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Tamers, Time, Triforce

Chapter32: Across Time

Great Sea / Tetra's Pirate Ship: Wind Waker Timeframe

"There it is Captain! Dead ahead!" Tetra turned her head towards the front of the ship and saw the massive tower in the distance.

She turned her head and shouted to the helmsmen "once we're within one hundred meters bring us to a stop!"

"Yes Miss Tetra!" the bulky man shouted back.

She turned to the boy wearing a green tunic, a Mirror Shield and a Magic Blade which he was examining "Link? You've been staring at that thing for hours now; what's the matter? We're almost there so you need to get your boat for launch".

He looked up at her before nodding slightly but turned his eyes back to the sword "I know that but this sword…it feels like the Master Sword but yet it's…different. Almost like the Master Sword was only half complete".

"At the moment I don't care what that sword is but last time I checked the Master Sword was lodged in Ganondorf's head at the bottom of the ocean" The Pirate Princess stated "I could care less about the sword but if that is the Master Sword then wouldn't mean that Ganondorf is now free? I'm panicking here about the fate of the world and you're staring a fucking sword!"

He waved his hand defensively and said "wow wow wow; I'm not panicking because there's not really much point in it. If he's free he's free and we'll just have to kill him again. Its no use worrying over it".

She sighed and nodded "I guess your right".

"Miss Tetra!" Niko shouted from the ship's lookout point.

The Pirate Captain looked up at him and then forward at where he was pointing "what is it?"

"On top of the tower! What is that thing?" Niko exclaimed and everyone turned to stare.

Above the tower was a swirling vortex spiralling overhead and spanning nearly a mile. It was then that everyone noticed the sky was growing darker by the second and tornados were forming on the water all around the tower. The winds were increasing and becoming erratic. Suddenly a loud roar echoed across the sea from the enormous portal which was sending shockwaves across the nearby ocean.

"Full reverse! Get us out of here!" Tetra's eyes widened as she saw crimson coloured meteors falling out of the portal.

Three meteors then descended towards them; two splashed harmlessly in the nearby water though it did soak the crew but the last one was on course to impact the ship "Hurricane Wall!" Link put up a solid wall of compressed wind and let the meteor slam into it. The result was the flaming rock stopping before it hit the ship but it was still moving forward "what? It's like someone's controlling it! Princess!"

"I'm on it!" the Pirate Princess called back grabbing his bow and arrows. She aimed and concentrated some magic "Ice Arrow!" she fired and the arrow was released. It sailed and cut through the meteor turning it to ice and leaving it to fall into the water harmlessly "alright". She sighed and looked over at eh helmsmen "move us to a safe distance".

"Yes Miss Tetra!" the bulky man nodded.

She turned her head back to the Hero of Winds and narrowed her eyes "well it looks like we got our answer: Ganondorf is alive again".

Link stared out towards the tower and nodded his head "we need to get inside there".

"I can't risk my ship going into that death-trap; those meteors are clearly being guided and I doubt we could even get close before one takes us out" Tetra told him "they'd just bombard us until we sink".

"The King of Red Lions is smaller and harder to hit" Link mused and she glared.

"You are not taking your boat in there alone; if the meteors don't get you the tornados will" the Pirate Captain growled.

"I'll take my chances Princess" he replied sheathing his sword and started towards his boat "the moment something bad happens; don't wait up, just get your people out".

"Don't get killed" she whispered as he passed her.

He looked back at her for a moment before continuing "I wouldn't dream of it".

"You just told me to get my people out if something bad happens…does that count for you as well?" she stared after him but he didn't answer.

Forest Haven: Wind Waker Timeframe

"I really need to get this thing down right!" The Hero of the Twilight and the Queen of the Twilight fell from the sky and landed roughly on the grass covered ground. "That hurts" Link grunted in pain as he slowly tried to stand.

"No shit?!" Midna growled as she dusted herself off "you could have told me you didn't know how to use that thing right!"

"I got us here didn't I?" he deadpanned and she glared.

"I do not like falling out of the sky!" the Twili Queen sneered "where are we anyway?"

"I don't know" he answered looking around "I just followed the temporal and special coordinates old man skeleton left me".

"Err…Link? I think we have a problem" he looked at her and saw her pointing. His eyes followed where she was pointing and saw a good twenty or so phantom Ganons flying towards them on flying black armoured horses and behind them in the ocean was about a dozen metal ships "I don't think that's the welcoming committee".

He nodded and spotted a number of ships in the ocean behind phantoms "this could be a problem".

"What was your first clue?" Midna asked sarcastically and brought her hands up in front of her "cover me".

He shot forward instantly to engage the phantoms as Midna's Twilight masks separated from her dress and started orbiting around her. Link jumped high into the air, front flipped and sliced one of the phantom Ganons before it could react. He used what was left of its body as a stepping stone and jumped away as the others tracked him.

"This doesn't look good" he muttered as the phantoms started throwing darkness balls at him. Unable to dodge in midair he took out a clawshot and aimed at the nearby tree where he fired "I hope this works". The claw connected and held before pulling him to it and out of the path of death "that is way too CLOSE!" He narrowly avoided a ball of darkness which had strayed off the others course "Midna? A LITTLE HELP HERE!"

"In a minute!" she called back as the masks suddenly pieced together and stuck themselves to her head. A moment later she was a twenty foot tall octopus with a spear "how about now?"

"NOW WOULD BE GOOD!" he shouted back from his spot on the branch of the tree.

"Twilight Spears!" one spear became several and she threw them like javelins towards the phantoms forcing them to disappear "they weren't so tough".

"Err…Midna? There's still those ships to deal with" Link stated nervously as he landed back on the cliff.

"Oh right just give me a-"

"Deity Blaster!"

"Hugoth Blaster!"

The ships suddenly exploded in fire as two beams of energy hit them from out of no' where. Moments later the Fierce Deity: Angel Mode was hovering over the destroyed chunks of metal with a red clad boy standing on top of a crimson and black dragon/glider. They approached and Midna readied for combat when Link held out his arm and shook his head.

"Hero of Time" he greeted and the Time Deity nodded as the glider touched down.

"Need a lift?" the Hero of Time asked the next incarnated Hero as he flapped his wings to remain airborne "come on, we need to pick up the Hero of Winds".

"Do we need to cross the sea or something?" TL asked and they nodded as Midna powered down.

"Cool a flying machine" Midna grinned as she got onto glider and started jumping up and down causing the others to sweat-drop.

"Who is she?" Takato asked the Hero of the Twilight who was looking slightly embarrassed.

"Well you see…" he trailed off trying to find the words.

The Hero of Time sighed and shook his head "forget he asked; now lets get out of here" he returned to normal form and stepped onto the glider with his next incarnation.

"Hey what do you think this is? A cruise ship?" Takato asked annoyed that everyone was riding as the engines flared and the craft accelerated.

"Yes" they nodded.

Great Sea / Tower of the Gods: Wind Waker Timeframe

'That was close' the Hero of Winds thought as his boat floated inside the tower entrance. Taking a look around he saw the water in the room was slowly starting to rise as though the tower was falling 'oh no this is not good'. With a blast of air the King of Red Lions accelerated towards the statue in the center of the room 'got to make this quick'.

He climbed up onto the platform in front of the statue and proceeded inside it as he watched the current of water coming out of the 'mouths' on the statues sides carry his boat out of the tower back the way it came. He dashed up the stairs to the next room where the teleportation pad lay. Once he reached the room he was forced to come to a sliding stop when he saw the pad deactivated and the moblins standing between it and him.

Taking out his Wind Sword and Mirror Shield he asked "I don't suppose you'd let me pass?" but they charged forwards, weapons raised.

The first to reach him swung down with its spear which he sidestepped and spun with his sword slicing through the beast. The others came at him next and he was hard-pressed to keep up with them and so was forced to jump away after a few moments of continues fight. These two moblins clearly worked well together and he couldn't get with striking position of one of them since the other would come to its aid.

His eyes flickered across the room to the teleporter pad and them back at the two moblins getting ready to launch another assault. He front flipped over the two as they charged and the moment he touched back down he dashed up the stair onto the pad tapping the pedestal in its center.

"Sorry guys but I got jet" he waved as the two growled and dashed up the stairs.

Sadly for them he was already gone in a beam of light and they stepped onto the pad to pursue him. One of the moblins was about to touch the pedestal when he heard low hissing sound coming from below him and he looked down. His eyes widened when he recognized the object that lay at his feet…a bomb…that had a lit fuse. Many levels above Link rematerialized and followed soon after by the echoing sound of an explosion and the rocking of the entire tower.

"I wonder if they liked my present" Link mused before examining the room he was in and saw the door to the external stairwell.

Sadly he also saw the two massive knight-like juggernauts standing on either side of the door slowly moving towards him. They moved fast and were on him in seconds and he narrowly dodged the first few blows before he delivered a wind enhanced punch to their helmets.

"Typhoon Punch!" he called out as the helmets cracked slightly from the wind pressure. He ducked and rolled before standing and throwing a kick at one of the knights "Typhoon Kick!"

Again the wind pressure shattered armour the knight wore but only limited to the one area on his armour. Fortunately that's all he needed to drop a bomb inside his armour and get away before it went off. The explosion that followed was mostly contained inside the knight's armour but it still damaged most of the ornaments in the room though it left the other two occupants in harmed since Link had ducked behind his shield and the explosion did nothing against the other knight's armour.

"One down, one to go" the Hero of Winds spoke but couldn't find the other knight.

"Above" he heard the wind whisper and dodged to the side just as the knight dropped down from the ceiling.

"Err…" Link grunted and lunged forward locking swords with the knight "can't we talk about this?" The knight pulled back and swung the blade horizontally forcing the Hero to jump back "guess not".

The knight lunged forward again and attacked forcing Link to parry several blows. After several minutes of continues fighting the lighting in the room flickered and the knight suddenly appeared behind him. Link ducked under a swing that would have took his head off but only took his hat off instead and attacked. He sliced straight through the knight's arms and forced it to take a step back as its sword and arms dropped to the floor with a loud clang.

Link stood up faster than the eye could see with his hand extended "Tornado Buster" a single tornado shout of from his hand and slammed into the knight shattering its armour and vaporizing it completely. "Dammit" he growled breathing hard as put away his sword and shield.

He proceeded to the door and it slid open. He was now outside on the staircase leading up to his destination: the Boss Chamber. He proceeded up the stairs taking note that the tower was still sinking into the sea and he didn't have much time. He was almost at the top when thunderous explosion rocked the tower from above. He looked up just in time to dodge a large chunk of debris from the wall above and watch it as roll down the stairs erratically. He shivered and looked up just as the roof exploded above him and the vortex overhead extended a beam of light to the now destroyed roof.

Knowing that what just happened couldn't be good and the fact that the tower had now stopped its descent made things even worse for him. I mean really what was the point of sinking the tower only halfway? He dashed up the stairs as fast as he could and entered into the Boss Chamber. Once inside he saw something far worse than anything he had seen before: Ganondorf in his Ganon form standing inside a column of light coming from the portal above.

"So you have come Hero of Winds?" Ganon's voice called out as his eyes opened. "You're much too early" he chuckled darkly and spoke with a hint of danger in his voice "what shall you do now boy with the world weighing on a hope and a prayer?" He stepped out of the light as the building began to shake from several explosions "Hero of Winds…face me now".

(Note: Some of you will have seen that phrase on the Zelda Movie Trailer that was a joke created for April fools. For those that haven't seen it you really should, its actually pretty good though Zelda and Link look much too old in it)

"What are you planning?" Link growled low and lunged intent on landing the first blow.

Drawing his two swords Ganon deflected the blow with one sword and swiped for the boy's head with the other "and why should I tell you?"

The Hero of Winds slid away on the wind and brought his arms up towards the King of Evil "Tornado Formation!" the twin tornados of destruction blew across the room and hit Ganon.

He grunted in pain before smiling cancelled out the attack "Titan Shield". Once the winds died down Ganon held out his hand "Shadow Creeper". A spike of shadows extended out from the Hero's shadow imbedded itself in his leg causing him to fall the ground crying out in pain "such a child".

"B-bastard" he gasped out trying to stand as Ganon approached with his sword ready.

"You should feel grateful; if I kill you here you won't feel the pain of what is to come" the King of Evil raised his sword to deliver the death blow.

"Shut up already!" he froze surprised from the voice.

"Hugoth Blaster!" a beam of energy slammed hard into the side of him sending crashing into the wall on the other side of the roofless room.

Just as he rose to his feet again four figures dropped at an angle at high velocity and slid across the floor with their weapons ready.

"Order Sword!" HL (Hero Link) slid low and swiped his left shin.

"Chaos Sword!" Takato slid low as well and swiped his right shin.

"Twilight Sword!" TL (Twilight Link) front-flipped over him and slashed his face.

"Twilight Spears!" Midna followed close behind TL and threw imbedded two spears in his shoulders

Ganon shrieked in pain as they all jumped backwards switching weapons.

"Tri-Blast!" a beam of energy erupted from HL's hand and blew the King back into the ball creating a small crater.

"Hazard Cannon!" several explosive bolts impacted the crater's occupant causing multiple explosions across his skin.

"Bomb Arrow!" TL followed by launching an arrow with a bomb attached to the end at Ganon.

The wall shattered under the impact and soon Midna finished up "Twilight Arrow!" the arrow hit dead-center and exploded outwards in on direction completely vaporizing half of the room.

"Did we get him?" TL asked as Midna appeared next to WL (Wind Link).

"I doubt it" HL answered shaking his head as the group approached the two.

Takato sheathed his sword as the Grani-look-a-like landed beside them "we caught him by surprise but he won't stay down long". The tower rumbled beneath them "alright that's our queue to leave".

"Couldn't agree more" HL nodded towards the dragon/glider and the others climbed on.

Suddenly not too far away the floor exploded and Ganon emerged with anger in his eyes "you'll pay for that Defenders!"

He shot forward; HL and Takato shot each other a look and jumped down dashing to intercept as 'Grani' took off.

Ganon raised his swords and swung down releasing a massive energy wave "Total Obliteration!"



The two energy-balls connected with the swords and shockwaves pulsed across the area even causing the sea outside to ripple worse than it had been before. Eventually the Hero of Time and the Tamer of Chaos broke through and landed their respective attacks on their monstrous opponent. The result was the complete destruction of Ganon and an explosion that sent the two over the edge of the heavily damaged building.

They fell a few stories before being caught by 'Grani' and flew away from the tower. The looked back to see the tower start to crack before the column of light from the vortex began to become unstable and compress. A moment later the water rippled and the building exploded downwards from the roof. The blast was enormous and if they were any closer the group would have been vaporised. The portal overhead start to dissipate and shrink until it was all gone.

"Well that was interesting" TL commented looking at the debris that now littered the water.

"He knew we we're coming" Takato narrowed his eyes.

"They're probably trying to slow us down" HL mused before turning to Midna and the unconscious WL "how is he?"

"Nothing too serious but his leg was pierced by a spear so he won't be in top shape anytime soon" the Twilight Queen answered.

"Great just what we need".

Great Sea / Tetra's Pirate Ship: Wind Waker Timeframe

"Hey! Kid we're getting ready to leave! You coming or what?!" TL called out.

WL turned away from Tetra before turning back "I gotta go".

"Why do you have to do this?" the Pirate Princess asked him not caring that her crew was watching them both.

"You know me Princess; I have too because if I don't then who will?" he asked with a smile though she saw right through it and saw the pain.

"Why do you keep calling me that?" she asked looking down "why do you never call me Tetra? It's always Captain or Princess but never my name".

"Because that would mean I care about you more than I should" he replied sadly.

"Come on kid! We're not waiting all day for you!" TL called out again.

WL looked over at him again and nodded "I'll be there in a minute!" He turned back to her and said "I should get going".

Just as he was about to turn to leave she pulled him round to face her and pulled him into a kiss. They stood there for a few moments and not caring that everyone was watching before Tetra pulled back with tears in her eyes.

"Don't die Hero" she said and he nodded before turning to leave.

Everyone watched silently as WL joined the others and HL started playing the 'Song of Time' on his Ocarina of Time. The group slowly faded away from existence but not before WL spoke the words he'd wanted too for so long.

"Goodbye and I love you...Tetra" with that they were gone Tetra's eyes widened before she smiled slightly.

"Be safe" she muttered before wiping away her tears and turning to her crew "alright you maggots! What are you standing around for? Set a course Windfall Island; best possible speed!"

"Yes Miss Tetra!" they saluted and got back to work.

She smiled and turned to look out at the sea "let the water wash away the sins of the past".

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