Description: The Host club gets a baker, who happens to be the most unanticipated heiress of a large cosmetic company. Suddenly, throw in an unwanted engagement, just when Kaoru and the baker are starting to hit it off, and when Hikaru starts to realize his feelings for Haruhi. ocxKaoru, one-sided ocxHikaruxHaruhi, TamaHaru

Note: () between paragraphs and dialogues represent the passing of time or different group of people talking.

Chapter 1-

Can I help you?

Third Music Room

"Senpai, that girl has been pacing in and out the doors for the past half-hour, should we do something?" Haruhi asks, referring the brunette by the doorway.

"Oh, how cute…she's probably too shy to ask for designation," Tamaki assumes, strolling over to the door. He stops her pacing by grabbing hold of her right hand. She turns around to face him as he kneels down on one knee. "How may I be of servitude to this fine maiden?"

The girl pulled her hand away, and brushed away imaginary sweat in relief.

"Thank you for helping me make up my mind," she bows. "Actually, I should be the one asking, can I be of help to you…"


As everyone is seated…

The girl looks around the room, impressed. Haruhi places a cup of tea in front of her

"Thank you," the girl says taking a sip. "Before I forget, my name is Saeki Eri."

Kyouya rummages through his 'notebook-directory of every damn student', madly, looking for information on this girl. He finally stops on one page, as the rest of the Host Club gathers around him to find out about this girl.

Saeki Eri,

-Sole heiress of cosmetic company, RELEVANCE

-Member of class 1-B, due to her lack of attendance

-can be indecisive in one moment and impulsive on the next

-Many people mistake her 'deep-thinking-moments' for Attention Deficiency Disorder

-Hobbies include, baking and eating

Kyouya closes his book.

"Wah! Eri-chan, you can bake?" Honey bounces towards her happily, eyes shimmering with thoughts of cake.

"Ah, right, that's what I'm here for." She said as if she just remembered. The Host Clubs eyes her weirdly. She beings to fidget in her seat and begins meekly, "Um, I was wondering…"

"Ah-HA! You want to become our new VIP member, don't you?" Tamaki interrupts, cheerily.

"Um, actu—"

"IT's okay, don't be shy! Which type do you want? The princely type?" Tamaki strikes a pose. "The cool type?" Tamaki pushes her over to Kyouya. "The Wild type?" He shows her Mori. "The loli-shouta type? Ah…that suits you…" He points over to Honey. "The Devil type?" he presents the twins. "…or the nat..ural..type," he slows down as if not wanting to give his daughter, Haruhi to girl to designate.

"NO! NO! NO!" she shakes her head complete with hand movements. "I just wanted to know if I can be the Host Club's baker!"

"No!" the Twins rejected together.

"Why not?" she frowned dejectedly.

"Eri-chan, why don't you bake in the cafeteria, instead?" Haruhi suggested.

"Oh…I tried…but the workers there kicked me out because they didn't like how I hogged the kitchen," she explained. "…and don't ask why I can't just do it at home—it's just a bad idea…"

"This girl is really stupid," Hikaru sneered.

"There isn't even an oven in here," Kaoru adds.

"Oh, that's not a problem," she snaps her fingers once, and a bunch of burly men carries box after box of stuff into the room as Eri leads them to the pantry. "Hm…it's small, but its good enough…"

"Hey, don't make decisions by yourself!" Tamaki steps into the room.

"Oh my! I made a decision! This is a great improvement, indeed, Maki-Maki-senpai!" she looks genuinely proud of herself. Then she slaps him on the back good-naturedly.

"Maki-Maki-senpai?" the group imagines a sushi roll with Tamaki's head sticking out.

Tamaki rolls up in fetal position in a dark secluded corner. /Lost all authority\

"Mom, make her stop," Tamaki cries dramatically from the corner waving a handkerchief in the air.

"Saeki-san," Kyouya places a hand on her shoulder.

"If it's money you're worried about, don't worry. I'm paying for this. In fact, the Host club can benefit off of my pastries as well, as long as I can keep a share of the profit and your customers." She negotiates. "Oh and of course have full access this new kitchen of mine…"

Kyouya pulls out a calculator and punches a bunch of buttons. After about a minute, a satisfied look was stationed on his face.

'Bling, shing, shing' went his glasses.

After a few days…

"I can't believe you let her stay," Hikaru commented.

"My little kitchen is about finished!" Eri pops out of nowhere. "What would you like to eat, I'll bake it!" Honey clings onto her leg.

"Yay, yay! I want strawberry cheesecake, mango mousse, black forest…" Honey begins to name out excitedly. Eri jots it down on notepad.

"Why did you choose to uh, help, the Host Club?" Haruhi wondered.

"I've looked, and this place has the best 'feng sui'," Eri said off the top of her head.

"'Feng sui'?" Haruhi raises her brow. "No, it's because it's the only place you can build your kitchen, and profit off…" Haruhi saw right through her…


"Senpai, you know, if you want to, you can just kick her out," Hikaru suggested.

Tamaki places his arms around the twins, and chuckles proudly at himself, "If we let her stay, then maybe some of her female-ness can pass on to Haruhi!" he said ingeniously.

The twins just roll their eyes at his simple thoughts.

"If she finds out that Haruhi is a girl…" Hikaru begins.

"Then, Haruhi wouldn't be able to stay," Kaoru concluded.

Tamaki freezes up in realization.

The next day

Eri looks through the tiny window from the little kitchen to the Host Club outside, serving females. She appears to be in deep thought.

"Tamaki-kun, am I the only one in your heart?" the female customer asks him boldly.

Tamaki grabs her hands, pulls her close, and whispers in her ear, "Only you have the key to my heart."

'Do these girls actually believe that…?' Eri wondered.

"Kaoru, you're just too cute," Hikaru wraps his arms around his brother's neck.

"Hikaru, not in front of everyone. Don't do what you did to me last night here…" Kaoru says in an 'out-of-breath' sort of matter.

"I don't think I can resist it." The girls scream with delight, nearly fainting on the spot.

'Wow the girls in this school are very…passionate,' Eri thought, unsure whether 'passionate' is the right word. She actually hasn't paid much attention to the people around her since today.

She can tell that the host club still has a little reluctance in accepting her into the 'family' (except Honey-sempai, who is easily bought over with sweets.). It doesn't matter—the main reason she went through all the trouble was to find a place to bake anyway.


Here's a dull first chapter. Honesty, I don't know what's with me and first chapters—I never feel good about them. I have a lot of things in store for this story, so please bear with me. I would also like to add that this story will be my longest story, and I will make use of holidays for themes in this story. I will be using another original character later on in the story.

In addition, this 'Eri character' may sound boring, right now, but there's a lot more to her that I didn't add in this chapter. I like to gradually build my characters. Hope she doesn't turn sue (as all OC authors hope)

Thank you for reading.

Stay tuned for chapter 2 – Operation: Don't let Eri find out about Haruhi's gender.