The Girl Next Door

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—The Girl: Ch. 11: Cry On Me—

Athrun waited outside the lower floor washroom in his house. He sighed through gritted teeth.

God, he had no idea what to do right now. Recently he had sex with the fantasy of his longing wish, the God-given Cagalli, and the being 'apparently' caught in the after-act by a long time ago friend, Meyrin, was just plainly awkward. He ran a hand through his tousled dark blue hair in show of frustration. Gosh, he had no idea how he will face tomorrow.

Athrun groaned when he remembered how he acted when his mom asked him to check on Cagalli, which he firstly refused with a red face:

"Mom, it's wrong!" He had the feeling he would be like a stalker or a pervert listening to her while she was doing her business.

"What's wrong, honey?" she inquired. "You're just checking up on her. It's not like you're marching in, honey."

Her son flushed from head to toe. "…Uhh…"

Lenore arched a curious brow. "Something happen between you two?"

"O-of course nothing happen!"

Lenore winced at her son's tone. "Dear, I didn't even saidwhat. I meant like a fight. Did you two have a fight while I was gone?"

"Oh." In seconds Athrun apologized. "Sorry, mom. And no, we didn't have a fight."

There she was, inside the washroom, for a really, really long time. He knocked and called out many times but she just didn't reply which worried him. Was it something they did while they were doing it…made her sick? He couldn't recall anything that was harmful…but he wasn't really sure. Athrun's eyes widen as 'The-Aftermath-Thought' popped in his head. Oh, no…no, no, no. He shook his head as he drop on the floor, his back slumping against the wall.

Athrun threw his head back on the wall behind him. Did she lie about taking the Pill? …But conception doesn't occur till pass twenty-four hours later after they—well that's what he learned in sex ed.— Athrun blushed as he looked up from his hands on his knees to see the pretty blonde that clustered his thoughts coming out of the washroom. She was peering down at him as she bended forward, her frontal all displayed for him from her loose knit top. A curious stare presented on her face.

"Whatcha thinking?" she asked as she crouched down in front of him. Her heels were very supportive due to its inclined angle.

The blush that spread across Athrun's face deepened as his traitorous eyes drifted down her bended legs to her slightly open-view jean-covered crotch. Amatory images of them together flashed pass his mind. Athrun quickly turned his face to his side avoiding her eyes saying, "N-nothing!"

"Oh." She looked down the way he did and saw that her legs were to vaguely spread apart that Athrun could see her jean-covered crotch. Cagalli burst out laughing seconds later. Athrun was a bit stunned. But he knew he shouldn't be, she wasn't the old Cagalli. The old one would hit him playfully and probably run away with a red face. But this one, god, she makes him think more or less of what she will do to him. Her surprises were uncanny to Athrun's stable life.

She flicked him with a finger on the forehead breaking his reverie. Her beautiful amber eyes were sparkling with mischief. "You're so innocent."

The word Innocent sounded really awful to his ears. Likewise he was acting still like a virgin. Athrun turned his flushed face away from her gaze again and muttered. "Well, I'm sorry then."

He heard her laugher rise from her tummy. It startled him how she was so open. So careless. And it wasn't the first time she did that. A small pathetic smile appeared on Athrun's face as he looked down.

Unexpectedly her soft hands cup him behind the ears and raised his head. His eyes made eye contact with hers. Slowly, he felt her lips on his. The sensation stirred him even if it wasn't the first time. "Don't be, Athrun, I love it," she added as she broke their kiss. "It makes you sexy." She purred the last words to his ear sending tingles up Athrun's spine.

Cagalli stood up abruptly as she heard someone walking pass the hall stopping in short steps. It was Athrun's dad. She guessed Mr. Zala came back from work due to the nice suit he had on.

"Cagalli, what a pleasant surprise!" Patrick said.

Cagalli nodded with a cheery smile. "Good afternoon, Mr. Zala." She pointed at his suit. "Nice suit, by the way. Ralph Lauren never looked good on anyone, but I guess you prove them wrong."

He chuckled. "Thanks. I had to run some papers for an assembly. Old Chester doesn't like jeans and shirt in a formal conference." Patrick smiled back but his smile halted for a bit as he looked down at his son sitting on the floor in front of the washroom with a dazed look, his legs bended. Athrun's dad asked curiously, "something wrong, son?"

"Eh?" he looked down at himself then at his father and seconds later stood up waving a dismissive hand. "No, no. Just thinking what's for dinner…" Athrun's eyes drifted to look at an amused blonde who winked at him with that same sly smile that made wonders in his fantasy world. The little-not-so-innocent play on words made him blush. Now why did he have to think like that? He blamed a not-so-timid blonde for that.

And damn to whoever invented porno videos. That guy would have just another hated-fan. Though, Athrun doubted any guys would hate porn, (excluding himself of course). It just didn't seem right to watch random peopledoing it in front of your face.

Athrun grimaced inwardly. It didn't seem to bring disgust to Kira or Nicol or even Kira's older co-workers in the first time they watch a couple of opened-videos from Kira's workplace. The truth of that was sworn around their little gathered-up group to never be exposed as long as they lived. Doubt that Athrun would tell his Christian parents that.

Luckily, Athrun's dad didn't notice Cagalli goose a surprise Athrun on the tushie as the cell phone in his pants' pocket started ringing. He excused himself to answer the call.

Athrun glared at the blonde. "Will you—"

Cagalli draped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him close with a sly smile on her face. "Hm?"

"Cagalli," He tried to pry her off him, "my parents will see us!"

She pinched his cheek lightly with a peck on his cheek. "Cute."

Looking at his stunted expression, she faintly smiled and said looking away, "well…I better get going."

"Eh?" Athrun's eyes followed her as she walked to the kitchen and she said her farewell to his mom. He could hear his mom's words very clearly as he stepped closer to the kitchen.

"So soon? Why not stay for dinner?" His mom asked Cagalli. "There's plenty."

Waving a dismissive hand, Cagalli wavered a refuse. "No, it's all right. Thanks, Mrs. Zala…probably next time."

"All right, honey. But remember that you are always welcome for dinner," Lenore caught her son leaning against the kitchen's door, "isn't that right, Athrun?"

"Eh? Ah, yes." He caught the blonde's eyes.

"Is Cagalli leaving?" Athrun's dad asked joining in.

"Yes, Mr. Zala. I'm sorry." Cagalli responded. "I got things to do."

"Well," he drew the same smile back at her. "Always feel welcome to join us. Anytime."

"I will."

Lenore wiped her hands on her apron and said to her son. "Athrun, why don't you walk, dear Cagalli to her house?"

Standing straight, Athrun nodded. He turned to Cagalli.

Smiling right back, Cagalli turned and said her farewells before leaving the house.

Athrun became silent for a few seconds avoiding her casual gazes as they walk in silence to her house next to his. He found the cement sidewalk very interesting.

Cagalli turned to him. "Say, what were you doing sitting in front of the washroom?" She cocked an interested eyebrow.

Athrun's eyes widen in shock as the look upon her face showed what he was thinking when he refuse to his mother on checking up on her. If she thought he was peeping on her, she was dead wrong! Though, he did wait outside… "Hey, wait no! I wasn't! I wasn't listening! I-I—"

She fiddled with strands of her hair with her finger intertwining it while looking at him with a very impressed look. "Wow, I never knew," she said nonchalantly.

He blushed harder. "No, seriously, I wasn't!"

She held her laughter and grinned biting her lips together. "Then?"

He had no idea why it felt so freaking bad to straight this issue out but it felt good to get her on his side again. It was better to be honest than to lie to anyone. "My mom told me to check up on you. She thinks we got into a fight or something." He muttered. "You were in there," he pointed back to his house behind them, "for a long time…so…" Athrun fiddled with his fingers trying to form words. "…I got worried…and," he added lamely, "sat and waited for you..."

If he still sounded like a pervert, he was sorry. Athrun winced and was prepared to feel the slap that was coming out of Cagalli any minute now. But surprisingly nothing came. He opened his eyes to see and feel warmth wash over him. Cagalli's warm body press against him, her arms wrapped around his waist in a tight hold. Images of them intertwining their bodies to pleasure flashed through his mind. His face flushed. "…C-Cagalli?"

Her head nestled softly on the curve of his neck. She whispered softly with a pained voice, "M-my…dad…he called…"

Her respond surprised him. Her dad? Didn't her parents have a divorce? Cagalli never talked about her dad since she came back. And it was something no one asked her about knowing that she was going to a tough time. He guessed earlier that it was better not prying in her business even if he knew her. But if she wanted to talk about it he will always be there for her.

Athrun nodded slightly. "…When?"

"…After I came back home," her grasp tightened. "Athrun," she looked at him in the eyes. "I'm scared," she whispered with a shaky voice.

Soothing her back with a hand, Athrun cooed her calming words. "It's all right, Cagalli. It's all right." He had no idea how Cagalli felt like but at least he could lend her his shoulder to cry on if she needed to.

Athrun felt moisture on the hem of his shirt. His heart went taught. She was crying.

Athrun felt her grip tighten around him.

He tried his best to sooth her with his words.

"Why don't you stay the night at my house?" he asked her suddenly in the kindest way possible. "My parents won't mind if I ask them."

"It's not good leaving you alone in your house while your mom's at work." He added.

He heard her sniffle with a shaky laugh. Cagalli looked at him the sun dawning into night. She could see he wasn't joking. She still chuckled at the offering. "It's all right. I'm fine." She patted the wet spot on his shoulder. "Sorry for ruining your shirt."

When Cagalli tried to let go, Athrun held her gently by the wrist, not letting go. His words softly caressed her. "Cagalli."

"Let me help you."

A tear fell from her eyes but wiped it and looked away feeling pathetic.

"I'm okay…"

"Cagalli." He held her pained gaze. "Please let me help you." He kissed the crown of her forehead as he hugged her closer to him.

A weak smile appeared on her lips. She could feel her nose turning red as well as her eyes. "I guess I look awful right now…" she said wiping her eyes.

"No," he said looking at her, "on the contrary, you look beautiful."

Cagalli stifled a chuckle. "I doubt it."

Athrun chuckled.

"So, what's for dessert?" he asked as they walked back to his house.

Turning a bit red on the cheeks, Cagalli looked at him incredulously. "I-I thought…Athrun, your parents…"

Hearing a burst of laughter from him got her mind away from her problem. Her heart felt a bit lighter hearing the tone of his soothing voice. The little pathetic smile slipped away when Athrun started tickling her sides.

He ran away before her senses started to come back. "Ah, I'll get you, you little turtle!" She dashed towards him, chasing him around.

"Remember Athrun Zala, I rule at running!"

His laughter got her grinning. Her problems forgotten.

"So, who is he to you?" a voice spoke behind Cagalli.

It was a brand new day for Cagalli. Her problems fell behind her. She knew she couldn't escape from them but with the help of Athrun, she knew that she would make it pass any point.

The night she spent at his house was the happiest memories she would remember. Seeing the look on Athrun's face when she peeled off her PJ pants made her laugh at his innocence. (She never slept with pants. It was a hassle even when little.) Athrun knew that. But obviously by his blush, he certainly remembered.

Knowing there was a guess room next to his parents, Athrun kept suggesting that she should sleep there rather then on the carpet floor with a sleeping mat. Wickedly she refused. She had a choice though and with Athrun's parents not minding where she slept she chose to stay. It was for the best. She didn't want to remember those days. Cagalli chuckled as she remembered how red he turned when she climbed into his bed and sheets in the middle of the night (with no pants or bra on) saying with an excuse that her feet were cold.

Mr. And Mrs. Zala were more than welcome for her to stay over night. The dinner was great and knowing that her mom was working very late that night, Mrs. Zala, kindly packaged some leftovers for her. Before she left her house with PJ in hand, she left the Tupperware on the kitchen counter for her mom with a note that she was staying in Athrun's house for the night.

She closed her locker spinning the dial counterclockwise, erasing the opening combo, before turning around to the voice. She met pairs of jealous dark blue eyes. Cagalli asked the owner of them. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me." The redhead repeated hostilely. "Who are you to Athrun?"

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