A story of what happened before Suikotsu split into two personalities and joined the Shichinintai. It's short 'cause it's a prologue.

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"Lord Suikotsu? Are you going to sleep?" Kikyou asked the doctor late one night.

"Hm? Yes," Suikotsu replied from where he was sitting. "I'm just going to finish this." He lifted the bowl he was pounding herbs in a little.

Satisfied by his answer, Kikyou lay down on her futon (that's what it is, right?).

The moment her head touched the pillow, Suikotsu was seized by a vision.

Standing in a field of herbs was a woman. She was young, maybe 16, with black hair and light blue eyes. Her kimono was pink, decorated with black cherry-blossom petals and a light green obi. She smiled and called out, but her voice was silent. Everything was silent, all but a great wind. Suikotsu tried to reach out to her, but when he did, the scene faded.

Suikotsu grabbed his head the moment the vision took him.

"Lord Suikotsu?" Kikyou asked, concern colouring her tone. "Are you all right?"

"Y-yes," Suikotsu stammered. "I-I just have a light headache. I'll sleep and it'll be gone."

Kikyou looked doubtful, but went to sleep without questioning the doctor.

Instead of sleeping, Suikotsu but turned to a hole in the rice paper of the door where moonlight streamed through.

"Sakura…" he whispered, "has it truly been that long since you died?" He surveyed the others in the small, one-room house. His eyes settled on Kikyou.

"So alike, and yet, so different," he murmured. "You look exactly the same…"

He closed his eyes, and began dreaming of the only woman besides Kikyou he had ever loved.

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