Tainted Heart

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Chapter 34: Tainted Heart

Megumi's POV

I yawned for like the 27th time. My job is so boring. My job is guarding Alviss in case the guy who attacked him came back. I seriously that they would come and take Alviss back with all of us together in the middle of nowhere. I felt like I was left out of the conversation with this job. Even Mary was talking with Ginta and the rest of the members of Team MAR about Alviss' situation. I wanted to do something for Alviss to that included getting rid of the Zombie Tattoo and not just taking care of him.

After Alviss fell back asleep, he got an incredibly high fever. I had to put a wet handkerchief on his forehead to try and cool him off. It was working but…

I wonder what he's dreaming about. Megumi asked herself.He seems to be having a good dream.

"Nanashi, that's a horrible idea!" I heard Dorothy yell at the Luberia thief.

I couldn't hear what Nanashi was saying, but it had something to do with an octopus. They must be talking about the fever that Alviss caught. Again, the fever isn't life threatening, so I don't know why they aren't talking about how to kill Phantom once and for all.

"Can you explain how to infiltrate that place you found on that island?" Mary asked, "We're dieing to hear your plan that doesn't have anything to do with octopuses."

"I'm glad you asked Mary-chan-"

"Call me that again and I'll drag you to hell when I go back to heaven," Mary threatened.

"-sweatdrop- R-Right," I could tell that Nanashi went back to being serious by his tone of voice after being threatened, "Since going by air is impossible, we're going by sea."

"Why?" Mary asked.

Dorothy glared at her younger sister, "Because I was almost blown out of the sky just trying to approach."

"We can use the ship that I found many years ago," Alan explained, "It's rusty but it still works."

"I didn't know you guys even had a ship…" Jack mumbled.

"That's because we've been walking more than sailing the seas," Mary told him, "At least we can put it to good use."

"You haven't even ridden on the ship yet."

"…I know that…at least I won't get sea sick."

I sighed. She might not get seasick but I will. At least I wouldn't be the one caring Alviss.

"…And you call this a ship?" I asked.

After deciding that we would use the ship to get to Phantom's base, Alan used his Dimension ÄRM Andata to teleport us to the water. I thought I was sick of the desert but the water was worse. The ship was…rather small…and with 8 people including me, a dog, a fairy, a ghost that takes up more room than Dorothy, a talking ÄRM and a...whatever you call it that follows the witch around. We all look at Alan and complain about the size.

"You'll live," he told us.

"If I get molested by that pervert than I'll have your head," Dorothy threatened. By perverted thief he meant Nanashi.

"That's not nice Dorothy-chan…"

Ginta was the first one to recover from the size of the ship. He took Alviss inside and placed him on the only bench that was there. Everyone else had to sit on the floor. The boat didn't start moving yet but I was already seasick. Nanashi steering the ship was going to make everything a whole lot worse.

Alviss was going to have it worse off when the ship started to moving. It wasn't from seasickness but from the fact that Ginta might cheat on him in this small space. I glared at Snow who was already flirting with the blonde. How dare she? Doesn't she already know that Ginta's with Alviss?

I wanted to fill her end but Ed gave the gesture of 'now is not the time'. I frowned. Alviss was going to hate Ginta after this.

I noticed that Dorothy was glaring at the blonde and princess. That confused me though. Wasn't she and Nanashi an item already?

I was going to confront her about the issue, but Nanashi had to steer us the wrong way. Everybody on the ship ended up falling onto the deck. For Ginta…he slid from where Snow was toward Dorothy. She found the chance to seduce him, so when she thought no one was looking she pulled the blonde down with him with a kiss. I groan. Am I the only girl here that respects Ginta and Alviss as a couple? Well…I know Mary does, but Dorothy is so unpredictable.

I look away from the scene disgusted. By then I notice that something was wrong with Snow and it wasn't because she saw Ginta and Dorothy making out quietly in a corner of the ship. Her eyes looked lifeless for a few seconds before they went back to normal. They only went back to normal though when the ship was being attacked by cannonballs?!

"This isn't the age of the pirates!" I shouted, "There aren't suppose to be any cannonballs here!"

Ginta and Dorothy were forced to break apart. The witch was smiling evilly. Ginta's cheeks were red but I knew that he would regret the feeling later.

"Nanashi, can't you get us out of this?!" Jack questioned the Luberia thief.

"I'm trying, but I can't help it if they spotted us!" Nanashi shouted over the noises of the waves.

"We're going to have to abandon ship," Alan told us.

I glared at Alan, "You can't be serious! Where are we suppose to go?! We're in the middle of the ocean and I doubt a Guardian ÄRM will get us to shore safely."

My outburst was what saved us. Alan grinned.

"Good idea. I'll throw all of you to shore with my Guardian ÄRM Saint Anger. Nanashi and I will use the Dimension ÄRM Andata to teleport us to another part of the island."

Everyone agreed with the plan. Nanashi was a little bit disappointed that he wouldn't be with Dorothy but for Alviss' sake he'd bare with it.

The cannonball hit the top of the ship when Alan summoned Saint Anger. The two big hands picked up Ginta, Jack, Snow, Alviss, Babbo, Bell, Mary and me in one hand and threw us toward the island. All of us (minus Alviss) were screaming. Jack was yelling the loudest about how he was too young to die and all that crap. I assumed that Dorothy, Edward and Paco would be thrown in the other hand, but I saw Edward fall into the water and Dorothy going after him along with Paco. That left Saint Anger to change Alan's plans for using Andata. The other hand picked up Alan and Nanashi and threw them to the other side of the island leaving the ship to sink to the bottom along with Dorothy and Edward. I'm positive that Dorothy will be okay though.

We surprisingly landed on the rocks of the island. Oh my God…that ÄRM has a good arm but maybe it was too strong. My but hurt…badly! At least I didn't hit my head like Jack did. Snow landed on her side which got to hurt. Alviss landed in Ginta's lap. Talk about lucky. Mary was able to land safely as Bell was on Babbo when he crashed onto the rock.

"That was some flight," I said attempting to make a joke in the serious situation.

No one laughed at the joke. Ginta just shook his head, "We have to wait for Dorothy and the others before we continue."

We both heard Alviss groan softly. It took that landing to wake him up from that dream.

"Alviss, you're finally awake," Ginta began, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah…but I bet my other self isn't…" Alviss mumbled. (1)


"It's nothing…"

Ginta felt Alviss' forehead and frowned, "You're still a little hot. It is best if we rest…" Ginta glanced at his surroundings and found a cave, "We're rest in there."

Snow and Jack eventually recovered from the landing and followed Ginta who was already at the front of the cave. Mary floated over to him. I was the last one to follow the blonde with Babbo next to me and Bell on my shoulder.

Inside the cave, Ginta rested Alviss on the ground gently. He gave a quiet thank you to the blonde before trying to get back to sleep. Ginta stared at the teen for a while. Snow didn't like it one bit. That was when there was a noise coming from outside.

"Megumi," Ginta began, "You stay here with Snow and Bell. Protect Alviss while Jack, Mary and I are gone."


"Let's go Jack, Mary!"

Jack out his Battle Shovel out as Mary grinned evilly. Both nodded their heads. Ginta rushed outside with Babbo in his hands. Jack and Mary followed behind him.

We could hear the battle outside ensure. There were lots of explosions and shit, but nothing that could make this cave collapse. I glanced at Snow again. I was sure that she was in a trance again when I saw her.

"Snow," I called out. She didn't respond. "Snow!" I yelled. She still didn't here me, "SNOW!"

Yelling snapped her out of her trance, "What?!"

"Don't do that girl. You scared me…

"What did I do?"

"…You were zoning out."

"I was?"

"It happens to all of us. Don't worry."

Snow didn't say anything. It was silent in the cave for another five minutes before she asked, "What is Alviss' relationship with Ginta?"

I avoided eye contact with her. I didn't want to answer that question. It was annoying.

"Please…tell me what happened with the two…while I was in that…that…"

"They gotten really close…they're more than friends," I blurted out.

Great. That was a nice thing to do. I heard Bell sigh. I shouldn't of had told her at the moment.

Snow was going to say something when rocks started to fall on us. I cursed at how reckless Ginta was fighting. Did he intend to get us caved in this small cave? The princess didn't hesitate to grab Alviss' shoulder and carry him to the entrance. I smile slightly. She wasn't going to let her feelings for Ginta affect this life and death situation for Alviss and the rest of us.

I should have ran ahead of her because something attacked her from the front sending both of them backwards. Both groaned in pain. I glared as a man with sea green hair appeared. He looked like a vampire to me, but who am I to judge.

"I'm quite disappointed that that blonde kid would leave his precious person with the weakest members of Team MAR."

"-red vein- What did you say about me?!" I asked losing my temper.

"Oh, you must be the girl that's from another world. Phantom-sama told me about you."

"Who the hell are you?"

"My name is Kapel Meister and I have come to bring Alviss back to Phantom-sama."

I glared at the man, "Over my dead body will you be taking Alviss! F any of you Priests are here, you better help me out here!" I yelled hoping that one of those boys would help me out.

I was relieved that someone responded.

What's up girlfriend?

I frown…not him.

"Zidane (2)…are you really the only Priest available?"

Of course. Dagger (3) is mad at me for flirting with the ladies again…so…

"Fucking two-timing Genome (4)."

That's not nice sweet heart!

"Look, just shut up and lend me your power."

Fine. Here's Trance. (5)

Zidane lent me his power which was Trance. I felt power immersing in my body, but the only problem with Trance is that it takes time to work, so I was vulnerable to this guy until it was complete.

"I see that you can communicate with other worldly beings with ease," Kapel commented.

"As the assistant of the God of Earth, I have this power to communicate with the twelve signs," I explained which I shouldn't of had, "Zidane is Scorpio."

"I see, so that's your weakness."

I hate guys like him. They can figure out an opponent's weakness with they blab away. Sure the tail is the biggest weakness for Zidane and this Trance form, but the Genome is the strongest man in his world which is why he's king…even though I still see him as a petty thief.

We were staring at each other for a few more minutes before I saw Snow get up ready to fight with me.

"Snow, don't fight with me. Get Alviss out of here," I ordered her.


"That won't happen," Kapel said as he held his hand out to her. Something came out of his hand and blew her and Bell away.

"Snow! Bell!" I called out.

"She's suck a weakling," he began, "That bubble must have really weekend her."

"You bastard! Saizu!"

I fired a weak spell at him since Trance wasn't done yet. He caught the attack in my hand and laughed silently to himself.

"Is this all the power you have? Pathetic. And to think that you could even lay a finger on Phantom-sama that one time."

That's because Neji helped me out in that jam…since he's the most reliable guys out there. I thought to myself.

Trance is done!

I grinned. It was finally time to start fighting back. I fired a much more powerful Saizu at him and this time he couldn't catch it in the palm of his hands. The attack ended up cutting him. I intended to do that. He wasn't grinning anymore. That grin turned into a frown.

"You really are an unpredictable one," he stated.

"You won't get Alviss that easily!"



Kapel turned toward Alviss who I saw standing up. My eyes widen at horror not only because Alviss was standing up when he wasn't suppose to but I saw this evil aura behind him. It was completely tainted. That rainbow aura was no longer there.

"See? I don't have to do anything and he already has that aura that Phantom-sama wants so much," he said in triumph.

I ignored him and ran over to Alviss, "Alviss, you shouldn't even be standing up."

"Shut up!" he hissed.

I was surprised by his outburst. Why was he so mad?

Alviss looked at Kapel and glared, "What does Phantom want with me?"

"I have no idea. He just ordered me to bring his Alviss to him," Kapel said not bothering to explain, "No one will be harmed if you come back to him."

I knew the second he struck a deal with Alviss that I knew that he was lying. Phantom was the type of person to break promises. I glanced at Alviss who was trying to figure out what to do. I gave him the gesture of not to listen to him. He looked at me and frowned.

"Megumi, let me go with him…" he mumbled.


"This is probably my only chance to kill Phantom…if I don't then…I'll be a zombie forever."

I refused to let him go, "There must be another way than to trust this scum."



Kapel laughed at me, "Now little girl. You might want to fulfill his last wish since he isn't coming back to you guys."

"You bastard! Sai-"

Alviss cut me off because I felt him jab me in the stomach so hard. I fell to the ground holding my stomach. Damn that hurt.

"I'm sorry Megumi…but I have to do this…"

"Alviss…it's not about me!" I yelled. The pain was making it harder to raise my voice against him as he walked away from me, "It's Ginta! He won't allow this."

"Megumi…" he began in a low tone. He turned his head toward me. At once I saw the sorrow in his eyes, "Tell Ginta that I'm sorry for everything…"


Alviss ignored me as he walked over to Kapel. The red aura behind him was hurting him greatly, "Take me to Phantom."

Kapel grinned in triumph, "I never thought you'd ask that."

With that said, the red aura incased Alviss. The aura was too much for him, so it ended up knocking him out. Kapel caught him and teleported away with Alviss in hand.


Alviss wouldn't be able to hear me scream his name or witness the tears following down my eyes. I failed to protect Alviss…

Sorry Megumi that Trance didn't work fast enough.

I ignored the Genome. He wasn't making anything better.

Girl, we'll get him back. I'm pos-

JUST GO AND LEAVE ME ALONE! Go back and flirt with the ladies!

I know I hurt Zidane when he said that, but I needed to be alone. I felt Zidane's presence disappear. I wasn't going to hear the end of it from Ginta.

Normal POV

As Megumi continued to cry, the battle outside died down. The Ghost Chess Flat A, Flat B, and Flat C retreated when they heard from the second in command Sarah that Alviss was successfully captured by their leader. They were losing anyway so they left leaving a confused Ginta and Jack and a very angry Mary.

"And don't come back you flat chested bitches!" Mary cursed.

Switching to what happened to Alan and Nanashi, they were caught in a battle with the Ghost Chess they fought in the desert Pause and General showed up again to prevent the two members of Team MAR from reaching their leader. The battle was even between them, but when they heard from Sarah that Alviss was captured by their leader, they retreated.

The group eventually regrouped at the cave only to see the distressed girls.

"Where's Alviss?" was the first thing that Ginta asked.

Megumi was still in turmoil for not being able to protect Alviss so she didn't respond. Snow shook her head and mumbled a simple sorry.

"It's my fault…" Megumi began as tears continued to roll down her eyes, "I was right there when that basterd took him…I could have…I could have…"

To Megumi's surprise, Ginta shook his head, "It's not your fault Megumi. I should have suspected that those girls were only decoys. Don't blame yourself."

"It was my fault too Ginta…" Snow mumbled.

Nanashi turned toward the princess and gave her a serious look, "You can't expect to do something this big when you were just freed from Dianna."

"I know, but…"

The negative aura was gone when a whale came out of the water. The whale opened it's mouth revealing Dorothy, Edward and Paco.

"Hey guys! What did I miss?" she asked not aware what was going on.

Everyone looked at her with a serious expression on their face. She frowned, "What? Did something happen when I was gone?"

"They got Al-chan," Nanashi told her.

The cheerfulness of Dorothy disappeared as her grin was replaced with a serious look, "This isn't good. We have to get inside that base somehow."

"Did you find a way inside?" Ginta asked her.

"Getting to Phantom's base is impossible by foot, so Paco decided to use that big whale behind me. We didn't get caught when we went underneath the water. We discovered a place where we can sneak in easily."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

"Not yet," said a voice.

Team MAR turned in the direction of the voice to see an unfamiliar and infamous person. Ginta instantly turned Babbo into Babbo Version 1B Dagger Version. The person was not amused.

"Chill Ginji-sama, I didn't come here to fight," Occa told him.

Snow turned to Ginta, "Who is he?"

"A Chess Piece named Occa. He worked with Kaolla to try and capture Alviss," Ginta explained.

"Correction. I was a Chess Piece and I once worked for Kaolla, but like Ian I quit the Chess Pieces and I haven't seen Kaolla since that incident."

"Doesn't matter. What do you want?"

"I came here to help you rescue Kikutori-dono."

"Kikutori?" everyone questioned.

"Why would you want to help us?"

"I have my reasons. One being that a bird told me that I should come and give you a history lesson."


"Don't believe me? Here's Suzaku."

Suzaku appeared behind Occa in human form, but his body was transparent.

It's not easy trying to get out of Alviss' body in this situation. Be thankful I came.

"-sweatdrop- That's the real thing…" Megumi murmured.


"Hey! What are we waiting for?! Get in the whale, so I can begin the history lesson!" Occa ordered.

Suzaku told Team MAR that they could trust him. Ginta reluctantly agreed as he and the rest of the group went into the whale. Dorothy was the last one because she had this weird feeling that she met Occa before.

It took a while for Team MAR minus Dorothy to settle in the whale. Mary and Suzaku had no problem with this since they were ghost and couldn't feel the rumbling of the whale. Occa didn't seem to care.

Can we start the history lesson now?

"Expect me to fall asleep. History was never by best subject…along with math…science…literacy…physical education…" Ginta started to list.

"I know what you mean…" Megumi said with a sigh thinking about school.

Can you guys get serious? This is very important.

"We're all ears."

Suzaku was in a position where everyone could hear him before he began, First of all Ginta, did you notice anything about Alviss when you were in the Training Gate together…you know…before that match on the ice field?

Ginta thought about the 60 days he was training with Alviss and on the last day where they accidentally kiss…when Ginta began to fall for Alviss. He blushed recalling the memories.

I thought so. Anyway were there at least one day not counting that day where you found out his secret and you…did you know what?

Ginta thought for a moment before answering, "There was a time when Alviss skipped training. I thought he was meditating when I followed him but…"

If you wanted to know…that was me talking to my friends.

"Who were you talking to?"

The others. Black turtle Genbu, White Tiger Byakko and that basterd blue dragon Seiryu. We were speaking of complicated matters…the matters which is why Occa calls you Ginji Ginta.

Ginta was already lost.

I'm trying to say that there are four Guardians in total that have the same but different powers like me. I am fire. Genbu is earth. Byakko is…I can't remember if she was wind or ice, and then that basted Seiryu who is water.

Occa turned to Alan and asked, "Have you heard of the book In the Flames we Die Together?"

Alan nodded his head, "I heard of it, but I never read it."

Occa grinned, "Because that's the tail we're going to be talking about. About Kikutori-dono…and the sin that Suzaku committed."

"You've committed a sin?!" everyone asked.

Sadly yes…I admit that that time when those Zonnens Venus and Jupiter weren't present…I admit that I was the one who killed them. All that crap with darkness in my heart was false to cover up that I killed people to protect Alviss.

"You made Alviss suffer a lot from that incident," Nanashi told Suzaku harshly.

I know, but I have my reasons. I will now tell you about what happened 500 years ago and why Dianna wanted Alviss…or rather Kikutori…it was all because of a failed mission and betrayal of friendship…

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1. This is the part of the story in chapter 3 of Running Out of Time where Alviss faints at DA suddenly. You now know why Alviss fainted.

2. Zidane Tribal is the main character of Final Fantasy 9. He's the cute blonde thief with a monkey tail. He later falls in love with the princess of Alexandria Garnet.

3. Dagger is Garnet's nickname.

4. Genome is the term used in FF9. Genome refers to the monkey tail and blonde hair that Zidane has. I use this term in my story Perfect World which means half animal half human.

5. Trance is the ultimate power in FF9. When a character is hit a certain about of times, the Trance gauge goes up. When it is full, the character goes into Trance mode looking much different than their normal look. Zidane is surrounded by pink light and he looks more like his brother. Eiko has her unicorn wings open. Quina looks like an official chief. Steiner wears a mask to cover his ugly face. Vivi looks the same only has a light blue mage outfit. Freya's dragon/rat ears stick out as she flashes purple. Garnet flashes white and Amarant has purple hair and his throwing weapons look different.

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