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Written by Kamikon Wolf

"Whether it is a gift or a curse depends on how the bearer interprets it."



October 7th

It had been so long since then, but he remembered every detail of it so clearly, vibrant, and painful.

But he would never tell anyone of the curse that was cast upon him, being shunned enough from society. No one could see it through his carefree smile; he lived a cold and lonely life. He was without family, love, or trust, and he loathed it.

As if the emotional pain was not enough, something else had to go wrong with his life.

Naruto Uzumaki laid flat on his bed, staring blankly into his ceiling. He ran his fingers through his blonde, spiky hair as his blue eyes scanned the room, and like always, it was the same. Unwashed clothes and empty ramen cups were scattered everywhere, the full body mirror in his closet had a large crack in the upper right hand corner, and the wallpaper was torn in various places. He sighed with a frown. This was proof that he was just a poor, underprivileged child.

Quietly he watched the sun set over Konoha. The skies darkened and stars appeared one by one. He welcomed them as long lost friends. They were his wishes for freedom, hope for the future, and silent listeners of his prayers. Naruto smiled, sitting upright and resting his arm on his window ledge. He gazed into the horizon, longing to leave the confinement of his room.

Naruto caught sight of a rising white radiance coming from the north wall of the village. He recognized it easily: the moon, a full one to be exact. It hadn't come into perfect view, but anyone could easily tell it was full. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and bathed in the moonlight. Never had he felt so at peace with himself and the world around him. His smile grew wider, embracing the tranquility.

Then the moon was entirely visible. Its light palely lit the village alongside the stars, but oddly it seemed brighter then usual.

His eyes snapped open as they stared directly into the celestial orb. Naruto felt a rush of energy and excitement swell inside him, turning his smile into a large grin. His heart pounded against his chest, pumping adrenaline throughout his body excessively. An outlandish yearning to run through the forests to his heart's content was planted in his head amongst a desire to indulge himself in the night and all its subtle beauties. Something inside told him that it his boredom and heartaches would be forever eased by a stroll through the wilderness.

Suddenly, his muscles shuddered; the wonderful feelings turned into aches, but the light pain faded promptly. This caused him to stop fantasizing about the adventure he could be having and made him think why he ever started to imagine such an absurdity. In reality the outside was a frightening thing to him so late at night. The village was typically a safe place to be, but it was impossible to tell who or what might be lurking behind every corner.

Leaning back on his bed, Naruto crossed his arms over his chest and shuddered. His heart was still going strong, and it was very troubling to him. An intense amount of heat washed over him quickly after, causing beads of sweat to drip down his face. His breathing became hitched as his eyes darted around the room in a panic. He jumped off his bed, removed his shirt and sat on the cool wooden floor. Despite his efforts, his body temperature continued to increase until it became a full fledged flame.

The intense fever led to a series of other symptoms. Naruto grew lightheaded and his stomach churned. He clutched his abdomen with a groan and shifted position onto his knees, bending over as if he were to vomit. His eyes were forced shut, this torment far too strong to bear. The boy frantically gasped for air, and then he let out an agonized cry.

The heat became coupled with sharp, stabbing pains. A series of ominous snaps like the breaking of branches sounded off. The joints in his hands bent and jerked in various directions in sync with the noises. His hands became stuck with his fingers partially curled down, and the usage of those joints had been hindered. As he attempted to move them, the stab focused itself upon his fingertips.

His nails were morphing as drastically as his hands just had. The plain, pinkish color of the human nail was rapidly darkening into black. He set his trembling hands before his tear flushed eyes. The color change was followed by rapid growth of the nails. They thickened and curled, ripping through his feeble skin. Naruto grimaced, eyes wide with fear as his nails tipped off with evil, menacing points, his blood trickling down from where they emerged.

They had grown into long black claws. He had developed claws before, but these were much closer to an animal's.

While he was entranced by the claws, the same sharp pain attacked his feet. Terrified, he looked over his shoulder to see them changing as well. Claws tore through where the toenails used to be, and the structure of his feet was contorting along with them. His skin burned as his feet seemed to grow longer, gradually lifting his heels from the ground.

An itch developed on the surface of his skin, and from the backs of his hands, small red-orange hairs began to sprout at an alarming rate. Like a virus, these hairs lengthened and invaded his body, infecting it with a coat of fine hair. His blonde hair took to the attribute of his new body hair, shifting to a darker red. It lost its coarse, wiry attribute and became silky, causing his spikes to relax.

Naruto could hear and feel his bones crunch together. It felt as if his innards were being violently torn apart. He hunched over involuntarily; as he did so his spine suddenly cracked into a curve between his shoulders. His blood ran cold through his deepening chest and his heartbeat slowed for a moment. His muscles convulsed, rippling beneath his tightening skin. The pajamas he had left soon became an incorrect fit for him, and tore under the stress. All of these sensations were foreign to him. Therefore, he could not tell it was the feeling of fast and excessive growth. From his muscle mass to his bones, Naruto's body was increasing in not only size but power as well.

At last, he let out a terrifying scream from the torture, but it had no quality of a young boy. It was deeper and beastly. It haunted his ears, its rhythmic sound never ending in his mind. Naruto's entire essence was being twisted by some malevolent, incomprehensible force. He wasn't allowed even a second of relief as his metamorphosis reached its climax.

A tight, constricted feeling drew his attention to the base of his spine. Pain struck him hard as his tailbone curved up and split within him. It extended above his rear as a nub that continued to grow outwards. Soon it had become a long, flexible tail covered with fur. First it was a single appendage, but soon it became a multitude of them. One by one they developed, each perfectly identical to the first. He whined and growled helplessly to endure his anguish. When the final tail arose, all nine of the tails lashed about viciously.

The transformation had yet to be truly complete, though. One final detail was missing, and it was the most painful change of them all.

A loud crack was heard as his teeth jutted out into deadly, piercing fangs. The development of these larger and sharper teeth tore his darkening gums to shreds, dripping blood into his mouth. He could not help but notice that it tasted different then it should. Blood should taste like metal, yet the blood he was sampling was heavily salty with a hint of bitterness. Before long the boy's jaws emitted a sickening snap as they pushed out and stretched. Naruto's cries were weak and inaudible as he went through this final stage.

It felt like his ears were being pulled as they grew larger and repositioned closer to the top of his head. They had nearly doubled in size and developed a demonic point at the end of them. The tip of his nose turned dark and upturned itself while his malformed face began to take shape of a sleek, triangular muzzle filled with razor sharp teeth. Once the muzzle was complete he roared in a voice not his own. In a massive explosion of emotion and pain he cried to the heavens above with such intensity that the room itself shook.

And at that moment, everything stopped.

Everything stood silent and still for what seemed like an eternity…

As his suffrage was disappearing, short whines followed his every breath. Naruto was completely traumatized; he had not the slightest idea of what just occurred. The only deduction he could make in his deluded state of mind was that he had just experienced an unimaginable amount of pain. His gaze moved around his room carefully, searching for a hint, a sign, something to console him that he had been imagining those bizarre things.

But then his eyes met with his mirror. Naruto gasped in fright.

Staring back at him was not the Naruto he knew. He had feral red eyes with a slit for a pupil and orange fur coating his skin. He had gained claws and fangs, weapons of a beast. Larger, stronger muscles replaced his frail human tendon. Of all the new features, it was the tails that really caught his eye. They swayed and twisted violently, making it difficult to keep his focus elsewhere. Naruto knew immediately, simply by looking at these, who was responsible for this startling change. He backed away slowly from the demonic image, tears forming in his eyes.

"The Fox…" he thought with terror, but then with anger.

Naruto clutched his head and pressed it to the ground, repeating the word "no" under his breath consistently. He wished to deny it, but he had become the very monster the village accused him of being since birth: the Nine-Tailed Fox.

A strange calm ran across his mind, and the wonderful feelings he experienced before the change came back. His body loosened up as a cool, floating on air feeling rushed over him. His thoughts were not as pleasant and harmless as before, though. Cold-blooded thoughts clouded his own, destroying what little remained of his humanity.

"Their deaths will be quick...but most certainly not painless..."

Even though it was tempting to give into it, he fought. A deep growl emitted from his mouth. Desperately he attempted to shake it all off just to keep himself sane.

"You are no longer weak, child."

"You are strong."

"You are the Nine-Tailed Fox..."

"Embrace it."

Naruto just wasn't strong enough to repel this voice.

Compelled by an unknown instinct, he raised his head and let out a shrill, monstrous yowl. He grinned a sly, fox grin, digging the claws into the wood as if it were paper. He laughed maniacally, for he felt so powerful and untamed, truly liberated from the world for the first time in his life.

He then leaped, crashing through his bedroom window, his feral red eyes piercing the night with his hunger. Hunger for freedom. Hunger for blood. Hunger…for revenge.


End of Chapter