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Tamers, Time, Triforce

Chapter1: The Portal

Dream World

"Young Tamer of the digital creatures, another world is about to come under attack by the forces of Evil, you must say your goodbyes to your fellow Tamers because at midnight tonight the gateway will open and you will step through. You will most likely not return for some time".

Shinjuku Park

That message had been stuck in his mind all day and it was already16:12. The last time he had a dream that he remembered for more than five minutes was the day he got his Digimon partner and that scared him more than anything.

The young thirteen tear old boy Takato Matsuki ran to his digimon's shed carrying two bags full of bread. The boy's parents owned a bakery so it was easy for him to get bread anytime he wanted which came in handy with the way that Guilmon eats. He wore his normal blue top, geans and a pair of goggles on his head.

"Guilmon?" he said as he peered inside the small hut. There was Guilmon at the back of the shed, the digimon turned and sniffed.

"I smell bread" the digital dino said as Takato laid the bag on the floor.

"I'll come back later boy, I just have a few things to do, okay?" the brown haired boy asked as he approached the gate to the shed.

"Okay but don't be to long, this bread won't last long" the dino replied as it clawed at the defenceless bag.

He walked out, closing the gate behind him. He walked down the path of stairs and turned in the direction of Rika Nonaka's house. It had been nearly a week since the incident with the Parasimon and she had barely said anything since then.

He had to make sure she was alright, even Renamon was getting worried and Takato had noticed the worry in the fox-like digimon's voice whenever they spoke about Rika. When he made it to the house and noticed Rika standing at the front gate, looking at a small picture in her hand. He couldn't see what was on the picture from where he was but didn't need to; the look in her eyes told him everything he needed to know. It was a picture of her Father who left when she was six years old. 'How can someone so beautiful be so sad' he thought as he watched.

Renamon fazed in behind him but he didn't move, he just stood there for a few seconds and then turned around to face the digimon.

He spoke softly "tell Rika, Goodbye" without another word he walked away. Renamon looked puzzled 'what did Takato mean by that' the fox thought as she fazed away into the shadows.

Takato walked towards his friend Henry's family apartment, he knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. He dove his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small letter, when the door opened it revealed Henry's little sister, Susie.

"Hey Susie is your brother home?" he asked.

She shook her head and said "he's out with Dad".

He held out the letter and said "can you give this to Henry as soon as he gets back and tell him to open it tomorrow, okay?"

She took the letter and nodded "okay".

He turned as the door closed and walked back to Guilmon shed. As he entered he saw Guilmon and Calumon playing. He couldn't help but smile; he joined them for a little while and then checked the time. It was almost 20:32; he turned to leave and said "Guilmon I'll be back shortly".

He walked home, saying hello to his parents, grabbing some bread and went to his room. He quickly wrote a letter addressed to his parents and went to bed. It was a stormy night so the wind could be heard bashing against his window. He checked the time, 22:45, it was just about time. He got out of bed, got dressed, grabbed the bread and pushed it into a bag. He then placed the letter he wrote to his parents on his bed and climbed out of the window, bag in hand. The storm covered the noise he made very well; he climbed down and walked towards Guilmon's shed. Once there he checked the time, 23:35.

"Okay boy I know it's late but I am staying here for a little while, okay?" Takato asked as he sat down.

The digimon nodded and asked "okay Takatomon but why are you here at this time of night?"

The next twenty-five minutes past rather fast, a sudden pain shot through his body as he looked around. A speck of light formed at the back of the shed and slowly expanded.

He stood up and said "come on Guilmon were going in". The light was now the same size as him and then stopped growing. The portal was open.

"But we have no idea where it leads" Guilmon stated as he stared at his Tamer.

"I think I have some idea where it leads" he replied as he drew closer to the portal "you don't have to go Guilmon, but I'm going" he jumped through and disappeared into the vortex. The digimon, thinking of his friend and Tamer soon followed him into the portal. It then collapsed and disappeared into memory moments later.

Henry's family apartment

The next morning Henry woke up to the sound of Terriermon and Lopmon being dressed up by Susie.

"Nice of you to wake up now help me!" Terriermon shouted as Susie placed a small green hat on the digimon's head.

Henry chuckled and said "what? You can handle the D-reaper but can't go ten seconds without help against Susie?"

"Fine the next time a D-reaper comes along we'll just let Takato and Rika do all the work!" Terriermon said as he crossed his arms.

"Sorry Hendwy, I forgot" she held out Takato's letter and Henry took it "it's from the angry kid; he looked serious when he gave me it".

He opened it and started reading.

Dear Henry, I had a dream that stuck with me all yesterday, normally I don't listen to my dreams but the last time I had a dream that stayed with me for more than ten seconds was the day I got Guilmon.

The dream was a voice that told me I would be leaving this world by midnight; if this does not happen then simply forget about this ever happening. But if this does happen I want you to look after Jeri for me while I'm gone. She's like a sister to me and she might have a breakdown when she finds out I'm gone.

P.S: Don't worry I promise that I'll be back, and to be safe I'm taking Guilmon with me.

P.P.S: If you give this to Rika then tell her, I will come back, I promise.

Yours sincerely Takato 'Gogglehead' Matsuki

He stopped reading and quickly got dressed. Terriermon read the letter as he was lifted into Henry's arms and ran out of the door. Henry ran towards the park to check on Guilmon, but found the shed empty. Terriermon didn't say a word as Henry ran back down the path of stairs. They noticed a familiar figure standing at the bottom and saw that it was Rika.

"Rika!…Takato, Guilmon, they're gone" he said between breaths.

Rika took a step back as Renamon fazed in beside her "So that's what he was planning" the fox took a step forward "he gave me a message yesterday". The fox turned towards Rika and said "he said goodbye". Rika stood there not saying a word; she knew the message was meant for her.

'He left just like my Father' she thought as she fought back the tears that were gathering around her eyes. "Why did he leave?" she said trying to hide her emotions with little success.

Henry handed her the letter and said "He'll come back, he promised".

She read it and couldn't hold back the tears any longer, she just let them flow.

Come home soon Gogglehead