The Five Potions


Chapter 1: Which do you choose?


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Eight ninja sat around a round table in a dimly lit room. They were all there for the meeting to decide what they would do to solve their common problem.

"Tell us Genius, what is the plan that we will use against The Arrogant one?"


"Answer him Genius! Lord Ramen must know what we are doing!" another announced.

"Thank you Dog Breath," Lord Ramen said.

"Hey wait a minute!" Dog Breath exclaimed, "Why do I get that name, but you're a lord? That's not fair!"

"Shut up!" a female voice demanded.

"The Pink One speaks!"

"Naruto! Kiba! Why the Hell are you using stupid code names and keeping the lights lit so dim? I can barely see my own hand in front of my face!"

The so called 'Pink One' reached back and flicked on the lights, illuminating the entire room. Now the rookie nine minus Sasuke could finally see.

"Get serious!" she yelled.

"Just trying to have some fun…" Naruto mumbled, "And it makes us seem cool."

"…" argued Shino.

"Sh-shino is right guys," Hinata added, "We n-n-need to be s-serious here."

"Hinata is right," Ino said, "So let's start!"


For the past month, Sasuke had acted like a real jerk. He was more arrogant than ever along with just plain rude. Not even his two most dedicated fan girls supported him in his actions. For instance, Sasuke had spilled/ stolen Naruto's ramen on several occasions, ignored Sakura AGAIN, denied Ino's claim that she was beautiful, kicked a dog, gave Shikamaru a caffeine pill, gave Chouji garlic potato chips, maimed Hinata's Naruto doll by using it for training, and stepped on George, Phillip, and Paul the bugs. Now his friends were scheming for revenge…


Sasuke was calmly walking down the street. He did have to admit that he had been a jerk lately to his friends, but he was an Uchiha! That made it ok, right?

"I think I'll replace Naruto's ramen storage with fruit…" he said.

"You shall do no such this to Lord Ramen!" a voice boomed.

The raven haired boy turned to come face to face with… a man in a badly made lizard costume.

"Only I can do that!" it exclaimed.

Sasuke sweatdropped.

The 'lizard' had badly stitched purple scales and was standing on two feet along with only having one eye on the left-side of his face.

"Um… why not?" Sasuke asked.

"I am the One-Eyed Purple People Eater!" it exclaimed, "I will EAT you if… you come with me."

"Wait a minute… Kakashi-sensei?"


"Stay in character!" a voice from a nearby bush hissed.

"No," the jonin said, "Why can't YOU wear this bad costume? He's not even convinced."

"Maybe it's your acting, and not my sewing," the bush argued back.

Kakashi ripped off the costume, tearing it into shreds of cloth. The bush gasped. Suddenly, eight shinobi jumped out of the bushes.

"You ruined the plan Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto exclaimed.

"I thought we were using code names…" Kakashi replied.

"Besides, your plan was horrible," Ino added, "It wouldn't have worked anyway."

Sasuke watched his friends and sensei argue over some sort of plan he had no clue about. Why didn't he, the great Uchiha, know about this? It wasn't fair! He should know everything! How else was he to hold up his big ego, with modesty? Psh, really…

"But how will we get revenge NOW?" Naruto complained.

A nagging feeling in the back of his head told Sasuke that he had better start running.


Ino and Sakura lunged to catch Sasuke. The Uchiha jumped just in time, only to have a Naruto bunshin tackle him to the ground before poofing off. He then had to quickly do a kawarimi before a swarm of bugs caught him.

Sasuke landed on a higher rooftop, only to sense more danger. Hinata's jyuuken came towards him and he dodged all but one of the hits which sent him flying into that swarm of bugs. The bugs, however, were no match to a good old katon jutsu and were quickly disintegrated.

"Revenge…" Shino hissed.

Several Narutos came out of nowhere and grabbed the Uchiha.

"We've got you now…" the bunshin said.

Unfortunately for them, Sasuke had a free limb which destroyed one bunshin, giving him a small opportunity to escape.

"He's getting away!"

"I don't know what you want," Sasuke began, "But you'll never catch m-"

He fell forward thanks to a strike to a pressure point via Kakashi.

"Can we get on with this revenge thing?" the jonin asked, "That way I'll find out where he hid my Icha Icha books!"


The Uchiha awoke to find himself in a dimly lit room with only a table and nine chairs. When he tried to move, Sasuke was horrified to find that he had been duct taped to the wall. And everyone knows that it takes a lot to get duct tape off, even more so than with crazy glue.

"We finally got you…"

The Uchiha looked over to find eight people in front of him.

"Knock it off Naruto!" Sakura yelled while turning on the lights, "What's up with you with the lights and 'mysteriousity'?"

"Sakura!" Naruto exclaimed.

The kunoichi sighed.

"Why am I here?" Sasuke demanded.

"You aren't in a position to demand anything Sasuke-kun," Ino said.

He didn't like how she had said that…


It was too much… he couldn't stand it any more… The six teens, minus Shino who was just TOO cool and Shikamaru who was just TOO lazy, were tickling Sasuke with feathers, driving him to insanity.

"Fine, I'll listen," he said.

"Finally... You are so troublesome…" Shikamaru began, "Now, because Naruto's plan was doomed to fail, we have plan B which is to bring you here and force you to…"

He stopped.


The lazy genius sighed.

"I give one of you the chance to be dramatic and I get nothing… Troublesome…"

"I think Hinata-chan should say it!" Naruto exclaimed.

The rest of them nodded.

"Sasuke, we are going to force you to," Hinata said, not stuttering once, "Choose your fate by choosing one of five potions."

"What?" he asked.

"Simple," Kiba said, "There are five potions altogether. You choose one and you get your punishment."

"What do they do?" Sasuke asked.

The whole group shrugged.

"Hey, don't look at me," Kiba added.

"We have no clue," Kakashi said, "But we do know that it'll do something. Just choose one and get your life over with."

"What do you mean by OVER with?!" Sasuke exploded.

"Oops; did I say end? I meant to tell you to get on with your life."

The Uchiha settled down. Shino then gestured to the table in which five liquids were. The first one was bright yellow with oily orange spots floating on top. The second was dark blue with some light blue glop was floating in it. The third was… creepy. It was neon pink and had something that resembled smiley faces sticking to the sides of the glass. The fourth was cloudy and blood red. The last one was clear, just like water, but knowing his friends, Sasuke was sure it wasn't water…

"So, which do you choose?" Naruto asked.

"I choose…"


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