" Yoruichi-sama… Why?…Why didn't you take me with you?"

Why did she leave without her?

What could she say?

She could say she wanted to run away and leave all the titles and responsibilities behind to live the life she that she had been robbed of. She could say that she didn't want to take away everything that Soi Fon had going for her. She could say all she wanted to do was protect her…

Though all of those and more were indeed true in a twisted sort of sense, it wasn't nearly enough.

But seriously, who was she trying to fool?

All during her exile, when she could spare a thought; she thought of her. She thought of her meek smile, her stammered greeting, her movements, her voice, her eyes… her scent, her touch. She missed everything about her.

She remembered sitting on the windowsill, staring out at the sunset, feeling the stabbing pain lessen a little more, as it did day by day until it was no more than a dull ache. But it only happened to recede because she willed it away; she pushed away the pain and filled the gaping hole of nothingness in her heart, which she had left behind, with Urahara.

She couldn't live with regrets… she couldn't live constantly looking back over her shoulder at the mistakes that trailed behind her; haunting her. She was sure that eventually, she would outrun every single one of them; she was after all, the renowned Goddess of Flash.

But the only actual mistake she looked back for, the one that haunted her day and night; was the one she could not outrun.

She did want to escape her life; she did want to leave everything behind… but not her.

And yet, she left…

Because she was… afraid?

Was that the reason? She feared that if she took Soi Fon along where there wasn't the harsh conformity of the noble Seireitei to mold herself into, that Soi Fon would maybe realize that perhaps… she wasn't who she thought she was? That Soi Fon wouldn't love her anymore? That she would leave…

And in order to make sure Soi wouldn't abandon her… she abandoned Soi… and managed to convince herself that Soi Fon would be better off and happier, being left behind.

Could she tell her all that?

Could she really tell her everything?

Guilt ate away at her insides as she sat there, in the middle of the desert like plains, holding Soi Fon tightly in her arms like she'd never let her go; hoping that maybe actions could convey the messages into words so she wouldn't have to answer the one thing she wished she'd never have to.

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