A RANDOM DELETED SCENE: Alex's Baking Skills

"Evelyn, I think it's time you know my secret." Alex said seriously to his beautiful girlfriend. Evelyn looked up from her math homework in surprise. They were currently "Studying" for the next Trig test, lets just say that this study session didn't help Evelyn's math skills…at all. "Your special talent?" she asked in confusion, Alex nodded smiling. " I like to bake." he confessed. Evelyn giggled. "What?" Alex asked raising his eyebrows, "Is there something wrong with that?" Evelyn just giggled but seeing the serious look on her Love's face she stopped immediately. "Of coarse not, it just sounded funny in that context" She let out a little giggle. " No, I'm not kidding, I like to bake." he said striding over to his mother's refrigerator and pulling out flour, eggs, and milk, he said proudly "My mom says that I'm a pretty good baker too!" "I'll be okay with it only if I can lick the bowl." Evelyn said going back to her math problems. "Deal." Alex said softly. He continued with his batter making, he had finished all of his homework, and when he finished slopping all of the batter in to organized rows on the cookie sheet he handed Evelyn the spoon.

The thick concoction on the large spoon was the color of sand, Evelyn wrinkled her nose. "Are you sure you didn't accidentally throw up in this?" she joked, her boyfriend looked slightly offended. "I was kidding!" she said taking his hand and pulling him down to her level so she could kiss his lips. Alex smiled, "try the batter." he urged, she obeyed and licked at all off the spoon at once. The dough wouldn't go down her throat, it was like cement. Evelyn felt her cheeks redden and with a lot of effort she swallowed the sticky "Batter". It tasted too salty. "Well?" Alex asked excitedly. "I love it!" Evelyn said lamely, picturing a deflating balloon as she said this. Then came the after taste, it was worse than the batter itself. "Just wait until you taste the actual cookie!" Alex said kissing her cheek. "Great!" Evelyn said a little sarcastically but she smiled when her boyfriend kissed her forehead. When the timer sounded in the silent kitchen Evelyn's insides seemed to groan in disgust. "Aha! They are finished. Here try one, oh, be careful don't burn your mouth!" Alex was always worried about her, she smiled a little. She took a bite, it was still sticky inside and more salty than the batter, she felt her eyes tear up. "Honey? Are you crying?" Alex asked grabbing the chair next to her and sitting down. "Tears of joy!' Evelyn said through a mouth full of the awful cooking. "Why don't you have one?" Evelyn asked, Alex shook his head, "nah, you can take them home if you like." Evelyn put down her cookie, "No, that's okay, Hun, I think you should save some for your Mom! Or even better why don't you give some to Mr. Morison tommorw?" Alex smiled. "Good idea!" Evelyn laughed nervously, maybe the their math teacher will have a surprise heart attack from all of that salt and die, yes, that would be good.