Chapter 14- Much Farther To Go

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Claire's eyes fluttered open. She was alone in a different room than before. Jared must've given her anther shot that made her blackout, but she couldn't really remember anything.

She didn't have a gag in her mouth and her hands and feet weren't tied together. She felt vulnerable in just a skirt and thin camisole top. Her hair was frazzled and wildly resting on her shoulders.

The new room she was in was also all stone and pretty small. There were no windows, just a dim light that hung from the middle of the ceiling. A twin sized bed frame with a mattress resting on top was in the corner of the room and next to it there was a black door. Claire used the wall to help her up from where she was sitting and groggily made her way over to the door, figuring it was worth a try to open it… But of course it was locked.

God I wish Peter was here, she thought. Anything could've happened to him at this point. All Claire wanted to know is if he was ok… alive… if she would even ever get to see him again.

The large black door opened loudly, knocking Claire out of her thoughts. Two large men, seeming to be in their twenties stepped into the room. Claire backed up against the far wall in the room. Both men were wearing dark jeans, black shirts and black leather jackets. Neither one was Jared though; these two were new to Claire.

"Told you she was in here." One said to the other.

"Claire Bennet?" The other asked.

"What do you want?" Claire asked so coldly that icicles practically formed at her mouth.

She realized that maybe it wasn't the best thing to piss these guys off, but at this point she just didn't really care.

"Whoa, no need to be rude. After all Jared just sent us in here to keep you company." One said slamming the door behind him. The two started walking towards Claire.

"Yeah, you do look rather lonely." The other guy said.

Claire felt her heartbeat quicken but she tried to maintain her composure. She slowly moved down the wall away from them.

"Where you going sweetie?" one asked grabbing her wrist forcefully and yanking her towards him. "We just want to get to know you a little better." He said, his hot breath hitting Claire's face.

"Get your hands off of me." Claire said with force.

"Ok." He said smiling deviously. He looked up at his partner, winked, and then pushed Claire stumbling into his partner's arms.

"My name is Ben." He said once she was in his arms. He pressed his lips onto hers holding her body firmly against his. Claire squealed as he kissed her and he threw her back across the room to the other guy.

"And my name is Mike." He said giving her a short kiss as well.

"Stop, please." Claire said almost to the point of tears.

Mike turned Claire so that she was facing him and held onto her by the wrists.

"But you're just so damn hot." Mike said.

"Yeah, why would we stop?" Ben asked, suddenly he was right behind Claire and as he finished his sentence he pinched her butt making Claire jump in surprise.

"Oh she likes that." Mike said smiling at Ben.

"You're disgusting." Claire said starting to struggle and try to escape his hold. Mike let go of her wrists and Claire ran away from the two of them, shortly after realizing there was nowhere for her to run to.

"Where are you going Claire?" Ben asked advancing on her.


Jared walked into the room where Peter was being held. Unlike Claire his hands were still tied together, but he didn't have a gag in his mouth.

"Hello Peter." Jared said.

Peter followed his every move with his eyes, but didn't say a word.

"Well I guess I get why you're mad at me. I hit on you're hot girlfriend and I'm holding you captive here. But don't worry; I'm not going to hurt you or Claire. I just want to run some tests. Which is what we're going to do right now. So you can either come peacefully or I can give you another shot. Your choice." Jared said, making sure to keep somewhat of a distance between himself and Peter. He had a gun in his pocket just in case Peter tried to pull anything. He knew of Peter's ability, but figured it would at least slow him down to get shot.

"Where's Sylar?" Peter asked him.

"I thought you might ask about him. I hear you really like him… maybe you two could room together." Jared suggested getting a kick out of the expression his comment left on Peter's face.

Peter stood up from his metal chair.

"Don't worry. Sylar's been…" Jared paused to search for the right word. He raised his eyebrows and finished "taken care of."

Peter was confused as to what exactly that meant.

"Well Peter, as much fun as I'm having bonding with you, we really need to go run some tests on you." Jared said… the first part obviously being sarcastic.

"I want to see Claire." Peter said.

"Maybe later." Jared said.

"I won't cooperate until I see her." Peter said his breathing starting to quicken.

"I'm afraid you don't really have a choice Peter." Jared said.

Peter nodded his head "Alright… your mistake." Peter said.

"What does that mean…" Jared started to ask, but before he knew what was going on Peter lunged towards him and punched him in the head knocking him out cold. Peter quickly grabbed Jared's gun out of his pocket and the keys to the door. After struggling to unlock the door he quickly ran out of it.

He stepped into a long and dark hallway… what looked like a run down old hospital or something. The lights shined brightly into Peter's eyes, which were used to the darker lighting of his "prison cell". Peter ran down the hallway checking all around him for someone that might try to catch him. He just needed to find Claire. If he could just find her, and get the two of them out of this hellhole and safe he would finally feel as if he could breath again.

Scared to yell out Claire's name for fear that someone unwanted might here, Peter just continued his search in silence.

Finally he came upon a couple doors. He opened one and inside he saw a very

unconscious Sylar lying on the floor. His face was blue and purple it was bruised so bad and there was dried up blood covering his arms and legs. Peter quickly closed the door and leaned against it for a moment to catch his breath from what he had just seen.

But he started to move again when he heard what sounded like Claire's distressed voice.

He came up on another door and he knew that Claire was inside it. He could hear her yelling "No." and "stop it". He took in a deep breath before he opened the door, terrified of what he might see.

When he opened it he saw Claire backed into a corner and two large men around her beginning to rip her clothes off.

"Get off of her!" Peter yelled running over to them and pulling them both off of her at the same time and throwing them to the opposite wall.

"Peter." Claire said surprised and out of breath.

"You must be Peter." Ben said

"Just shut up." Peter said pulling out his gun and pointing it at Ben and Mike.

"We were just having a little fun with Claire here." Ben said innocently.

"You call what you were doing fun? You're sick." Claire yelled.

"Claire." Peter said in a calming voice.

"We love how feisty she gets." Ben said smiling.

Apparently this was the last straw for Peter because he ran over to Ben and did his best to punch him square in the face, considering that his hands were still tied together.

Peter succeeded in knocking Ben out but Mike stealthily stole the gun from Peter's hands and pointed it at Claire.

"That's not going to hurt me." Claire said with almost a smile spreading across her face.

"It will slow you and Peter down enough for me to lock you two in this room." Mike said.

"Alright… fine… What do you want us to do?" Peter asked Mike, eyeing Claire at the same time.

"Just go sit down over there." Mike said obviously making this up on the spot. He had no idea what to do because he usually just followed orders from Jared.

"Ok." Peter said starting to walk towards the far wall but at the last second he turned and when Mike saw him coming he fired the gun at Claire who screamed right as Peter pushed Ben and banged his head against the wall knocking him out.

"Claire?" he asked immediately fearing that she had been shot.

Luckily when he turned he saw her standing vulnerably against the opposite wall in the room.

"Sorry." Peter said.

Once Claire could breathe again she ran over to Peter.

"I just missed the shot." She said.

"Come on we have to get out of here." Peter said starting to go but Claire grabbed his shirt and pulled him back.

"Wait." She said taking his hands into hers and undoing the endless knots that had been tied around his wrists. Finally she got them all off and as the rope fell to the floor Claire fell into Peter's arms and he held her tightly for just a moment before backing away.

"We have to get out of here." Peter said.

"Ok." She said as Peter grabbed her hand and the two ran out of the room and down the hallway.

"Any idea how to get out?" Claire asked him her head frantically looking around all sides of her for some clue to get out.

"No." Peter said continuing to lead her down the hall taking a right turn.

"How did you get out?" Claire asked him.

"Just… knocked Jared out." Peter said taking another right turn.

"Wait Peter, slow down." Claire said feeling so out of breath she was clueless as to how she was still breathing at all.

Peter stopped for a moment.

The two were catching the breath when they heard a slow clapping from down the hallway.

"Nice try Claire and Peter." A voice said and as it came closer they saw it was Jared.

"Why don't you just let us go?" Claire pleaded with Jared.

"Because you two are special." Jared said.

"Please just leave us alone." Claire said.

"I'm afraid I just can't do…" Jared stopped talking midsentence as two shots were fired and Peter and Claire saw two spots of blood appear on Jared's shirt and he quickly fell to the floor.

Peter grabbed Claire's hand and pulled her closer to him.

"It's Isaac" Isaac said stepping up to Peter and Claire.

"How did you find us?" Peter asked him immediately.

"I painted a lot this morning and I just got led here. Come on I know the way out." Isaac said.


Isaac led Peter and Claire out of the building to an old alleyway. It must've been around seven because it was starting to get dark and snow was falling outside.

Peter and Claire thanked Isaac for all his help… saving their lives which was something Claire was feeling accustomed to doing now.

Peter thought it was best for them to get away from the building and back to his apartment and he told Isaac that he was going to call Claire's father as soon as they made it back to his place and they would take things from there.

Isaac drove Peter and Claire to Peter's apartment and the two walked inside together.

Peter shut the door to his apartment and locked it every way he could.

Claire stood in the middle of the living room area silently and for the first time Peter really looked at her and saw that her skirt was ripped up both sides, she had no shoes on, and her shirt was badly ripped as well.

Peter wasn't sure what would be appropriate to say considering what both of them had just been through. He wasn't even sure he should say anything at all.

"I'll go get you something to change into." Peter offered finally turning to leave.

"Peter PLEASE don't leave me here!" Claire said in a raised voice.

He stopped, startled by her yelling. He turned and walked over to her and saw she had tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry." He said placing a hand on her cheek and Claire placed her hand over his nudging her cheek against his warm skin.

"Just don't leave me." Claire said.

He nodded his head and stepped closer to her wrapping his arms around her body.

Claire's body went limp onto his and she leaned her head against his chest as Peter stroked her hair.

"Claire… did those guys… do anything to you?" Peter asked.

She shook her head against his chest "They would've if you hadn't shown up." Claire mumbled.

"I am so sorry Claire. I said I could protect you and I couldn't." Peter said.

"Please Peter. This isn't you're fault. We're just not safe." Claire said.

Peter wanted to reassure Claire that he was going to protect her, he wanted to give her some words of comfort but at this point he felt it would be a lie to say he could protect Claire because it was obvious that he couldn't.

Claire finally got the strength to wrap her arms up around Peter's neck.

"I should take a shower and change." She said.

"I'll get you some clothes." Peter said.

"I can't believe I'm asking this… but could you maybe stand outside the bathroom or something. Just…" Claire started.

"Of course." Peter said cutting her off in a sweet way.

Claire managed a smile and walked off towards the shower.

After Claire took a shower Peter took her into his bedroom so that the two of them could get some much-needed rest. He knew he should take a shower too but he didn't want to leave her alone. He felt it was the least he could do.

Claire seemed a little bit more at ease after her shower, wearing a pair of Peter's college sweatpants and a hoodie. She laid down on Peter's bed and he crawled in next to her.

Claire turned so that she was face him.

"I don't think I can fall asleep." Claire said.

Peter traced his fingers along Claire's cheek and into her hair.

"I'll be right here." Peter said.

Claire smiled at him "I know." She said. She turned around so that her back was to him and Peter moved his body closer to hers and wrapped his arm around her stomach leaning his head in and giving her a sweet kiss on the cheek before whispering "I love you." Into her ear and resting his head back on the pillow.


A few hours later Peter heard a knock at the door.

Claire moved a little as she woke up.

"Do you mind if I get that?" Peter asked her.

"Go ahead." She said groggily and Peter slipped away from her.

"Be right back." He said walking out to the living room. He looked through the peephole and saw Nathan on the other side of the door.

He un-did the locks and let Nathan inside.

"Peter… thank god your ok." Nathan said pulling his little brother into a hug.

"Yeah, Claire and I are fine." Peter said.

"Isaac called and let everyone know what happened. Where's Claire?" Nathan asked.

"She's asleep in my room." Peter said.

"I'm just so glad you're alright." Nathan said.

"Nathan… I don't know what to do." Peter said running his hands through his hair.

"What do you mean?" Nathan asked him.

"I mean I probably almost lost Claire and she's terrified, and she has every right to be. I just… I can't protect her no matter how hard I try Nathan." Peter said.

"Peter you just have to do the best you can." Nathan said placing a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"I have been, and it's killing me that I can't be the one to save her. How am I supposed to help her through this if even I don't believe that we're safe?" Peter asked Nathan.

Nathan sat down on Peter's couch and Peter sat down next to him.

"Look, Peter, we have to live with the gifts we've been given. Truthfully we are never safe but we're getting better at doing everything we can to keep safe. Now that this Jared guy's out of the picture all we have to worry about is Sylar." Nathan said.

"Nathan I saw Sylar… he was in a room with blood all over him and unconscious." Peter said.

"Was he alive?" Nathan asked Peter eagerly.

"I'm not sure. I only saw him for a second before I heard Claire yelling." Peter said searching his brain to try and remember if he saw him breathing or not.

"Well this could be really good news." Nathan said.

"Yeah, for now. But how long until another threat comes? I love Claire, and I just want to be happy with her. I never realized how much I wanted a normal life until I almost lost her again." Peter said laying his heads in his hands.

"Listen Peter. I know this is a bad situation we're in, but at least we all have each other. I know that's cheesy but it's true. We're just going to have to start being more careful." Nathan said.

Peter looked up at him "Yeah… I guess." Peter said. "I should probably get back to Claire."

"Yeah. Look I'll talk to you tomorrow. I'm sure everyone else will want to see you guys." Nathan said.

"Alright. Thanks for coming Nathan… it uh, means a lot." Peter said reflecting on the kind of strained relationship he'd had with Nathan for his entire life.

"No problem." Nathan said nodding and stepping out of the apartment.

"Hi." Claire said quietly standing in Peter's bedroom doorway after Nathan left.

"You're up." Peter said walking over to her.

"My dad just called. He said he's on the next flight here." Claire said shrugging.

"How are you?" Peter asked her.

"I'm ok. I'll be fine, you don't have to treat me like a porcelain doll." Claire said.

"You're amazing Claire." Peter said placing his hands on her waist.

"You're pretty amazing yourself Peter. You saved my life… again." Claire said.

"We should've never even been in that situation in the first place." Peter said.

"I don't really want to talk about it." Claire said.

"What do you want to talk about then?" Peter asked her.

"Well I am kind of starving, maybe we could order a pizza." Claire suggested.

"Of course." Peter said.


That night Peter and Claire stayed up all night eating pizza and making fun of late night infomercials and lifetime movies. It was exactly what each needed, and while some may have thought that laughing so quickly after such a scary thing happened is crazy, for them it was just away to cope and move on.

Claire's dad arrived at around 10:00 the next morning and he took a taxi to Peter's apartment.

Claire had gone over to her dorm earlier to change and check in with Jen to fill her in on everything that happened. Jen was freaked to say the least but Claire promised her that she was ok.

As soon as Claire's dad walked into Peter's apartment Claire was already in his arms.

"Dad." She said letting out a large breath.

"Claire bear." He said back hugging his daughter tightly.

"Thanks for coming." Claire said letting go of his embrace.

"Well the Haitian and I have a couple of things to clear up here so it was kind of mandatory that I came. But I had to see my little girl anyways." He said switching his glance over to Peter.

"Peter, I am for ever in debt to you for saving Claire again." Noah said.

"Please, sir I love her." Peter said.

Noah looked a bit uncomfortable at that statement but he kept his feelings to himself.

"So, as I was saying I have some business to take care of here. Obviously we can't contact the police about any of this or else they'd know about our powers so I need to clean up this whole Jared mess, with Parkman's help." Noah said.

"Is there anything we can do?" Claire asked her father.

"Yes actually. We need you Peter and Isaac to leave town for a few days till we get things cleared up." Noah said.

Peter was immediately confused, "What?" He asked.

"Look it would just be easiest for everyone if you were all gone for a few days so we don't risk anything. We've bought you all plane tickets to San Francisco so you can spend a few days there and relax and when you come back here everything will be cleared up and you can go back to life as normal." Noah said.

"And we're going with Isaac?" Claire asked him.

"We thought that would be safest. That's not a problem is it?" Noah said.

"No." Claire said shaking her head. Peter stayed silent. Of course he was grateful to Isaac, but that didn't mean he had to like the guy anymore. He had a feeling Isaac had a thing for Claire and he didn't like that.

"Well good because the plane leaves in three hours." Noah said.

"What?" Claire and Peter asked in a surprised unison.

"The earlier the better." Noah said "it's just for three days and then you can come right back. We have the hotel and everything taken care of already." He said.

Claire looked to Peter as if it was his decision that was final for them to go or not.

Peter was silent for a little longer as the thought things over.

"I guess we should pack then." He said finally giving in.

"Great. I'll call Isaac and he can meet you guys at the airport in a couple of hours." Noah said.


Peter and Claire made it through airport security an hour and half after Claire's father had arrived at Peter's apartment. It was a mad packing, running, driving ordeal but they finally made it. When they made it to their gate Isaac wasn't there yet so they sat down next to each other.

"I still don't see why we have to go with Isaac." Peter said unhappily.

Claire rolled her eyes, "Peter please. I don't know why you hate the guy. He's saved us yesterday and I think you should be a little grateful to him." Claire said.

Peter looked at Claire incredulously "That still doesn't erase things that he's done in the past." Peter said.

"Oh right, how could I forget… Simone." Claire said.

"Well I used to love her and he ruined that." Peter said.

"I'm glad you're holding a grudge with Isaac over another girl." Claire said pouting.

"Oh, come on. I'm not still in love with Simone. There's no need to be jealous." Peter said.

Claire scoffed at Peter. "I am not jealous! If anyone's jealous I think it's you. I know your worried Isaac likes me." Claire said.

"I'm just… look I don't want to argue with you." Peter said.

"Good, me neither. Now if you'll just stop complaining that would be great because Isaac is coming." Claire said seeing Isaac with a small bag in hand walking towards their gate.

"Oh, good." Peter said a bit sarcastically.

"Isaac, over here." Claire waved her hand and as he saw them he walked quickly over.

"Hi guys." Isaac said.

"Hi." Peter and Claire said in unison.

"How are you two?" Isaac asked awkwardly.

"Doing better." Claire said.

Peter struggled to say something, "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Well good. This weekend should be nice." Isaac said.

"Yeah, Great." Peter said. This was going to be a long weekend.

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