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whitebunny: jeez so dead

Kooldude i know, i think i mite go

Whitebunny: ok byz

Avenger3: Why ? you dont like us any more?

Kooldude: I do i was just weittin on Fangirl ..ill talk to you guyz later bye

Kooldude: waiting ..lol typo

Kooldude: has left the chat room

Avenger3: god , i guess its just us now!

Whitebunny: yea

Avenger3: prefere it tho :D

Whitebunny: soooo anything new?

Avenger3: mmm not much really same BS as always

Avenger3: and you?

Whitebunny: a lot of school problems

Avenger3: like what?

Whitbunny: i rather not say kinda personal.

Avenger3: ok but im here to listen

Whitbunny: thanks

Avenger3: so you still havent gotten a new cell phone?

Whitebunny: NO but i'll let you know when i do...

Avenger3: Well its ok i mean after all we get to talk on here like all the time :D

Avenger3: im addicted to you xD

Whitebunny: thats true, but i didnt know you were addicted talking to me ? xD

Avenger3: i guess your just my favorite drug just one hit is never enough *blushes* ( a/n ..this is exactly what my bf said to me when we were just starting to talk to each other on the phone, yes we met onlinexD too)

whitebunny: *blushes aswell*

Whitebunny: im your favorite drug ...just like that song from my favorite band :3

Avenger3: what band?

Whitebunny: Porcelain and the tramps .. ( a/n: real band ..also my favorite band and song )

Whitebunny: its industrial music :D its good

Avenger3: idk you were into that kinda of music

Whitebunny: neither did i untill my friend introduced it to me ..now im hooked

Avenger3: ill give it try sometime later

Whitebunny: :)

Whitebunny: what kinda of music do you listen?

Avenger3: emo music...

Avenger3: jk

Avenger3: just rock and some metal

Whitebunny: lol emo songs are lame ...not my taste at all... tho i like the emo boys xD

Avenger3: oh really? well then you mite think im sexy then

Whitbunny: dont tell me? you dress like an emo

Avenger3: i dont mean too ..but people always tell me i do T_T

Whitebunny: thats awsome as long as you arent too emotional haha

Avenger3: dont worry im not

Avenger3: so have you thought about it? about what i propouse to you?

Whitebunny: ...

WHitebunny: you are being too pushy dont you think?

Avenger3: Im not used to waiting to a girls responce...sorry

Whitebunny; impatient . yknow you sounded soo demaning last time that i didnt know what to say to that

Avenger3: im sorry

Avenger3: im not used to asking girls out

Whitebunny: asking me out ? see that sound nicer than demanding me to go with you

Avenger3: mmmm i feel silly right now

Whitebunny: its ok... i like the idea of you asking me out *blushes*

Avenger3: same

Whitebunny: i still need to think about it, i dont think you will like me thats why . D:

Avenger3: thats crazy

Whitebunny: but what if you thinkk im a total loser?

Avenger3: im more worried of what you willl think of me D;

WHitebunny: i'll let you know in a few days

Avenger3: ok ill be patient :D

Avenger3: hey gatta go .. something showed up grrrr

Whitebunny: ok Bye avenger

Avenger3: bye bunny

Avenger3: has left the chat room

Hinata leaned back against her desk chair, lips curved making a small smile on her face. It was nice thinking someone liked you at least a little, it made her happy for now. But soon it could either change or stay the same, she couldn't dare face him...it was too difficult. She had been delaying their encounter for the fear of rejection if he find out who she really was. Talking to someone face to face was nerve racking, it was easier online. Hinata had left the chatroom open as she was still in thought, then quickly saved the conversation on her computer to read it later.

She looked out her window and a person appeared in her head. A guy with blond spiky hair, sweet smile, and funny personality. She thought about Uzamiki Naruto, she had wished Avenger was him but...the image changed again, now it was a tall, dark haired boy, with a cool face that just screamed total awesomeness. Uchiha Sasuke, What in the world had made her think of him.

Frustrated she slapped her cheeks to shake his image out of her head. Had she gone mad? Uchiha Sasuke was one of the coolest and hottest guys around, a guy like him could never be Avenger. Avenger was nice, smart, funny and silly. He was nothing like Uchiha Sasuke...but then why was she thinking of him now?

'Ugh Sasuke is just too damn sexy, that must be it! J just like how he looks...I'm horrible!'

Hinata thought as she closed her eyes still leaning on her desk chair.

It came back to her of what she had talked about with her friends the other day, that what if avenger was a total fat hog or nerd. 'No way, I wouldn't like that at all. I want someone sexy like Uchiha Sasuke or cute like Uzamaki Naruto but with Avenger's personality.'

Fangirl has entered the chat room

XDlove: has entered the chat room

Fangirl: yo hommies

XDlove : woot woot

Hinata looked at her screen as she heard the sounds of new IMs going on. She hadn't closed it after saving her conversation beacuse she was too busy being shallow-in-thougts.

Whitebunny: hey

Fangirl : oh you are alive ?

XDlove: oh i bet you just had a chat with avenger oooh

FAngirl : Well its obvious since the chat room still open ..lets read what they were talking about

Whitebunny: NOOOO ...you guys are soo mean

Whitebunny: soo much for friends

XDlove: oh this is good stuff here

Fangirl : sappy stuff if that what you mean haha

Whitebunny: leave me alone T_T

XDlove: aaaw im sorry but you are too cute not to mess around with

Fangirl : amen

Whitebunny: stop teasing me , you guys are making me turn red

Fangirl: just like Avenger made you blush earlier

XDlove: poor bunny

Fangirl: anyways girlies

XDlove: yes

Whitebunny: ...

Fangirl: you guys said you live in Konohagakure rite?

Whitebunny: yeah we do why?

Fangirl: well my mom is heading there today and she is gana stay for the rest of the weekend and i asked her if i could come

XDlove: omg we should totaly hang out

Whitebunny: why is your mom visiting?

Fangirl: helping me aunt recover from a surgery

XDlove : omg lets go to the festival then

Whitebunny: what festival?

XDlove: the one for the gods , don't you remember? (a/n: totally made up so bare with me )Fangirl: yeah my mom said it gets really big and theres a lot of cool stuff

Whitebunny: oh yeah ..i totally forgot

Fangirl: ok then come pick me up at the train station ill be there in about 2 hours.. at 1pm :D

XDlove: ok we will see you there :D

Fangirl: this will be fun

Whitebunny: yay im excited hehe


Sasuke had just got off the computer when Naruto opened his apartment door as is if it were his own place. The blond wore a wide smile on his face who was now sitting on Sasuke's bed.

"Hey dude, let's go already. I told you I was gonna be here in like an hour. I can be punctual if I want, see?"

"Naruto how did you open my door?" Sasuke still sat at his chair as he questioned his friend, he didnt like the idea of Naruto barging in any time he wanted to.

"Oh, I made a copy of your keys, since you always take forever to open it for me." shamelessly he grined showing Sasuke his brand new set of keys to the apartment.

"You better give it to me you BASTARD!"

"NO way jose!" Naruto retracted his hand away from Sasuke now and hid them in his pocket, "If you want it, come get it out of my pocket."

Sasuke made a disgusted face, there was no way in hell putting his hand was going to be near anything of Naruto's lower body.

"Now come on today it's the Kami festival. it will be fun, we could eat yummy food and play games. You can even invite that douche bag of Hozuki Suigetsu."

"I don't wanna go."

"But...But you had already said you would?"

He sighed in defeat. "Fine we'll go, but if you pull some shit like last time at the beach I'll kill you." Sasuke warned his friend.

"I'm not crazy anough to do that again, after that day you beat me up sooo badly." Naruto made a crying face then said, "That's called friend abuse! I should call the cops on you."

"You deserved it, I didn't want to spent any time with those hoes." Sasuke thought all girls were hoes.

"Hinata is defiantly not a hoe."

"Yeah, that was the only part that didn't suck, when I talked to her," He was remembering the tiny conversation he had with her. The day he first met her, then he was remembering the other time they had talked. It had been nice, too comfortable to say actually, it kinda bothered Sasuke.

"Now that I think about it, she is pretty cute." Naruto put a finger on his lips as he thought of Hinata at that moment.

"See, that's the kind of girl you should go for Naruto," Sasuke grabbed a dark blue hoody out of his closet to wear out.

"I guess so, but I still love Sakura the best." Naruto folded his arms around his neck as he replied to his friend.

Sasuke motioined himself towards the door and turned the knob. "Ok I'm ready, let's go."

"Its not that cold, y'know ?" Naruto looked at his friend as if he were crazy, it was a nice and perfectly warm day.

"But it will be cold later on. And about Suigetsu I'll see if I can reach him on his phone." Sasuke was out of his apartment leaving behind Naruto.

Tenten had arrived at the Hyuuga mansion an hour later after they all had decided that they were to meet with Fangirl at the train station. Hinata saw her friend enter in her room as a servant led Tenten in.

"God, you have an enormous house! Do you ever get lost?" That was the first thing Tenten said as she entered the room facing Hinata sitting on her bed.

"No, not anymore." Hinta gave a little laugh to her friend who also had a smile on.

Now both girls looked in the mirror for last minute adjustments, Tenten was retouching her hair, loose hair had come out of her perfect buns. Hinata on the other hand just looked at her clothes.

"Don't you think wearing shorts its too much eye catching attention at this time of year?" Hinata questioned her friend who was also wearing shorts that day. It had been Tenten who had advised Hinata to wear clothes similar as hers. At that time it had seemed a great idea but now seeing herself in the mirror was making her feel uncomfortable.

"NO way , it's a nice day after all, don't be such a downer." Tenten didn't understand Hinata on how shy she was, it was only shorts a lot of girls wore them. But she couldn't blame her she was too sheltered sometimes. Now she looked at her younger friend and saw how she had lowered her head, looking kind of sad.

"Dude you look great, dont worry ok?" Tenten tried to assure her friend.

"OK." Hinata's smile returned "Let's go already, it will take sometime to get to the train station."

"Hey, where is Neji, my handsome boyfriend?"

"I don't know he left early today." Hinata answered.

"Mmmn...He better not be cheating on me, he didn't answered my calls when I wanted to talk to him today." An angry looked appeared on Tenten's lovely face.

"Neji cheating? I dont even know how he got you as his girlfriend! Let alone cheat on you."

"Oh I remember now...he left with my father to do some errands, y'know he is totally different when he is online chatting with us." This was true Neji seemed a happy go lucky guys online while he chatted but once he was off he seemed like a very strict guy with a serious face and intelligent look.

"That is true, but don't we all act different once online?"

This got stuck in Hinata's head wondering if maybe Tenten was right. That maybe, just maybe Avenger3 acted differently online then what he truly was. It was true she herself acted more hyper and talkative but that's just was her inner self who really wanted to be in the real world but couldn't, so she let it out on-line while chatting with others.

"Ok show me your limousine now, you rich snobby girl!" Tenten said sarcastically as she got out her room, they left to pick up Fangirl.

Hinata and Tenten arrived at the train station 10 minutes earlier to make sure they didn't miss Fangirl. Tenten had been right, it was a nice warm day even though it was Fall soon to be winter. In Konoha it never snowed but it did get cold unlike other places where it snowed everyday or was sunny and warm eveyday. Both girls wore matching outfits, both wearing black shorts and loose blouse to have a boho look. Hinata wore a baby blue blouse, it was her favorite color, while Tenten wore a pink one which also happened to be her favorite color. They wore the same color flats as well, what was this twin day? Though they had different hair styles, Hinata's hair was cut short with longer pieces on the side and with a nice perfect fringe. Tenten on the other hand had a tidy up do of two lovely buns, she likes the Chinese-style chignon, she also had some type of fringe but it wasn't straight like Hinata's.

"Hey do you know Fangirl's real name? Or how she looks like at least?" Hinata said as both girls headed to the station where the train from Sunagakure was coming from.

"Don't worry, I kept her number that time she gave it away while we chatted. So I asked her to send me a photo of her to find her more easily." Tenten took her cell phone from her pocket and flipped it open and handed it to Hinata to let her see a picture.

There she was a girl with golden hair that looked about 16 years old that displayed on the screen of Tenten's phone. Her face was beautiful and her eyes had that cat-eye look and not to mention that this girl eyes were a lovely shade of deep emerald. Her face was perfect, and also had a body to go along with it.

"Damn! I guess that's why she always bragged that she was a hot catch. Look at that chest!" Tenten pointed out, Hinata also took note of this as it had stood out to her the most but said nothing instead.

"It makes me more insecure than what I already am." Tenten looked at her own breast.

"Hehe, well at least Neji likes small breast... I think." Hinata gave a unsure laugh and thought,

"Well he must like small boobs or else why would he be still with you."

Tenten glared at Hinata, it was her only weak point talking about how small her breast were, "I don't know, sometimes I catch him staring at other girls with bigger chest."

"No way, besides, you aren't completely flat. You are at least a B-cup." talking about this sorta things didn't bother Hinata since she saw Tenten as family, more like a sister though she couldn't really talk to her own sister about this sort of thing, but she was able to with Tenten who was more mature. Still at times some subject caused her to blush occasionally.

"Jeez , thanks! Easy for you to say since you're like a c-cup!" Tenten gave Hinata a sarcastic look.

As they reached to the platform where the train would be arriving , they looked forward to meeting this friend known as Fangirl. They both searched the area not trying to miss her if she did pass by them. There were a lot of people getting off the train, masses going out at once. But then Tenten saw her, the girl from the photo in her cell phone.

"Hey I see her, look over there!" Tenten exclaimed as she directed Hinata's gaze towards a girl with her finger.

Hinata's eyes landed on a tall girl that was heading their way, she was wearing black baggy jeans along with a red fishnet long sleeve shirt, which was see-through but luckily she had a black camisole under. Her face looked like she could give you attitude if you got on her bad side, she seemed cold and frightening to Hinata .

'She is scary...' Hinata's brain had quickly processed that thought by just mere looks of this girl, who she was going to spend time with through the rest of the day. 'She kinda reminds me of the Yakuza.'

"Yo Fangirl!" Tenten shouted at the girl to catch her attention.

The girl's gaze was now fixated on them, she saw two teens waving at her and calling her to get closer. Her lips curled to create a smile for them. As both girls got closer, so did the girl with golden hair, within seconds they were face-to-face.

"Hey girlies," The girl's expression had changed from that cold and indifferent face to a warm smile and happy face. She was smiling kindly that made her look not frightening at all as Hinata had thought earlier. "I'm Sabuko Temari aka Fangirl. I think i never told you guys, huh?"

"No, not really. We all kinda kept the whole "keep your name secret" though here my whitebunny goes typing my name all the time." Tenten looked at Hinata who was now looking down. "Im Tenten and this is Hyuuga Hinata aka whitebunny!"

Temari quickly laid her gaze onto Hinata, "You're Whitebunny? You are sooooo cute!"

Hinata was caught off guard when Temari hugged her tightly like she wanted to squeeze-her-to-death. Hinata was being embraced by two huge breast not letting her breathe. Once Temari had let her go she was relieved at breathing air once again.

"Thanks for thte nice compliment," Hinata whispered to Temari after her whole expirence of death was over.

"God you're soooo totally different in person, you are so shy bunny! That is sooo cute. Hehe" Temari smiled at her, almost like teasing her for her shyness.

"Well, I guess we all act a bit different online." Came Tenten rescuing her friend from being teased by Temari.

"Of course we are different in real life, I think online it's more of our alter ego coming out. Don't you think?" She questioned both girls then she continued, "Imagine how the others would be?They might be nerds or hot stuff."

Tenten laugh out loud , "Sooo true."

Hinata had been quite, it was true that she had seemed more outgoing online but in reality she wasn't anything people thought of her. Could this be true for the rest of her friends online? She looked at her friends as they were chatting on about how the other might look, but Hinata then realized that both girls were totally different in person then when they were online as well. But like Temari said, it might be their alter ego but still...that was them as well right? Maybe in reality they were being their true self. Then she thought of Avenger, what if he was different then what she thought she knew of him. A haunting image came to her what if Avenger was actually... her thoughts were interrupted by Temari.

"OK what are we waiting for let's go to the festival, that's why I came y'know?"

"What about your mom? Aren't you gonna go tell her who you're with or where you are going?" Tenten asked concerned. She didn't want to get blamed if Temari got in some sort of trouble with them.

"Don't worry my mom already knows I'll be going with some friends, she is cool like that." Temari smiled.

"Lucky." Hinata bellowed as they started to walk.

For Hinata it was hard to go out, her father didn't let her go out much unless he knew them, where they would be and Neji had to go with her. But today was different since her father was out of town and she had the whole weekend to do whatever she liked as long as Hinabi didn't snitch.

Getting through people was a pain, they had finally reached the front side and were headed to Hinata's limousine, they were about 10 feet away from the train station looking for Hinats's parked car when two boys shouted , "TEMARI-CHAN."

The three girls turned their head to see who were the ones that had called Temari. Two tall boys were approaching them. Both Hinata and Tenten had never seen these boys though they looked about Hinata's age. Maybe they went to school with Hinata Tenten thought.

Hinata and Tenten stared at the two boys who were now smothering Temari with hugs. One of them had pitch black hair and the other had red hair, the boys were only facing Temari, ignoring the two girls.

"Oneesan," both of them said together.

"Ugh, I thought I wouldn't be stuck with you guys again." Temari smacked herself on the forehead with a displeased face.

"Who are they?" Tenten asked.

"My two cousins that live here in Konoha."

The two boys now turned to face the girls and show their faces, the two boys looked nothing alike. One had straight black hair, narrow eyes that were bitch black. The boy was tall and had a handsome face with a pale complexion, but his expression on his face was blank. he wore a black hoody, a black shirt underneath that was peaking out of his hoody's bottom and black jeans that fit well on his skinny frame.

The other boy on the other hand had messy bright red hair, his eyes were wide and reddish color tint, they seemed playful and mocking. He was a bit shorter than the black haired boy, but his face was like a doll with his fair complexion and good looks. He gave the girls a grin. He was wearing a maroon hoody that went well with his eyes and black jeans, he also had a skinny frame. (a/n: so like why is everyone soo damn sexy and skinny haha)

Hinata looked at the black haired boy, he reminded her of someone but couldn't put her finger on it...she stared and noticed that the boys stared back with a blacked look. This made Hinata looked away as it made her nervous to make eye contact with someone that good looking.

The red headed boy looked at them wtih a smile and said. " Hi, I'm Akasuna no Sasori nice to meet you."

"I'm Sai, Nice to meet you." His voice was monotone and bowed at them, the two girls giggled a bit .

"Tenten and Hyuuga Hinata." Temari introduced them as her friend.

"So if you guys are brothers, why do you guys look nothing alike?" Hinata questioned as she had taken notice there was no resembles between them. Then it came silence.

"We aren't related by blood..." Sasori came to a stop in his sentence.

"He.." Temari tried to answered but couldn't.

"I'm adopted, " Sai said bluntly.

Hinata just stayed quite after that, it was non of her business, so she regretted asking.

Sasori turned to Temari to change the atmosphere and lift this heavy feeling everyone felt. "Oneesan, my mom said to go with you and keep and eye on you, she doesn't like the idea of you being alone with random people."

"I dont need you guys, I got my friends." Temari pointed at Hinata and Tenten who only waved at them with half smiles.

"We still gotta go with you." said Sai talking once again.

"You guys are pain," Temari turned to her friends "Hey, can they come?"

Tenten pulled Hinata aside and whispered to her, "Dude we gotta let them come, they are gorgeous boys! When do we ever get to be around guys like them?"

Hinata had to disagree with Tenten, recently she had been surrounded by really cool and gorgeous guys meaning Naruto and Sasuke. But not because they like hanging out with her, just by mere coincidence. But still Tenten had a point, the boys were cute and well why not? She needed to be able to talk to boys kind of like a practice when she will meet Avenger.

"Ok, let them come with us."

"Ok, we have agreed to allowed the boys come." Tenten grined at the three teens waiting for the answer.

"Well then let's get going, I see my limo over there." Hinata pointed where a middle aged man stood there waiting patiently, he was Hinata's personal driver.

'Is She like a princess or what?'

Both Sasori and Temari thought alike of Hinata.

They all climbed happily into the limo and left.


Sasuke and Naruto had just barely arrived even though they had left Sasuke's apartment an hour ago. It was all thanks to Naruto who forgot his money at his apartment, so they had to go and get the money before they arrived at the festival. Sasuke was not about to spend his own money on his loser friend. It was becoming annoying to be around Naruto more than ever but he was his only friend. It was early but the streets were becoming quite crowed with people and traffic. Stands had appeared over night taking over down town of Konoha, filled with aroma of delicious food and loud chatter traveled in the air. It was 3 o'clock p.m. and the crowd had invaded the place already. Everyone liked this time of year since it wasn't too hot nor too cold through out the days. And even people from different villages came to celebrate this god's birth. It was a sunny day which was perfect for everyone to gather and have a good time.

"Shoot, Suitgetsu said he'd be here five minutes ago." Sasuke said to his blond friend as he looked around to make sure he wasn't dismissing anybody in case his friend had arrived.

"I can't believe you actually called him and invited him to come hang with us! How long has it been since you last talked to him?" Nauto crossed his arms around his head as he walked something he did often since he could remember.

"About a year or so," Sasuke put his hands in his pockets like the cool kids always did in movies, "But that's because we go to different schools."

Hozuki Suigetsu had been a really close friend to Sasuke when they were younger, a childhood friend even before he had met Naruto. They had grown up together, went to the same preschool and elementary school together. But as they entered middle school, Suigetsu's family moved away to another distric in Konoha. They began middle school away from each other and never had a chance to hang out and talk like the old times. That's when he had replaced him with Naruto, his now best friend.

"Guess we will bump into him sometime soon but for now, let's go check things out." Naruto always hated being around Sasuks's ex-best friend.

He had met him several times during his friendship with Sasuke but every time he always got bad vibes from him. He just was plain nasty, he wondered how Sasuke got along with him so well. And to make it worse they always played tricks on him, they sure were two-of-a-kind when they got together. Sasuke always acted different, more cold and more mean when he was around Suigetsu. So as far as Naruto knew, they would be better off not seeing that guy any time soon.


Sasuke followed his friend but stopped when he noticed Naruto frozen in his steps. Narutos's attention was fixated on a group of girls, who seem in some sort of trouble. Naruto clinched his fists, Sasuke turned to see what was causing his friend to act the way he did just now. He looked where his friend's eyes lay on and then he saw them. He widened his eyes at the site he was seeing.


"You guys are so mean!" Hinata shouted as she was being dragged by her friends. She couldn't believe what they had done just now. Tenten and Temari had planned to ditch the boys. How could Temari ditch her own cousins like that? They had said they needed to go to the restroom and took Hinata with them. Next thing Hinata knew, they were getting out from another exit the restroom had. Grabbing her by her hand Hinata was led somewhere, running with all her might until she realized what they have done. Now she protested to her friends' actions.

"Ugh Hinata, it's suppose to be a girls' day out remember? We can't have boys tagging along like lost puppies." Tenten explained as they finally had stopped running, now resting near a fountain. "Plus they were boring."

"They were not boring!" exclaimed Hinata to Tenten.

"Well they got boring since they were only talking to you."

"My cousins are like that Tenten, they only pay attention to the cutest girl around. Mostly it's Sasori who does that, Sai just follows suit." Temari now joining their conversation.

Tenten hated this, they thought Hinata was the only cute girl around. Well they sure were wrong! She was one of the cutest girl in high school, so then why weren't they paying attention to her too? Though she already had a boyfriend she liked attention from other boys when she was alone. This whole situation was making her feel ugly.

"Sasori just picks the cutest girl to tag himself with and only gives them his full attention but it's kinda creepy, really. He has like this weird condition in which he becomes obsessed with a single person but after a while he gets bored and attaches himself to another cute person to his liking. He views people as his doll, always looking for the next cute doll to play with. He is sick like that." Temari said concerned as she looked at Hinata kind of hinting to not get too close to her cousin, she had not mentioned the fact that every person Sasori had chosen always got into a horrible accident. She did not want this for her friends.

"What? That's creepy! See Hinata don't talk to him anymore, he might be cute but he sounds like a creeper." Tenten was glad he hadn't liked her now.

"But .. Sasori is soooo..." Hinata stopped her sentence as she thought of her new friend Sasori. Temari had to be lying, Sasori didn't look like he was that type of person...Or did he? She couldnt determine that by just this one conversation. Now she remembered when she had been with him earlier in the limo.


They had been in the limosine for a while now, no one had spoken so far. Temari was busy texting to someone, Tenten looked at the window occasionally checking on her cell to see if she got any new texts but she always just sighed after checking. Sai also was looking out the window but wasn't really looking at anything really. Sasori and Hinata sat quiet beside each other as they sat in the middle where they were stuck looking only at their friends. It was too quiet, suddenly the window that separated the passenger seat and the front of the driver open and the chauffeured made it clear he was about to speak.

"Hyuuga-sama I believe it will take about 30 minutes to get to the festival as there is much traffic ahead." The nameless chauffeured said formally to Hinata.

Everyone took notice of this and just looked at Hinata who was now looking down since every one's eyes lay on her. It was the fact that the chauffeured talked to her so formally that made everything more weird, she was just a normal girl who happened to be an heiress. They all resumed to their positions after a while since Hinata wasn't responding to their questionable looks.

"So you are like a princess, huh?" Sasori spoke breaking the mutual silence.

At this Hinata lifted her bangs from her eyes, making eye contact with the boy next to her. He had such beautiful eyes that Hinata couldn't dare look away.

Hinata hesitated at first, thinking it was so random of him calling her a princess. Then she whispered to him, "I'm a heiress of the Hyuuga family a well known family, is all."

"No way! So you are the daugther of Hyuuga Hiashi? The guy who was smart enough to invest in military technology and such before they had a military force?" Sasori knew some what of Hinata's father's fame.

"Lucky you." Hinata stayed quiet, she didn't think she was so lucky like Sasori said, "You are well deserved to be called a princess."

There it was again. Sasori calling her such names it made her blush madly, specially since he was such a gorgeous boy.

"Aww you look so cute when you blush hehe." he turned to Sai so he could could confirm what he was seeing.

Sai turned around once Sasori tapped his shoulder, he looked at Hinata that was a shade of red still from the previous comment. "Yeah, she does."

Tenten now showing some interest in the small conversation that was beginning. It bothered her a little that they got along so well. Hinata didn't notice her friend taking her phone out and texting someone.

Now Sai was smiling with Sasori as they teased Hinata and her cute self. His expression was more lively now. At this Hinata took note and then realized he did remind her of someone, of Uchiha Sasuke mostly because of his dark hair. Of course Sasuke had more fine features and his hair was longer and had an arrogant face. Hinata smacked herself mentally there she was thinking of him just because of his good looks. Had she become shallow like Tenten?

"You know? She reminds me of our bunny, all small and fragile." Sai said bluntly comparing her to an animal.

"That's so perfect! She could be our Princess Bunny." laughed Sasori agreeing.

"You guys are annoying." Temari said coldly but the boys ignored her and so did Hinata as she was amused with these strange boys.

After that they started talking about their interests: music, food, hobbies ect. They also told her how they didn't go to public school, Hinata then concluded that was the reason they weren't familiar to her. She had grown up with all the kids in her class and even though people didn't know her at all, she knew them. They went on chatting until they reached their destination. Hinata was having fun talking and even though they teased her calling her pricness and such, she liked it a lot.

Unknown to Hinta both Temari and Tenten were brooding a plan to get rid of the two boys that were only paying attention to Hinata. This irritated Tenten very much since she couldn't believe they only paid attention to that shy girl and not her extrovert self.


Hinata now resumed to her present thought, 'Sasori is nice I just know it, and Sai is a bit weird but he seems nice too.'

She didn't care what Temari had to say of them, she only went by her feeling and how nice they had been with her. She was so in thought that she didn't pay attention where she was going as Tenten and Temari started to walk to get near stands, she just followed. Then abruptly her face landed on some else's back. This made her step back and she realized her nose hurt from the bump. She looked up and her eyes lay on a white haired boy, his face looked displeased and angry. Hinata was terrified of his look that he was giving her.

"Hey you stupid girl! Watch where you are going." His eyes looked annoyed at his sight.

"I'm sorry it wont happen again." Where were her friends when she needed them?

The boy now looking at her with more interest as he noticed she was quite cute.

"Maybe there's a way you can pay me back." he said nasty to her. This made her tense. There was no way he was asking for that, was he?

The boy leaned over so close to her face she stopped breathing. She wanted help but the people around her didn't stop, not even to see if she was in some sort of trouble, they just minded their own business. As if someone had heard her prayers a hand pulled him away from her and she could breathe again. "Hey what do you think you are doing to her?"

Temari had pulled him to his side making him face her, the nameless boy looked at her as nasty as he could. He quickly grabbed her and pulled her toward him and said,"Wouldn't you want to come with me and have a great time together?"

"Mmph don't make me laugh," Temari gave him a smirk. She grabbed his hand with her free hand and twisted it so he would let go of her. "First of all, I don't like to fool around with children, I like my men mature. And second of all, don't you dare grab me like that ever again or you will lose a hand!"

It was tense, Hinata was very shocked at this whole comotion. Tenten had been there watching too in shock and didtn know what to do.

"You bitch! Aren't you feisty, just how I like my woman." He clenched his fist about to punch her out, Temari saw it coming and was ready to block. He fired his punch but it stop when he heared his name.


That voice he recognized it no matter where he was, it would have to be him. "Uchiha Sasuke!"

All attention changed its direction now and all stared at the blackish blue haired boy. Tenten got close to Hinata to whisper, " Damn now that's a boy I would kill for."

"That's Uchiha Sasuke, the most popular guy in my school."

"Damn for a Junior-high kid he is off the charts."

"Hey yo, stop harassing these girls," now a blond had appeared, "This is why i never liked you."

"Uzamaki Naruto long time no see. Still wetting your blankets?" Suigetsu mocked him.

"Really you should stop, it's not very nice," Sasuke said to his former best friend.

"Damn boy! Killing my good time. I thought you liked this kind of stuff but I guess you just turned a goodie tushes, huh? You are sooo lame!" he scoffed.

Sasuke just looked at him with a serious face.

"God you're annoying, I don't think we should hang out anymore, we have nothing in common."

"Mm," is all Sasuke replied, agreeing with Suigetsu. He watched his ex-best friend leave knowing they could never be friends again as Suigetsu stated.

Hinata looked to Sasuke then to white haired boy, obviously they had known each other as they knew each other's name. What was their relationship? That's what she wanted to know.

"Hinata are you ok?" Naruto popped next to her. He worried that guy must of done something to her.

"Oh, I'm ok."

"Ok...now I'm confused?" questioned Tenten.

"This is Naruto, he is friends with Sasuke. They both go to my school."

Temari joined the crowd and so did Sasuke. They all stood there awkwardly.

"Well now that is over, let's really look around I don't have forever." Temari stated and the girls agreed. Temari walked ahead leaving Hinata and Tenten behind.

"Thank you for your help," both girls bowed polietly to the boys, Temari had too much pride to thank anyone for helping her out.

"No worries,' Naruto smiled at them widely.

They waved and walked away catching up to Temari, all the fun they were suppose to have had been ruined...well at least for that moment.

"Y'know this wouldn't have happened if we hadn't ditched the boys."

"Shut up!" Tenten said jokingly, "We are alright, arent we? Thanks to those other boys. Now they were delicious."

"Whose delicious?"

Both Hinata and Tenten froze as they been caught discussing Sasuke and Naruto's hotness.

"Hey, we decided to tag along not feeling too good on leavening you guys alone and what if something like that happens again?" Naruto explained, Sasuke walked beside them not speaking.

"Um ok." said Tenten nervously. They finall catched up with Temari. She was at a stand of Kingyo Sukui (gold fish scooping).

"Ooh I love this game!" Shouted Naruto extremely energetic.

"Humph, I bet you can't even catch one." Sneered Temari as she paid to play the game.

She bent down, the stand owner gave her papery net scope and a bowl. She carefully made her mind on a single fish and tried to corner it and scoop it up into her bowl but the thin paper broke as soon she tried scooping the fish into the bowl.

Naruto laughed at her as she failed. "Shoot!"

"My turn! Don't worry, I'll get one for you Blondie," Naruto paid and was handed the same tools as Temari but with a new scooping net. He seemed very concentrated on what he was doing he swung his arm quickly and it seemed almost had it in his bowl but the force made the net to rip as well. Hinata knew that if too much force the net would break and if too wet it would weaken and break as well. It had to be just right with quick a draw of the hand and fast reflexes.

"I guess you can't get one either." Tenten said mockingly to Naruto.

Sasuke scoffed at Naruto's loss.

"I would like to try." both Hinata and Sasuke said at the same time. They looked at each other surprised, neitehr seemed the type to want to try such a game.

"Ok, here you go." the man said as they paid him.

Both Hinata and Sasuke bended their knees to be closer to the tub where the fish were held. They both had a net and bowl now it was just about time who would get a goldfish first. Thanks to Hinata's quick reflexes, it would be a piece of cake. Her delicate hands moved fast as she swung and scooped the gold fish right into the bowl with ease. They all were impressed even Sasuke who had not yet tried. The owner of the stand took the bowl and put the fish in a plastic bag.

"Ok one more try since you were able to get one."

Now all eyes on Sasuke to catch a gold fish, waiting for him so Hinata could go again. He too was able to catch a goldfish this made the owner make face of displeasure. Hinata's turn came on again, she did the same thing as before fast and swiftly but this time she wasn't able to catch one. Disappointed she got up and handed the fish she won to Temari.

"Ok your turn." the man said to Sasuke.

"No thanks, this is enough for me." Sasuke refused to go again since he knew the owner was cheating. He had given Hinata a weaker paper net, so it was futile to even try and get another.

"Show off." Naurto said with a prudy face.

"Here," Hinata looked at the gold fish that Sasuke was handing to her, he was giving it to her She didnt know what to do but Tenten pushed her to accept it.


At the end, they all went from stands to stands checking things over, playing games and talking about random facts of this festival. Temari had seen someone of her liking ,who the three younger teens knew, which happened to be this teacher Kakashi-sensei. Tenten was just glad boys as cute as Sasuke and Naruto were with them and not only paying attention to Hinata.

Their after noon came and went fast. Eating very traditional foods and talking to random people to see what game or show was best. It became dark and the cold was taking over. Sasuke barely had said anything to them, just kept quiet or answered to Naruto when he was in question. He didnt even talk to Hinata as much as he had before.

"OOOOOH it's cold!" Temari shouted. She was not use to this cold weather, she came from a hot land and winter never came.

"It is chill." Naruto wrapped his hands around himself.

Hinata and Tenten were freezing to death, it didn't help that every thing they wore was extremely short and loose. They were freezing their asses off. Their teeth were chattering and goose bumps covered their skin. Sasuke took note of this, he on the other hand was the only one who was not cold at all. He decided to take his hoody off and he would lend it to Hinata, but before he had the chance he was interrupted.

Two boys appeared right on cue, The red headed guy hugged Hinata with so much affection. "Oh my princess, how could you leave us like that? And you are freezing to death...Poor princess."

"Sasori." Hinata said plainly.

Sasuke only watched as the two boys handed over their own hoodies to the girls to wear, he quickly tossed his own hoodie that he was about to lend to Hinata to Naruto and turn to leave.

"Awww Sasuke, I knew you were my best friend for something." Naruto followed Sasuke and waving goodbye to the girls, "See you guys later."

"Bye" Hinata whispered to the blond and Sasuke.

"So why did you leave us, oneesan?" Sai questioned. Temari and Tenten were just glad to be wearing warm hoodies.

They were all just explaining and talking, Hinata just watched Naruto and Sasuke disappear into the dark night, wondering what will they be doing now.

Sasuke walked so fast, Naruto had trouble catching up with him.

He wasn't sure why, but he didn't like how that kid hugged Hinata with so much affection...

"Sasuke what is wrong with you? Leaving without saying bye?" Sasuke was interrupt by Naruto.

"Uhm, I just wana sleep that's all."

"What a lame excuse! We didn't even see the fire works. You are a fun sucker y'know? You suck the fun out of everything sometimes!" Naruto had a whinny face like a child.

Sasuke didn't know what to say about that, mostly because it was true. It was a really lame excuse to leave without saying bye, but he just couldn't say bye to them. They didn't even know them well to give his full concern if he left or not. Well at least he didnt know the other girls, Hinata he had known her more even though it had been just a few small conversations. Once again, he remembered and again he didn't like how comfortable it was talking to her and how at ease he felt too. Maybe that's why he didn't complain when Naruto suggested to tag along with the girls. He also didnt want anything happening to them like what happened with Suigetsu. He felt abit guilty since he was the one who had invited him.

Now Suigetsu was another story...he had seemed so different. Well it was true that he had always been crude and mischievous but not to the point in trying to force girls for sex or even try to punch them out. He had totally changed, that was for sure. Sasuke guessed it was bound to happen since the middle school Suigetsu was attending was rather full with really bad kids who had a rotten reputation and gang groups.

Now that he had reached his apartment, he opened the door and went straight to his bed to lay on it. He stared at his computer and thought of that certain someone. It was weird he liked her and always wanted to talk to her but... recently he hadn't thought about her as much as before. Why? He still wanted to meet her, she was still funny and cute and really lively when they talked. So why was he not online talking to her right now? Instead he just laid there in his bed..Why? He tried to guess who this Bunny was...as he tried to form a face for her.


"What?" Sasuke said lifting his head to where Naruto was searching for food. The name Hinata was all he really heard coming from the blond.

"I said, she promised me some food for lunch the other day, I was just thinking aloud since there isn't anything in here to eat!" Naruto was disappointed, "She really did look nice today though."

Sasuke stayed quiet.

Naruto kept talking "I think I like her more and more every day. She is soo cool! I can't believe I never saw her before. Did you see how she was so fast at catching the fish today? That takes some skill."

Weird, Naruto was right. He also never noticed her before, not until that day the girls brought her with them. Had she just transferred to their school? No, Sasuke doubted it. He then laid back on his bed resting his head on a pillow. He knew if he closed his eyes and ignored Naruto he would leave on his own. Right now he just wanted to be alone. 'She is pretty cool..."

Hinata and the her group stayed out til the fireworks ended almost by midnight. It was late and the boys escorted them to Hinata's mansion where Tenten and Temari were also staying the night for a slumber party. Sasori hadn't let go of Hinata's hand since they reunited with them, he just held her hand. She didn't mind this, Hinata actually liked it. It was cute that's all she thought about it.

"Well we will be picking you up tomorrow after noon, oneesan." Sai said as they had reached Hinata's mansion.

"See you around, my princess." Shouted Sasori and the door closed.

Now in Hinata's room, it was big enough to fit several other girls for one huge sulmber party.

"Damn you arespoiled, rich girl." Temari jumped into the bed and was happy the bed was bouncy and perfect to sleep on.

Tenten went straight to the mirror checking herself out. "I cant believe you know such gourgeous guys, Hinata."

"Oh yeah, those boys were cute." Chimed Temari.

Hinata and Tenten looked at Temari quizzical. As they heard her earlier she didn't like younger guys. They just kept staring and then laughed.

"What?" asked Temari.

"Nothing!" replied Hinata as she sat on her desk chair.

"So was that Naruto the guy you think is Avenger?" Temari quickly changed the atmosphere. "He does seem abit like Avenger when he says something. He was pretty funny to watch him eat all that ramen. And how he got hit by a pole while walking and totally not paying attention. quite charming."

"NO way, I would totally like Sasuke to be Avenger if I were you!" Tenten bluntly expressed her opinion.

"They are both really great," Hinata paused, "Naruto is nice and sweet and funny. While Sasuke is nice and calm and cool, not to mention very popular."

Tenten smiled and Temari gave her smirk. They both knew it, that Hinata had fallen for both and didn't know which one she really liked best. They didn't say anything after all it was up to her to realize this by herself.

The night went on as the girls did makeovers on each other, tried on Hinata's clothes, purses, and all things nice. Hinabi joined and they all had a blast dressing up like a dolls. They told stories of their love life, well mostly Tenten and Temari. They learned that Temari had been with an older guy before. And that Tenten doesn't trust Neji. Even Hinabi told them that she had a crush on a boy in her class.

Only Hinata had stayed quiet about this and no one pushed her to really say anything. They watched some movies and ate junk food Tenten had brought before they went to pick up Temari. They all were asleep by 6 a.m. Hinabi stayed in Hiata's bed while Tenten and Temari shared the floored on a futon.

It had been a long day for them. Hinata had advised her servant to not wake them up till noon, since they'd be too tired to even get dressed early the next day. Also to keep quiet about this to her father. They all had agreed, since they only wanted Hinata to have a nice night for once.

Sleeping was good and she sure was in bliss not thinking on her school problems and who was Avenger. She just wanted to sleep peacefully and well.

The night was a cold one as the season were about to transition from fall to winter, A group of boys gathered in the shadows . They all had entered an isolated ware house, that it seem their meeting place. By the look at their face, all were still young not even past 15 years old. Their wore quizzical faces as they waited for someone to tell them what was going on? A meeting usually meant something new and exciting.

"I'm glad you can all make it tonight. I know its past midnight but as always it was the only time to get you guys all here," the leaders had enter and spoke firmly to his gang.

"It better be good I don't want to loose my beauty sleep for something stupid," someone from the group said annoyed that he was up at this time.

The leader also understood this, if it was for him he be asleep right now. Regardless, he was here now and needed to explains things to his gang. With out answering his underling he said the followings,"I been persuaded to target a certain someone at The Leaf Academy Middle school. My lovely flower girl has requested this of me, and I will fulfill this for her. And you guys would do my bidings, I would need my best guys for this."

"We are doing this for a girl?" a nameless boy asked.

"Indeed, I myself think it is troublesome but that's what she wants," Nara Shikamaru said plainly, " I think you guys are well know of that school, it has the most elite kids there, like myself. I will tranfered some of you to help me achieve this plan so be prepare. I'll let you guys know who would be going to that school on Monday."

"This sounds interesting huh?" A boy from the group asked an other.

"Yes it does."

"I hope it is us, he picks," The boy now had malicious smirk on his face.

Shikamaru was about to drop dead, he needed to sleep badly. He was a lazy guy and being up at this time was too bothersome. He dissemble the meeting and send everyone home. Seriously running gang was not easy at all. It didn't help that he was the leader by vote. It had its benefits but mostly it took his free time and careless life. Maybe that's why Ino had came to him, she knew he had power and was willing to use it to help her even if it meant having stupid meeting like this to get his boys to help him..' How troublsome.'

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