Falling for the First Time

Disclaimer: I do not own Marchen Awakens Romance anime or the characters.

Summary: The battle against the Chess Pieces begins, and it's time to get serious, but Alviss is slowly falling in love with Ginta as the game goes on. Will Alviss be the man for Ginta or will a certain witch or princess claim his heart instead?

Pairing: Ginta/Alviss, Nanashi/Dorothy, Alan/Chaton and others

Rated: T (for teen) but will increase rating later

Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Humor

Warning: Swearing, violence, unintentional OOC, sexual situations and yaoi

Me: This is not my first story, but I am placing this one first because I want to see how many Marchen Awaken Romance fans I can get to read this.

Chapter 1: The Night Before the War Games

Alviss' POV

I stared out my window remembering what occurred today. Seeing Ginta coming to the castle and pass the test to participate in the war games didn't surprise me one bit, but something told me that I was relived that Ginta passed with no injuries.

It was outside the castle the afternoon that when Pozun "the judge" declared that there were only six fighters participating in the War Games and they were Ginta, Jack, Dorothy, Snow, Nanashi, and me. Pozun then said that the war games start tomorrow, and told everyone to go inside the castle where the princess of the castle told them why she was serving the Chess Pieces. That was when I asked Ginta if I could trust him. Ginta gave the usual thumbs up as I turned away from him blushing a little for his cheerfulness. Luckily no one noticed my embarrassment. Eventually we all went to our rooms to get some rest for the big day tomorrow.

I sighed as I turned toward my bed to go to sleep. Bell was already asleep on the pillow, so I had to try my best not to wake her up, but stopped when I thought I heard something outside my door. I slowly walked over to the door and opened the door gently to see who had the nerve to be up this late besides me. I peeped outside only to see Ginta in front of my face.

"What do you want Ginta?" I asked in a low voice so I wouldn't disturb the fairy.

Ginta smirked, "There's something I have to give you…"

Ginta lost me as I thought of what could he possibly give me at a time like this?

I stepped outside my door slowly, yet softly so I wouldn't have to wake up Bell. When the door was completely closed I turned around and asked Ginta, "What did you want to give me?"

Ginta frowned which confused me, "You're so rude Alviss." He took my hands which made me blush again, but Ginta didn't notice as he put something in my hands. When he let go of me, I opened my palms to see what he gave me and…

"You dropped this when you went to your room. Babbo found it on the ground and told me that it was either Snow's or Dorothy's, but being around the two for some time I could just tell it didn't belong to them. So what is this thing anyway? An ÄRM?"

"It's a pendant," I responded quickly, "nothing out of the usual." I quickly shoved the pendant into my pocket before Ginta could ask anymore questions. "If that's it then you should go back to your room now because there is a big day tomorrow."

Ginta sighed at how hard headed I was being probably. "Why don't you ever tell me anything?" He asked before walking away to his room, but not before whispering "Good night."

"Good night…" I mumbled back to him as I quickly got into my room, and locked the door. My heart was beating faster than normal for some reason.

"It's probably nothing." I told myself as I slowly crawled into my bed and turned off the lights. The big day was tomorrow, so I won't embarrass myself in front of Ginta, I thought to myself before I drifted to sleep.

Me: TBC with 746 words. The story is finally being edited after so many years and it will be slow. Main edits concern correcting grammar, OOC and adding the indent line. Reviews are appreciate. Ja ne!