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I hated airports. I started to hate them the moment I stepped into one today. This was the first time I had been alone in an airport in 2 years. The other times I was with the man I called my Dad. You see, my parents were very wealthy. But my dad's stock fell and he lost all of his money. My parents only choice was to give up one daughter. I volunteered to leave my family behind. I was sent to an orphanage in Boston, MA. One day, the gracious WWE stars stopped by to see us out of kindness. The new WWE Champion saw me reading a magazine, on which he graced the cover. I followed the man ever since he debuted in 2002. He walked up to me and sat down on the chair next to me.

"You know, I had a hangover when I did that interview."

I looked up from the magazine, and I couldn't believe my eyes. The man I had a major crush on was sitting right next to me, talking to me. Somehow, I kept my cool.

"Sucks for you."

"How long have you been here?"

"5 months, maybe 6."

He stared at my "mom", the lady that took all of us kids in. Within that 5 minutes of silence after my answer, he fell in love with me. Not in the creepy, girlfriend sort of way. Like, he fell in love with me as a daughter. 3 hours later, the lady put my stuff in front of me.

"What are you doing?"

"You got adopted Sarah. By that gracious man over there."

I peered over the lady's shoulder to the man that would be my new Dad. It was him. He was arguing with Vince, but he wouldn't give up. My jaw dropped, along with the magazine I held. I got up and hugged the lady goodbye.

"Keep in contact Sarah. I will deeply miss you."

Bullshit. She didn't even know me. I walked over with my stuff to my new dad.

"What is this?"

"My stuff."

"Screw that. The divas will bring you shopping for new things."

And that was that. That day I met Trish, Amy, Torrie, Stacy, Christy, and all the others. They took me out for a whole new wardrobe (with my dad's new credit card!) a manicure and dinner. That night I met many superstars. Including Eddie Guererro, HHH, Dave, Randy, Ric, JBL, and many others. I never knew my life would change so soon. But yet here I was, in an airport, alone. Why? My dad got rich again. His stock leaped after they released a new product. So I was on my way home. I would leave my road life behind and get back to a real life. I couldn't help but start to cry whenever I thought about my family. My sister was long gone to college, which is probably why they would take me back. The truth is, I don't want to go back. Not ever. I had got to use to my Dad and all the wrestlers around me. The road schooling I would take online on my laptop with the help of the divas. The trip to Iraq for Tribute To The Troops, along with traveling the world. But I would never forget those Monday nights I got to accompany my Dad to the ring every night. It started about 3 months after I was adopted. Soon I was being trained and became the youngest diva in WWE history 6 months into my adoption. But all of that came to an end. I would miss the adrenaline every night when I went out to perform. And even though no matter how painful, I would miss the accidental injuries from trying to protect my Dad. My most major injury was when I broke my ankle 8 months ago. It finally healed about 5 months ago. That was all because Victoria performed her Widow's Peak weirdly, which caused my ankle to slip down to the mat. To make this story short, the bone cracked and I was rushed to the emergency room. And let me be the one to add, I became the youngest WWE Women's Champion also! No I'm just kidding. No matter how good I was, Vince knew I was to young to take that responsibility on. Now, at 16, I could have managed it. But I was gone. My contract doesn't expire for another month, but now that I was leaving, I had to leave early. My story could be the best thing you hear, and it could be the worst piece of shit. I mean, come on! A 14 year old in the ring wrestling with divas who were much older then I was, and much more talented with more experience? But I had the best Dad. John didn't want children, but why me? What did he find in me so special? Of course, this story will have its ups and downs. But follow me won't you? For this story is about the not-so-normal adopted daughter of current WWE Champion, John Cena. Where my mom was the divas, my uncles the super stars, my home the road, and my Dad a very kick ass Dad.