to try and call Naruto, the dobe would still have his phone off. "Stupid dobe," Sasuke sighed putting it back into his pocket glaring at Kiba before turning his eyes to Mina, she had just decided to grace them with her presence.

"What's wrong Sasuke-kun you look all tensed up," she smiled putting her pointed fingers on Sasuke's shoulders attempting to massage them. She gasped when he smacked her hands away from him glaring darkly into her hazel coloured eyes. "Dear Sasuke-kun, are they bugging you?" she asked pointing a sharply manicured nail towards the group.

"Watch your mouth, " Shino grumbled. "You might be a cousin but you're really testing our patience Mina."

"Like I care about you," she retorted flaring her nose swiftly into the air as though a fowl stench had reached her snobbish nostrils. "I am worried about my Sasuke-kun," she continued smiling sweetly as a porcelain hand took her wrist. "See he cares about me."

"Are you stupid woman?" Sasuke asked looking down at her mild disgust showing on his face. "I'm taken, I've been in a relationship just over two years," he snapped tightening his grip slightly, when he said he remembered talking to Naruto over the phone on their anniversary, they couldn't even meet.

"No way," Mina argued trying to free her arm. "My friend in your University told me that you're never with anyone and you don't even talk to the few girls in your University!" she informed wriggling in Sasuke's grasp. "I'm your perfect girl." She glared fiercely at the group of boys who were now trying not to laugh, she felt her cheeks heat, only Sasuke wasn't laughing giving her some dose of hope.

"You are stupid," Sasuke nodded letting her go. "Did you and your friend take into consideration that I'm gay?" he asked not having any problem disclosing that information. "And as for the not being with anyone that's because I always have work to do and when I'm not with my friends I'm usually on the phone to my boyfriend."

"And my best friend before you argue," Kiba quickly stated.

The discussion could go no further as a flashy car pulled up with a truck behind it both stopping near them. The drivers of the truck positioned the lorry so they could easily get the faulty car into the back. Itachi stood from his car giving a brief smile to his brother before explaining how half of the group could go in Gaara's car while some others go in the truck and the final few in his car if they wished.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Naruto brushed away the few other tears left in his eyes looking down at his phone which he was debating turning back on. Mae was still sat beside him, it seemed that the woman wouldn't leave until she knew the blonde was all right. "I'm ok," he said to her smiling. "I just got jealous, I know Sasuke wouldn't cheat on me but it's just a little hard to believe."

"I understand," Mae assured rubbing his back gently watching with a smile as he turned his mobile back on. "I probably shouldn't be saying but the last time Sasuke-san was home he was very depressed," she told the golden teen who looked up puzzled. "He missed you very much, he's always threatening to move to your University just to be with you," she continued getting startled as Naruto hugged her.

"Thanks Mae-san," he grinned jumping slightly as his phone went off, he looked at the caller ID but saw Shikamaru's number this time. He sat up seeing the kind woman leave the room before answering the call. "Yo," he said in typical Naruto fashion.

"Whoa, I got you," Shikamaru answered sounding shocked. "Do you know how many times we've been trying to call you, hey Neji call Sasuke and tell him Naruto picked up," he ordered, Sasuke, Kiba Shino had gotten into his Itachi's car forbidding Mina to join them so the girl was the only one with the truck drivers. "Listen, Sasuke isn't cheating in you it's…"

"I know dumb ass," Naruto interrupted flopping down onto his bed quietly, he was going to keep it secret that he was home until they arrived, his bike was hidden in the garage so they wouldn't see it. "Anyway, I'll talk to you later," he said bidding his friend goodbye before hanging up just before his phone rang again. "Hello?"

"Naruto Mina is a bitch and I can't stand her," Sasuke stated clearly leaving no room for arguments. "We're all just trying to be nice to her because she's Shino's cousin even though he doesn't like her either," he continued looking in the back to glare at Shino though it was only playful.

"I know, well, I didn't know any of that but I'm sorry I just got jealous because she get to be with you and I don't," he said sadly, they really hadn't seen each other in far too long, all most a year if not longer. "I'm sorry if I worried you," Naruto said wanting to hold Sasuke so badly, at night he always cuddled up to a pillow trying to imagine Sasuke.

"It's ok, it's our Universities fault," Sasuke said laughing gently. "They never give us enough time off at the same time," he frowned knowing that it wasn't exactly true, both of their Universities had leave at the moment but still Naruto couldn't make it back. "I guess we just have to wait to summer to see each other." He felt Kiba slide his hand over from the back to place a caring hand on Sasuke's shoulder, he appreciated the action but wasn't the person he wanted.

"Yeah," Naruto replied smiling brightly even though he was saddened by the tone in Sasuke's usually emotionless voice. He was happy at the idea of Sasuke getting home and being surprised that Naruto was here waiting for him. "Are you home now?" he questioned trying to sound like he didn't know the answer.

"We're just pulling into the yard," Sasuke replied noting that the truck continued with a smile, he wouldn't need to see Mina again. "Thanks Itachi," he called to his brother as his friends got out of the car before walking inside, they were already heading to Sasuke's room bags in hands. "Do what are you doing?"

"Just lying on my bed, I just finished studying for a while," Naruto grinned, neither answers were a lie, while he was trying to calm his tears he'd attempted to read some of his books. He stayed perfectly silent as he heard them pass his room his grin almost ripping at his face. Once he knew they had turned on the music he got to his feet tiptoeing to the unlocked joining door, he'd unlocked it previously. "I really wish I could see you," Naruto said quietly. "What would you do if we could see each other, I'd probably grin like a stupid fool."

Sasuke chuckled a little. "I'd probably grin to dobe," he said flipping onto his bed his friends turning on the play station Sasuke had bought a year ago. He picked up the same picture of him and his friends that Naruto had, each of them had a copy. "I'd probably freeze," he laughed.

"I can see you now," Naruto teased opening the door silently, luckily the head of the bed pressed up against the wall the door was on. "You'd be lying on your bed looking at our group picture as the guys flip stupidly through your games before choosing one," he wanted to laugh as he saw Sasuke's eyes widen looking into the phone, no one had seen him yet. "And you know what would happen next?"

"I'm sure you'll tell me dobe," Sasuke replied not telling his lover that he had described the exact scene in the room. He put the frame down draping an arm over his eyes trying to picture Naruto in his mind.

"You'll put the picture down," he breathed creeping in the room putting his finger to his lips quickly as the guys turned around, they smiled. "Put your arms across your face," he continued seeing Sasuke's shoulders stiffen. "And then get pounced on by someone who can't wait anymore," he said hanging up quickly before jumping onto the raven. "SASUKE!"

"WAH?" Sasuke yelled idiotically moving his arm with more speed than thought possible to see Naruto there. He couldn't register it, his heart picked up a rib shattering pace as a pair of much missed lips pressed down on his own. Blinking rapid for a second before sinking into the heated kiss forcing his tongue into Naruto's mouth pushing all his pent up emotion into the first kiss in such a long time. He brought his hands up sliding his fingers into Naruto's golden threads pulling closer much like Naruto's own hands were doing in his hair.

"I missed you so much," Naruto panted pulling back only to say that one sentence before their lips connected again. Sasuke's tongue swept over every section possible in Naruto's mouth, the sensation of having Sasuke kissing him again brought a few tears back to his eyes, he was just so happy.

"You think they care about lack of oxygen?" Gaara asked smirking as Naruto threw a pillow with pinpoint accuracy at his head with breaking the kiss for a second. "Take that as a no," he chuckled wrapping his arms around Neji's waist. "I want to get greeted like that," he said and Neji hit him slightly.

"Idiot they haven't seen each other in ages," Neji replied leaning into Gaara's chest admitting silently that he wouldn't mind being greeted like that either. He turned his head feeling somewhat strange seeing his friend make out like there would be no tomorrow.

Finally and much too soon to Sasuke's liking their lips parted sucking in as much air as they could muster. "When…?" he panted pulling Naruto tightly into his arms determined not to let go.

"This morning," he replied smiling down a hand still resting on Sasuke's cheek while the other held around the raven's neck. "I did double days at University so I could come home," he explained. "I really didn't want to miss this holiday with you guys, I've worked way too hard, I needed a break with my friends."

"Not to mention Tsunade-san would kill you if you didn't come home soon," Sasuke chuckled snuggling close to Naruto's warmth. "I'm so glad you came home Naruto," he sighed kissing the blonde's forehead.

"Welcome back dude," Kiba muttered giving a thumbs up to the happy couple on the bed as he and Shikamaru raced each other. "I was beginning to forget what you looked like."

"Oh shut up idiot," Naruto laughed as he and Sasuke shifted their position. Now Sasuke was sat straight his back resting against the headboard with Naruto sat in between Sasuke's legs being automatically wrapped in his lover's arms. "How you guys been anyway?"

"Fine, classes are boring," Shino replied shrugging as he watched the game on the wide screen. "But at least that aren't that many girls who flaunt themselves at us."

"Yeah, Sasuke-kun sure showed that Mina brat her place," Gaara chided grinning as he remembered the scene.

"Why? What did you do teme?" Naruto inquired eyes narrowing at the raven behind him.

"You're defending her?" Sasuke asked looking at the teen incredulously before shaking his head. "Of course you'd stand up for her, you're nice to everyone," he sighed brushing his lips along Naruto's tasty neck feeling electricity spark where they met. "She was hitting on me, said I was her perfect girl."

"I hate her," Naruto stated comically whilst pouting all at the same time. "I'm not up for sharing my Sasuke."

"Oh so I'm yours now am I?" Sasuke purred resisting biting Naruto's burning flesh; his friends were here so he'd wait for that a little longer.

"Are you saying you're not?" Naruto countered cocking an eyebrow.

"Oh, Sasuke's in trouble already," Neji teased fully relating this conversation to a similar conversation between himself and Gaara. He smirked at his red haired lover knowing they were thinking the same thing, hopefully Sasuke and Naruto's would end the same way there's had.

"Of course dobe," Sasuke said continuing to nuzzle his face in Naruto's neck just basking in the feeling. "I told her where to go and threw in the 'I'm gay and miss my boyfriend' comment."

Naruto blushed turning away but Sasuke's hand returned their faces to each other lips connecting again. They kissed slowly this time, tongues swimming easily together, Naruto's body half turned so one arm could curl around Sasuke's shoulders. Sasuke had an arm supporting Naruto's waist while the other held the scarred cheeks keeping them together. As they pulled apart their positions didn't alter.

"I love you angel," Sasuke muttered resting his forehead against Naruto's.

"I love you too," Naruto replied smiling locking eyes with those emotion filled orbs before him. "Two weeks of you is not going to be enough," he muttered even though he knew a little secret he wasn't about to share until it was finalised.

"I'll take what I can get."

- - - - -

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