Summary: Zuko joins the gaang. Katara is less than pleased. Everyone else is general amused. zutara drabble series post season 2

A/N: You know that fic I wrote? The one entitled "Good to be Toph"? Well, I wasn't planning on expanding it...

And then I did.


You'll see how this relates to Good to be Toph later on. For now, enjoy.

"I don't like him," Katara grumbled for the seventy-eighth time that hour. "And I think this is a stupid plan, Aang."

"I know." Aang sighed, wishing she would just get over it, or at least find someone else to complain to. "But the comet arrives soon, and he's the only firebender for miles who's willing teach me."

Katara turned and glared at said firebender; Zuko sank lower into his seat, wishing he had the ability to become invisible. "He's not even a master firebender! I don't see how he can help us."

Zuko opened his mouth to retort that, while he technically wasn't a master Firebender, he was damn close to becoming one.

However, as soon as he opened his mouth, Katara sent him this look--one that would have caused weaker men than Zuko to shrink back in fear or run crying to their mothers, it was so awful. That look promised Zuko that there was going to be hell to pay at the hands of a master waterbender, should he speak up against what Katara was saying. Not to mention it would bring excruciating pain and possibly frozen male-parts to Zuko's near-future.

Instead, he gulped, and thought his pride probably wasn't worth that much, anyway.

"He knows more about firebending than the rest of us do." Aang argued, and hoped she would drop the subject, at least while they were still flying. "Besides, where do you think we're going to find another firebending teacher in a few weeks? Just give it a break, Katara."

Defeated momentarily, Katara huffed and sat back down on Appa. She crossed her arms angrily and began to sulk. When she was quite sure that Aang had gone back to steering Appa and wasn't listening anymore, she leaned over towards Zuko and glared.

"I still don't like you." She spat out before storming away to the complete opposite side of Appa's saddle in a completely over-dramatic fashion.

Zuko bit his lip nervously, and looked around at his other companions. Katara was sitting across from him, steadily ignoring him, and probably planning how to get rid of him without Aang noticing. To his left was Toph, grinning like a madwoman, no doubt planning something absolutely awful and very unlikely to end in his favor. To his right sat Sokka, who just so happened to be sharpening a conveniently deadly knife whilst glaring holes at Zuko's head.

The airbender, Zuko's only potential ally, was currently sitting on Appa's head, farthest away and unlikely to hear Zuko scream for help, should their 'team' decide they didn't really need a firebender all that much, anyway.

Zuko gulped louder, and sank deeper into Appa's saddle. While he was at least partially thankful that the lemur (who had decided that his head seemed like a good place to take a nap,) liked him, even if no one else in their little team did, it did little to inspire much faith in the boy. When he thought it was at least somewhat safe, he closed his eyes and prayed to Agni that he wouldn't die within the next few second.

Mostly, though, he wished his mother were here right now. He had a feeling he was going to need some really good coddling, or at least a cheap therapist, if he planned on staying with this group for very long.


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