Okay, I said before that I'm sifting around for ideas for my next fanfiction, and I've come up with a couple ideas that I think could work, but I make no promises. (By the way, both will be with the same versions of the characters I've done here.)

IDEA NUMBERO UNO! Drum roll, please. "Behind Enemy Lines." Instead of cowering while she's menaced by the Brides, Mina's been captured and used as bait, and her only hope for survival lies in the hands of those who hate her the most. More drama than humor, although if you've read my stuff I end up with humor in . . . everything. It's like a sickness.

IDEA NUMBERO DOS! "Three is Better Than One." Suppose the Brides come over to England as well? (I think this speaks for itself.) Plenty of humor.

So there's your choices. I'm hosting a poll on my profile; please vote. Thanks!