Author's Notes: And now, at last, the preview into what is the sequel of Victim'eye'zed. This story is Squall's as the last one was Nida's. But don't worry, at some point all of your favorite characters are going to make an appearance, whether it is in flashback or not.



What woke him up wasn't one set answer, but a multiple choice question. It could have been the fact that the warmth at his back at gotten up and left the bed. There was a chance that it was that irritating bleeping that came from his alarm clock. Another choice was in the ringing of his cell phone by the bed. Or it could have been the sound of the answering machine in the den coming on.

"Hey Loire," the machine called out in the most annoying voice he could imagine, sleeping or otherwise, "I know you're there, so get your damn ass up. It's Seifer. Pick up damnit. … Fine. I'm heading out today. Four years you know. I know you already said it last night but… You sure you don't want to come? … Well, at least call me…"

The machine clicked and went silent. Yes, that was definitely what awoke him. Slowly Squall rolled from the bed, a hand to his head, an annoyed sound escaping his lips. No, he didn't want to go. Why should he visit the grave of a murderer? What was the point in looking on a stone marking that someone was four years gone? Didn't Seifer think that his parents, that Ellone, hadn't all tried the same thing? It wasn't happening. He'd told himself long ago that he wasn't going to go to see that place, ever. It was a promise to himself that he had no intention of breaking.

So deep was Squall in these thoughts that he actually jumped when the bed sagged a bit as the weight of another body joined him. The hand connected to that body held out a cup of hot coffee, which Squall gladly took into his hands. Ah, the life sustaining liquid. This he could wake up for.

"He's persistent, I'll give him that," the other man said. When Squall only managed a 'mnuf' while looking at his coffee he got a chuckle in response. A hand caught him by the chin and forced him to look up into stunning violet eyes. They weren't actually violet of course, and the contacts used weren't actually needed. But they were beautiful anyway, and you could get lost in them. Squall needed that, and his lover knew it.

"But why is he trying so hard to get you to go wherever it is?"

Squall sighed. He'd been with his man for over two years and he hadn't told him yet. About Nida, about Rei, about everything. All Irvine knew was that Squall's brother-in-law and sister were involved with the investigation into the serial killer that had terrorized New York four years before, the ongoing investigation. Irvine knew that he'd been involved in a relationship that had ended suddenly. That he wasn't what he had been four years before.

"Can we talk?" Squall asked, rather nervous.

And, for the first time in four years, Squall spoke. Really spoke. About everything that had ever mattered to him. About the only thing that had mattered to him. About Nida.