The Girl Next Door

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You are warned.


A little blond girl around six with a light blue dress and pig tails ran to catch the ball that flew out of her hands moments ago. Her hair was flowing as she ran. Her lungs breathe the fresh air of the early morning.

A boy with dark blue hair who walked along the sidewalk, reading a book, looked down to find a red rubber ball touch his sneakers. Closing his book, he picked the ball up and looked around to locate the owner.

Something instantly pounced on him, making him fall flat on the pavement. Wincing, the boy opened his eyes and mouth, ready to yell at whoever pounced on him. He stopped short as amber eyes smiled at him.

"Hey, Athrun!" The little girl greeted with a big smile, along with a friendly hug. "Thanks for picking up my ball."

Forgetting whatever happen to him just few seconds ago, evaporated in his mind. Athrun smiled back. "No problem." He stood up as Cagalli got off him. "Say, you want to play?" the little girl asked looking at him with the great smile from before.

"Sure." He answered. He left his book on the bench near by, unattended.

Some hours passed and Cagalli and Athrun were still playing around in the playground together, not minding the afternoon sun.

Laughing brightly, the little blond girl spoke as she climbed the monkey bars, "Athrun, this afternoon, my parents said that they have something to tell me. Can you come over?"

Athrun followed suit, but didn't hear what she said as Athrun's mom from the house called for him to supper. Athrun dropped from the monkey bars and looked at Cagalli. "I have to go. Sorry Cagalli."

Shaking her head, she said, "no problem. But remember what you promise."

With a sudden face of confusion, Athrun shook it off as a joke. "Ok." he said with a waving hand. He ran back home, book in hand, leaving Cagalli in the playground.

Just after dinner, the sun came down slowly and the moon was just yet to be lifted right up the dark sky to serve for lights. Athrun wiped his mouth and climbed out of his chair. "Thanks for supper mama." He said politely.

"Oh, sweetie, did you say farewell to the Hibikis?"

"Hm…Cagalli? Why?" he asked puzzled as his mom said Cagalli's family name in a sighing manner.

"Why, dear, they are moving." The word 'Moving' rang in Athrun's ears. "Cagalli is moving?" Athrun said in shock.

"Yes. Didn't sweet Cagalli tell you?"

An occurrence of scenes flashed through his mind, starting this morning till now. Athrun remembered Cagalli and him playing together the whole morning, and then she said something as his mom was calling him to dinner. A sudden panic alert struck Athrun's chest. She did say so!

He ran out of the house in a mad dash, his mom calling after him. He heard none of it. He just ran, ran to Cagalli's house.

Panting with sweat, Athrun reached the block where Cagalli's house was located, just two blocks away. He stopped as he saw a 'for sale' sign in front of the lawn. Athrun's face drained pure ghostly white.

"Cagalli." He breathed out with a sigh in gloom and a speck of anger.

The lights that were supposed to illuminate the house in front of him were eyes shut.

End of Prologue.

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